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What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone – 54 Types of Dreams Explained!

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone – 54 Types of Dreams Explained!

Updated on Aug 19, 2022 | Published on Aug 13, 2020

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone? - 54 Scenarios & Its Meanings

What does it mean when you dream about someone?

This question is bound to pop in your heads when someone shows up in your dreams. Whether it is about a person dying, a family member, or just someone you know – there are a lot of questions that linger in your mind about dream interpretation.

The mysterious thing about dream symbolism is that it is never direct. It is encoded in symbols that represent your thoughts in the real world.

So, what does it mean if you dream about someone?

Broadly, there are…

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone? - 54 Scenarios & Its Meanings
What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone? – 54 Scenarios & Its Meanings

5 Reasons behind ‘Dreaming about Someone’

People in your dreams appear for multiple reasons – positive or negative. However, to correctly understand what your dream meant, it is important to remember it exactly as you dreamt it.

While we have also discussed various types of dreams below in detail, here’s a quick sneak peek into the reasons why people appear in your dream.  

1. You want them to like you

There are so many people in your life from whom you seek approval or attention. Especially, when they have been ignoring or dismissing your efforts.

This mostly happens when you have unveiled your soul with them and are now scared of whether or not they will like you. You constantly question your confidence, think about them, and seek their admiration which is carried to your dreams.

2. They are thinking about you

If you dream about the person on a daily basis, it is believed that they are thinking about you. It might appear vague, but people around the world have favored it.

If you haven’t met or even seen a person for a long time and still dream about them, there’s a high chance that they are thinking of you and are likely to make an appearance soon.

3. They will take advantage of you

This is a warning sign. The appearance of a person in your dreams can also be a sign that they will manipulate you and cause you emotional pain.

They have done it in the past and you are scared that this time the pain will be unbearable. Be very careful about this person’s motives and don’t let it affect you for a long time.

4. Life would have been different with/without them

A lot of us often wonder about life situations. Even though you are happy in your current relationship you are curious about life with a certain person.

That’s the time when this person appears in your dream to give you a taste of how life would have been if it turned out differently.  It is also believed that dreams about the same person will bring a positive change in relationships.

5. You feel lonely

Painful relationships leave you scarred in various ways. You keep missing them, feel used and lost which is often carried onto your dreams.

While the other person doesn’t feel the same about you, you find it extremely hard to move on. Now since you are dwelling in the past, you are feeling overwhelmed and stuck. But don’t worry, it will soon start getting better.

It’s very common to see people in your dreams but if you understand its underlying meaning, it can not only help you strengthen your relations but also advance your career.


How can you understand the people in your dreams?

Imagine them (people) as characters of your story (dream). 

That is, think of your dream as a plot and the people in it playing different roles. It can be anyone – your family members, platonic friends, romantic interest, current partner, ex or even someone you don’t know.

Every person in your dream is there to play a specific role – either as a particular character or as your own self.

You must ask questions (given below) to yourself to understand these characters in your dreams and their meaning in your life. The answers to these questions will help you relate it better in waking life and gain a deeper insight into the character.

  • Name of the character and whether it has a special meaning that relates to your life?
  • Age of the character in your dream?
  • What is your relationship with this person in the dream?
  • What are their personality traits in your dream?
  • What professional role do they play in your life?
  • What are their archetype symbols?
  • What did you experience in your dream with them?

Once you learn to see the people as screen players, it will be easier for you to identify the type of dream and its symbolization in your life.

Characters of the People in Your Dreams

By paying attention to your dreams, you will reckon that they usually make themselves appear in three primary roles, which are as follows:  

1.  People in your dreams starring themselves

A good or bad experience with a specific person that casts a significant impact on your brain, triggers dreams about them.

The dream interpreted will be symbolic of their fresh memory in your mind. These dreams are also believed to be precognitive in nature of both alive and dead people, not literally but denotatively.


  • You dream of your mother who you visited recently.
  • You dream of your partner after a heated argument.
  • You dream of your high school friend who called you just yesterday.

2.  People in your dreams as symbols

Sometimes, people from various areas of your life appear in your dreams as symbols. They can be a specific thing or even your own emotions.

So, if you are sure that the person who appeared in your dream last night is a symbol or something – think of your own personal associations with them. This will help you uncover the significance of the dream in real life.


  • Dreaming about your school-life crush may symbolize that you need to rekindle the lost innocence and love.
  • Dreaming about your friends dying when you have just lost someone very close to you.
  • Dreaming of kissing an enemy may symbolize that you must make peace with unfinished business.

3.  People in your dreams playing yourself

This might feel a little strange but people in your dreams also play YOUR character. This means it’s not necessary that in your dreams your role will be played by you. Even others might do a roleplay.

It is usually carried by a person from your past or someone you don’t know. They either represent some aspect of your life or act as an external force on you.


  • Dreaming about a celebrity representing the fame-seeking aspect of you.
  • Dreaming of a female friend representing your amicable side.
  • Dreaming about a deceased person representing your fear of death.

Now that you know how you can find out the reason why someone is appearing in your dreams, let’s move onto some common dream interpretations for various situations.

But first, let’s begin with –

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone? – 54 Scenarios & Its Meanings

Depending on the situation in which you are in the dream, dreams about someone can have different types of meanings. For instance, the meaning of a dream in which you are caught kissing someone would be different from a dream in which you see someone dead. 

Following are some of the most common types of dreams about someone. Read on to find out what different types of dreams about someone mean. 

1. What does it mean when you dream about someone?

Apart from the reasons above, the significance of ‘dreaming about someone’ depends on a lot of things like your relationship with the person, what is the person doing in your dream, what are you doing in your dream and a lot of other things.

While we have discussed different scenarios below, there’s one thing you must remember about dreams – everything you dream has to say something about you, ONLY YOU.

So, now that you are all set to embark on this dreamy journey… Let’s go!

2. What does it mean when you keep dreaming about someone?

Many time we try to find the answer to question ‘What does it mean when you dream about someone constantly’ … Don’t worry you are not alone – About two-thirds of people experience recurring dreams. However, the dream isn’t the same every time. Psychologists say that it suggests that something in your head is unresolved.

Even though more than six in ten people experience these kinds of dreams, it’s still unusual to dream about the same person night after night.

So, if you are also asking, what does it mean if you dream about someone repeatedly – firstly don’t freak out, there is a high chance they are trying to say something about the person. It can even be your own repressed emotions about this person that you are avoiding and are afraid to address while awake.

3. What does it mean when you dream about someone you like?

If you like someone, your mind is filled with their thoughts all day. Even before you go to sleep, the last person that comes in your mind is them. Thus, dreaming about someone you like is very common and usually a representation of your own thoughts.

It can also be indicative of your likeness or attraction towards them. These meanings can also differ based on what happens in your dream. For instance, if in your dream the person you like, likes you back – it can be a sign of your self-confidence and acceptance.

However, on the contrary, if a person rejects you, the dream signifies your low confidence, inferiority complex, or feeling of insecurity. Subconsciously, you don’t feel confident or worthy of the person and so keep yourself prepared for the rejection – the dream is just a manifestation of these feelings.

4. What does it mean when you dream about someone dying?

If you are experiencing dreams about the death of a loved person does not suggest the upcoming death or illness of the person.  So, don’t panic, you might just be stepping into a life-changing phase of your life. These events can be really uncertain and anxiety-driven because you don’t know what is about to unfold.

Death dreams are also interpreted as a desire to put an end to something, NOT someone. It can be anything – from a toxic romantic relationship to an unsatisfying job. But you must pay attention to who is dying in your dream, that will help you understand the real purpose of your dream.

Is it someone with whom you have unresolved issues or someone from your office or one of your close friends? Do you need to respond or address these problems in real life? Do you need to terminate your job or a long-lasting friendship?

5. What does it mean when you dream about killing someone?

Many people ‘dream about killing someone‘, another person, family member, or even animals. While these are not literal, it usually symbolizes that you are seeking power or that you are trying to kill some part of your own self which is toxic.

However, each of these killing dreams has different meanings so in order to interpret it correctly, it’s best if you remember maximum details. So, if you dream of killing someone who was stalking you, it signifies your discomfort because of the attention. But if you dream of trying to escape after killing someone, it means that problems await you in the near future.

Again, if you dream of killing a family member, it is a manifestation of the negative emotions brimming inside you. So, you see, the symbolism really depends on the details that you remember from your dream.

6. What does it mean if you dream about someone dead?

Dreaming about a deceased person is usually considered an indication of a bad influence in your life. If the person in your dream was very close, you will find great solace in these dreams as this is the only way you see them after death.

These dreams are also interpreted as unresolved issues with the dead person and also portray a kind of connection with them. Apart from that, death dreams open your mind to a new perspective that allows you to see things clearly and with more courage.

From a spiritual standpoint, dreaming about the dead is a message from the deceased souls. It is believed that they appear to tell you the real reason for their death or even to guide you through your tough times. These are all theories and opinions as there are no testaments to prove its validity.

7. What does it mean if you dream about kissing someone?

Dreams about kissing someone have a positive meaning and have varied interpretations depending on the types of kisses. So, suppose in your dream, you kiss someone you don’t know, that depicts a feeling of guilt. But if you kiss a celebrity or someone you fancy, that is a sign of pleasant times in the near future.

If you kiss someone passionately in your dream, it is indicative of an unhappy life and a need to review it. But a French kiss in dreams is symbolic of power and control. However, if you kiss a stranger, it means that you are looking for a change in life.

Again, if you enjoy kissing someone on the lips in a dream, it means that you will experience better communication in life. But if you kiss your mother, it indicates that you desire to care and attention. Kissing a friend signifies that you really value friendship whereas a dream of kissing an enemy is a sign of betrayal.

8. What does it mean when you dream about someone sexually?

Sex dreams are very common especially in teenagers as they go through puberty. If you dream about sexual activity with someone, there’s a high chance that it is a representation of your sexual desires.

Just like kissing dreams, sex dream interpretations also vary depending on who you are getting on with. It is very common to be sexually attracted to a celebrity and imagine them in a sexual connotation. This might be simply because your sex life is on a dry spell and you are not getting your needs met.

Sex therapists from different parts of the globe have said that common sex dreams might not have anything to do about the person. It could be just a manifestation of your real-life thoughts and needs.

9. What does it mean when you dream about dating someone?

Dating dreams show up due to various reasons depending on who you are dating. So, if your dream started with dating someone you don’t know, it means that you are exploring the long-last talents within you.

But if you are dating someone you know, it does not mean that you have developed romantic feelings for them, it instead means that you are seeking acceptance from them. But if you find yourself dating an ex, is a sign of your desire for passion.

However, if you dream about dating your coworker, it means that you are seeking a healthy work-life balance. Bad date dreams are just your mind’s way to convince you that you don’t need a romantic partner in life.

10. What does it mean when you dream about fighting someone?

Even though in waking life, you are a peace-loving person and would never want to fight someone, your mind is capable of defying that in your sleep. Fighting dreams are usually a symbolization of a conflict or confrontation with another person or even your own self.

It may also represent fighting back against your problems. Say, for instance, a dream where you are fighting to stay alive is a representation of your desperation to stay relevant. However, a dream where you fight with your mother might be a manifestation of a grave argument with your mother in real life.

Again, if you see other people fighting in your dream, it means that some of your aspects are in conflict. On the flip side, if you dream about fighting with demons, it might be because you are resisting bad habits in an attempt to advance your spiritual self.

11. What does it mean if you dream about someone drowning?

Drowning dreams are extremely scary but they are still very common. If you are personally drowning, it means that you feel extremely overwhelmed but if you visualize someone else drowning in the ocean it means, especially your closed ones, it symbolizes your fear of losing them. It might also depict your own personal fear of drowning.

If you dream of drowning in a bath or drowning in a swimming pool, it signifies that the dreamer’s life is not sustainable. But if you dream about drowning in a car accident indicates that your life might not go as you planned.

Again, when you dream about saving someone from drowning or rescuing someone from drowning, it means that you are finally acknowledging your emotions. And if you see rescuing a child from drowning, it symbolizes that you are allowing yourself to accept help from others.

12. What does it mean if you dream about someone famous?

We spend hours and hours fantasizing about our favorite celebrity. Thus, dreams about meeting a celebrity shouldn’t come as a shock to you at least now after the rise of social media when famous people seem accessible.

Certified Dream Analyst, Lauri Lowenberg in an interview with Reader’s Digest discussed the interpretation of dreams about someone famous. She said that the purpose will be found in the lyrics or title of the song or even in the character of the star – anything that your subconscious mind relates to and applies to your life right now.

So, a dream about your favorite sportsperson may mean your hidden desire to play sports or about a famous person can signify your desire to gain recognition.

13. What does it mean if you dream about a family member?

If you are a family person who is very attached to your closed ones, you will often find yourself dreaming about your family members, especially when you haven’t seen them in a long time.

It is believed that dreams about family members represent your own characteristics. So if you dream about a cousin who is in your dream but is not actively participating, it might mean that you don’t allow your positive characteristics to surface.

But if you dream about your mother or your father, you dream of all that you typically associate with them. So, for a father, it would signify finances, inner knowledge, or even power. Apart from that a mother also dreams of her child when they have some concerns or issues in waking life.

14. What does it mean when you dream about your ex?

When you get into a relationship with someone, you are emotionally invested in them and so when you decide to call it off for whatever reason, some impact of it still stays. The reason why you often find yourself dreaming about your ex.

If the breakup was ugly and you never got an opportunity to vent, your thoughts are manifested into your dreams in an attempt of your brain to heal some of the hurt. In this way, your subconscious mind conveys that you need to address these deep-seated issues.

Your ex may also appear in your dream to remind you about the passion, love, and romance whenever your life becomes routine. Remember, the more you were emotionally attached to your ex, the likelier you are to dream of them.  

15. What does it mean when you dream about marrying someone?

A lot of people dream about their marriage but its correct interpretation lies in who you are marrying. It scares a lot of people as they are not yet ready for the commitment. Calm down, marriage in dreams does not mean that you will marry in real life. In fact, it is quite the contrary.

Marriage usually symbolizes commitment so if you dream of your marriage, it means that some part of your life needs commitment – it can be a relationship, job, or even a new career. But if you dream about someone else’s marriage, it means that there’s an issue in your mind that doesn’t actively involve you but still concerns you.

Even married people dream of marriage which is strangely not about their real-life partner. This doesn’t straight off signify problems in your existing marriage. It might just be about the qualities you desire in a man.

16. What does it mean when you dream about someone pregnant?

Dreams are all about creativity and significance. So just like death dreams indicate an end of something, dreams about pregnancy symbolize the start of something. While both the sexes have dreamt about pregnancy, more women have reported dreaming about it than men.

However, the purpose of the dream changes if you dream about someone else’s pregnancy but yours.

So, if you visualize your own pregnancy, it signifies that you are craving some creative-time for your own self. But if you dream of someone else being pregnant, it means that something inside you is left undone or unexpressed.

17. What does it mean when you dream about someone from your past?

Dreaming about someone you used to know like an old crush or your old neighbor is odd but a lot of people experience this. To interpret this dream correctly, it is very important to understand the context of the dream. These people usually show up to either trigger old memories or advise you on various phases of your life.

18. What does it mean when you dream about the one you are dating/married?

Dreaming about your partner you recently started dating is very common since you spend the major part of your day around them. Its interpretation will depend on your current thoughts and status of your relationship. So, for instance, if you feel emotionally satisfied, loved and happy you might experience romantic dreams.

19. What does it mean when you dream about someone you don’t like?

Dreams about someone you hate is only possible when this person has a very deep negative impact in your life. For instance, a person who bullied you in school or the current partner of your ex. It might be there to either haunt you or remind you about unresolved issues.

20. What does it mean when you dream about your mother?

Dreaming about mothers is very common. Infact, stats suggest that we dream about our mother at least once a week. But since every character in your dream represents your own characteristics, your mother might show up to represent the motherly side of you.

21. What does it mean when you dream about your co-worker?

Dreaming about someone you work with has a lot to say about you. Say suppose if you dream about your boss, it means you are trying to connect to your powered version. This is mostly because your subconscious mind wants more of the characteristics that the person at your work represents.

22. What does it mean when you dream about your partner cheating?

Dreams about your significant other cheating on you represent distrust. But if in real life you have no reason to be suspicious of them, it can also symbolize a third wheel in your relationship like workload or a baby, that is causing the distance.

23. What does it mean when you dream about a person you don’t know?

Dreaming about a stranger might feel extremely creepy but you will be shocked to know that about 50 percent of people dream about someone they don’t know and mostly these strangers are male. For the interpretation, male strangers symbolize physical aggression or aggressive impulses in your memory.

24. What does it mean when you dream about losing someone?

Dreaming about losing someone is a representation of losing a part of yourself. The literal symbolization greatly depends on who you lose in your dreams. So, say suppose if you dream about losing your child, it means that you are ignoring the childlike qualities in you.  

25. What does it mean when you dream about someone chasing you?

Dreaming about someone chasing you can be extremely scary and anxiety-driven. They usually represent the traits or elements of yourself that you are running from and don’t want to acknowledge.

26. What does it mean if you dream about someone criticizing you?

Dreaming about someone criticizing you is a symbolization of you being critical of yourself. It can also be a reminder to you for being less judgmental about others or even yourself. These dreams advise you to criticize more consciously.

27. What does it mean if you dream about someone strangling you?

Dreaming about someone strangling you is oddly common but thankfully, not literal. Experts say that suffocating dreams is instead an indication that you limit yourself in a way that it kills you. You need to be mindful of the things that are preventing your development and eliminate them from your life.

28. What does it mean when you dream about someone cutting your hair?

Dreaming of someone cutting your hair has nothing to do with changing your look. It instead means losing control over something followed by stressful situations in both personal and professional life.

29. What does it mean when you dream about harming someone?

Dreaming about harming someone signifies that you are trying to put an end to an old toxic habit or a cliched way of thinking. It can be a manifestation of suppressed anger or other aggressive emotions.

30. What does it mean when you dream about someone who is angry at you?

Dreaming about someone who is getting angry at you, it’s actually a manifestation of what you are angry at yourself. You must pay attention to what the person is saying to you because that will give you an insight about what is upsetting your subconscious mind.

31. What does it mean when you dream about cheating someone?

Dreams about cheating someone does not mean that you have a desire to have an affair aside from your current relationship. It instead signifies self-guilt and dissatisfaction from the relationship.

32. What does it mean when you are riding a car with someone?

Dreaming about riding has a lot to do with where you are going in your life but a deep interpretation depends on who’s the driver. If you are a passenger, it means that you are not in control of your life goals and depend on another person to drive you to your destination.

33. What does it mean if you dream about someone breaking into your house?

Dreaming about someone breaking in your house is usually a representation of an aspect or part of yourself that you have purposefully kept away from your awareness which is now breaking in your consciousness. This weird dream though extremely scary is, unfortunately, very common.

34. What does it mean when you dream about an acquaintance?

Dreaming about acquaintances represent hidden tales or undiscovered traits in your own self. You might fight with the person in your dream or even behave friendly which means you are either fighting to get rid of these attributes or welcoming them with open arms.

35. What does it mean when you dream about shooting someone?

Dreams of being shot or shooting someone’s dream doesn’t necessarily relate to negative feelings or interpretations. Your subconscious minds can be sending you mixed messages. So don’t panic and listen carefully.

Shooting dreams can mean a lot of things depending on when, where and whom you are shooting. If you dream of shooting someone close to you, it’s a sign of aggression. Further, if you were shot in the head by someone, it is a warning that advises you to see things clearly. However, if you shoot people to death represents feelings of repressed anger and hurt.

In dreams where you are shooting at a target from behind hints at your anxiety. At this time, it’s best to calm down and take care of your mental health.

36. What does it mean when you dream about murdering someone?

Killing someone in your dream is not as common yet has powerful interpretations. Right from repressed feelings, to depression to even transformation – dreams about death can reflect so much.

If you are the killer in your dream who kills another person, it may imply that your subconscious mind wants to be listened to.  Further, this kind of dream also hints at concealed anger. If you wish to interpret your dream about murder correctly, it’s best to note down the details like who are you murdering, what weapon are you using, etc.

Sometimes, the person you are murdering represents an aspect of your own personality, this might be indicative of something from your past that you are still unable to let go.

37. What does it mean when you dream of stabbing someone?

Stabbing someone else’s dreams are symbolic of bad relationships (especially for women). Further, it is also possible that you are feeling betrayed which was represented in your dreams. Dream interpreters also reveal that when you stab someone in your dream, it might be a manifestation of your need for protection against other’s aggression.

However, it’s different when you are stabbing an animal. For instance, if you dreamt of stabbing a cow, it symbolizes that you are weak.

Stabbing dream interpretations are highly subjective also depending on what you use to stab. For instance, if you are using a knife to stab someone, it means that you are trying to end a relationship for your own sanity.

38. What does it mean if you dream about someone romantically?

Romantic dreams or dreams about love are very common but the interpretations depend on the person and its relationship with you.

For instance, if in your dream, you are romanticizing a special person in your life, it may be giving you hints on how to improve your current relationship. However, when a person feels love for one of their exes, it means that there is still something unfinished.

To dream of a friend or an acquaintance romantically, the interpretation depends on what you are feeling at the moment. For instance, if you feel restrictive then this person might not be the one for you. On the contrary, if you feel relaxed, then it might be positive for you.

39. What does it mean when you dream about racing someone?

A dream of running a race symbolizes the feeling of competitiveness in your waking life. This type of dreams can be of various types: like horse racing with someone, car racing, etc. But the interpretations also depend on what was the outcome of the race, like whether you won or lost or had an accident.

Suppose, there was a race car in your dream, this means that there’s a piece of news coming your way, the good and bad will be determined whether you lose or win the race.

Further, even the finish line in your dream also symbolizes something like the end is near for some important phase of your life. However, if you find yourself taking part in a human race like a marathon, this dream expresses your own participation in your life. 

40. What does it mean when you dream about helping someone?

To dream of helping someone is one of the most common types of dreams. It represents self-awareness and the determination to support a cause. It might also symbolize self-respect and self-belief.

But the actual interpretation is also based on “who” that someone is. For instance, if you dream of helping an enemy or evil person, it means that you are giving in to all the negative intentions and feelings.

If you are dreaming of someone asking for help, it may not be a good sign as it reflects on the fact that you are not taking action for problems in your life as you feel vulnerable and lost.

41. What does it mean when you dream about hurting someone?

Dreams about fighting or dreams about violence both act upon hurting someone but can have many different interpretations.

In your dream, you may act violently in an attempt to hurt someone which you never would in your waking life. This is because you are uncomfortable and powerless in your daily life. Violent dreams are also believed to be a manifestation of repressed anger and hate.

But if you have dreamt that you or someone close to you have experienced violence, it represents fears in your real life. Now if you dream of violence and natural disasters or other dangerous situations, it symbolizes that you are very negative in life, failing to see the positives in a situation.

42. What does it mean when you dream about saving someone?

Most humans are not capable of doing heroic deeds so when you dream of rescuing or saving someone, it surely has an inner meaning attached to it.

Most times, saving people in a dream is a personification of your sexual needs in real life. If the person you are saving is familiar to you and belongs to the opposite sex, it is a manifestation of your sexual craving in life.

Now if you dream of saving a child who is unknown to you, the dream dictionary interprets it as a symbol of improvement of the financial situation. But if the child is your own, it is just an indication that in real life, you don’t spend enough time with him/her.

43. What does it mean when you dream about someone naked?

Nudity in a dream can represent a lot of things. According to Lauri Loewenberg, the interpretation of nakedness in dreams is also to do a lot about how you feel. So, if you find yourself naked in a dream, it may be because you feel embarrassed about a particular situation in real life.

However, if you see a naked man or naked bodies of someone else in your dream, you might feel that the person has opened up to you and is in a vulnerable situation. Further, if you dream of being partially naked, it means, it will depend on which body part was exposed.

Dreams about being naked in public or being naked in front of other people is extremely embarrassing and represents your concern about how people perceive you. But if you see your close people naked, it is a sign that you need to take better care of them.

44. What does it mean when you dream about someone bleeding?

When you dream about someone losing blood represents emotional pain. Dreaming of drinking blood of someone else signifies newfound power and vitality. And if you find yourself completely covered in the blood of someone, it means that you feel indifferent towards the person.

Further, if you dream of bloodstains on the wall, it suggests a warning about a situation that you desperately need to confront. But if you dream of blood on the floor, it represents that an area of your life needs your attention.

Dreams about blood on your hands or bloody hands is a symbolization that you have let down someone in recent times. Next, dreaming of blood transfusion is a direct representation of obstacles in real life.

Dreaming of a bloody nose signifies your hard behavior towards you. It is possible that lately, you have been experiencing exhaustion or loss of sleep.  When you dream of animal blood primarily represents the life force surrounding you but when you see menstrual blood, it signifies personal problems.

45. What does it mean when you dream about confronting someone?

People commonly dream of confronting someone; it may imply that you need to stand up for yourself. You need to accept the reality which scares you at present.

Further, confronting is a messenger of a dream that reflects your strength to stand up to fear. But it can also mean ignorance towards others’ feelings. However, if someone else is found confronting you in your dream, it may imply your dishonesty and selfish behavior.

Shy people who feel afraid of sharing their feelings in a concern of being judged, experience this dream in a recurring theme. If you are one of them, take better care of yourself as all your suppressed emotions are now surfacing in a wish to get satisfied.

46. What does it mean when you dream about kidnapping someone?

Primarily, kidnapping dreams implies manipulation in real life. So, if you were the kidnapper in your dream, it means that you are trying to force someone to do something in your real life. Consciously or consciously, you are making the person feel powerless and controlled.

So, reflect on your waking life and see if you have been doing that to someone – if you have, it’s time to reflect on it.

On the other side, these kinds of dreams can also be an implication of your sexual life. While it is not sexual in nature, your desire to dominate someone sexually can be manifested in your dreams. So, if you are having kidnapping dreams, you need to carefully peek inside your sex life also.

47. What does it mean when we dream of someone making a mistake?

If you dreamt of someone making a mistake or doing a wrong, it means that in your real life, you are afraid of encountering surprises. However, if you dream of someone making a mistake due to someone else, it means that you are trying to dodge the problems you are facing in real life.

While it is a strange dream, the correct interpretation of this dream also lies on what is the mistake the person is making, whether you are trying to correct him or not, etc. The more details you remember about your dreams, the better it will be.

48. What does it mean when we dream of someone mourning?

Dreaming of people mourning can suggest several emotions in real life like is in contrary to nature is a fulfillment dream. It signifies the end to an undesirable situation that the dreamer was wishing for a long time.

Further, mourning may also indicate the separation of lovers. Mourning dreams can also be a manifestation of your situations in waking life. For instance, if you were unable to mourn after the end of a relationship or after the death of someone, there’s a high chance you will find yourself or someone else mourning acting as a sign of relief.

However, if you see someone wearing mourning clothes in your dreams, it symbolizes misunderstandings or influences among your friends.

49. What does it mean when you dream about someone you haven’t seen in a while?

According to John Mayer, a clinical psychologist says that there can be a variety of reasons why you dream about someone.

While dreaming about someone who you see in daily life, dreaming about someone who you haven’t seen or even thought of in a while, is strange. Well, not so much. As every part of your dream represents a part of your personality or actions throughout the day.

So, long story short, if you are dreaming about people you haven’t seen in years, it means that there’s something about yourself that needs to be addressed in your real life.

50. What does it mean when you dream about someone you knew from childhood?

If you have been dreaming about someone from your childhood, whether for a friend or a neighbor, it might be a symbolization of something.

For instance, it might happen that your childhood friend’s birthday is approaching and your subconscious mind remembered while your conscious mind could not. It can also mean that you are longing for times when you didn’t have any responsibility and pressures.

Sometimes, it may also mean that you have some unfinished business left with your childhood friends. You might want to do certain things differently in your childhood and so these dreams are nothing but a manifestation of your thoughts. 

51. What does it mean when you dream about someone sleeping?

While you are also sleeping and dreaming, it might feel absurd to see someone else sleeping in your dreams. It might have several meanings attached to it like holding onto something toxic for a long time or have been ignorant about some underlying issues.

Further, it may also hint towards your mental, emotional and physical exhaustion. It is your subconscious mind telling you that you need to hit the pause button. So, take some time off and pamper yourself – trust me, you need it!

Sleeping dreams also signify your inability to understand things happening around you. You have either closed your eyes on reality or are just unaware. This dream is a reminder that you need to wake up and be mindful of your reality.

52. What does it mean when you dream about a Serial Killer?

Dreaming of a serial killer is an indication of people in your lives who are plotting against you. There are a few people in your life who does not want to see you achieve success in your job or even in your personal life.

Serial killer dreams also mean that you are responsible for sabotaging your own success. If you think you are not being able to achieve your goals, and have also been experiencing these dreams, it’s time to reflect on your path.

But if you dreamt that you are the serial killer, it represents your underlying or repressed sexual urges and desires. This is because you feel powerless in your waking life and your urge to dominate is reflected in your dreams.

53. What does It mean when you dream about someone you know and they tell you they love you?

If you woke up to a dream where someone told you they love you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to receive a proposal. It instead means that you will make up with an old friend or reconnecting with someone you haven’t seen in years.

It can happen anywhere, you might bump into this friend at a restaurant, meet him in school or literally anywhere. But the fact that you have dreamt of the confession of “love you” signifies that you will both be happy seeing each other. It is highly possible that you have spent good time with this person in the past.

This dream can also be a hint that one of your exes will be seeking to get back with you by hidden talents or ways. You may not be able to notice these attempts at first but as time passes by, you will eventually find out. 

54. What does it mean when you dream, you’re searching for someone?

When you dream of searching for someone in your dreams, it is actually representing an aspect of your own personality that is lost or hidden and you are trying to figure out why it is that way. Further, it may also signify an attempt to figure out why someone is mad at you.

However, if you dream that you are performing a search on someone, it may reflect your interest in discovering a secret about someone. But if you dream of being searched by someone while you are trying to hide, it is because you are trying to hide a fact from someone deliberately. According to another theory, when you are looking for someone, it means that there is something missing in your real life. It can be anything – love, peace, wealth, happiness or anything else. Ranging from physical, emotional, or even spiritual. 

Hey, dreamer… Dream away!

Dreams are beautiful and scary and weird and everything else. But they are the only thing that is not happening in real life and yet exists.

In one way if you see it, dreams are like magic but on the other, it’s also science.

Since according to scientists, dreams are the representation of your own thoughts and feelings in your waking life.

So, don’t be afraid of dreams because they are just that… dreams!

But don’t hold yourself from revelling in it either because they are just that… dreams!