A dream of traffic depicts difficult times in your life. Moreover, it asks you to travel or do something creative to get a break from your monotonous life.

Dream of Traffic – General Interpretations

Dreams of traffic have mixed meanings depending on what you see in the dream. So, if you have a rough idea of your dream, read the below general interpretations and find out which meaning resonates with your real life.

  • You’re currently in a rough phase
  • You need a break
  • You’re controlled by others
  • Learn from your mistakes
  • Go slow

Dreaming about Traffic – Various Types & Their Meanings

In your dream of traffic, all the intricate events have different messages. When you join all the different details, you get the final meaning.

So, if you clearly remember your dream details, don’t wait any longer and hit the list!

Dream of directing traffic

It says you are in an authoritative or managerial position and you can control others’ paths and destinations. It is a huge responsibility.

Dream of heavy traffic

Dreaming of heavy traffic means there’s too much chaos going around you. But you must remember to fulfill your responsibilities and live your life.

Dream of being alone in traffic

This indicates you are trying to solve your problems alone. This dream asks you to take help from someone.

Driving through traffic without any hitches

The dream of driving through traffic without hitches suggests life’s easy phase.

Seeing a red traffic light

Dream of seeing red traffic light warns you of upcoming danger. There will be obstacles in your life.

Seeing a green traffic light

Dream of seeing green traffic light says you will move forward toward your destined path, and others will support you.

Traffic jam

It says you are so stuck in the current phase of your life that you have given up on the will to move forward. Certain beliefs stop you from taking the first step.

Traffic police

Dream of traffic police indicates someone willing to help you get out of your situation. But, you are unwilling to take their help.

Traffic ticket

It asks you to analyze your past actions and observe your current ones. Someone has a wide watch over your actions and is judging you for your past mistakes.

Traffic signs

It asks you to decide your priorities. You need to pay close attention to different aspects of your life as something is unbalanced.

Running or walking into traffic

Dream of running or walking into traffic asks you to realize your worth and talk to your boss regarding any injustice happening to you at your workplace.

Crossing traffic

It means you are going through a big transformation. No matter the obstacles on your path, you keep moving ahead.

Being stuck in traffic

The dream of being stuck in traffic reflects your desire to start something new.

Riding a bike in traffic

It depicts your optimistic personality. You have suppressed your desires for so long, but now it’s time to trust your instincts and move forward. Trusting yourself is the key to your success.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Traffic dreams symbolize both good and bad things, so make sure you consider every detail of your dream. But if you can’t retain the details for too long, track your dreams in a journal. This will help you reach the right message.