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What Does It Mean to Dream of Rain? (With 50 Types and Illustrations)

What Does It Mean to Dream of Rain? (With 50 Types and Illustrations)

Updated on Oct 21, 2022 | Published on Aug 11, 2021

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dream of Rain - 50 Scenarios and Its Interpretations

Have you ever seen a dream where you have been running fast and trying to take shelter underneath a tree or a building shed? You realized that it was just a dream of rain and you are safe in the house. Your sleeping brain tried to create a mixed bag of emotions good enough to baffle you in no time. Right?

Sometimes dreams help to communicate our deepest desires and emotions as explicitly as possible that we cannot do in our waking life. 

Just like water and snow in dreams, rain dream meaning is symbolic of both positive and negative emotions, such as trauma, tears, and sufferings on one side and happiness, peace, fertility, and growth on the other.

Let us get into the details of the symbolic meanings of rain dreams and the way it relates to our waking life.

Dream of Rain - 50 Scenarios and Their Interpretations
Dream of Rain – 50 Scenarios and Their Interpretations

Dream of Rain – General Meaning

When you dream of rain, it symbolizes an array of various feelings ranging from guilt, sadness, tears in one way and happiness, prosperity, and bliss in the other. It also means to count your blessings and move towards growth, achievement, and success in life.

Dreams about rain is a tricky and complicated theme to interpret because it symbolizes a close connection to the various happenings of your waking life. 

In nature, rain symbolizes a sign of life as it brings relief to the dry and parched Earth after the summer heat. It is a symbol of blessing from the Lord that facilitates crop harvest and quenches the thirst of animals. It symbolizes life and growth.

Rain cleanses the Earth from all the dirt and impurities that occur due to human interference. So in dreams, rain symbolizes emotional cleansing and washing away the negative energy that holds you back in realizing your life goals.

It reminds you to fulfill your life goals diligently and never dwell on failures and regrets.

Sometimes dreams of rain can also show emotional turbulence and feelings of being overpowered by negative thoughts and feelings. 

This can happen when you are stuck in the rain without an umbrella or a raincoat to protect yourself from the heavy downpour.

To note, it is not always negative about a rain dream. Sometimes dreams of rain can be positive as well. It symbolizes subtle feelings of content and happiness. You are happy with the life you have and as such the dream shows your positive feelings towards the various events of real life.

Dreaming of a heavy shower says a lot about your restless state of being. You are feeling overwhelmed and out of control in real life. Maybe there are obstacles in your path of goal accomplishment and you are feeling disappointed and confused.

It is essential to consider the details of the dream and your feelings attached to it to interpret the meaning of the dream in the right way. 

Sometimes, a dream of rain signifies a positive attitude towards life, as if you are feeling happy after seeing the dream, it means you will soon start a new venture in waking life that will give you immense success and fulfillment.

However, if you feel worried and unhappy after seeing rain in your dream, it could mean emotional issues related to family or social life. 

The dream tells you to learn better ways of communicating with others so that misunderstandings do not happen and rob you of inner peace and happiness.

Your subconscious mind reminds you to take note of real-life events that can lead to disappointments, sadness, grief, fear of losing, signs of failure, and things not going right. 

If you have clarity about why you are feeling in a certain way, it would be easier for you to decipher the actual meanings of such dreams.

Symbolically dream of rain can mean the following:

A guiding light of hope

When the dark cloud cover on the sky brings hope to the farmer that the crops will grow well and yield good produce, it makes them happy and blissful.

Likewise, the dream of rain is a messenger of hope as it reminds you that whatever adversities you are facing in your waking life now will soon pass away. Nothing in life is permanent and change is the order of the Universe. 

Dreams about rain tell you to be optimistic and fight back adversities with courage and resilience. Whatever emotional turmoil you are facing in your life now will soon pass away and you will overcome all your problems easily.

The dream reminds you to stay strong during trying times and pick up yourself from the pit of sadness and despair. Then only you will know how to chase success amidst misfortune.

Sign of wealth and success

If you dream of rain falling on you, it means you will soon make progress towards a better life. The dream has a positive connotation symbolizing good things coming your way. 

You will have an abundance of good fortune that will make you happy and fulfilled. The dream also signifies that if you have courage and possess a positive attitude, you will overcome all obstacles with ease and grace.

The need to accept and adapt

Dreams about rain also tell you to accept what’s happening in your waking life. Maybe you are trying to run away from some problems that need your attention and as such you are feeling overwhelmed and restless.

You are clueless about your next course of action and the dream tells you to accept the problems and look for a better coping style to self-soothe yourself. 

The various issues of waking life have confined you in gloom and despair and the only way to come out of it is by facing the fears and insecurities. You are to resolve those conflicts and move ahead in life.

If you avoid and neglect your problems, it will aggravate and the dreams will get more negative in due course of time.

Sign of forgiveness and emotional cleansing

Sometimes dreaming of rain is related to healing and forgiveness. The dream reminds you to forgive those who sin against you. You should not harbor resentments against anyone. It will only bring unhappiness and hopelessness.

In this connotation, rains signify tears that can help you overcome grief and heal from within. The dream reminds you to let go of negative feelings and never dwell on jealousy and revenge.

Rain in dreams symbolizes pure feelings that are devoid of anguish and resentment. It means emotional cleansing. You are no longer carrying the burden of hatred and negativity with you.

Soon you will embark upon a journey of happiness and inner peace that will wash away all negativity from your waking life.

Essence of communication

In some of the dream themes, rain symbolizes that you are feeling isolated and socially distant in real life. You may feel that there is nobody to help you in times of distress. 

You are alone and confined in trouble, there is absolutely no hope around that can make you feel a little better.

The dream symbolizes your helpless state of mind. You are in need of love and care from others so as to overcome your problems but are unable to get so in reality.

The dream suggests nurturing good social skills and communicating your needs to others clearly, so that you do not feel isolated and left out in reality.

If you express yourself freely, people will not misunderstand you. You will find yourself better accepted and appreciated in social circles.

Fear of loss and regrets

As rainfall signifies tears and agonies, it carries a backdrop of regrets and loss as well. Maybe you are dissatisfied with something or someone in waking life and it’s showing up in dreams.

You are regretting the loss of something very important in life, thus feeling disappointed and sad. It could be a loss in job and career pursuits, or a breakup, the death of a loved one, etc.

The dream symbolizes the real-life agonies that have tied you to negativity and unhappiness. It represents a change that is hard to tolerate and move on with.

Difficulties and negative influences

Rain dreams mean that you are going through a lot of difficulties and worries in waking life. Maybe the various real-life events are agonizing and you are feeling drained out mentally and emotionally.

You are passing through a difficult phase and do not know how to come out of it. The dream symbolizes anxiety and fear of the unknown. You are feeling a lack of control over the situation as if losing a grip upon it.

Maybe things are turning sour day by day and there is no sign of hope around. Such a dream holds a negative meaning where you are stuck and confined in hopelessness and negativity.

50 Scenarios of Rain Dream Meaning

Have you ever realized that weather affects your emotions in no less way? On a rainy day, you would love to sit by the window and watch the incessant pouring rain and nurturing Mother Earth. It symbolizes fertility, abundance, growth, and success. 

However, it also means you are feeling lonely from within. You are feeling lethargic, gloomy, and sad. The dream meanings vary according to the theme and you need to cross-examine the various aspects of it to interpret it correctly.

In this section, we will discuss the various types of rain dream meanings and their symbolic implications in our day-to-day life.

1. Dreaming of heavy rain

When you dream about heavy raindrops, it symbolizes emotional cleansing and washing away of negative feelings. It indicates a process of inner healing that can lead to spiritual growth.

The dream reminds you to lay off all the negative thoughts and let go of feelings that are holding you back. You should rejuvenate your spirits and feel lighter; keep aside things that are a burden to your psyche and make you feel trapped in pain and agony.

Heavy showers are a sign of healing and purification, it tells you to remove the dirt and dust that maligns your soul. Then only, you will find your true purpose in life.

2. Dream about walking in the rain

If you dream of walking in the rain, it symbolizes that you are relying on others for fulfilling your needs and desires. The dream tells you to become free and independent.

You should take the onus of everything upon yourself. The dream suggests that since you have a dependent mindset, you are feeling emotionally overwhelmed. 

You are unsure of your life’s path and thus the rain signifies pain and emotional turmoil. Sometimes waking in the rain also symbolizes lonely feelings. You are feeling insecure and vulnerable; losing self-confidence every now and then.

This dream is a message from the subconscious telling you to take initiative and action on your own and not to depend on others for fulfilling your life goals. 

3. Dream of rain inside the house

Dream of rain inside the house signifies your restless and overwhelmed state of mind. It symbolizes that you are not at peace with yourself.

The various negative happenings of waking life have made you jittery and out of control. Your emotions are high and you are uncertain about the future.

A house represents your inner state of being; it’s the closed space of comfort and peace. If you see rainwater in the house, it’s a sign of emotional turmoil, fear, anger, regrets, and resentments.

You have lost your inner peace because of someone or something in your waking life. The dream scenario has both positive and negative meanings attached to it.

On a positive note, the dream indicates good luck, growth in financial endeavors, professional success, etc.

Negatively, this dream symbolizes failure and disappointments in love life, family issues, disagreements, and a state of cold war with family and near ones.

Thus this dream brings mixed feelings of hope and despair, happiness and gloom.

4. Dreaming of running in the rain

This dream symbolizes rejuvenation and renewal of energy. The dream symbolizes that you will soon get relief from the trouble and problems you are facing now.

It indicates a positive change towards growth and transformation. If you dream of running in the rain and completely wet, it signifies abundance and more of anything coming to you in real life.

You are making steady progress towards your goal and will soon taste success and accomplishment. It also suggests spiritual purification where you are allowing your negative energies to flow out freely. 

You have learned to set yourself free from negativity and despair and gained enough confidence to move through trying times.

Sometimes, it indicates fertility, growth, and new beginnings in life.

5. Getting wet in rain dream meaning

This dream symbolizes good luck and prosperity. When you see yourself getting wet in rain, it means you are moving towards a successful life.

Maybe there will be growth in your career, or new opportunities will come your way. You will feel happy about how things are moving in your waking life.

Sometimes, this dream carries a negative feeling as well. It might indicate new problems and obstacles that can hold you back in realizing your goals.

You may feel overwhelmed and lack inner peace to move through the rough patches of life.

6. Dreaming of warm rain

When you dream of warm rain falling on you, it symbolizes a pleasant feeling. It indicates that you are at peace with yourself. There is happiness and harmony in waking life and you are enjoying every moment of it.

This dream carries a positive meaning that signifies a soothing and happy feeling. You are satisfied with the way things are moving in real life.

There are no regrets and complaints that can bother you in waking life.  

This dream symbolizes abundance and growth. You may get success in work or may start a new venture of your own. Your subconscious mind is showing your happiness and fulfillment about a fruitful future coming ahead.

7. Dreaming of light rain

When you dream about light rain or a drizzle, it carries a positive meaning. It suggests that the troubles you are facing in waking life now will soon come to an end. 

You will be free from negativity and the new light of hope and optimism will shine on you from within.

Dreams about light rainfall also signify inner peace, relaxation, happiness, achievement, and success. 

8. Dreams of rain with heavy thunder showers

This dream theme indicates a loss of emotional control. Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed and restless in waking life and it’s just showing up in your dreams.

When rain falls on you with thunder accompanied by lightning, it signifies bad luck and misfortune coming your way in real life. The dream symbolizes a lack of inner peace and emotional upsurge that is difficult to handle.

You may find yourself in utter despair and unhappiness. The dream symbolizes the negative emotions hitting you badly in waking life and you are clueless about how to restore peace within you.

The dream foretells bigger problems coming your way and cautions you to safeguard yourself on time. You need to resolve the ongoing issues of real-life soon before it gets bigger and out of control.

9. Dream of rain with hailstorms

If you dream of rain and hail together it means big problems coming your way in real life. The dream denotes emotional suffering and agony that will be hard to handle.

You will feel stuck and confined in troubles that can rob your peace of mind and happiness. Such a dream scenario brings a negative feeling of despair and regrets.

The dream symbolizes stress and troubles that are inevitable but you are unsure of how to handle them in reality.

This dream reminds you to take action and remove the emotional blockages to move ahead in life. If you know you are heading towards big trouble, you will have to remove it; otherwise, negativity will prevail in days to come.

10. Dream of watching the rain from inside

This dream symbolism denotes that you are not in a safe place in your waking life. There could be new obstacles and problems coming your way in reality.

Dreaming of rain outside the house indicates your fear and apprehensions of what is coming ahead of you. It indicates a difficult phase of life that can overwhelm you in no time.

The dream signifies the hiding of emotions as well. Maybe you are trying to ignore and hide your true feelings about someone or something in waking life and that’s causing a lot of emotional upheavals.

Sometimes, such a dream also represents a positive feeling. It could indicate financial gain, new opportunities for career growth, success, and goal accomplishment.

11. Dream of standing in the rain

If you dream of standing outside in the rain, it symbolizes that you are not scared of expressing yourself the way you are. You can easily show your true nature and are least concerned about what others may think of you.

This dream also denotes a cleansing process where you have learned to let go of negative emotions. You are at peace with yourself and feeling secure and rested from within.

The gentle falling rain on you can also indicate harmony in family life. You are happy and satisfied with your waking life. No troubles can hinder your inner peace because you have mastered your emotions well.

12. Dream of being in rain with someone

If you see yourself enjoying rain with someone else, it is a positive sign. The dream symbolizes good social relationships, happy family bonding, and a good romance with your spouse or partner.

In some dream themes, this vision also symbolizes a negative meaning. It could mean that the person standing with you in the rain will experience some problem in waking life and shall seek your help and support.

13. Dream of dancing in the rain

When you dream about dancing in the rain, it could indicate the joy and happiness that you are experiencing in your waking life. 

This dream is a good sign of jubilation. You are relaxed and peaceful about what’s happening around you. The dream indicates more good things coming to you in reality. It could mean new job opportunities, or getting into a new relationship, etc.

14. Dreaming of large raindrops

When you dream about large raindrops, it is a bad sign. It represents that you will meet someone from your past who may disturb your inner peace. They may remind you of some toxic memories that you would wish to forget. 

The dream indicates signs of betrayal and cheating, or someone trying to harm you without your knowledge.

If the raindrops are cold and you are feeling uncomfortable, it symbolizes health problems that you may face in reality. The dream symbolizes that you should take care of yourself and avoid falling sick in waking life.

However, dreaming of cool raindrops not touching your skin is a good sign. It is symbolic of healing and recovery. You are slowly recovering from some major health issue that was bothering you for a long time.

15. Dream of sudden cold raindrops

This dream symbolism reminds you to become independent of your actions and behavior. You should have faith in yourself and stop relying on others to fulfill your life goals.

The dream symbolizes your need for freedom. Maybe your subconscious mind is telling you to become more self-reliant and trust your intuition and abilities to achieve success in life.

Sometimes, this dream also symbolizes cold emotions. It means you are feeling depressed, numb, and sad from within. 

Maybe you are trying to hide your negative feelings from the outside world and not feeling great about how things are moving in reality.

16. Dream of being in rain but not getting wet

If you dream of not getting wet in rain, it means you are feeling emotionally strong and secure. This strong feeling will help you overcome your life problems easily. The dream indicates new hope and success.

This dream symbolizes growth in career, financial success, and prosperity. It also indicates emotional stability. You are feeling secure from within and have handled your fears and conflicts well. 

The dream signifies that you have learned to forgo your pains and sufferings and have learned to move on with life.

17. Dream of rain and wind

Dreams about rain and wind signify some sudden and unexpected problems coming into your waking life. Maybe you were not ready to handle the situation.

The dream symbolizes negative emotions that can overwhelm you easily and leave you baffled about your next course of action.

However, in certain dream themes, this dream also indicates good social relationships, brotherhood, and help from friends and family in waking life.

However, the dream also symbolizes being free from stress and worries. It tells you to not overthink minor issues, rather accept those as a part of reality and move on with them with ease.

If the wind associated with the rain is blowing gently, it indicates happiness and fulfillment. You are at peace with yourself. However, if the wind seems to be gusty and blowing strongly, it indicates emotional turmoil, fear of the unknown. 

Maybe you are overpowered by negative feelings and are feeling stuck and confined in negative thoughts. You are reminded to stay poised and resolve the conflicts of your waking life slowly.

18. Dream of rain and sun

When you dream about rain and the sun, it is a sign of hope, happiness, and inner peace. The dream symbolizes that you have solved the issues of waking life in a healthy way.

It represents good fortune, financial gain, winning a lottery, etc. The sun and rain together represent optimism that can bring success and goal accomplishment.

You may soon acquire some unexpected wealth from some unknown sources also. The dream symbolizes abundance, good luck, and predicts a successful phase of your life that will give you absolute delight in all possible ways.

19. Dream of rain falling without clouds in the sky

When you see rain without clouds, it is a sign of good luck and fortune. The dream indicates that you will soon have some unexpected changes in your waking life that will be good for you.

Maybe, you will overcome life issues easily because you are confident about your skills and ability. You will see some fortunate things in life that will give you immense joy and fulfillment.

When rain falls gently without clouds, it means you are free from conflicts, fears, and disappointments in waking life. Moreover, you are at peace with yourself and grateful for everything that you have in your waking life.

20. Dream of sudden rain

A dream of sudden and unexpected rain is symbolic of heavenly blessings and good luck. This dream signifies happiness and joy because of something that you have never expected to occur in reality.

The dream represents surprise and ecstasy. A sudden rain also symbolizes a new beginning of growth, a fulfilling change in your real life that can lead to fulfillment and satisfaction.

It indicates favorable life situations that can help in realizing your life goals. Many new opportunities and enormous possibilities will come your way. 

You are reminded to explore those opportunities in the best possible way and move towards personal growth and success.

21. Dream of hiding from the rains

If you dream of hiding yourself from the rain, it indicates that you are feeling insecure and unprotected in waking life. You are looking for some safety net to land on in reality. 

Maybe the conflicting issues of waking life have made you fearful and vulnerable and you are insecure about your ability and strengths. 

The dream also means that you will meet helpful people in waking life who will protect you from danger and help you overcome obstacles easily. They will guide you just like a mentor and you will sail through trying times easily.

22. Dream of rain and the rainbow

Dreams about rain and rainbows are a sign of hope and new beginnings. The dream symbolizes positivity and gratitude towards what life has given you.

It means you are happy with your life and living. There are no regrets and complaints and you are experiencing deep inner joy and peace of mind.

A rainbow brings the message of fresh opportunities. The dream reminds you that you have the strength and ability to overcome obstacles in life. 

It tells you to remain humble, be resilient, and embark upon a journey of self-satisfaction and happiness. To see rain and rainbow together is a good sign that represents all unpleasant things that will wipe away from your life. You will receive only what is good and fulfilling.

The dream suggests positive energy, abundance, and immense growth in waking life.

23. Dream about raincoats

When you dream about raincoats, it means that you are trying to protect and safeguard yourself from some impending danger in waking life.

Such a dream indicates your innate need to shield and guard yourself against some disappointments, failures, and regrets of waking life.

The dream symbolizes that you are trying hard to overcome the difficulties of waking life. It tells you to let go of failures, to accept the mistakes that you have committed, and never dwell on negativity and hopelessness.

24. Dream of seeing rain on the window screen

This dream symbolizes positive feelings, a reflection of your happy ‘self’. The dream symbolizes that you are happy with your waking life and have no regrets and disappointments to dwell on.

The dream also indicates the sweet memories of loved ones, helpful friends, and supportive family members who have always helped you to become who you are today.

This dream symbolism carries a positive meaning of hope and fresh beginnings. It tells you to be grateful towards those people in real life who have helped you in every possible way.

25. Dream of rain behind you

When you dream of rain behind you, it indicates that you have overcome your problems successfully. The dream also represents that you are not in a bad relationship anymore.

You have learned to let go of negative and toxic people who have harmed you emotionally. You have forgotten the abuse and now you want to start afresh.

Leaving behind something is a sign of overcoming negative things and starting a journey of new hope and happiness. It means you are not tied by the obstacles of the past, rather you have moved ahead of it.

The dream indicates your inner strength to move ahead in life despite obstacles. You have broken off from old ties that had given you only pain and suffering. 

This dream reminds you to look for abundance and happiness and not to dwell on negativity and despair.

26. Dream of rain in front of you

Dreams about rain in front of you symbolize new problems, relationship issues, fights and squabbling with your partner, etc.

The dream reminds you of the impending dangers coming ahead in your personal life. It tells you to be aware of the conflicts and disappointments with your partner that can even lead to a breakup.

This dream symbol is negative and it represents the agonies, and anguish of waking life. The unhappiness, restless state of your mind just gets relayed in the dreams.

27. Dream of using an umbrella while raining

Symbolically, an umbrella is a sign of protection. You use it to shield and guard yourself against the rain. This dream may occur when you are feeling insecure and vulnerable about some problem or a challenging situation in your waking life.

The dream signifies your innate need to safeguard yourself from some issue that you wish to avoid. You do not want to confront it because it is emotionally overwhelming and robs your inner peace.

Maybe you are trying to protect yourself from more emotional harm coming ahead of you. Sigmund Freud noted that umbrellas are a sign of defense and security. It keeps you safe and in control of your thoughts and emotions.

The dream reminds you to shield yourself from negative emotions by not avoiding it fully but to face and accept it as it is. You will have to let go of emotional pain and heal completely to move ahead in life. 

By using an umbrella in dreams, your subconscious mind is telling you to validate your feelings and allow it to flow as it is.

28. Dream of a summer shower

When you dream of summer rain, it symbolizes good fortune and sound health. This dream symbolizes growth in career, fulfilling relationships, happiness, and inner peace.

The dream is symbolic of good luck and harmony in waking life.

Sometimes the dream signifies that you will solve your life issues successfully. Everything will fall in place and you are confident of overcoming any hurdles that come your way.

29. Dream of running away from the rain

If you dream of running away from the rains and trying to safeguard yourself by standing beneath a tree or hiding under a roof cover, it means avoiding and escaping from some undesirable situation in waking life.

Maybe you are trying to avoid a painful situation that is emotionally draining and leaves you depressed. You do not want to face the situation and thereby try to take refuge and protect yourself from some impending danger.

The dream symbolizes your need to guard yourself against turbulent times coming soon in real life. You are just preparing yourself to handle the situation well.

You are gearing up so as to ensure safety and lessen the impact in reality.

30. Dream of rain causing heavy floods

If you dream of rain causing heavy floods and there is water in the streets, house, and elsewhere, it symbolizes overwhelming and uncontrolled emotions.

The dream signifies the stressful situations of real life that are making you feel vulnerable and insecure. You are scared to face the reality and feeling anxious and depressed. 

Just as floods in dreams relate to uncontrolled emotions, fears, and anxieties, this dream also represents negative emotions trying to overpower your thoughts and making you feel powerless.

Maybe you are slowly losing a grip over stressful situations. You are clueless of how to handle them in the right way. This is making you feel restless and anxious and is just getting relayed in the subconscious mind.

31. Dream of rain water entering the house

This dream symbolizes unexpected troubles coming your way every now and then. You are feeling unsafe and anxious. 

When you see rain inside the house, it means you are feeling vulnerable and threatened in waking life. It means that someone or something in real life is trying to harm you. 

Your personal space is no longer safe and it’s making you emotionally restless and fearful. This dream has a negative connotation as it signifies worries and hardships that are difficult to deal with.

Sometimes, rain inside the house also symbolizes numbness and your inability to express your emotions clearly. 

Maybe you are trying to conceal your true feelings from others because you are fearful of how others will react or think about you.

The dream also calls for a change and transformation in waking life. It reminds you to accept your feelings and embrace what’s coming your way. 

If you are feeling insecure, you will have to face your deepest fears and nip them in the bud, otherwise, it will only aggravate and cause more problems in the future.

32. Dream of rain falling on clothes

If you see rain falling on clothes and you are fully wet, it means uncontrolled emotions. The dream talks about your deepest fears, agonies, and insecurities that are difficult to accept in reality.

However, this dream can also signify positive emotions and growth.  The exact meaning of this dream will vary according to the details of the dream and the situations of waking life.

In some dream themes, it represents abundance, good luck, and prosperity. 

The wet clothes also mean a new beginning of a life that will be fulfilling and happy. You will soon embark upon a journey of life that will bring success and prosperity. 

It indicates new opportunities, and personal growth leading to success and goal accomplishment.

33. Lovers dreaming of rain

When lovers dream about rain, it may mean various things. The exact interpretation of this dream depends upon the details of the dream scenario and the emotions attached to it.

If you dream of enjoying continuous rain and you are getting wet in the rain with your partner, it means that you are happy in the relationship. Your partner is committed and you can trust them fully.

If the rain is heavy and about to give rise to a flood situation, it could mean that your partner is trying to hide something from you in reality. They are deliberately trying to conceal and he/she is not really involved in the relationship.

Dream of walking in the heavy rain with your partner also symbolizes problems in relationships. It may indicate adjustment problems leading to fights and an eventual breakup.

34. Dream about continuous rain

When you dream about continuous rain, it signifies unhappiness, grief, pain, and suffering. Symbolically, it represents tears and agonies of waking life.

This dream also suggests a positive meaning if you are happy with the vision that you saw in the dream. It could mean financial gain, abundance, and prosperity.

35. Dream about mud and rain

When you dream of mud and rain, it means unfulfilled desires and wishes. Maybe the various hardships of waking life have never allowed you to fulfill your dreams and achieve your goals.

The mud also symbolizes vague life goals. It represents that you are unsure of your next course of action. It represents indecisiveness and lack of clarity about what you really want to achieve in life.

Moreover, if the rainwater appears muddy and dirty, it symbolizes failures and disappointment. You are not happy about how things are taking shape in reality. 

The dream symbolizes that even your relentless endeavor to succeed is facing failures and you are feeling weak and powerless from within.

The dream reminds you to take a pause for the time being, till you regain your energy and start a new beginning again.

36. Dream about rain storm

The dream is a warning sign for people who want to start a new venture or wish to makeshift a career path. The dream tells you that this is not the right time to start anything new because you may not be successful.

It may end up in failures and several unsuccessful attempts. Your life goals may suffer a setback and cause emotional problems as well.

Thus the dream reminds you to wait for the right opportunity and not to hurry with things in real life. You are advised to make slow and steady progress towards success. Let the storm wither away on its own.

37. Bathing in rain dream meaning

When you dream about a shower in the rain, it represents a good sign. The dream symbolizes emotional cleansing. All the dirt and dust of your inner being is washed away.

You are now free from agonies and pains that made you suffer a lot. This dream symbolizes inner healing and the rejuvenation of spirits. 

It represents that you are free from worries and have learned to forgo all those things in life that can hold you in sadness and despair.

Moreover, the dream reminds you to forgive those who had hurt you in waking life so that you can live in absolute peace and harmony. 

This dream symbol denotes purification, healing, and rejuvenation.

38. Dancing in the rain dream meaning

This dream symbolizes happiness and a free spirit. It carries a positive meaning and means that you are happy and satisfied with the way things are taking shape in reality.

The dream indicates advancement in career, new opportunities coming your way, and an overall fulfillment with your life in general.

39. Seeing yourself stuck in rains

Seeing yourself stuck in the rain symbolizes that you are feeling confined and stuck in real-life hardships and problems. You are unable to overcome your issues and as such feeling vulnerable and insecure.

The dream also denotes new problems coming every now and then and you are eventually falling into a pit of gloom and despair. 

As if there is no way out of the situation. You are slowly losing control and grip over the situation and thus feeling stuck and trapped from within.

40. Dream of a quiet rain

If you see or hear a slow and quiet rain that is without strong winds or lightning and thunder, it means that you will soon have some good news coming in.

The dream means that the period of unrest and emotional turmoil is over and you are in a poised state of mind.

The dream holds good meaning for business people indicating success, financial gain, goal accomplishment, etc.

41. Rain dream meaning on a cloudy day

Seeing rain on a cloudy day in a dream is symbolic of tears and agony. It represents your emotional pain and suffering related to a situation in waking life.

The dream represents conflicts and disagreements with near and dear ones and as a result you are in grief. Maybe the toxic ties have left deep cuts and scars that are beyond healing.

42. Hair getting wet in the rain

When you dream about hair getting wet in the rain, it symbolizes good times coming ahead. The dream represents spending happy times with friends and family. 

You may also experience fulfilling relationships in your love life. It denotes an overall fulfillment without worries and hardships.

43. Raindrops falling from tree leaves

When you dream of rainwater falling from the trees, it means you need to do some self-care to rejuvenate your spirits. You should take out some time from your busy schedule and connect with yourself.

This dream also reminds you to fulfill your needs and aspirations and never neglect yourself. In certain dream themes, this dream also symbolizes peace and harmony around you. You are blessed and feeling grateful for what life has given you.

44. Dark colored raindrops meaning

If you dream of getting wet in dark, muddy, and rusty rainwater, it means that some people in waking life will try to malign your social reputation. 

Maybe others will envy and dislike you and as such, they will try to harm you in various ways. The dream is a warning sign for you to stay away from such individuals. You need to protect yourself from all dangers, whether perceived or real.

45. Dream of rain with dust and sand

If you dream of rain mixed with dust and sand, it means a lack of clarity about something in waking life. It represents your confused state of mind.

The dream foretells new problems that may arise due to a lack of awareness. You will be anxious and stressed about how to resolve the issues in a peaceful way.

The various situations of waking life may seem to put pressure on you, making you more confused and depressed.

46. Sound of raindrops on the house roof

When you hear raindrops on a house roof, it indicates a warning sign for ill health and physical problems that may occur either to you or any of the family members.

This dream indicates misfortune, loss of life, loss of wealth, etc.

47. Seeing rain in the forest

A dream symbolism of this type indicates that you are feeling safe and protected in real life. Just as the trees and rich forest canopy save the animals from rain by giving them enough shelter, this dream signifies that you have someone in waking life who is guarding you against all dangers.

48. Rain puddles on the sand

This dream has a negative meaning in dream dictionaries. It means that someone in real life is cheating on you. They are attempting to harm you and destroy your social position.

49. Dream of rain forming foam or bubbles

If you dream of rain forming bubbles and foam when it falls on a surface and then sunlight falls over it, it symbolizes small hardships coming your way in waking life but you will overcome all these issues very soon.

The sunrays falling on the rain droplets and shining are symbolic of new beginnings and hope. The dream reminds you to stay positive amidst hardships and never to courage and trust in yourself.

50. Rain and rainbow in a dream

Dreaming of rain and rainbows together is a sign of happiness, joy, abundance, and prosperity. The dream symbolizes happy times coming ahead.

It means you will experience some positive and favorable changes in waking life that will be immensely satisfying.

Spiritual meaning of dreams about rains

Dreams about rain are a sign of a new beginning. It represents cleansing and purification of the soul that happens by shedding off old beliefs and faulty perspectives of life. The dream reminds you to take action for a fresh start amidst darkness and despair.

Rain is a complicated dream symbol and it carries both positive and negative connotations when related to the events of waking life.

In most dream scenarios, rain is considered a bad sign of trouble and misfortune. But truly speaking, these dreams are not that bad after all. 

The dream symbolizes purification and rejuvenation of the soul. You have learned to let go of past failures, disappointments, and hurts and embarked upon a journey of cleansing and purification.

Your soul has undergone spiritual cleansing and renewal. Rain in dreams symbolizes purgation, refinement, and healing. It is a sign of divine blessing from the Almighty that leads to forgiveness and graceful living.

Dreams about rain also indicate tears, crying, gloom, and hopelessness. The dream reminds you that while crying, your deepest pains and agonies are getting healed. You are evolving into a new beginning of happiness and hope.

Spiritually dreaming of rain symbolizes your innocent and child-like self that is free from impurities and evil things. The dream reminds you to revisit your inner child and revive the goodness that lies deep inside you.

You will have to awaken your true nature that got buried under the debris of pain, suffering, unhappiness, and despair. Then only, you will be able to re-discover your innate goodness.

Biblical meaning of dreams about rains

In the Bible, a dream of rain symbolizes blessings that refresh your body, mind, and spirit. It signifies the glory of the Lord that bestows upon you and helps you move through the struggles of life with ease and grace. The Bible also refers to rain as a sign of harvest, abundance, free spirit, and growth.

If you dream about rain, it means the Lord wants you to count your blessings and be grateful for what life has given you. It means your life is full of abundance and hope.

When rain falls upon you, it signifies that the Almighty has taken away or washed away all your mistakes and sins. The Lord has allowed you to undergo a purging process that will remove all the burden that makes you feel trapped and confined in waking life.

You are free from evil energies and can make a new beginning in life. 

If you dream that rain is falling on the house roof, it means that someone in waking life is trying to harm you. You are feeling unprotected and insecure. The dream tells you to remain cautious of such people.

Rain in dreams also means marital bliss and happiness. It is a sign of inner peace and tranquility.

Sometimes if you dream of eating in the rain, it carries a negative connotation. The dream represents captivity, curse, failures, and setbacks. It means new problems will appear in waking life that will confine you in unhappiness and anguish.

If the dream of rain brings fear and uneasiness, it means you are scared and afraid of life’s struggles. You are not confident that you could sail through trying times. Thus the dream indicates your anxiety and fear associated with failures and setbacks.

You are doubtful of your strengths, and slowly losing faith in yourself. The rain tells you to revive your lost confidence and take chances towards growth and recovery.

Dream of rain – The Good and the Ugly

The dream interpretation of rain holds both positive and negative meanings in real life. Let’s take a quick look at the good and the ugly side of such dreams.

The positive meanings of rain dreams are like this:

  • Purification and cleansing
  • Renewal and transformation
  • New beginning
  • Hope and new opportunities 
  • Free spirit
  • Innocence and child-like self
  • Abundance
  • Harvest and prosperity
  • Forgiveness and grace
  • Divine blessings

The negative meanings of rain dreams are:

  1. Obstacles in life’s path
  2. Lack of confidence
  3. Feelings of being trapped and confined in troubles
  4. Insecurity
  5. Lack of protection
  6. Deepest fears and anxiety
  7. Anguish and emotional sufferings

Questions to ask yourself when you dream of rain

The exact interpretation of dreams about rain depends upon the details of the dream scenario, the feelings attached with it, and your real-life situations that may be connected with the dream theme.

You may ask yourself some questions that may help you to decipher the real meanings behind such a vision.

  • What were you doing when it started to rain?
  • Was the downpour heavy or light?
  • Were you happy to see the rain?
  • Did you try to protect yourself from the rain?
  • What emotions did you experience after seeing such a vision? Are you seeing recurring dreams about rain?
  • Can you relate the dream theme with your waking life experiences?
  • Have you ever experienced a hailstorm in your dreams? How did you feel about it?
  • Do you think that there are a few areas in your waking life that need to undergo a purging process?

The video link given below explains the symbolic meaning of rain in dreams. Do check out.

Wrap Up

To conclude, Dreams about rain represent our deepest emotions that have remained undercover for a long time. The time has come to explore those hidden secrets and uncover the mixed bag of feelings for the renewal, growth, and rejuvenation of our spirits.

The dream speaks about a new beginning of optimism and reminds you to soul search your ‘true self.

You need to pay attention to the areas of your waking life that need cleansing and purification. You are advised to keep aside your faulty beliefs and develop the courage to face adversities.

Dreams about rain help you to gain clarity and insight into the various aspects of real-life so that you can change your outlook towards life in general.

When you know yourself well, you are already on a new path of growth and evolution, the transformation that is going to happen in you will be rewarding and satisfying.