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What Do Dreams about Eyes Symbolize? Know the 55 Dream Scenarios Here

What Do Dreams about Eyes Symbolize? Know the 55 Dream Scenarios Here

Updated on Jan 18, 2023 | Published on May 11, 2022

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dreams about Eyes- 55 Different Scenarios & their Interpretations

Some dreams are mysterious and confusing yet they reveal a lot about your life and living. One such dream that can puzzle you is the dream about eyes.

Eyes are symbols of wisdom and spiritual knowledge. It symbolizes the dreamer’s wisdom and deeper understanding of themselves. 

Eyes dreams are symbolic of self-discovery and insight. Maybe it’s a message to attend to your inner calling and reveal some deep secrets about yourself.

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Dreams about Eyes- 55 Different Scenarios & their Interpretations
Dreams about Eyes- 55 Different Scenarios & their Interpretations

Dream about Eyes – Meaning

Dream about eyes represents deep revelations of wisdom and insight. It symbolizes intuition and awareness. At times, these dreams signify some hidden truths about your life that you have ignored and avoided. Your subconscious is making you see everything that is repressed and never came to light in waking life.

Eyes say a lot about your personality. People say that eyes reveal truths that words fail to reveal in reality.

It confesses the secrets of your heart. Thus, dreams about eyes are not as uncommon as they may sound.

These dreams symbolize your urge to know the unknown. The dreams manifest repressed wishes, some hidden knowledge about you that you may have not known in waking life.

Eyes in dreams also indicate self-image and how you see yourself as compared to others. It reflects your deepest emotions that were either repressed because it was painful or induced a shameful feeling.

Dreaming about eyes also means you are trying to look within yourself. It also indicates your outlook towards others in life. 

The dream tells you to analyze your present-day situations as objectively as possible. 

Maybe you are becoming too emotional about certain things in waking life and the dream tells you to remain rational and objective about your thinking and decision making.

The eye’s dreams symbolize awareness and intuition. It reveals the truth about certain people in your waking life. 

It cautions you about your relationships and whether you can actually trust people as easily as you actually do in waking life.

Sometimes dreams about eyes also suggest deep realization.

It tells you to realize some important aspects in your waking life that you have ignored but it can actually turn your life into something big and great.

If you have been putting something off your way for a long time, for example, career growth or embarking on a new relationship, or is undecided whether to consider the thing, you may get dreams about eyes. 

The dream tells you to start looking and open your eyes toward the important life change that is calling you into waking life. It conveys the message of new hope and beginning a fresh outlook on life.

Eyes in dreams also signify keen observation, truth, judgments, awareness, and being conscious about all those aspects of your life that need to be looked at in a new way.

Symbolically, dreams about eyes are a call of the inner world. It’s a window to your heart and soul. Thus, it represents the following general connotations in dream symbolism.

1. Symbol of awareness

The eyes are the organs of sight. In waking life, your life is meaningless if you cannot see. Thus, dreams also eyes help you to see and understand the unknown. 

It symbolizes awareness and conscious understanding of your waking life.

Dreams about eyes symbolize that you should realize certain important things in your life that you have ignored or not paid enough attention to.

Dream about eyes also represents foreseeing the future. It represents your vision and ability to see life goals clearly, thus making you understand the actions that you will take to fulfill those goals.

The dream represents self-awareness. It tells you to analyze certain parts of ‘you’ that have been avoided or never challenged in the past.

The dream theme suggests change and transformation. It represents new developments that you have overlooked but can actually bring a lot of success in your life.

2. Symbol of love and happiness

Our eyes express the deepest feelings of love and affection. If you see recurring dreams about eyes, you will understand that new relationships will come your way soon. 

You may start connecting with someone at an emotional level. Dream about eyes also symbolizes happy love life and peaceful relationships. 

Having a dream with bright eyes is an indication of happiness. It suggests that you will meet someone special in your waking life. The relationship will be joyful and happy. 

Sometimes, your eyes speak a lot about what’s going on in your personal life. Seeing dull eyes in dreams can mean unhappy personal life, differences with your partner, etc.

3. Symbol of observation

Dream about eyes also symbolizes your ability to know, observe, and assign meaning to some important aspects of your life.

It represents the power to see, observe, and examine what’s going on around you in reality. This dream also helps you to examine and analyze the changes going on in waking life.

It means you realize the various situations that are going on in the present and also all others that may come your way in the near future.

Dream about eyes connotes your ability to pay attention to details so that you can remain prepared of dealing with issues and problems in real life.

The dream prepares you to face unknown challenges. Your eye for detailing helps you to remove obstacles and walk along the path of success and accomplishment.

4. Symbol of self-realization

Dream about eyes signifies self-realization. Getting to know more about oneself in a subconscious state helps to remain aware of one’s strengths and weaknesses. 

Sometimes these dreams indicate that you will discover something new about yourself. Maybe you will realize your talents or skills that never surfaced in waking life.

The dream tells you to look within ‘you’ and know what you can do, and how you can nurture your talents in waking life so as to live a fulfilled life.

At times, dreaming about eyes also suggests financial growth and success that you could never visualize in your wakeful state.

5. Symbol of troubles and hurdles in life

Dreaming of eyes also suggests troubles that may come your way in waking life. You may soon face hardships and challenges that you will have to overcome in reality. 

The dream shows you what is coming ahead. It is preparing you for something unexpected in waking life. Thus, this dream can also have a negative feeling.

Dreaming about bloodshot eyes, and blurred vision can suggest new problems coming into waking life. A damaged eye in a dream means troubles you may face while accomplishing goals in life.

If you dream about your own eyes being hurt, it means you’re foreseeing future troubles. Such a dream suggests misfortunes and bad days coming ahead.

Dream of eyes – specific scenarios to reckon

Dream about eyes is a common dream theme and can happen to you when you need direction and vision to guide your life’s path in reality.

The exact dream interpretation of such dreams depends upon your life circumstances and the exact dream scenario that you have dreamt about.

The feelings associated with the dream theme also suggest different meanings. 

Even the same dream theme may mean differently from one person to the other depending upon its relevance and connection to the waking life of the individual.

In this section, we will discuss the 55 dream scenarios of dreams about eyes and will decipher the varied meanings that the dream may convey.

1. Dreams about eyes falling out

If you dream about your eyes falling out, it means that you have lost your mental energy and self-confidence. Maybe your perception of reality is distorted and you are unable to perceive things clearly. 

This dream indicates a loss of personal power and inner strength. In some dream themes, eyes falling out also mean loss of perspective in life. 

2. Dreams about not being able to open eyes

A dream theme of this type means you are not aware of what is going on in your waking life.

The dream tells you to pay attention and notice certain important aspects of waking life that you may have ignored in reality.

This dream also symbolizes your inability to realize something very vital in your real life. You have lost vision and sight of things in reality. 

Maybe your perceptions are hazy and clouded and you do not know how to overcome them and gather clarity and transparency.

3. Dream about eye mucus

Seeing eye mucus in dreams means you have unclear goals in life. You are already sidetracked and need more focus to achieve your life goals. Your life goals have become hazy and lack proper guidance and direction.

It symbolizes you are not seeing things as clearly as you should in your waking life. In some dream connotations, this symbolizes financial troubles, and new problems knocking on doors every now and then.

4. Dream about an eye infection

Dreaming of an eye infection means you are stuck in troubles in waking life.

It means bad news, misfortune, or something grave coming your way soon. Having an eye infection in a dream also symbolizes the loss of direction in life.

5. Dream about eyes changing color

Eyes changing color in dreams suggests emotional highs and lows that you may be having right now in your real life. 

It indicates emotional upheavals and overwhelming feelings. Maybe you are thinking something and feeling and doing something else. 

For some people, eyes changing color in dreams also reflects the beauty of the soul. It symbolizes the purity, honesty, and integrity of the person in waking life.

6. Dream about the evil eye

When you dream about an evil eye, it indicates misfortune and suffering in waking life. The dream symbolizes jealousy and envy in real life. 

There is someone in your waking life who is jealous of your achievements. The dream cautions you to stay alert and reduce your connection with the person.

7. Dream about eye surgery

Dreaming of the surgery on the eye means you will have to restructure your perspective in waking life. It calls for a change and transformation in the way you visualize things in reality.

As surgery denotes cutting off something unimportant in life, this dream tells you to let go of things that no longer serve a good purpose in your waking life. 

You will have to change the way you see things, in reality, then only you’ll be able to achieve more clarity and insight into the way you think, feel, and do things in life.

8. Dream about eyes painting

If you dream about painting or drawing an eye on a piece of paper, it indicates you are trying to manipulate someone in waking life. 

You are lying and trying to hide some real facts. Here, the painting symbolizes tainted nature and dishonest maneuvers.

9. Dream about losing an eye

Losing your eyes in dreams indicates a lot of problems engulfing you from all ends in waking life. You are not having any easy solution to the problems. 

This dream indicates misfortunes, sudden unexpected bad news, or even the death of a loved one in reality.

10. Dream about bleeding eyes

When you dream about bleeding eyes, it symbolizes troubling times coming ahead. This dream has many meanings and depends upon the feelings of the dreamer after waking up.

In some dream themes, this symbolizes the pains and sufferings of real life. Some people may get this dream if they have lost someone in a waking life, denoting grief.

Bleeding eyes also mean deep-seated negative emotions stemming out of some dark thoughts that you may be having in waking life. 

11. Dream of an eye injury

When you dream about an injured eye, it means you have too high expectations from yourself and you may fail in your endeavors in waking life. This dream suggests powerlessness. 

If you dream about your eyes poked or hurting badly, it represents your inability to see things clearly in waking life. An injured eye signifies loss of future vision and what can happen in days to come.

This dream is a warning sign to stay focused on your task in reality and not to wander aimlessly from here and there. 

An eye injury that has been given by somebody else symbolizes change and transformation. Maybe you will come across obstacles in life but you will have the courage to overcome them successfully.

12. Eye contact in dreams

In dreams, eye contact with a loved one symbolizes love and passion. It denotes emotional attachment with the person in real life. 

Another interpretation suggests that you have satisfying relationships in your waking life. You are aware of the other person’s true nature.

Peaceful eye contact is a symbol of inner peace and happiness. If you look at someone’s eyes with anger, it symbolizes resentment and dissatisfaction. 

On the contrary, if you dream about a person looking at you angrily, it symbolizes they are feeling bad about you.

It symbolizes mistrust and the bad impression that the person may be having about you.

13. Seeing one eye in a dream

If you dream about one eye, it means limited perspective. You are unable to see things clearly in waking life. It means that you are trying to see only one side of the story.

You lack the knowledge and awareness to clearly analyze the situation in detail. Thus, your perspective is restricted leading to faulty decision-making. 

Sometimes, this dream also symbolizes assigning negative meanings to situations that you perceive as not going as per your wishes. 

For example, your limited knowledge about someone may lead to a biased attitude. You may think the person is not worthy just because you do not like him /her.

14. Dream about your own eyes

If you dream about your own eyes, it symbolizes that you need to develop self-awareness and realization.

Maybe you need to delve deeper into the vital aspects of your life that call for some change and transformation.

The dream tells you to look within yourself, let go of emotions that are not worthy, and move on with your life.

It tells you not to get stuck in suffering but to take action to remove those sufferings completely.

15. Dreaming of other people’s eyes

When you dream about other people’s eyes, it means that others are trying to judge your character.

Maybe there are people in your waking life who are trying to see through your personal life.

You are feeling evaluated and judged by others in waking life. This dream is a negative sign for your mental health.

You are living in an anxious state of mind that someone is watching you, noticing your each and every move.

This dream manifests over thinking about small things. You are worried about how others will think and feel about you in real life.

The dream symbol tells you to remain aware of the people around you. You need to stay cautious about who you meet and interact in your waking life. Thus, it denotes a warning as well.

16. Dream about a woman or man with one eye

When you dream of a man with one eye, it means you will soon suffer from regrets and disappointment in your waking life. 

Someone in real life is conspiring against you. Maybe you are being watched and noticed by someone continuously.

On the flip side, seeing a woman with one eye is a symbol of protection and nurturance. It symbolizes your caring and protective nature.

Maybe you are nurturing and protecting something very important in your waking life. 

The dream tells you to pay attention to your family life, or take care of your social connections for fulfilled living.

17. Dream of hurting your eyes

This dream is an instant message to refocus on life goals instead of taking too many responsibilities on your shoulder.

You will have to reduce your workload and follow your aspirations and goals.

Sometimes this dream theme denotes new problems that will arise because you have ignored or overlooked the issue when it was just spreading its arms.

This dream also tells you to stay cautious about the intentions of other people. You can say your subconscious mind is warning you to remain alert of malicious people around you.

18. Dream of beautiful eyes

Seeing a beautiful eye is symbolic of passionate love. It signifies fulfilling love relationships in waking life. Another meaning of this dream is you are looking for peace and poise around you in real life.

You are amidst chaos and conflicts in reality and you’re looking out for some peaceful moments to cherish and feel fulfilled from within.

A pair of beautiful eyes also gives the message of hope and optimism.

You can have good news coming ahead or you may see your life shine like a bright star. All your goals are accomplished as per expectations. 

There are no regrets and you are satisfied with your life in general.

19. Dream about animal eyes

When you dream about an animal’s eye, it suggests a negative meaning. This dream symbolizes a threat lurking upon you from someone in waking life. 

The eyes of the wild animal suggest that people around you are trying to harm you in some way. 

It also means people are watching your move. You can be harmed by close people unexpectedly. Thus, the dream focuses on potential threats that may come to you anytime. 

It helps to foresee future relationship problems as well.

20. Dream about losing your eyesight

Dreaming of losing eyesight symbolizes your confused state of mind. You are unaware of what is going on in your waking life right now. 

This dream represents a lack of clarity and vision for the present and future happenings.

21. Dream of many eyes looking at you

Did you see many eyes staring at you in dreams? It must be a very scary vision after all. But this dream carries both positive and negative meanings. 

In positive ways, this dream symbolizes you are the center of attention. People like you and thus they are focusing more on your whereabouts in waking life.

On the contrary, this dream means you are being scrutinized, judged, or evaluated in some way.

At times, this dream also denotes that others are giving many unsolicited suggestions to you in waking life that you do not like at all.

22. Seeing an eye in the sky

A dream theme of this type denotes you are under a scanner. Someone in your waking life is watching you. 

They may be criticizing you for no reason. Maybe you suspect some malpractice done against you and your fear is getting manifested through this weird dream theme.

23. Dream about keeping eyes open all the time

You might be getting this dream because you are too aware and conscious about your surroundings and social connections in waking life. 

This dream signifies your ability to see everything clearly in and around you. It means self-realization as well.

24. Rolling your eyes in a dream

This dream symbol depicts annoyance and irritability related to something in real life. You are not happy with something and so the dream shows your dissatisfaction and unhappiness. 

25. Dream of closed eyes

A closed eye in a dream symbolizes avoidance. You are trying to ignore something in waking life. Maybe you do not want to see the reality. 

Thus, the eyes are closed and give you the message to stop avoiding and start noticing the things that need attention.

Sometimes this dream symbolizes fear and anxiety. You are scared to see the reality. Thus, you are putting a blind eye to it. 

Facing reality will be a painful experience for you, so you wish to escape and avoid the situation in real life.

26. Dream about blurry vision

A dream of blurry vision signifies confusion and lack of clarity. You are not able to see and perceive real-life situations as clearly as you should be doing it.

You are refusing to see the reality or trying to avoid the situation because it is unpleasant and not worthy. 

The dream theme represents an important aspect of your life where you are super confused and frustrated. As if, you are not accepting the reality as it is.

27. Dream about not being able to open your eyes

A dream theme of this type suggests that you are not prepared to see what life is trying to show you. This dream may surface when you are afraid of facing some truth.

You are scared, feeling insecure to reveal the actual fact in front of everyone. The dream just manifests the underlying and repressed truth that you are trying to ignore and cannot accept in reality.

You are not ready to face what needs to be acknowledged as soon as possible. Maybe shedding light on those hidden secrets of your waking life will bring more pain and suffering to the limelight.

28. Dream about eyebrows

Dreaming about eyebrows relates to the nature of social life that you actually have in waking life. It represents your connections with others around you. 

As we know that there can be different meanings attached to a dream scenario, we can say that dreaming about eyebrows indicates emotions as well. 

It indicates sorrow, happiness, anger, mistrust, and a whole range of emotional expressions that the dreamer may be having in waking life.

29. Seeing fish’s eye in a dream

If you dream about a fish’s eye, it means you have good observation power in your waking life. You are a good decision maker and can decide with a good thought. 

Another interpretation of this dream is, that you have a larger perspective on life. You will never compromise on quality things in real life.

It also means you will never settle for fewer things in your daily life.

30. Dream about cat eyes 

When you see a cat’s eye in a dream, it represents you have the power to resolve life issues successfully. Your vision is clear and you know what you really wish to achieve in life. 

This dream is a symbol of clarity and good observation. It also symbolizes your openness to see things as clearly as possible.

31. Dream about a third eye

Dreaming of a third eye symbolizes spiritual power, intuition, and self-realization. It manifests your power to know yourself deeply in waking life. 

The dream shows how you have learned to let go of sufferings and pains and have evolved as a spiritual being who is grounded in the present moment.

32. Dream about someone with crossed eyes

If you dream about someone with crossed eyes, such a dream can be scary and uncomfortable. But it usually carries a positive meaning.

This dream symbolizes that you will accomplish your life goals successfully.

If you are in the middle of a project, you will soon finish off and start something new of your own. This dream also signifies new relationships that can transform your life for something great.

33. Seeing bright eyes in dreams

When you dream about bright eyes, it represents personal growth, prosperity, and good luck. 

It means you are lucky in having someone in your waking life who always gives you good advice and wise decisions. 

You are protected by a mentor and are receiving wisdom and knowledge that is guiding your life’s path in desirable ways.

34. Seeing big eyes in dreams

When you dream about big eyes, it means a big perspective in life. You have the power to change obstacles into opportunities.

It means you can solve all issues successfully before they turn out really big and worse.

35. Dream about eyes being turned inside your head

This dream means that you need to look inside yourself. You need to self-reflect and introspect your thoughts and feelings for an answer. 

This dream tells you to develop self-awareness and insight into the deepest core of yourself.

36. Dream of having something inside your eyes

When you dream of having some dirt or any obstruction inside the eyes, it means you are feeling stuck and confined in everyday problems in real life. 

You are unable to overcome problems and feel helpless about it.

We have one more dream interpretation associated with this dream. It also symbolizes skewed perception. 

You are biased about someone in waking life. Maybe you are too critical of someone and are focusing on their negative qualities.

This dream symbolizes unexpected problems for which you are feeling anguished and frustrated. 

If eyelashes fall inside the eyes, it means bigger problems coming your way and the dream is a warning sign to stay alert and cautious about your everyday living.

37. Dream about washing your eyes

Washing your eyes in a dream means you are trying to see things as they are in reality. You are conscious of your biased nature but trying to achieve rational judgments in waking life. 

You require wise advice and guidance from someone to clear away your vision. Maybe you are lacking clarity and are trying hard to achieve an understanding of every aspect of a situation.

38. Dream of wearing eyeglasses

If you wear glasses in real life, this dream can symbolize guarding yourself against other people’s eyesight. 

This dream means you are trying to shield yourself from the opinions and evaluations of other people. You do not wish to be in the spotlight for discussion, thus trying to hide your face.

39. Dream of seeing sad eyes

Seeing sad eyes in dreams means you are emotionally overwhelmed.

If you visualize eyes full of tears, it represents many problems coming ahead in waking life. This dream symbolizes helplessness and grief in waking life. 

You must have lost something very important in waking life, such as losing a job or breaking up with a partner, the ending of a friendly relationship, etc. thus, you are actually feeling sad in waking life.

The dream just manifests real-life feelings in the subconscious state of existence.

40. Dreaming of empty eye sockets

Dreaming of empty eye sockets is scary and fearful. It represents suspicion and shows your concern about some malicious activities going on around you. 

This dream signifies a warning sign to stay cautious from unscrupulous people in waking life.

If somehow you see a skeleton with empty eye sockets, you should realize that the dream is telling you to self-reflect upon your deepest secrets and allow them to surface in your waking life. 

41. Dreams about angry eyes

When you dream about angry and cruel eyes, be sure that you have filled up your waking life with a lot of negative energy. You are in despair and unhappiness.

This dream carries a negative message. You must try to analyze the waking life events to judge whether you are the reason for your negativity.

At times, this dream signifies your deep-seated hurts and wound. Maybe someone did hurt you badly in waking life and you are unable to heal from inside.

42. Dream about sore eyes

Eyesores in dreams carry a negative meaning. This dream symbolizes your lack of confidence in daily life. You are dependent on someone for your daily requirements, thus representing dependence as well. 

Sometimes, the dream indicates that the efforts you’re taking in everyday life are not adequate to accomplish life goals. You need to do something extra to achieve what you have wished for.

 If you dream about swollen eyes, it symbolizes the urge to know the truth. It means self-exploration and introspection.

43. Dream about eyes popping out

Dreaming about eyes popping out represents hidden potential and talents that you will have to nurture in real life, the dream is making you aware of this. 

You will have to notice what you can do and how well can you contribute towards your own personal growth and the greater good of the community.

In certain dream scenarios and for some people, this dream symbolizes inner healing and transformation. 

The dreamer has come out of agonies and sufferings and has learned to let go of them, so as to live a happy and poised life.

44. Dream of meeting a blind person

Whenever you dream of meeting a blind person, it means you are ignorant of yourself. It symbolizes a lack of self-awareness. You are surrounded by deception and malpractice but you are not aware of it.

This dream shows poor observation and lack of clarity about the various incidents of waking life if you dream about a blind woman, it symbolizes mistrust and deception from some female figure in waking life.

The dream reminds you to stay aware and cautious and be mindful of whom you meet and trust in the real world.

45. Dreaming of being surrounded by eyes

If you see that many people are surrounding you in a dream, it means they are trying to judge your actions in waking life. 

Maybe, you are watched and scrutinized for some wrong deeds that they think you have committed in reality.

46. Seeing eyes at the back of your head

This dream symbolizes your inability to see the truth in front of you. You are unable to see the malicious intentions of others around you. 

People are trying to harm you from the back and you are not aware of anything.

47. Dreams about lack of eye contact

When you dream like this, it symbolizes you are not in a fit state to know the truth. You are not paying enough attention to the things that are supposed to be looked at closely. 

Lack of eye contact suggests shy feelings and lack of socialization in waking life. It also denotes your private and reserved personality.

48. Dream about blindness

When you dream about blindness, it means you are not aware of your surroundings and relationships.

This dream is a symbolic representation of waking life, where you could not understand the people and their intentions.

The dream also means a lack of self-realization. You are not keen to know your inner strengths and weaknesses. 

Blindness in dreams also means a lack of guidance and direction in life. You are feeling lost and cannot decipher the true purpose of your life.

Various color interpretations of dreams about eyes

Our eyes are a sneak peek into the soul. The color of the eyeball also depicts different meanings for different people. Some of the most common color interpretations are given below:

49. Dream of blue eyes

This dream is an auspicious one. It symbolizes success and professional accomplishments. You are happy and satisfied with your success stories in waking life. It is a sign of good fortune and calm feelings also.

If you are getting recurring dreams about blue eyes, be sure that good news is on the way. The dream reveals the power to overcome problems in life.

50. Dream about gray eyes

If you are dreaming of gray eyes, it means you need to be careful about your interaction with others. Be mindful of how you talk to people and the way your message is getting interpreted in reality.

The dream is telling you not to trust others blindly. You should avoid saying secrets to people who you do not trust. They may use these words against you. 

This dream is a sign of caution or warning. It reminds you to stay away from these people in your waking life whom you mistrust or feel may harm you in some way in the real world.

The dream just manifests your fear and mistrust.

51. Dreaming of black eyes

Seeing black eyes in the dream symbolizes that you will have many problems in your love life. 

Maybe you’re facing conflict and arguments with people you love and care for. The dream represents unhappy relationships in waking life. 

If you see the black eyes of an alien or animal in your dream, it means your unconscious conflicts are surfacing in real life. 

The dream is telling you to focus and pay attention to the repressed emotions and let them flow freely in reality for inner healing and rejuvenation.

52. Dream of brown eye color

Brown eyes in dreams can mean two things in waking life. The dream symbolizes your instincts and intuition. 

On the contrary, the dream also symbolizes deception from someone close to you.

You should be careful while sharing personal information with others because people may misuse this information against you.

53. Dream about green eyes

Dream interpretation of this dream theme depends on the shade of green and your real-life experiences.

If you dream about dark green shade, it symbolizes being critical and judgmental about others in waking life. 

You need to be careful about how you treat people so as to avoid unnecessary problems coming your way in real life.

Light green eyes in dreams symbolize your need to heal past wounds and walk along the path of inner healing. 

You should let go of sufferings by forgetting them. The dream calls for emotional healing that can give you inner peace.

54. Dream about red eyes

This dream symbolizes anger, resentments, regrets, and greed. If you are stuck in negative emotions in waking life, you could be visualizing this dream quite often. 

Seeing another person looking at you with red eyes signifies jealousy and bad intentions. Someone in your waking life is conspiring against you and the dream tells you to be alert and on your toes.

Red eyes in dreams carry a negative meaning. It signifies lust, greed, and worries. You are not at peace with yourself. 

Maybe the negative incidents of your real life are robbing your inner peace and you’re falling into a pit of darkness and negativity.

55. Dream about yellow eyes

Seeing yellow eyes in dreams symbolizes troubles coming ahead. You may soon receive bad news such as a death in the family, loss of finances, and breakups in relationships. 

This dream usually has a negative meaning. The dream signifies that some unknown danger can come to you. You are stuck in problems from all ends in waking life.

In certain dream themes and for some people, this dream represents spiritual awareness, insight, and wisdom.

Maybe for those individuals who are trying to walk along the path of spiritual ascension in real life, this dream is a common thing.

Spiritual meaning of dreaming about eyes

Spiritually, dreaming about eyes symbolizes self-discovery. It means you are a keen observer who is eager to know the truth of life. The dream symbolizes the awareness of your life in general. Your subconscious is telling you to take some desirable action to carve a life of your choice.

Dreams are subtle reminders to change the way you think, feel, and act in your daily life. Maybe there are certain habits that you must change in your waking life so as to have a happy life.

When you dream about eyes, it means developing clarity in the way you perceive people and situations in the real world. 

The dream signifies knowing some unknown truths about yourself that were never looked at as vividly in your conscious awareness. 

Dream about eyes symbolizes wisdom and spiritual knowledge. You should always use this knowledge to guide your life’s path toward a better life.

Sometimes, this dream can act as a warning sign. It keeps you informed about the kind of people you should interact with, in your daily life. Your subconscious mind is showing you the reality as clearly as possible

Everyone doesn’t deserve your respect and affection. Thus, you need to choose your friends wisely. You should always keep an open eye just to know how things operate in waking life. 

At best, the dream about eyes reminds you to develop your instincts and trust them fully while interacting with others in your waking life.

Biblical meaning of dream about eyes

In the Bible, eyes in dreams represent the purity of the soul. It signifies deep-seated emotions like love, passion, understanding, and awareness. 

Biblically, dreams about eyes symbolize truth. It shows your truthful and divine nature. 

In certain dream contexts, dreaming about eyes means that you have discovered some hidden truths about yourself that have changed your perspectives about life in general.

Sometimes, the dream coveys the lord’s message of happiness and truth. You are to follow the path of truth and integrity, no matter whatever hurdles come your way. The dream reminds you of your inner strength.

The psychological meaning of eyes in dreams

Psychologically, dreams about eyes symbolize the ability to think, feel, and act as clearly as possible. The dream reminds you of your inner strength. It refers to your ability to analyze the current life situation clearly and act accordingly.

The eyes are the medium of human connections. Maybe this is the reason we use eye contact as a means of communication with others. 

Sometimes, you may be dreaming of eyes because you are experiencing love and passion with someone in your waking life.

You are trying your best to show off in-depth feelings to the person and as such the feeling is making its way through dreams.

Dream about eyes also symbolize hidden secretes, repressed wishes, conflicts, and the emotional chaos of waking life. It shows your inner pains and happiness.

If you see tears in dreams, it symbolizes agonies and sufferings that were never healed. You are reminded to let go of the pain, otherwise, the emotional turmoil will not let you live in harmony.

Psychologically, eyes in dreams manifest a conscious understanding of one’s deepest feelings. You become aware of your character and personality. 

This awareness helps you to reach your goals as smoothly as expected. If you realize your deepest core better than anything else, then nothing like that; you will soon be able to carve a beautiful future for yourself.

Dream about eyes – The good and the ugly

From all the various dream scenarios discussed so far, it is clear that dreams about eyes have both positive and negative meanings.

Some of the positive aspects of eye dreams are as follows

  • Self-awareness
  • Discovering the core nature of oneself
  • The clarity in thoughts and feelings
  • Wider perspective bout life
  • Open-minded attitude
  • Lack of biased attitude
  • Objective outlook toward life
  • Love and belongingness
  • Passion and intimacy
  • Medium of communication where you pretend to agree with someone without the use of words.
  • Mutual understanding between people

The downsides of dreaming about eyes may look like this –

  • Jealousy and anger
  • Resentments
  • Lack of emotional control
  • Obstacles and hardships that are yet to be overcome
  • Lack of trust
  • Hidden truths
  • Malicious intentions of others
  • Lack of integrity and honesty of the dreamer

Questions to ask yourself if you’re dreaming about eyes

The dream interpretation of eye dreams is confusing because you can have so many different meanings to the same dream scenario. 

The exact interpretation depends upon the context of the dream and its relevance to the waking life of the dreamer.

In order to self interpret your dreams or to report the dream themes vividly to a dream analyst, you should ask yourself some questions for better awareness about why you dreamt about eyes after all.

  • How often do you dream about eyes?
  • What is the immediate feeling that you get just after waking up from such a dream?
  • Are you aware of your inner ‘self’?
  • Are you clear about your daily life incidents and how it influences you emotionally?
  • Did you see your own eyes or someone else’s eyes in dreams?
  • Can you relate the dream scenario to your everyday life?
  • Do you see recurring dreams about eyes?
  • Have you ever seen an animal eye in dreams? How did you feel?
  • Do you think that you need guidance from a dream analyst to interpret the dream theme? If yes, why?
  • Are you aware of the various situations in your life that may have given rise to such a night vision?

Wrap Up

To end, we can infer that dreams about eyes can have varied dream interpretations. Symbolically the dream helps you to develop clarity in waking life.

You will become an informed person who is clear about the strengths and weaknesses that nature has bestowed upon you.

The dream foretells the nature of social connections that you may have in waking life. It also warns you about the negative intentions of people around you.

If at any moment you are trying to ignore or avoid the truth, the dream reminds you to pay attention to the subtle details of your waling life incidents, so as to become conscious of what’s going on in your daily life.

The more aware you become, it gets easy to empower yourself to see the truth that may have been clouded due to various issues of waking life. 

The dream is meant to show you the obscure parts of your life that require a clearer outlook so that you can live your life to the fullest.

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