Dream about vagina suggest pregnancy. Moreover, it also indicates that your suffering will end soon.

Dream of Vagina – General Interpretations

Some may find it disgusting to talk about vaginas. But hey, why not? After all, it is also a part of us, a part that has the power to give birth.

And a dream about it may have strong messages attached to it. Now if you’re curious to know more, keep reading!

  • You desire to achieve the best in life
  • You want to have kids
  • Your hardships will end
  • You will grab the opportunities
  • It represents your sexual desires

Dream about Vagina – Various Types & Their Interpretations

What did you dream about the vagina? The answer to this question can change the interpretation entirely.

It is not necessary that you will get the same dream every time when you dream of a vagina. So, the meaning will also change depending on what you see. 

Dream of a woman seeing her vagina

The dream of a woman seeing her vagina means she accepts her individuality. She knows her flaws or sexual desires and she is extremely comfortable with her way of being.

Dream of seeing blood in the vagina

Seeing blood in the vagina indicates discomfort in your physical relations. It represents your past problems, negative emotions and fear of sex. Whatever your problem is, talk to your partner about it.

Moreover, it asks you to save money to avoid a financial crunch.

Dream of seeing yourself kiss the vagina

This dream says some aspects of your personality are fake. You are portraying the same to fulfill your selfish purposes. You only talk with people who help you achieve your motive.

A big vagina

This indicates that you are a strong individual. You believe in yourself and are confident about your work.

A small vagina

It predicts you cannot control situations in your life. You feel lonely and frustrated. There’s a feeling of dissatisfaction that is consuming your present life.

Ugly vagina

This uggests others’ interference in your life.

Child’s vagina

Seeing a child’s vagina in your dream means you still haven’t received what you truly deserve. Hence, you are dissatisfied.

Seeing discharge from the vagina

The dream is a positive sign which communicates that you will finally be able to turn your bad habits into monetary benefits.

A wound on the vagina

It highlights you will receive money unexpectedly. Many fake friends will then stick around you because of this money.

Hair on vagina

It stands for fake friends. You are surrounded by many selfish people who are with you just for the sake of being with you.

The size of the hair in the dream depicts how quickly you can get rid of them. If the hair is too long, it will take you a long time before you get rid of it.

Cleaning the vagina

It signifies you will gift something to your loved one. You will buy this gift with your own money.

Touching vagina

It means a relative will give you a gift. Chances are that the gift will be some sort of jewelry.

Seeing your wife’s vagina

It signifies a good mood.

Vagina of ex-girlfriend

It symbolizes your longing for the past.

Vagina with pubic hair

The dream of a vagina with pubic hair denotes that you must gain confidence and talk freely to others.

Moreover, it also suggests you are facing some challenges and looking for a solution.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Vaginal dreams often come in different types, each with a different meaning. Be free to discuss them with your friends.

Usually, they have positive interpretations, so you do not have to worry much. But sometimes they also predict some negative things like a friend betraying you. 

Understanding the accurate meanings of these dreams will help you determine what you should focus on in your life. 

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