Did you see a dream of spider web last night? Well, I understand the confusion… that’s why I’m here with this think-piece to guide you through it.

Well, first, let me tell you, regardless of the nature of dreams, you must know that each of them carries a message with it. The same is true for spider web dreams.

Spider webs may be appearing in your sleep because you feel helpless in your waking life or maybe because you feel trapped. But how would you know for certain? Just keep reading…

Dream of Spider Web – 35 Types & their Interpretations
Dream of Spider Web – 35 Types & their Interpretations

Dream of Spider Web – General Interpretations

Dream of Spider web may imply that you feel helpless in your waking life or may be an indication of your inability to find a solution to a pending problem.

If you wish to identify a dream’s meaning in detail, you have to remember your dreams very precisely, and if you don’t, these general interpretations will help give you an outline. Let’s see what it has to say…

1. You feel trapped

The main purpose of spider webs is to trap insects. Likewise, in the dream of spider webs, it often symbolizes that you feel trapped in a situation. It might be a petty issue like doing a particular work that you don’t want to do or falling in trouble for helping a friend.

This dream is also a sign of discomfort in some aspects of your life. It’s vital for you to create boundaries for yourself, so you don’t end up in situations you don’t want to be a part of.

2. It signifies helplessness

It’s natural to feel helpless when you’re trapped in something. So, these dreams also talk about the dreamer’s helplessness in waking life.

This helplessness might be due to external factors or even because of the dreamer’s ignorant nature.

3. You’ll soon make a new connection

Spider-web dreams also signify a brewing relationship. This relationship might be in the professional or in personal space, but it will prove to be useful.

You need to be open and accepting of the people as they are and just go with the flow.

4. You’ll become more accepting

Spider-web dreams don’t always bring bad luck. Sometimes these dreams signify a spiritual awakening in a person. The person would go through changes to find peace in their inner thoughts.

You would grow to become more accepting and fond of yourself. Self-critical attitudes and selfish actions will bid their goodbyes.

5. New beginnings ahead!

With spiritual awakening and new connections, spider web dreams may also bring new beginnings with them. This will feel like fresh air that will bring out the best in you.

It will also challenge you and motivate you to try new things, so you can enjoy life in its truest form. 

Dreams about Spider Web – 35 Types & Interpretations

Dreams of spider webs can appear in different forms. Some of them are really scary for the dreamer, while a few others bring a weird sense of calmness. Depending on the type of the dream, their interpretation also varies.  

To help you, I’ve listed all possible types of spider web dreams along with their interpretations. Find the one that matches your dreams the most, and you will have your answers.

1. Dream of seeing a spider web

If you dream about seeing a spider web, it highlights an important aspect of your personality that says you tend to give up easily.

You try to run away as soon as you spot some signs of inconvenience. This makes you a coward and ultimately prevents you from finding a resolve.

So, you need to gain control of your emotions and work hard without overthinking about the outcomes.

2. Dream of spider webs on the ceiling

If you have seen spiders on the ceiling dream, then this is a sign of people being cold to you. It’s possible that you were ignoring your family members and friends due to work or other obligations.

So, be prepared to hear a long-lasting monologue about your commitments from them.

3. Dream of cleaning spider webs

If your dream involves cleaning cobwebs or spiderwebs then you are going to hear some good news regarding your business life.

You will be rewarded for your hard work and your superiors will take note of your contribution to the business. You are going to succeed at every project in your job.

4. Dream of spider web on face

Dreams about spider webs on your face symbolize your refusal to face the truth. You are often scared to confront reality. That’s why you ignore your problems and run from conflicts.

You need to face your fears and accept them. You need to remind yourself that you’re brave and you must not hold yourself back because of your fears.

5. Dream of getting entangled in a spider web

If you saw yourself getting entangled in a spider web, then this dream represents you getting caught in your own web of lies. You are trying to avoid difficult conversations and making excuses with lies. This is hurting your relationships.

That’s why you need to let go of your manipulative tricks and have an honest conversation with the people who care about you.

It is going to be uncomfortable but at the end of it, you will make deeper connections than you used to.

6. Dream of playing with spider webs

Dreams about playing with spider webs is a sign of bad news. This dream is a signal that you are prone to welcoming troubles and unnecessary fights in your life.

You tend to lose control of your anger and become vicious with your words. It is for this reason that your close friends and family are often displeased with you.

You need to be cautious of your emotions and control them or else you will soon lose your close ones who genuinely want the best for you.

7. Dream of spider web on hair

Dreaming of a spider web entangled in hair without being able to get it out is an indication that your journey ahead is going to be lonely.

For a long time, you have been dependent on people to finish your tasks and urgent deadlines. But now, people are not going to help you as they did before. You need to do everything on your own.

It’s for your own good as you will learn to be self-dependent in life by getting over your bad qualities.

8. Dream of others entangled in spiders’ web

If you saw other people being entangled in a spider’s web and you were trying to help them out then it means you are kind and helping nature.

Someone in your group is soon going to be in trouble and will ask for your help. You need to understand their problem and motivate them to solve it. Your kindness is your identity and hence you should never lose it.

9. Dream of spider web in front of eyes

Seeing spider webs in front of your eyes is a representation of your emotional immaturity. You see the world through rose-colored glasses and often turn your head away when you meet with a problem.

You need to accept that life comes with its own problems and unless you learn how to deal with them, you will always find yourself hurt and alone. Let life happen to you with all its good and evil, and you will emerge wiser.

10. Dream of insects on a spider web

Did you see small insects stuck on the web in a dream? Then it means a problem is soon going to knock at your door. Stay prepared because this is not a problem you can solve alone.

You will need your friends or your partner to help you out of it.

This will also help you bring closer to your loved ones. Do not panic, you have got the ability to crush this. Just believe in yourself.

11. Dream of sticky spider webs

Did you see sticky spider webs in your dream? Then it’s a reference to the recurring problems in your life. You are constantly finding yourself in the middle of fights, arguments, and problems and unfortunately, you aren’t able to get out of them.

This dream represents the ongoing bad situation or relationship in your life. You need to find your way out of unnecessary arguments and try not to make new enemies that might bring trouble to your plate.

12. Dream of other people cleaning a spider web

If you saw the dream of cleaning spider webs by others, then it’s a representation of your negligence.

You often forget about work, and projects and drag it until the last hour. But fortunately, someone comes to your rescue in the end.

This dream is a signal for you to be responsible for your work. Moreover, cherish the person who has always been by your side, they deserve it.

13. Dream of sweeping away a spider web

Sweeping away a cobweb represents the change that is going to come into your life. You will find yourself being in charge of new projects and responsibilities and you will excel at it.

You will finally get rid of your bad habits and adapt to good ones that will help you excel in your life.

The time ahead is going to be a turning point in your life so be ready for positive things to happen.

14. Dream of a spider weaving a web

A spider weaving a web in the dream is an indication that you will develop a healthy connection with your spouse.

If you were feeling the spark is fading, congratulations, the universe is aligning your stars back again.

Make sure you are putting effort into yourself as well. Go out on dates, make gifts for each other and spend quality time together. Surely, you will end up having a great time.

15. Dream of a multi-color spider web

Seeing a multi-color spider web is a rare occurrence and that’s why it’s a sign of good luck. This dream is a signal of your bright romantic adventure ahead.

You are going to meet someone new in your life with whom you will have lots of fun. Go with the flow and enjoy all the good things that happen to you.

16. Dream of snow-white colored spider web

A snow-white colored spider web brings all things good with it. If you are a woman who has seen this dream it means there’s marriage in your card. Maybe your fiance is going to propose to you soon.

Whereas, if you are a man then it’s a sign that conflicts and misunderstandings will go away and you will find peace in your relationship.

17. Dream of a black spider web

Dreams about a spider web in black color have a two-fold meaning. Firstly, it may be an indication that you will witness peace and tranquility at home. Your family members will be very pleased by your presence and you will spend quality time with them.

On the other hand, it may also mean that there will be lots of conflicts amidst your family members. You should be the harmonizer in your family.

Be sensible and handle the situation properly, if and when they occur. Again, this is also a great time to ask your crush out on a date or step into a new phase of life with your partner. 

18. Dream of eating spider web

A dream of eating a spider web points towards important aspects of your personality. It says that you are kind and understanding. You always come forward to help others without thinking twice.

Other than that, eating spider webs in dreams also means that you are missing out on opportunities. You should choose yourself and go out on adventures that teach you about the deep truths of life.

Be open to the fun in life because good things are going to happen to you soon.

19. Dream about walking into a spider web

If you see yourself walking into a big cobweb, it means you have a carefree nature. You are not someone who has repressed emotions. You love your friends and family a lot.

Sometimes, you overlove people who do not return your affection the way you want, which makes you sad.

New people are going to make an entry into your life. However, it’s advisable for you to have control of your carefree nature and choose your people carefully. You should understand that not everyone has the same heart as you, and that’s completely okay.

20. Dream of running into spider webs

Dream of running into a spider web shows that you are trying to hold yourself captive. You have a lot of big ambitions and goals, but something is pulling you down.

It might be a toxic partner or a situation where you are feeling hopeless. You shouldn’t let your hopes down because soon, this storm will be over. Keep working hard towards your goals, and you will surely meet with success.

21. Dream of being stuck in a spider web

If you have dreamt of being stuck in a spider web and you cannot get out of it, it means you are trying to process your emotions, but you aren’t able to.

Say your emotions out loud, and if people leave you after hearing the things that bother you, let them go. Trust me, your life will be more peaceful after this.

22. Dream of giant spider webs

Dreams of giant spider webs are a mirror of your self-confidence and high values in life. You are welcoming new things into your life. But at the same time, you will lose connection with some close friends that you have known for a long time.

You need to pay attention to the old relationships in your life and treat your people with love and affection.

23. Dream of furniture covered with spider webs

If you see a piece of furniture covered in spider webs, then it’s a sign of your current life situation. You are feeling lonely. Maybe something happened to you which broke your heart, and that’s why you aren’t able to talk about it with anyone.

You don’t trust people easily and prefer to be alone. You need to understand that not everyone is going to cause you harm. You have to let your walls down and make new relationships, and who knows maybe you will find someone who is worth it.

24. Dream of spider webs on windows

Seeing spider webs covering a window signifies your inner feelings. You are missing someone who left you recently.

You are hopeful they will return, but with every passing day, your hope is becoming feeble. This is the time when you need to make your peace with their departure.

Go out, meet new people and focus on your self-care because nothing in this world is more important than you. 

25. Dream of spider web on doors

Doors covered with spider webs talk a lot about your sensitive nature. You are a nostalgic person. You like to replay beautiful memories of your past and find your peace among them.

While this is a good way to enjoy memories occasionally, you need to open yourself up to the beautiful moments your present life has to offer.

You can either catch up with an old friend or go on a solo date, you should be able to enjoy small moments in life without thinking about the time that has already passed.

26. Dream of a corner of a shore filled with spider webs

This dream is quite rare, so if the universe has shown you one of a kind dream like this, you shouldn’t ignore it. Seeing spider webs covering near shore means your soul is longing to be free.

You are continuously ignoring your spiritual calling. You need to leave the materialistic pleasures of life and focus on your inner thoughts.

Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you and connect you to your soul. You will remain at peace.

27. Dream of a cave covered in a spider web

If you see a cave filled with spider webs, then it’s signaling you to look deep down within yourself. Your inner thoughts are in a dilemma, and you will only be able to solve them when you untangle your thoughts.

Your mind and heart need to be aligned. It will be an uncomfortable but enlightening journey indeed.

28. Dream of chandeliers covered in spider webs

Dreamt of a chandelier covered with spider webs? Then, you need to make an effort to see the real face of the people around you. You have been blinded by emotions, and that’s why you are unwilling to understand that they are toxic.

You need to take off your eye mask and carefully assess your relationships. It might not be what you want but it will clear your thoughts about your needs and desires from the relationship.

29. Dream of a tunnel covered in spider webs

A tunnel covered with spiderwebs mirrors your fear of the future. You fear that you will fail while all your friends will meet with success.

While this is a common feeling, you need to gather courage and pass that tunnel. The future has good things in store for you, and you will only receive them once you get over your fear and take the first step toward it.

30. Dream of photos/paintings covered in spider webs

Paintings or photos covered in spider webs are a sign that you will meet someone from your past. But beware, this is not going to be a long-lost friend who changed cities after high school. This person tried to hurt you in the past, like an ex-partner or an ex-friend.

Do not invite trouble into your life by interacting or making a connection with these people. You are better off without them.

31. Dream of an attic covered in spider webs

Dreams of an attic with spider webs tell a lot about your secrets. You might have taken part in doing something that you highly regret. Since you aren’t able to confess it, this secret is eating you from inside and haunting you whenever it gets a chance.

In this case, you need to talk to someone who you can trust. This is the only way you can communicate your thoughts and move on in a proper way.

32. Dream of the house covered in spider webs

Did you see your entire house covered in spider webs in your dream? Then it means you need to make some effort in your relationships.

It’s possible that due to work or other priorities, you weren’t able to make time out for your people, and that’s why they have pushed themselves away from you. This could be your romantic partner, friends, or family members.

You need to take the first step and rekindle your relationships with them in a proper way.

33. Dream of plants covered in spider webs

Dreaming about a spider web covering a plant is a sign that you need rest. You have been constantly working hard, which is causing you to burn out. You have an innate leadership quality which is making you take up more projects than you can handle.

It’s time for you to slow down. Go for a vacation or prioritize a day for your self-care. You will feel a lot more creative and recharged when you take some time off for yourself and get rest.

34. Dream of forest covered in spiderwebs

Dream of a forest covered in spiderwebs is trying to tell you that you made an important promise that you forgot about.

It might be a friend or a romantic partner. You should dig deep and analyze if an important date or anniversary is coming up. Since this promise really means a lot to you personally, you should not forget about this and fulfill your word.

35. Dream of spider and spider webs

Did you see a spider crawling in spider webs? Then you are going to receive some good news in the coming future. Maybe the job interview you applied for will get cleared, or you will get promoted to a new position.

You are going to feel an upsurge of creativity and new ideas that will help you move ahead in your professional sphere.

So, these were some of the different types of spider web dreams and interpretations, and if you find anything relatable, congratulations, you’ve got your answer!

However, if you don’t remember your details, here’s something for you…

Questions to ask yourself to interpret spider web dreams correctly

Sometimes, it may happen that the message your dream brought along didn’t reach you at all because you were stuck with the wrong interpretation. I am sure you don’t want that.  

So, here are ten questions that can help you recall your dream and identify the right interpretation. Here you go…

1. How were you feeling in the dream?

2. How did you feel after you woke up? Were you overwhelmed or remained calm?

3. Did you only see spider webs or spiders nearby?

4. What made you go near the spider webs?

5. How did you feel after touching the spider web?

6. Were you alone, or did you have some company?

7. Did you try to run away when you saw the spider web, or did you stand there?

8. Did the dream take place somewhere you know or was it completely different?

9. When the dream started, were you happy or anxious?

10. What were you thinking about before you went to sleep?

Now that you have answered these questions honestly, you are ready to find your perfect dream interpretation and find the message it is trying to convey to you. You know what to do!

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dreams about spider webs are not a common occurrence, and that is why it is often misinterpreted as an indication of something bad.

Well, here’s an eye-opener for you: dreams of spider webs don’t always bring bad news.

And even if it does, if the dreamer follows the suggestions with it, there is a high possibility that the bad time isn’t going to stay for a long time.