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Dream of Umbrella: 30 Examples, Meanings and Emotional Significance

Dream of Umbrella: 30 Examples, Meanings and Emotional Significance

Updated on Aug 05, 2022 | Published on Sep 29, 2021

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dream of Umbrella- 30 Examples, Meanings and Emotional Significance

Dream of an umbrella represents emotional protection and security against bad forces. These dreams symbolise a protective shield. 

Dreams about umbrellas show that even through low phases or moods, you have a sense of calmness because you have something to rely on. 

Umbrella dreams even have a negative interpretation, like an event of misfortune is coming your way and hence you need that emotional security. It can also be an indication of wanting more emotional support than what you currently have. 

Such dreams can only be interpreted in context of your life, your current support system and how you handle emotionally heavy situations.

Dream of Umbrella - 30 Examples, Meanings and Emotional Significance
Dream of Umbrella – 30 Examples, Meanings and Emotional Significance

Umbrella Dream Meaning – General Interpretation 

Dreams of an umbrella are a good omen, showing emotional security, protection against bad situations and a way to prepare for life events. They are also emotional shields between us and the outside world. 

Dream of an umbrella represents emotional security. In real life, umbrellas protect us against the rain. Similarly, dreams of an umbrella are a symbol of protection against bad things, misfortune or emotional difficulties. 

Dream of an umbrella even symbolises the emotional protection you get when faced with challenges. Often, even uncertainties bring about negative emotions. A dream of an umbrella shows that you may be feeling emotionally secure even in the face of that. 

To dream of an umbrella suggests that you have a sense of security in your life. It may come from people around you or from within yourself. Such a dream suggests that you have the emotional protection to deal with all types of good and bad situations. 

There are some important aspects to keep in mind when interpreting an umbrella dream. 

Symbol of protection 

Umbrellas in real life protect us against rain and sun. Dreams of an umbrella also protect us, even if we are not sure what is bothering us. It is the symbol of having a shield or guard that is comforting to people. 

Symbol of emotional security 

Dream of an umbrella is also a symbol of having a good emotional support system. Often people have friends or family members that get them through tough moments. Sometimes, people rely on their own inner strength. 

Umbrellas in dreams symbolise such an emotional security that is always around you. Even in happy times, if a person is sure that when bad times do come, they will be emotionally okay, they may have dreams of an umbrella. 

Symbol of defensiveness 

Dream of an umbrella also represents the dreamer’s defensiveness against others. Hiding their true feelings and emotions or seeking cover under an umbrella signifies that the dreamer is not yet ready to let others in. 

It can be interpreted as a way to defend oneself from others opinions and judgements. By showing up for themselves, and using their own umbrella in times of need, dreamers show self dependence and a self defensive attitude in life and relationships. 

Symbol of life’s difficulties

Seeing a dream of an umbrella also suggests that the dreamer may be in a difficult situation or may encounter one soon. This dream can also be a reminder to know who will be their emotional shield when these difficulties do arise. 

Everyone deals with difficulties throughout their life. To dream of an umbrella is thus a positive sign, that you can get through everything, if you have proper emotional support over or around you. 

Dream of Umbrella: 30 Examples and Their Meanings 

Let’s now discuss dreams of an umbrella, based on what you are doing with the umbrella, the state of the umbrella and its colors and designs. 

1. Dream of using an umbrella 

If you have a dream of using an umbrella to protect yourself from the rain, then it means you are protecting yourself from being too involved or hurt in a relationship. Rains in dreams symbolise your emotions and feelings. 

On the other hand, a sunny day symbolizes joy. Hence, if you are using an umbrella to enjoy a sunny day outside, it means you will soon see some happy and fun times with your family, friends or work. 

2. Dream of holding an umbrella 

This dream too has varied interpretations. The first is that dreams of holding an umbrella indicate your own maturity and ability to cope with feelings. Holding an umbrella shows that you will be prepared to handle what comes your way. 

Dream of holding an umbrella suggests that you have also learned to accept that ups and downs are a part of life. The best you can do is trust yourself, make yourself capable of handling both and be prepared. It shows acceptance as an attitude towards life. 

3. Dream of buying an umbrella 

This dream shows that you anticipate a time where you will need support, and are taking steps to ensure it. It is also possible that a family member or friend has reached out to you for help, and you are ensuring you have the means to provide them support. 

However, it is also possible to dream of buying an umbrella if you tend to overthink things or worry about problems that haven’t even come yet. Being over prepared is also a sign of wasting time and energy over things that do not require it. 

4. Dream of opening an umbrella 

Such dreams represent that you are actively trying to hide how you feel. If you are approaching a new relationship or love, you may be trying to conceal your fears or how you feel. 

This could also be a sign of protection. You may be feeling a hard time coming your way. Hence, in your dream, you see yourself opening an umbrella. It is an act or protection like defending yourself against external forces. 

5. Dream of seeing an umbrella 

To dream of seeing an umbrella means that you have emotions that you cannot share with the people in your life. It shows that you are looking for ways to keep your emotions to yourself, and not share or seek support from anyone else. 

6. Dream of flying with an umbrella 

This dream, too, has varied interpretations. Umbrellas are a sign of protection when being used to shield oneself from rain or harm. However, flying with an umbrella is not using it for its intended purpose. Hence, the meaning is also different. 

Flying with an umbrella shows you may see a lot of success and fly high with it. However, reaching new heights this easily comes with consequences. This dream is thus a reminder that even if you are seeing only easy success right now, you may fall down, too, 

Flying with an umbrella is also a bizarre image for the real world. In dreams, this represents a lack of ability to deal with situations and finding easy solutions for things we may not understand. 

7. Dream of finding an umbrella 

Dreams of finding an umbrella generally symbolise pleasant surprises. These can come in the form of things working out at work, like the successful outcome of a long time project or bonus. 

Pleasant surprises can also be from your personal life, like going on an impromptu trip or making a new love connection with someone. These experiences pleasantly add meaning to your emotional life as well. 

8. Dream of closing an umbrella 

Dreams of closing an umbrella signify an open attitude. You may not be very skeptical of the people around you. Closing an umbrella also signifies that you are no longer trying to hide your true feelings and emotions. 

Additionally, sometimes dreamers who are gaining confidence in their new relationships or roles also see dreams of closing an umbrella. 

Note: Dreams of closed umbrellas have a slightly different meaning. 

9. Dream of losing an umbrella 

This dream is not necessarily positive or negative in meaning. The interpretation depends on how you feel about losing the umbrella. For instance, if you feel like you are confident and ready to face harsh conditions, this dream merely means an exciting challenge. 

However, if you don’t feel prepared, dreams of losing an umbrella are a warning sign. They suggest that you are losing your emotional security blanket, whether it is at work or in relationships. It reminds you to pay attention to your existing support system.

10. Holding an umbrella for another person in dream 

Such dreams represent asking someone for emotional support in the future or showing support to someone. It represents a joint effort in solving a problem or handling an emotionally difficult situation. 

We all show support to our friends and family members in their difficult times. However, dreaming of holding an umbrella for them indicates that even if nothing is wrong in the current moment, you see yourself asking/giving security in the near future. 

11. Hiding under umbrella with someone dream 

If in your dream, you are hiding under an umbrella with another person, you likely think of this person as your partner in crime. You may even have affection for this person, as you are seeking protection for yourself and them. 

In such dreams, it is important to remember the details of who was under the umbrella with you. It may even be someone you didn’t know you had feelings for, or someone that is new in your life. 

12. Dream of folding an umbrella 

This dream represents finding a solution to your problem, or being rid of the misfortune that made you seek cover. It is a positive dream, as it shows the dreamer being on the other side of the ‘bad weather’ or difficult situations. 

13. Dreams about selling an umbrella 

Dreams where you are selling an umbrella shows that you are trying to make a profit from someone else’s pain. This is not negative, however it does mean that you are charging for the help you are providing, even if the person is in a difficult situation. 

14. Dream of receiving an umbrella 

Receiving an umbrella in dreams signifies a craving the dreamer has for someone’s love or support. Often, we want someone else to make us feel emotionally secure and protected. 

Such dreams also show that we may be feeling alone in a situation. Receiving an umbrella at such a time signifies that one other person may believe in us and are showing us their support in these times. 

15. Dreams of bestowing an umbrella 

This dream, while rare, has a deep emotional meaning. It suggests that you may be prioritizing others’ needs over your own. It shows a sacrifice you may have made, for the sake of others you love. 

16. Stealing an umbrella from someone dream meaning 

This dream represents being unable to solve your own problems. In situations when a dreamer feels mentally alone, he may see himself stealing someone else’s umbrella to feel a sense of emotional security. 

17. Dream of an umbrella opening on its own 

Such a dream represents pleasant surprises, or emotional support from unexpected places or people. Interestingly, this dream can also mean a surprise gift from your partner or a family member. 

Dreams based on the state of the umbrella 

Read on to understand what the dreams mean based on the state and condition of the umbrella in your dream. 

18. Dream of a broken umbrella 

This dream has a negative interpretation. It suggests that you may soon see a difficult life situation. The worst part will be, you will not have the resources, which can be your inner strength or external support, to deal with the situation. 

19. Dream of a wet umbrella 

This dream symbolises that you were useful in the face of difficulties. Whether it was a task that someone trusted you to do, or something you did to protect yourself. 

The wet umbrella shows that you were able to use your skills or offer emotional support to help yourself and others. It also shows that you were indeed in such a situation which required you to be protective. 

20. Dream of a closed umbrella

To dream of a closed umbrella, even in the presence of rain, suggests a kind of imbalance in your life. This imbalance is between your emotional needs and your life situation. This imbalance is so distinct that you internally recognise it. 

Often, we have emotional needs during difficult life situations. However, not seeking support or emotionally supporting ourselves even then, leads to an imbalance, which is represented through dreams of closed umbrellas. 

21. Dream of a leaking umbrella

This dream symbolizes encountering a failure in our systems. This failure can be when someone that we were expecting to show up for us fails to do so. It can also be when we run into financial troubles due to improper planning. 

This can be a warning to keep our safety nets in check. 

22. Dream about a stitched umbrella 

Often, our form of emotional security is our family. Conflict within the family members can lead to dreams of a stitched or patched up umbrella. It also shows that the communication within family members must be repaired. 

This dream is essentially a reminder that even though there are disagreements within the family, it is on us to pay attention to it. 

23. Open umbrella while indoors dream meaning

To see an open umbrella, even when you are indoors, is indication of an emotionally significant meeting in your near future. 

This dream can mean meeting someone who will be a great sense of emotional support for you, or will be really significant in your own emotional journey. 

Dreams based on color and design of the umbrella 

Dreams of an umbrella can also be interpreted based on the color of the umbrella, and how it looks. 

24. Dream of black umbrella 

This dream is a negative sign that your upcoming future is going to involve difficulties and hard times. It could be bad changes coming your way. However, the dream also is a reminder to protect ourselves and emotionally prepare for the future. 

Worrying about a problem even before it has occurred does add to our stress. Hence, it is important to interpret this dream as a reminder to help ourselves, and not as a further reason to worry. 

25. Dream of white umbrella 

Dreams of white umbrella represent love and joyful times like vacations. White umbrellas in dreams have a relaxing image and they reflect a positive loving relationship from the dreamer’s life. 

26. Dream of red umbrella 

This dream signifies passion and heart. It is a reminder that even if bad situations do arise, our passion and our will to overcome it will always be more important. It reminds the dreamer of their own passions that will help them survive and positively grow. 

27. Dream of yellow umbrella 

Dreams of a yellow or golden umbrella represent fortune and profits. While understanding this dream, it is important to remember that fortune, or money often gives people emotional security as well. 

Yellow umbrellas in dreams suggest that profits or good fortune are in the future. These may help a dreamer feel more secure, for example, getting a job after a long search. 

28. Dream of blue umbrella 

This dream is a reminder to protect yourself, especially from people who may have feelings of jealousy towards you. Emotional security is also based on how well we can guard ourselves against people who have negative emotions towards us. 

It is important to be careful when we share our thoughts and wisdom with others. Blue umbrellas in dreams signify that not everyone deserves to hear what we have to say, and we must for our own sake be careful about sharing. 

29. Dream of a beautiful umbrella 

To see a beautiful umbrella in your dream, like a silk umbrella, is a symbol of financial success. Such an umbrella in your dream is a symbol of wealth, as it shows that you will soon have the financial status to buy such an exquisite thing. 

30. Dream of a transparent umbrella 

As you may have guessed from the word ‘transparent’, these dreams suggest that you will be able to see the difficult times that will come in your life, as they arrive. It shows full transparency, in your vision of your future. 

However, it is also true that the transparency comes from the umbrella, which is itself a symbol of protection. Hence, these dreams suggest that the problems that arise, will eventually be handled by you.

Biblical dream meaning of umbrella 

Biblically, dreams of an umbrella represent feelings of emotional security, preparation and looking at negative things with a positive attitude.

Umbrella dreams often signify an emotional shield between us and the harsh weather, or situations. These shields are like an emotional security blanket, which allow us to handle low phases and negative moods. 

This is a kind of emotional protection that keeps us away from evil, such as negative emotions and bad forces. It also however keeps us hidden from good things, if we seek too much cover under it. 

Dreams of an umbrella also prepare the dreamer for difficult life situations that may come their way. It represents adopting a positive attitude that you are prepared for whatever you have to face. 

Lastly, it can also mean that the dreamer is habitual to experiencing difficulties and hence always keeps an umbrella around, to protect himself. While preparation and protection are important attitudes to nurture, they are also difficult to live with constantly. 

Spiritual meaning of umbrella in dream 

Simply put, dreams of an umbrella signify security, ability to protect oneself from harm, and a way to feel emotionally secure. Spiritually, our inner selves are happiest when they feel emotionally secure. 

Whether it is through the Indian symbol of an umbrella, which was used to protect people from heat, or through the Buddhist symbol of a Bodhi tree, which represents happiness; Umbrella dreams mean having the power within us to sustain ourselves. 

It is also important to remember that spiritual interpretations of dreams also include our dark thoughts along with the thoughts full of light. The meaning of the dream depends on the darkness we deal with, and the light within us that helps us through. 

The light within us can be understood through symbols like umbrellas in our dreams, which represent emotional security. This security helps us prepare for difficult times and spiritual journeys we take for the betterment of our inner selves. 

Cultural Symbolism of an Umbrella 

In oriental countries, India and in Buddhist cultures, an umbrella has a deep symbolic meaning. It shows the wealth of the person who owns the umbrella, and the more beautiful or exquisite the umbrella, the wealthier the owner. 

It is also directly reflective of the owner’s ability to fend for themselves. Dreams of umbrellas point towards the dreamer’s ability to take care of himself, or having a sense of  security that not everyone else can easily find. 

Lastly, umbrella dreams also have an emotionally loaded meaning. Rains are regarded as a sign of trouble or emotional tension. Hence, having an umbrella in such dreams points towards being able to relieve that tension. 

Important questions for your waking self 

Ask yourself these questions when you are trying to interpret your dream of an umbrella. 

  • Am I about to face a challenging situation? 
  • Who is my support system? 
  • Do I feel emotionally secure? 
  • Who helps me feel that way? 
  • Am I trying to hide my true feelings? 
  • Do I solve my own problems? 
  • If not, who helps me tackle them? 

These questions will help you to understand where your emotional security comes from. It will also help you understand whether it comes from a person or within yourself. 

Wrap up 

Dream of an umbrella is a positive sign, showing the dreamer that will be taken care of. Umbrellas are a symbol of emotional security, protection and a way to prepare for adverse events. 

Dreamers can wake up either feeling emotionally secure and ready to tackle challenges, or can wake up craving that sense of emotional ease. Even if it is the latter, think of it as a reminder to pursue such a kind of inner peace!