Dreams about magic symbolizes transformation. Alternatively, it also suggests that the situations in life are out of control, and you need to re-evaluate your intentions.

Dreams about Magic – General Interpretations

When you dream about magic, there’s a lot of symbolism hidden. Your subconscious tries to pass you a message through these dreams.

You must understand these messages to make your life easier. So, let’s know the common messages that dream about magic share…

  • It suggests transformation
  • It hints at power
  • It symbolizes support
  • It suggests something is unbalanced
  • It indicates the intention

Dreaming about Magic – Various Types & Their Interpretations

A friend doing magic is symbolic of receiving support. Whereas performing magic in dreams implies you’ll gain new knowledge.

Different types of magic dreams carry unique meanings. So, if you remember the details of your dream, find your dream interpretation on this list.

Dream about doing magic

Dreaming about doing magic is a symbol of new discoveries. You will gain new knowledge in your academic or work life if you are persistent. It will eventually lead you towards success.

Dream of doing magic to protect someone

It depicts your longing to help others. You wish to feel useful and worthy by helping someone with difficulties.

Dream about doing magic on yourself

It indicates a positive transformation in your waking life. You will unleash your hidden potential, which will result in positive changes.

Someone else performing magic on you

Dreaming about someone else performing magic on you also symbolizes a transformation in your life.

Failing to do magic

It indicates you’re focused on the wrong things at the moment. Wait for the right time to solve them. Your efforts might go in vain if you continue now.

Suddenly gaining magical powers

If you suddenly gain magical powers in your dream and find people approaching you for help, it suggests that you are powerful and influential in others’ sight.

Doing magic for good

Dream of doing magic for good indicates you need to do good in your waking life. It might be either for yourself or for the people you love and care for.

Doing magic for evil 

It is a symbol of Karma. It is a warning that something bad you did to people might come back to bite you.

Black magic

It symbolizes upcoming challenges in your waking life. Strengthen yourself mentally to get through the upcoming setbacks.

A magical object

It hints toward a change in your perception of life. You will face some situations that will change how you view life.

Finding a magic book

It indicates your hidden potential to solve problems effortlessly. It is probably because of your strategic approach to challenges.

Dark magic

Dream of dark magic is a negative sign. It indicates that your enemies might obstruct you in the way towards your goals.

Learning magic

Dreaming about learning magic indicates two things depending on the type of magic you learn.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Magic dreams might seem out-of-the-world and captivating… so, those who believe in it might assume they’ll receive magical powers.

Well, whether magic exists or not, let’s keep that debate for another day. But, your dreams aren’t as shallow, so find the meaning and work to improve your life.