Dream of Toilet can imply a lack of privacy, your struggles in various aspects of life, or an obstruction in your life.

It can also be a symbol of anxiety, stress, and your ability to cope-up with an extreme situation.

Dream of Toilet - Various Different Scenarios & Their Interpretations
Dream of Toilet – Various Different Scenarios & Their Interpretations

Toilet Dream Meaning – General Interpretations

A toilet may feel gross even in dreams but it has some really important interpretations, including…

  • You’ve been dealing with a lot of “crap”
  • You lack privacy
  • You are struggling to express emotions
  • You have some social or professional concerns
  • You plan to change your life direction
  • You feel blocked energetically
  • You want to start over
  • You are anxious about future events

Spiritual Meaning of Toilet in Dreams

Spiritually, toilets in dreams are a good sign. It is usually related to the liberation from negative energy which further invites positivity in your life.

It might also indicate that you have too much negativity and must let them out else your spiritual health may deteriorate. So, it can be a warning too.

Types of Dream of Toilet & Their Interpretations

So, here is a list of the most common dreams about toilets and with all the possible components in your dream.

So, without further ado, let’s start interpreting some toilet dream scenarios!

Dream of Dirty toilet

A dream about a dirty toilet signifies the presence of toxic people around you. You might be emotionally cornered by them and your subconscious wants you to break free from this toxicity.

Dreaming of a broken toilet

This dream represents your anxiety in real life. It can also be a symbolism of stress. It can also predict a sudden mishap in any of your valued relationships

Clean toilet

A clean toilet represents positive energy in your life. If you see a clean toilet in your dreams, it might symbolize the presence or the need for positivity around you.

Clogged toilet

Clogged toilets in dreams are symbolic of obstructions in the way of growth and development in waking life.

You might be feeling that no matter what path you follow in your life, you cannot find a solution to your current problems. 

Dream about cleaning a toilet

The dream about cleaning a toilet indicates that your spirit needs cleaning in reality.

You might be surrounded by pessimistic people or you have become a pessimist yourself. It is time to clean up the negativity before it hurts your personal or professional life.

Using the toilet

This dream represents your success at handling a personal matter. Perhaps, you want to see the bigger picture of life.

You want to get rid of the ignorance from your life and accept all kinds of factual truths. You might be ready to accept some new ideologies as well.

Flushing a toilet

Your dream about flushing a toilet is a message from your subconscious. It is asking you to let go of the negativity.

You have suffered enough, accepted others’ negative opinions, been humiliated, and embarrassed. But, now is the time to dump that negativity and move on. 

Building a toilet

It tells you about your latest discovery about life and your perception of it. Maybe, you experienced something in your life and that changed your old perception.

Squatting on a toilet

Squatting on a toilet in dreams refers to your efforts at avoiding such circumstances.

You noticed something against your ethics in your life yet you have to continue your actions alongside the unethical work.

Defecating in toilet

This dream symbolizes your regulation over your feelings and finances. You are capable of controlling all kinds of feelings and keeping things under wraps. You are good at managing your expenses too.

Falling into a toilet

You might be a person full of pride and have a lot of faith in yourself. Your dream about falling in a toilet implies that you might take the wrong step in your life because of your pride.

Digging a toilet

This refers to your need for privacy about your personal expenses. You might have earned a fair share of money yet do not know how to utilize it. You want to invest it or use it wisely.

Toilet leaking

If you only see a leaky toilet in your dream, it means that you have been careless about your expenses and managing them poorly. This can hurt your future savings. 

Baby in toilet

If you are having dreams of seeing a baby in a toilet, it speaks of your carelessness while tending to your responsibilities in real life.

This usually leads to a negative result and your subconscious is suggesting you to amend your methods.

Public toilet

It is indicative of support in your waking life. It might also be that people around you are motivating you for the better and acknowledging you for your efforts. 

Toilet overflowing with poop

A dream about a toilet overflowing with feces is connected with your lack of control over your finances. You are incapable of controlling your expenses on unnecessary products or services.

Over to you…

The dream symbols about toilet dreams revolve mostly around your feelings and the occurrences in your life. It is directly or indirectly linked to your reputation, income, and relationships in life. 

But you must remember that your dream is a prediction alone so you must not get swayed by the interpretations. A wrong step can result in a change of fate.

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