According to dream interpreters, the dream of traffic lights is a sign from your subconscious mind about controlling something. On the other other hand, many of these dreams can even point toward conflict and misunderstandings.

So, let’s uncover the true meaning of your dreams here!

What do Traffic Light Dreams Generally Imply?

Dreaming of traffic lights may predict fights in your waking life or it may bring good news about finding your lover. Now, let’s have a look at the usual messages behind these dreams!

  • You will get into a heated argument with someone
  • Your plans will reach a minor halt but then experience smooth sailing
  • Your supreme soul will help you to meet your soulmate
  • You’re going through a phase of transition
  • You need to have a more fulfilling life

Spiritual Meaning of Traffic Lights

According to spirituality, dreaming of traffic lights is connected with how you feel about your life. For example, the green light means to advance. 

On the other hand, the red light indicates to rethink your decisions and the yellow light is a sign to stop and observe your spiritual self.

Common Dream of Traffic Lights 

Some of these dreams point toward something significant in your personal or professional life, whether your relations with your loved ones or a specific action of yours. 

Just like traffic lights manage vehicles on the road, maybe you also need to manage your emotions and decisions in a better way. So, let’s see what your dreams imply!

Traffic light turning red

Since red is the color of love, this dream symbolizes that you and your partner are having some major problems. 

However, sometimes the red light can also indicate an inflamed passion for each other. Maybe you have found a new love recently.

Dream of traffic light turning green 

Your dream is a very good omen as it indicates a call to action. All the paths in front of you are clear and you’re free to choose what you wish to do in life. Your good actions have finally reaped benefits. 

Green light is also a sign of hope and healing, so it can also mean that you will heal from past wounds.

Traffic light turning yellow

Just like the yellow lights at a traffic signal ask the cars to slow down, the same meaning is interpreted in your dreams. 

You’re being too impatient and this is causing you to rush through your life decisions. It’s time for you to slow down and savor the moment. It’s better to stay in a state of inaction now.

All the traffic lights turned on together

This dreamscape is a symbol of absolute victory. You have achieved everything to your heart’s content simply through your hard work and talent. 

Earlier, you faced a lot of problems while trying to accomplish your goals but now, you can enjoy a smooth life ahead.

Traffic lights being dark

It foretells that something unfortunate is going to happen to you. You’ll face obstacles and hardships quite soon and nobody will be able to help you. In this situation, you have to make your own choices and do something smart.

Observing traffic lights dream meaning

The dream indicates that you’re actually observing the daily hustle of life. You look at different people doing different tasks throughout the day. 

You feel that everything has become too routine-oriented but it also makes you feel good about following the routine.

Broken traffic lights or traffic lights screen malfunctioning

Your dream symbolizes uncertainty in the near future. You’ll have to make calculated decisions based on the circumstances because nothing will be the same. Finally, you will reach a decision after a lot of internal debate.

Installing traffic lights

The dream means that you’re taking steps to improve yourself. Perhaps you feel that someone has been trying to control you for a long time now. 

You’re fed up with their behavior. You want to take charge of your own life and do things that please you.

Traffic light turning white

Here, it means that you’re being rigid or inflexible about something. People are giving you different opinions but you’re only interested in listening to yourself. This behavior is causing others to become upset.

Traffic light turning black

It indicates your need for encouragement and motivation. You feel that everything around you is falling apart and you badly need someone to show you the correct path. 

Black also indicates death or illness, so maybe someone close to you will fall ill.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Traffic lights dreams can be a harbinger of self-discovery. Maybe you’re going to go on a life-changing journey where you’ll experience different things and people. So, this is probably your mind saying that it’s never too late to go on an adventure!

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