A dream of red roses… Sounds so romantic, doesn’t it?

For decades, red roses have been symbolized as the queen of all flowers and the sign of true love.

But did you know that dreaming of red roses can indicate negative events too? Don’t believe me? Well, keep reading to find out…

Dream of Red Roses – 25 Types & Their Meanings
Dream of Red Roses – 25 Types & Their Meanings

Dream of Red Roses – General Interpretations

Dream of red roses can indicate that you’re light-hearted and carefree or that your current emotions are overwhelming you.

Red roses are known for their beautiful scent among all other roses.

So many dream interpreters believe that smelling the fragrance of a bright red rose can make you think of all your past memories, especially those associated with love and wonder.

So come on, let’s now read a few other general interpretations of this dream!

1. You are carefree and jovial

One of the most common dream meanings of seeing red roses is that you are light-hearted and carefree. Nothing really bothers you because you know that you will ultimately cross all hurdles with flying colors.

2. Your emotions are overwhelming you

One negative dream interpretation of red roses is that your current emotions are overwhelming you in your waking life. Probably you’re dealing with a breakup or the loss of someone very close to you.

3. You will have a passionate affair

Well, this dream interpretation isn’t that tough to figure out, given the significance of the flower and its color. You might soon start a really passionate affair with someone you already know that will last a long time.

4. Happy times are soon coming

Another positive dream interpretation of seeing red roses is that your life will soon be filled with happiness. It might be the birth of a new family member, catching up with old friends, or an upcoming marriage.

5. Someone will propose to you

We often give a red rose while proposing to someone, so dreaming of this can mean that someone you know, maybe a colleague or a friend, will declare their feelings for you. You might feel awkward but their intentions will be pure.

Dreaming of Red Roses – 25 Types and Interpretations

Dreaming of a single red rose is a symbol of your recklessness, while dreaming of a bouquet of red roses shows that you want to tell someone special about how you feel. Here are some more specific dream scenarios to help you understand better.

1. Dream of smelling fragrant red roses

If you dreamt of smelling red roses and they turned out to be fragrant, it is a good sign. This dream shows that you’re currently feeling happy and fulfilled in your waking life.

Your personal life is great because you have a strong bond with your friends and family, and your work life is also achieving success.

2. Dream of smelling foul red roses

On the other hand, if you smell the red roses and they give out a bad stench, it shows that you need to change a certain aspect of your life.

This can be related to your relationships with people around you or the way you handle things at work. You need to figure out the root cause of this problem.

3. Dream of a red rose plant

Dreaming of a red rose plant or bush indicates that you are happy, but you often shy away from spending money. You believe that it’s best to save up as much money for the future as possible.

While this is a good way to keep your finances in check, you should not be too frugal about your finances.

4. Dream of dead red roses

Even though in real life, dead red roses aren’t a good thing, in the dream world, it actually represents a higher order of power.

If you have been seeing the same dead roses for a long time now, it indicates that you might soon start connecting with your spiritual guide and transform yourself completely.

5. Dream of red roses with white roses

Seeing a bunch of red roses along with white ones is a sign of upcoming danger. Something in your life is threatening your mental peace, whether a situation or a person.

Your subconscious mind is asking you to keep your anger and emotions in check so that things don’t get worse.

6. Dream of a red rose garden

A red rose garden is a metaphor for how you handle things when life throws unpleasant moments at you. Here, the condition of the red roses is important.

If all the roses seem to be healthy and brightly colored, it means that you are able to manage problems well. However, if the roses are wilted, it suggests that you back down easily.

7. Dream of red rose petals

Dreaming of the beautiful petals of a red rose shows that even though you are relaxed and now really working too hard right now, your mind is in motion constantly.

You’re always thinking of new ideas and creative projects, even though others might not be able to figure that out just by seeing you.

8. Dream of red rose tattoo

If you dream of getting a quirky tattoo of a red rose, it suggests that you like to enjoy the simpler things in life.

Even if you were surrounded by riches and materialistic wealth, you still wish to lead a simple life with no extravagant habits. This is one of the biggest reasons why people love you since you are always humble.

9. Dream of giving red roses to someone

If you dream that you’re giving a bouquet of red roses to somebody, it means that you secretly have special feelings for them.

Maybe you haven’t actually acknowledged these feelings, but your subconscious mind has already figured out how much you like them. You should definitely go ahead and declare your love to them.

10. Dream of buying red roses

A dream where you see yourself buying red roses from a gift shop or a flower vendor shows that you are able to take charge of any situation and command action.

You make an excellent team leader, especially in times of crisis, because you never lose your calm, and you manage things effortlessly.

11. Dream of selling red roses

On the other hand, a dream where you are selling red roses to others shows that you aren’t giving your best in your romantic relationship right now.

Your partner feels neglected and lonely because you are too busy to spend time with them.

You may have genuine reasons for doing so, but even then, you shouldn’t make your partner feel isolated.

12. Dream of picking red roses

A dream where you’re picking red roses from a garden shows that you are not emotionally prepared to take up any challenges in your waking life now.

Maybe at one point, you were fierce and strong, but right now, you want to relax your mind and live a calm life.

If you feel low because of this, don’t be afraid to seek help from others.

13. Dream of receiving red roses

Receiving red roses in your dreams suggests that you need to be open and clear about what you want from people.

Since you don’t communicate openly, people are often unsure about how to deal with you, especially when it comes to relationships.

If you want to work things out with your partner, you should be more upfront.

14. Dream of a single red rose

In real life, a single red rose might be a really romantic thing, but in the dream realm, it stands for isolation and depression. Here, the single rose represents you and your inability to connect with people.

If you’re an introvert, you need to go out and talk more with people so that you can build a wider network.

15. Dream of red roses along with yellow roses

If you see red and yellow roses being put together, it means that some phase in your life is soon about to end but you shouldn’t be sad because another happy phase will soon follow.

Alternatively, this dream is also a sign from your spiritual guide to pay more attention to the finer aspects of life.

16. Dream of red roses with thorns

Thorns are not a happy sign in dream dictionaries, so even if you see something as beautiful as a red rose, the thorns indicate that the decisions you’ve been making lately are not good.

You might think that these are the right choices, but in reality, they will later lead you to a lot of problems.

17. Dream of a dark red rose

Dreaming of a dark-colored red rose is a sign of your sexuality and sex life. It can mean that your sex life is going great, but you still wish to experiment with new things in the bedroom with your partner.

Alternatively, this dream can also mean that you’re trying to figure out your sexual preferences.

18. Dream of a bright red rose

If the color of the rose is bright or light red, it suggests that you are about to fall in love with someone soon.

Unfortunately, this kind of love will not last long because it will be childish and immature. You both will be swept away with passion, but you will also forget about reality and its consequences.

19. Dream of red roses with blue roses

Yes, blue roses don’t exist naturally on our planet, but many people have grown beautiful blue roses in special labs.

If you see a bunch of red roses and blue ones, it means that you might be feeling a little gloomy in the last few days or weeks. In this situation, talking to a trusted friend or family member greatly helps.

20. Dream of red roses with black roses

Black is seen as the color of darkness and evil in the dream realm. Here, this suggests that your romantic relationship is going through a bad phase. If things continue this way, you both might even break up.

So, it’s best to address your relationship problems and solve them together instead of quitting on each other.

21. Dream of withered red roses

Withered red roses indicate your poor financial conditions. It can either mean that you owe someone a large amount of money or that you lost all your savings to a scammer.

This dream also indicates that you won’t be experiencing much luck in the coming few weeks or months but ultimately, things will get better.

22. Dream of large red roses

Seeing giant red roses in your dreams denotes that your romantic relationship is going to go great in the next few months or years.

You have no reason to worry because your partner loves you very much and is loyal to you. If you both continue to stick with each other, you both will see very happy times in the future.

23. Dream of small red roses

If you dream of small red roses, it shows that you often tend to doubt your partner even though they haven’t done anything to raise your suspicions.

This nature of yours causes problems and misunderstandings between you both, so you must learn to respect your partner’s privacy and loyalty.

24. Dream of a burning red rose

A burning red rose is usually not a positive sign because it indicates your burning passion and desire for someone.

This dream indicates that you’re not controlling your emotions properly, which is leading to a lot of conflicts. You have to regain control of your emotions before everything falls apart.

25. Dream of throwing away red roses

If you throw away a bunch of red roses, it means that you will soon be involved in a scandalous relationship, such as an extramarital affair or a secret affair with a coworker. 

You both will be very happy together for a few weeks or months, but ultimately, everyone will find out, and there will be a lot of problems.

Spiritual meaning of dream of red roses

Red roses have been mentioned a lot of times in different cultures. For example, Aphrodite’s tears and Adonis’ blood were believed to flow into each other, creating red roses. 

In Hindu mythology, Goddess Lakshmi was believed to have received 1008 red rose petals and 108 red roses in an idol for Lord Vishnu.

Biblical meaning of dream of red roses

Biblically speaking, red roses symbolize fertilization and pregnancy. Even Mother Mary’s purity and virtue were represented by a red rose. Later, a woman’s private areas were often represented by showing a red rose.

So, this can mean that you or someone close to you will soon give birth to a beautiful baby.

Psychological meaning of dream of red roses

The famous psychologist Carl Jung said that roses symbolized a higher spiritual order and red roses were the most precious of them all.

So, when you dream of red roses, it can signify a strong bond of love, be it romantic or the love between a mother and her child. Red roses signify your own feelings toward someone special.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret your dream of red roses correctly

If you have been dreaming of red roses for a long time, it’s time to now uncover the truth behind these dreams. So here are some questions that you can ask yourself for clarity.

1. How frequently do you dream of red roses?

2. What feelings do you encounter when dreaming of red roses?

3. Does the red rose in your dream smell fragrant or foul?

4. Are the red roses in your dreams alive or dead?

5. Have you dreamt of someone else giving you a bouquet of red roses?

6. Where do you see the red roses growing in your dreams?

7. Have you dreamt of seeing red roses with any other flower?

8. Do you dream of the same red rose every time?

9. How big or small is the red rose in your dreams?

10. Do you dream of seeing only a single red rose or multiple ones?

A word from ThePleasantDream

So, dear reader, by now, you must have understood that the red rose in your dreams is nothing but a manifestation of how you perceive others and feel about them.

Thus, you should always follow your instincts and show how much you love the people around you.

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