Just as sneezing is often the result of a foreign particle annoying your nostrils, a dream of sneezing hints at a person who pesters and upsets you constantly. 

However, there are other reasons why sneezing occurs in your dreamscape. Some bad and others good! Let’s get into the details!

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Sneezing?

 A dream of sneezing marks the end of your bad days and the beginning of happy ones. It can also be interpreted as healing and longevity. Negatively, sneezing shows you tend to exaggerate, often making matters worse than they already are.

A dream of sneezing can be interpreted in many ways depending on the context and your real-life goings-on. 

  • If you aren’t in the best of health, in reality, sneezing can fall under a sick dream. If not, the dream shows your discontentment and unhappiness in your waking hours. 
  • That said, the scenario marks the end of your hard days and the beginning of good ones. 
  • Sneezing also symbolizes unexpected news coming in and adjusting your plans and schedules accordingly. 
  • From another point of view, sneezing can also mean you have a tendency of exaggerating problems and matters. On the contrary, it means you take matters too lightly and casually. 
  • On a positive note, sneezing symbolizes healing and longevity.

Spiritual Meaning Of Sneezing Dreams

On a spiritual level, sneezing signifies either good luck or bad energies surrounding you. 

Since it can mean any of these, you need to have clarity about your real life and circumstances to get an accurate meaning of the dream. 

Top Sneezing Dreams Explained

Some of the most common sneezing scenarios are:

Sneezing unexpectedly all of a sudden in a dream

If a sneeze almost took you by surprise, it symbolizes something unforeseen and unanticipated happening in your life. 

Furthermore, the dream notes you felt embarrassed by what has suddenly come along in your life. 

To dream of sneezing and others laughing at you

You have a good sense of humor and people enjoy being around you. Because your humor and cheerfulness make them forget their sorrows even for a short while. 

That said, try to recall if anyone other than you present in the dream looks sad and moody.

If yes, that means one of your close ones is not doing well emotionally and mentally and might need you to brighten up his or her life. 

Another person sneezing in dream

If you have been struggling financially, the dream shows your finances will improve significantly in the foreseeable future. 

On the other hand, another person sneezing is also interpreted as good luck. 

Additionally, it can also mean one of your family members, friends or colleagues is taking the matter too lightly. 

Another interpretation is that one of your close ones is denying your help despite being fully aware that you are worried sick about his or her welfare. 

Sneezing in a familiar person’s face

It shows a lack of respect toward that person. Furthermore, it’s likely that you detest that person in the waking world. 

Sneezing on a stranger’s face

One of these days, you might experience an uncomfortable situation in public. 

Sneezing continuously

This dream is a sign that you get swayed and influenced easily by others. Perhaps it’s time for you to be more assertive and make your own decisions. 

From another point of view, it signifies getting rid of unwanted material possessions or even negative emotions. 

You can also sneeze continuously if you are entangled in a complicated matter. Most likely, a never-ending conflict with a close one. 

Sneezing mucus

The dream symbolizes togetherness, joy, purity, and perfection. 

Sneezing loudly

It shows you are unnecessarily trying to draw attention to yourself. On the contrary, this can mean everyone’s eyes are on you and you aren’t at all happy with the attention you are drawing in. 

Faking a sneeze

Chances are, you are putting on a show to draw attention to yourself in your waking hours. 

Sneezing because of pollen

If you have been too caught up lately with the humdrum of everyday life, barely getting time to spend outdoors, the subconscious urges you to spend time every once in a while in the lap of nature. 

Sneezing because of pepper

This dream has much to do with your body and the food you are consuming. Chances are, the diet you are following is not the best for you. 

Sneezing because you were too close to an animal

The scenario emphasizes the need to address your basic instincts because you are probably ignoring them. 

Someone sneezing in your face

If someone sneezes in your face that is because you worry unnecessarily about what others think of you. 

Psychological Meaning Of Sneezing

Psychologically, sneezing is the subconscious warning you of someone who’s trying to take advantage of you. 


Sneezing dreams can be interpreted in several ways.

However, it is your responsibility as the dreamer to let the experts guide you broadly and use your life experiences and unique dream details to decode the exact meaning of your dream.

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