Dream of the swollen face means you have a strong support system, feel tired of being disappointed in love, or never back away from profitable risks. Sometimes, it also shows that your relationship lacks equality.

To find out what else it means, let’s dig in.

General Interpretations of Swollen Face Dream

A dream about a swollen face can ask you to stop being obsessed with your looks. Or, you’re seeking a suitable lover. Let’s see what else it says!


It portends that you are too conscious of your appearance. Self-care and a healthy routine is a great way to improve your health. But too much internalizing of societal ideals of beauty can harm your self-esteem

It’s okay to be a little conscious of your appearance, but not at the cost of hurting yourself. 


This vision depicts that you may soon find the love of your life. You’ve probably been single for a while and think it is the right time to find a partner.

Or, you have been through a rough breakup and are looking for the right fit. 

Don’t worry; you don’t have to wait much longer. You’ll soon find the yin to your yang.


This means you have a group of friends who care for you deeply and are there for you in your time of need.

Your relationship with them is filled with love, compassion, empathy, and respect. 


This is a sign that you are an extremely ambitious person. You’re always looking for ways to improve. You set attainable goals and always strive to reach them. 

You don’t play safe and are willing to take measured risks.

Sometimes your ambition makes it hard to balance your career and relationships.

Common Dream Scenarios of Swollen Face & Interpretations

Dreaming of your mother’s swollen face means you are unsure about the direction your life is taking.

Again, dreams of your partner’s swollen face allude that you yearn for someone new. Similarly, there’s a lot more to explore, so, let’s begin!

You have swollen face

This predicts that you’ll face an unexpected situation in which you must defend your honor. Your partner may claim that you’re cheating on them.

Your friend thinks you have been betraying them by talking behind their back and spilling out their secrets. 

Someone will confront you with accusations. You can only save your relationships with your complete and steadfast honesty. 

Your mother having swollen face

This indicates that you are unsure of the direction in which your life is going. You’ve fallen out of love with your partner, and you don’t know whether or not you should get a divorce.

Or, you’re bored with the same job and want to switch careers. 

You’re standing at the crossroads of life, unsure and confused about what the next step should be. Do what your heart wants the most. 

Dream of your friend having swollen face

This cues you to leave your inhibitions and be more outgoing. You’re probably not social and like to sit in your room with a book in your hand rather than partying. 

It’s a good thing that you’re comfortable with being alone. But too much of it can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness.

So, go out there and socialize and remember that we all need people at the end of the day. 

Red swollen face

This portends you may not be an equal in your relationship with your partner. They try to dominate and control you.

Your needs are not met, and your desires are not respected. 

Remember that equality is important for any relationship to flourish and prosper. There can be no power dynamics between you both. Without equality, there can be no relationship. 

Your partner having swollen face

This vision is an indicator of the fact that you have been yearning for someone new. You have recently been through a breakup and long for your ex. Or you want someone who is not available anymore. 

Unrequited love can be extremely painful. It will hurt a lot, but with time and space, you will get over it. 

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dreams of swollen face share secret and urgent messages from your subconscious mind. They depict your troubles and suggest solutions. So, take your time to decipher them. 

Pay attention to every small detail of your life and the dream scenarios. Jot the dots and get your unique message!