What does it mean when you dream about someone?

This question is bound to pop in your head when someone shows up in your dreams. Whether it is a stranger or your closed ones – there are a lot of questions that linger in your mind about dream interpretation.

While some of us just shrug it off, a few others come looking for answers… like YOU!

So, let’s get started…

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone? - 54 Scenarios & Its Meanings
What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone? – Scenarios & Its Meanings

Reasons Behind ‘Dreaming about Someone’

People in your dreams appear for multiple reasons – positive or negative. However, to correctly understand what your dream meant, it is important to remember it exactly as you dreamt it.

While we have also discussed various types of dreams below in detail, here’s a quick sneak peek into the reasons why people appear in your dream. 

You want them to like you

There are so many people in your life from whom you seek approval or attention. Especially, when they have been ignoring or dismissing your efforts.

This mostly happens when you have unveiled your soul with them and are now scared of whether or not they will like you. You constantly question your confidence, think about them, and seek their admiration which is carried to your dreams.

They are thinking about you

If you dream about the person on a daily basis, it is believed that they are thinking about you. It might appear vague, but people around the world have favored it.

They will take advantage of you

The appearance of a person in your dreams can also be a sign that they will manipulate you and cause you emotional pain.

Life would have been different with/without them

A lot of us often wonder about life situations. Even though you are happy in your current relationship you are curious about life with a certain person.

That’s the time when this person appears in your dream to give you a taste of how life would have been if it turned out differently.  

You feel lonely

Painful relationships leave you scarred in various ways. You keep missing them, feel used and lost which is often carried onto your dreams.

Types of Dreams about Someone

If you remember your dream in detail, keep reading to explore some common scenarios. 

What does it mean when you dream about someone you like?

It can be indicative of your likeness or attraction towards them. However, the meaning can also differ based on what happens in your dream. For instance, if in your dream the person you like likes you back – it can be a sign of your self-confidence and acceptance.

However, on the contrary, if a person rejects you, the dream signifies your low confidence, inferiority complex, or feeling of insecurity. 

Dream about someone dying

Dreams about the death of a loved person does not suggest the upcoming death or illness of the person.  So, don’t panic, you might just be stepping into a life-changing phase of your life. 

Killing someone

It usually symbolizes that you are seeking power or that you are trying to kill some part of your own self which is toxic.

However, if you dream of killing a family member, it is a manifestation of the negative emotions brimming inside you. 

Dream about someone dead

Dreaming about a deceased person is usually considered an indication of a bad influence in your life. If the person in your dream was very close, you will find great solace in these dreams as this is the only way you see them after death.

Kissing someone

If in your dream, you kiss someone you don’t know, that depicts a feeling of guilt. But if you kiss a celebrity or someone you fancy, that is a sign of pleasant times in the near future.

Dream about someone sexually

Sex dreams are very common especially in teenagers as they go through puberty. If you dream about sexual activity with someone, there’s a high chance that it is a representation of your sexual desires.

This might be simply because your sex life is on a dry spell and you are not getting your needs met.

Dream about dating someone

Dating dreams show up due to various reasons depending on who you are dating. So, if your dream started with dating someone you don’t know, it means that you are exploring the long-lasting talents within you.

It does not mean that you have developed romantic feelings for them, it instead means that you are seeking acceptance from them.

Fighting someone

Fighting dreams are usually a symbolization of a conflict or confrontation with another person or even your own self.

Someone drowning

If you see yourself drowning, it means that you feel extremely overwhelmed but if you visualize someone else drowning in the ocean it means, especially your closed ones, it symbolizes your fear of losing them. 

Dream about a family member

It is believed that dreams about family members represent your own characteristics. So if you dream about a cousin who is in your dream but is not actively participating, it might mean that you don’t allow your positive characteristics to surface.

But if you dream about your mother or your father, you dream of all that you typically associate with them.

So, for a father, it would signify finances, inner knowledge, or even power. Apart from that a mother also dreams of her child when they have some concerns or issues in waking life.

Dream about your ex

If the breakup was ugly and you never got an opportunity to vent, your thoughts are manifested into your dreams in an attempt of your brain to heal some of the hurt.

In this way, your subconscious mind conveys that you need to address these deep-seated issues.

Someone you don’t like

Dreams about someone you hate is only possible when this person has a very deep negative impact in your life. For instance, a person who bullied you in school or the current partner of your ex. It might be there to either haunt you or remind you about unresolved issues.

Dream about your co-worker

Dreaming about someone you work with has a lot to say about you. Say suppose if you dream about your boss, it means you are trying to connect to your powered version. 

Someone chasing you

These kind of dreams can be extremely scary and anxiety-driven. They usually represent the traits or elements of yourself that you are running from and don’t want to acknowledge.

Someone criticizing you

This is a symbolization of you being critical of yourself. It can also be a reminder to you for being less judgmental about others or even yourself. These dreams advise you to criticize more consciously.

Cheating someone

It signifies self-guilt and dissatisfaction from the relationship.

Helping someone

This dream represents self-awareness and the determination to support a cause. It might also symbolize self-respect and self-belief.

Someone naked

It may be because you feel embarrassed about a particular situation in real life.

However, if you see a naked man or naked bodies of someone else in your dream, you might feel that the person has opened up to you and is in a vulnerable situation. 

What does it mean when you keep dreaming about someone?

Don’t worry you are not alone – About two-thirds of people experience recurring dreams. However, the dream isn’t the same every time. Psychologists say that it suggests that something in your head is unresolved.

Even though more than six in ten people experience these kinds of dreams, it’s still unusual to dream about the same person night after night.

So, if you are also asking, what does it mean when you dream about someone constantly – firstly don’t freak out, there is a high chance they are trying to say something about the person. It can even be your own repressed emotions about this person that you are avoiding and are afraid to address while awake.

Hey, dreamer… Dream away!

Dreams are beautiful and scary and weird and everything else. But they are the only thing that is not happening in real life and yet exists.

In one way if you see it, dreams are like magic but on the other, it’s also science.

According to scientists, dreams are the representation of your own thoughts and feelings in your waking life.

So, don’t be afraid of dreams because they are just that… dreams!But don’t hold yourself from reveling in it either because they are just that… dreams!