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Dream Of Urine – 59 Dream Plots & Their Meanings

Dream Of Urine – 59 Dream Plots & Their Meanings

Updated on Feb 03, 2023 | Published on Oct 06, 2021

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dream of Urine - 59 Scenarios & Their Meanings

A dream of urine is usually perceived as gross or even an ill omen. But if you dig deeper and perform a thorough analysis, you’ll realize that they mean well. Okay! Not necessarily every scenario but a lot of them. 

Dream of Urine - 59 Scenarios & Their Meanings
Dream of Urine – 59 Scenarios & Their Meanings

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Urine?

Dreams about urine often relate to emotions you are repressing. Positively, they may also foretell unforeseen wealth and fortune. 

Good news first! If you see urine in your dream, ask yourself how you are doing financially. In case it’s not going great, the dream is a sign that your situation will improve soon. 

Many times, pee dreams are associated with an overall improvement in your finances. Maybe you will successfully generate a steady flow of income from a passive source. Maybe you will receive an enormous price for God knows what! Anything is possible around this time… You name it. 

You are going through a pleasant life phase if you see pee in your sleep. From overcoming problems to hitting your life goals. 

Negatively, pee dreams also stand for tension brewing in your domestic environment, others taking advantage of you and you falling into a bad circle. 

To see urine in your sleep state is also a sign that there are habits, emotions, and people in your life that should be abandoned, the sooner the better for you. 

Urine Dream Meaning: Symbols

1. You are holding on to toxic habits

More often than not, a dream about seeing urine or pee shows you are holding on to toxic habits and addictions that do not serve you in any way. 

2. You are ready to let go of something

Sometimes, a dream about pee occurs to let you know that you are ready to release negative emotions and behaviors. 

It may also stand for your willingness to come clean about a dark secret. 

To state an example, the presence of both urine and poop in a dream is a sign that you are ready to let go of something disgusting about yourself. 

3. You need to listen and communicate better

You know better that you cannot always go by your intuition. 

Though your opinions and wishes matter the most, there are also times when you must follow the advice of others. 

Perhaps you are someone who completely disregards the opinions of others. Then your pee dream shows that you must also consider others’ words, especially regarding matters you lack knowledge about. 

4. The relationship you share with others

Urine dreams are also a good way to know how your relationships with your people are faring. Are any of your flaws sabotaging a relationship? 

5. You spend money on unnecessary things

In some cases, pee dreams could foretell an impending bankruptcy after wasting a great portion of your income on unnecessary items. 

6. Your life is a mess

Dreams about urine are common if you have a disordered life with no sense of control and authority in any domain.

7. Foretells illnesses

A few urine dreams are related to your physical health and sickness in your waking life. The intensity of the disease often depends on the scenario. For instance, a urine sample in a dream foretells a sickness, though you will recover from it much sooner than you expected. 

On the flip side, blood in urine may be a sign that you have a serious underlying disease. 

8. Good health

Strangely enough, some dreams about urine are a reflection of sound health.

Drinking urine, to mention an example. 

Dream of Urine: Different Scenarios And Their Meanings

1. A dream about your pee

In a dream vision, if you see your pee, likely you don’t have control over your life. 

To dream about your own pee also means you may fall sick soon. In this case, you must take careful note of the color. If it was the usual clear fluid, your sickness would most likely recover fast. 

On the contrary, if it was dark or had blood in it, your scenario may be trying to bring your attention to a serious health issue. 

2. Dreaming about holding in your pee

It is closely related to the feelings you are keeping within yourself. Just as it is uncomfortable to resist the urge to pee in waking life, you long to express your emotions. 

3. Dreaming about holding in your pee even inside the toilet

According to the plot, you have strong emotions for someone, which could be either love or hatred. Though you want him or her to know how you feel, you never utter a word about it, even when you are with that person. 

Something in you always tells you that the time is not yet right. 

4. Walking into a toilet that stinks of pee

Dreaming about walking in a smelly toilet is a sign to take control over a situation in your waking life. 

5. A dream about a toilet filled with pee

The dream image of a toilet filled to the brim with urine symbolizes an opportunity from an unexpected source. Most likely, it has to do with wealth and fortune. 

On the flip side, it could also be a sign that you need to release your pent-up feelings. 

6. Dreaming about a dirty toilet overflowing with pee

A dirty toilet overflowing with urine is a common dream scenario. In fact, many people across the world have recurring dreams about it. 

But then why not?

Because dreaming about the scenario, in the first place, means you have let others take control of your decisions. But that’s not how it should be, right? Well, at least, not every single time. 

So, here’s what your subconscious is trying to tell you. If you believe you’re right about something, if your intuition tells you so, and if your decision will not hurt a single soul along the way, go for it! Stand up for it! Take initiative and be accountable!

On the other hand, it is a sign that you feel humiliated and mocked wherever you try to be yourself. 

7. Smelling urine in a dream

The scenario indicates you will likely encounter problematic situations in the foreseeable future. 

On the other hand, it may mean you accept crap from others despite your resentment for them.

8. A dream about smelling someone else’s urine

According to dream books, a scenario wherein you see yourself smelling another person’s urine indicates how someone, a workmate, most likely is working against you and your wishes. 

9. Floor splattered with pee in a dream

According to the dream, someone will come to you seeking guidance. 

10. A dream about examining someone else’s urine

To dream of examining someone else’s urine indicates you would be compelled to do something similar soon.

No! We don’t mean you would poke your nose into a chamber bowl to smell someone else’s pee. 

But there’s a possibility that someone in your circle, a family, or a really close friend will fall sick. And chances are, you would become his or her nurse, sit by that person constantly, and help him or her perform basic tasks. 

11. Feeling sick after smelling urine in a dream

The plot foretells problems. But thanks to your intuition, they wouldn’t turn out to be as bad as you had initially perceived. 

12. Touching urine in a dream

To dream about touching urine means you’ll shortly come across unpleasant behaviors.

13. A dream about carrying a bottle of urine

In your dream, if you see yourself carrying a bottle of urine unnecessarily, it means you are probably wasting time, your most valuable resource entertaining negative thoughts and ideas. 

14. Dreaming of carrying urine and spilling it

According to the plot, you are losing control of minor issues and situations in your waking life. 

15. Dreaming about a puddle of urine

A puddle of urine is an auspicious symbol in the dream world. It symbolizes good luck. Don’t be surprised if, around this time, one of your long-lost friends comes back to you apologizing for whatever he or she has done to you. 

16. Drinking urine in a dream

Probably one of the most nauseating dreams, but wait till we unravel its meaning for you!

Such a scenario indicates you are in the best of health. If you are in poor health, expect a miraculous recovery. 

As mentioned earlier, pee in dreams is also symbolic of fortune. So, seeing yourself relish urine could also mean you will receive immense wealth soon. 

Alternatively, it may mean you have no self-esteem and stoop low to fit into others’ demands. 

Have you unburdened your emotional baggage to someone recently? A colleague or a friend you met last month? 

In that case, the dream shows you fear the future. You are uncertain if that person will betray your secrets to anyone. What’s done is done, and you cannot take back your secrets. So, let go of your fear and whatever is bound to happen, let it take place.

17. Drinking your urine in a dream

The scenario sounds disgusting but not the meaning. It means your health will significantly improve. 

Alternatively, drinking your own pee in a dream shows you’d rather sabotage yourself than let others see your negative traits. 

18. Seeing someone drink his or her urine in a dream

Without a doubt, that person is either trying to grab the spotlight by doing the most ridiculous things or he or she has some sort of problem. 

If you are wondering what that has to do with your life, it may be your higher self telling you that you are the right one to help that person get back to reality. 

19. Dreaming about someone drinking a mixture of your pee and blood

While blood symbolizes passion, pee here stands for the unpleasant areas of your life. So, a dream scenario of someone drinking the above-mentioned mixture signifies opening up and sharing the beautiful as well as the ugly and pathetic sides of your life with him or her. 

You might have pushed yourself out of your shell with a lot of difficulties. Perhaps that person showed genuine interest in knowing about your weaknesses or anything else for that matter. 

However, there is no saying whether that person will remain loyal to you or not. After knowing who you really are, he or she may flee your company. 

20. Seeing pee on your face in a dream

Likely, in the near future, someone will try to dump their emotional baggage on your shoulders. Based on the scenario, that person will give you no room to escape, and you’ll be absolutely burdened and even uncomfortable with the whole affair. 

21. A dream about having someone else’s pee on your body

The interpretation of this dream depends on your gender. 

If you are a female, it foretells financial difficulties and even infertility in some cases. And for a male dreamer, the dream refers to a demotion at the workplace and bankruptcy. 

22. Dreaming about having urine on your clothes

If you dream about getting urine on your clothes, it shows that others have noticed or seen through your peevish nature. Remember, there are ways to resolve your issues than playing the blame game. 

23. Finding or seeing urine on the toilet seat

A male figure in or around your circle is the ultimate reason why you refrain from sharing your emotions openly. 

24. A dream about bathing with urine

Dreaming about bathing with urine foretells a loss or lack of balance. If anything is disturbing you, waste no time and get down to it immediately. Otherwise, it may explode and get out of your control.

25. A dream about pee and poop

If you see a dream vision of urine accompanied by pee, it means you are prepared to release something disgusting from your life. 

It could be a relationship you don’t want to recall, a secret about yourself, or something utterly disgraceful about someone else. It could even be an unpleasant event you came across somewhere. 

Clearly, you want it out of your life!

It may also mean you’ll likely get into a huge mess and flush your hard-earned money down the toilet if you listen to the advice and suggestions of the so-called financial experts in your circle. 

Could it be that they are trying to get you into investments for their interests? It’s time you give a few thoughts on it. 

26. Seeing a mixture of pee and sperm in a dream

Unfortunately, seeing the scenario indicates you or your partner is infertile. In some cases, it may also stand for a problem associated with one of your organs. 

27. Dreaming about a mixture of urine and water

Finally, you have mustered up the courage to convey the negative feelings you harbor about someone or something. 

But you have taken the wise step. Instead of being blunt and throwing raw words on their faces, you have handpicked each word carefully, ensuring you get your message through without pissing them off. 

Let us draw a mental picture for you here. Half a bottle of dark-yellow urine will appear lighter and slightly yellowish when mixed with half a bottle of water. 

Those people will get to know what irritates you, but they will never be able to figure out the intensity of your irritation. 

28. Cleaning urine in a dream

Based on the plot, you’d take on a task expecting a huge reward or compensation only to be paid in peanuts. 

29. Dreaming about seeing several urine sprays

The scenario indicates you have gotten involved with a bunch of toxic people. 

30. A dream about conducting a urine test

If you see the above scenario in your dream, there’s a possibility that people around you will judge you not according to your talents but your attitude, habits, personality traits, and your overall lifestyle. 

So, you must be on your guard at all times, especially when you are around your workplace superiors. You might let a promotion slip through your fingers if you do not keep track of your words and behavior. 

31. Dreaming about others taking a urine test

In a dream, if you see others taking a urine test, it means some people in your waking life are deeply envious of you and often discuss you amongst themselves. 

32. Dreaming about urine infection

According to experts, if you dream about urine infection it is a sign that there’s a lack of balance in your life. Though it may occur in any aspect of your life, chances are, your emotional life will suffer the most. 

If, at present, your life is going as smoothly as it possibly can, expect storms to hit anytime in the foreseeable future. 

33. A dream about someone else’s urine

Chances are, someone in your professional life is being a real jerk. 

Types of Urine In Dreams

34. A dream about peeing blood

If you dream of urinating blood, it foretells health-related problems. Take the dream as a warning and make an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible.

It may even stand for disorderliness in your relationships. 

If you pee blood in a dream, it may also mean a storm is coming your way. It might throw you off balance and disturb your stability. However, if you successfully get through this phase, you will be on your way to wonderful days. 

These challenges wouldn’t go to waste. They are most probably shaping you for a bright future. 

35. Dreaming about muddy urine

The scenario portends illness that could befall you or anyone in your circle. 

36. Dreaming about passing black urine

To dream about urinating black-colored urine could mean you are not as healthy as you assume and will likely fall sick in the coming days. 

Black urine also symbolized corrupted thoughts in the dream world. 

37. Seeing dark urine in a dream

Chances are, you feel tempted to commit sins in waking life. Succumbing to them will most likely put you at risk. 

38. Dreaming about brown pee

To dream of brown pee denotes some manipulative people will take advantage of you. If you do get involved with them, you’ll possibly lose a portion of your earnings. 

39. Seeing purple urine in your dream

Unfortunately, purple urine shows you already have or will soon miss out on several opportunities. If we may add, these are likely your chances towards a blissful life!

40. Green pee in a dream

To dream about green pee shows, you’ll be concerned about your health and wellbeing more than you ought to. 

That leads us to raise a question here. 

Why are you stressing so much about it? Are you apprehensive of anything, or is your health not in the best of condition? Whatever it is, consider hitting the clinic to put your mind at ease. 

41. Seeing blue pee in a dream

In the upcoming days, some events will let you question your faith. 

42. Dreaming of red pee

Based on the plot, you are rather impulsive, and that trait will often lead to problems, especially with close friends and family. 

43. Seeing pink pee in your dream

Some people in your circle will take advantage of your generosity. 

44. A dream about orange pee

The dream reflects your easy-going nature and the tendency to get adapted to anyone you come across. But you also need to ask yourself one question. 

Are you sure people are not taking advantage of your outgoing nature? 

45. Dreaming about dark yellow pee

If you see pee that is dark yellow, you are letting momentary events dampen your present. 

Instead of stressing, fix the situation, you are stressing over (if you can). If it is something beyond your control, leave it to the hands of God and live life to the fullest. 

46. Passing yellow-colored urine in a dream

If you dream about passing yellow urine, it symbolizes stability in almost every aspect of your life. 

47. Seeing clear urine in a dream

If that is what you saw in your dream, it means you are not interested in your life goals. 

Maybe your parents decide your path in your stead. Or perhaps your interests faded over time. Whatever the reason, there’s no passion in you when it comes to your goals. So, you might as well seek a new one when there’s still time. 

48. Seeing urine stain or old urine in a dream

In this scenario, the stain or the stinking old urine symbolizes negative emotions and feelings. 

Consider the plot as a warning from your higher self. Whatever emotions you are harboring right now, handle them well. Flush it through before everyone gets to know about it. Cleanse your mind and make sure your emotional self turns over a new leaf. 

Because if you don’t, the negativity will probably leave a stain which will likely make the rest of your life ugly and stinky. 

49. Dreaming about animal urine

If you dream about animal pee such as dog urine, chances are, others will burden you with their issues. Your subconscious wants you to be aware that these people approach you not because they trust you but because they believe they can mess around with you. 

Despite the circumstances, you are warned not to take things too personally and let them affect you. Even if it does, don’t let those people see your genuine feelings.

While some experts relate it to fertility, others believe it stands for a forthcoming issue due to someone else’s clumsiness.

50. Dreaming about horse pee

Seeing horse pee in a dream shows you will spend a lot of money soon, likely on journeys. 

51. A dream about cow pee

Allow us to ask you a few questions here. 

Are your subordinates submissive to you? Do they follow each of your instructions? Do you think they are the most obedient employees anyone can have, though you have never said it? 

If so, you need to be a little more lenient on them going forward. In all likelihood, they have been putting up with your whims and fancies for a long time. One single push may likely cause an emotional outpour. 

52. Seeing a dog urinate in a dream

Sleep experts believe that dreaming about a dog peeing means a closed one will come to you shortly. It may be to seek your help, or it could be because he or she wants to spend more time with you. 

53. Dreaming about cat urine

If you have bottled up feelings towards anyone or any particular event, release them at a place where none will find out. 

Go to the top of the mountains and shout it out at the top of your voice! Get a punching bag and relieve all your stress on it! Do anything but make sure none becomes aware of your negative emotions. And leave no trails for others to trace it back to you. 

54. Seeing a rabbit pee in a dream

According to the scenario, you will likely let a momentary win get to your head. 

Take, for instance, looking down on others who are doing poorly in life after receiving an inheritance. 

Your higher self wants you to know that life is a wheel of ups and downs, and you possibly will not remain blessed forever. 

55. Dreaming about rat urine

Thanks to your fear of risks, you’ll soon lose out on financial gains. 

56. Seeing smelly urine in a dream

In a dream, if you encounter urine that stinks real bad, it shows how dehydrated you are in your waking life. 

Are you taking your required daily dose of water? Most probably not!

Dream of Urine: Different Dreamers

57. A single person dreaming about urine

Interestingly, if you are single around the time you dream of pee, it possibly means you will be lucky in love. 

58. A single woman dreaming of having baby urine on her body

If you are a woman and dreamt of having baby urine on any part of your body, you’ll likely face troubles getting married. 

Note that this interpretation does not apply to men and women with partners. 

59. A bride-to-be having pee dreams

It is an ill omen if a bride-to-be sees urine in her dreams. Likely she will be reduced to shame and humiliation. 

Recurring Dreams Of Urine

If dreams associated with pee surface in your sleep state too often, it may be a sign that something is off in some parts of your life. 

Pay attention to how you are dealing with people and events. Try to find out if you have any nasty habits you are ashamed of. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Urine Dreams

From the spiritual point of view, urine is associated with the mistakes you have committed in the past. If you’re wondering why your dream is reminding you about those shameful things, it may be that those mistakes have and are still creating a blunder in your life. 

But ancient culture is all praises when it comes to urine. The ancient Romans used the fluid to wash their clothes and brush their teeth!!! Considering why humans wash clothes and brush, urine is seen as an element with cleansing properties. 

From that point, you can say urine dreams signify a cleansing to give a newer and cleaner form to something. 

As per our research, Buddhist monks also drink their urine. So, it’s safe to say drinking urine in a dream symbolizes the cleansing of the soul. 

Urine Dream Interpretation In The Persian Tradition

Persians believe that dreams associated with your pee or urine are a sign that a newborn baby is on its way. However, this meaning applies only if the dreamer is a woman. 

Dream Interpretation greatly varies from dreamer to dreamer. So, your dream meaning could mean something else if you are a man or in your teens. 

Dreams About Urine In Greek Tradition

Urine symbolizes wealth and fortune in the Greek tradition. From that perspective, a dream about pee may mean you are about to stumble into unforeseen wealth. 

An Example Of Urine In A Dream

  1. I had a dream I was caught/detained in a brothel, and my only way out was providing urine samples for everyone

Possible Reasons Why You Saw Pee/ Urine In Your Dream

From the dream scenarios and interpretations above, you might have assumed that the possible reasons for urine dreams are endless. And you are absolutely right! 

However, to make the process simpler, we have listed out some of the most common ones.

  1. Urine dreams may mean you are holding on to your emotions.
  2. Either you have, or someone else has humiliated you.
  3. You have habits and traits you feel ashamed of. 
  4. You need to let go of your bottled-up emotions. 
  5. Pee dreams could mean you have fallen into bad company. 

A Few Questions To Ask Yourself If You Dream About Urine

Try asking these few questions to get closer to your dream interpretation.

  1. Whose urine did you see in your dream? Was it yours or someone else’s? Or did it belong to an animal?
  2. Which color was it, and where did you see it? 
  3. How did you feel in the dream? Were you disgusted or unaffected?
  4. Are you wasting your time doing insignificant things? 
  5. Do you think someone is dumping their sob stories on you unnecessarily? 

Who Often Dreams Of Urine?

You are more than likely to see dreams associated with pee if you are in a stressful relationship. It doesn’t always have to be associated with love and romance, though it might be. 


As you have read, a dream of urine is not as bad as it appears at face value. Most of the time, it occurs to warn you to provide an outlet for your negativity.