Are you wondering what it means if you dream of vagina? Even though vagina is an important body part among females, most of us find it embarrassing to talk about it in public.

So how will you discuss if you see a vagina in dreams? Well, our dream books have the answer to all your dreams.

Dream of Vagina – General Interpretations

The vagina dreams suggest pregnancy. Moreover, it also indicates that your suffering will end soon. 

Some may find it disgusting to talk about vaginas. But hey, why not? After all, it is also a part of us, a part that has the power to give birth. And a dream about it may have strong messages attached to it.

Now if you’re curious to know more, keep reading!

1. You desire to achieve the best in life

You want to look your best and live the best life. So, whether it is about appearance or your materialistic comforts, you try to keep your best version in front of others.

2. You want to have kids

Vaginas help to give birth to kids. So, if you dreamt about it, the dream says you wish to have kids and start a family. The dream may indicate you will get pregnant soon.

3. Your hardships will end

Crib no longer because the dream suggests that your hardships will end soon. You will finally be able to reap rewards of your hard work and live a better life.

4. You will grab the opportunities

Many opportunities will come your way if you just dreamt of vaginas. They will give you a chance to experiment with different things and get freedom from restrictions. You will change your perspective on life.

5. It represents your sexual desires

Everyone has different sexual desires that one wants to fulfill. The vagina dreams indicate your sexual desires. Talk to your partner to fulfill them.

Dream about Vagina – 55 Types & Their Interpretations

What did you dream about the vagina? The answer to this question can change the interpretation entirely. It is not necessary that you will get the same dream every time when you dream of a vagina. So, the meaning will also change depending on what you see. 

Are you ready to discover the different vagina dream types? Get, set, go!

1. Dream of a woman seeing her vagina

The dream of a woman seeing her vagina means she accepts her individuality. She knows her flaws or sexual desires and she is extremely comfortable with her way of being.

2. Dream of seeing blood in vagina

Seeing blood in the vagina indicates discomfort in your physical relations. It represents your past problems, negative emotions and fear of sex. Whatever your problem is, talk to your partner about it.

Moreover, it asks you to save money to avoid a financial crunch.

3. Dream of seeing yourself kiss the vagina

This dream says some aspects of your personality are fake. You are portraying the same to fulfill your selfish purposes. You only talk with people who help you achieve your motive.

4. Dream of a big vagina

This dream indicates that you are a strong individual. You believe in yourself and are confident about your work.

5. Dream of a small vagina

Dream of a small vagina predicts you cannot control situations in your life. You feel lonely and frustrated. There’s a feeling of dissatisfaction that is consuming your present life.

6. Dream of a nice desirable vagina

If you see a nice desirable vagina in your dream, it suggests that you enjoy your life. You do not find anything wrong with what you are doing. Moreover, you feel like you are the smartest person in the room.

7. Dream of an ugly vagina

This dream suggests others’ interference in your life.

8. Dream of a child’s vagina

Seeing a child’s vagina in your dream means you still haven’t received what you truly deserve. Hence, you are dissatisfied.

9. Dream of seeing vagina as a man

It means you are not happy with your present life. You always stay upset. As a solution to this, you need to bring your feminine side forward and express your emotions.

10. Dream of seeing discharge from the vagina

The dream is a positive sign which communicates that you will finally be able to turn your bad habits into monetary benefits.

11. Dream of the wound on the vagina

Dreaming of the wound on the vagina highlights you will receive money unexpectedly. Many fake friends will then stick around you because of this money.

12. Dream of hair on vagina

Seeing hair on the vagina in the dream stands for fake friends. You are surrounded by many selfish people who are with you just for the sake of being with you.

The size of the hair in the dream depicts how quickly you can get rid of them. If the hair is too long, it will take you a long time before you get rid of it.

13. Dream of cleaning the vagina

Cleaning your vagina in dreams signifies you will gift something to your loved one. You will buy this gift with your own money.

14. Dream of touching vagina

Touching a vagina in your dream means a relative will give you a gift. Chances are that the gift will be some sort of jewelry.

15. Dream of someone else’s vagina

It represents your urge to get involved in sex. Additionally, the dream also denotes the accomplishment of a new project.

16. Dream of the pleasant smell of the vagina

This dream of the pleasant smell of the vagina stands for fertility, beauty, and pleasure.

17. Dream of the foul smell of the vagina

The dream says you are insecure about your sexuality. Moreover, it also predicts some illnesses or infertility.

18. Dream of vaginal smell as a heterosexual man

Dream of vaginal smell as a heterosexual man represents sexual urges.

19. Dream of strange things coming out of the vagina

You may find it weird, but this dream has a positive interpretation; it symbolizes fertility. For instance, you will get pregnant soon if you see flowers coming out of your vagina.

20. Dream of dirty things coming out of the vagina

It stands for fear if you see cockroaches or something dirty coming out of the vagina. It showcases your suppressed emotions about your sexuality. However, it may also represent your childhood traumas or denote sexual abuse.

21. Dream of vagina full of pus

The dream suggests illness or sexual abuse.

22. Dream of blood coming out of your vagina

When you see blood coming out of your vagina and running down your legs in the dream, it suggests that you need to calm down.

23. Dream of the large vaginal opening

A large vaginal opening in the dream suggests you must express yourself or socialize more.

24. Dream of a small vaginal opening

A small vaginal opening in your dream predicts you will have to face relationship problems.

25. Dream of a vagina with a large clitoris

This dream stands for sexual power, urges, sensuality and sexual experience.

26. Dream of a vagina with a small clitoris

The dream says you are not very well-versed with your body and its functioning. You lack sexual knowledge.

27. Dream of the vagina with large labia

The dream of a vagina with large labia denotes sexual power and experiences. It represents your sexual desires.

28. Dream of the vagina with small labia

The dream says you haven’t experienced much in your life yet and are innocent. However, you have a desire to experience new things in life.

29. Dream of the vagina without labia

Dream of a vagina without labia represents you aren’t satisfied with your present sexual relationship. Your sexual desires aren’t being met.

30. Dream of the vagina without labia and without clitoris

This dream shows you aren’t happy with your sexual relationship with your partner. You aren’t able to have new sexual experiences. 

31. Dream of the vagina without pubic hair

The dream of a vagina without pubic hair denotes you are happy and satisfied with your sexual life. But, the dream also asks you to be more friendly and social with others. Don’t stay reserved.

32. Dream of the vagina with blue pubic hair

This dream represents uncertainty. You may have to ask for help from others to help you find solutions.

33. Dream of vaginal intercourse

Vaginal intercourse in your dream asks you to represent your feminine side. It also represents your desire to start a new project.

34. Dream of the penis in a vagina

If you dream of the penis in a vagina, it stands for fertility. It is a symbol of passionate sex.

35. Dream of being raped by someone with a vagina

This dream symbolizes your fear of being abused and being insecure about sexual interactions. It may also represent the end of a relationship.

36. Dream of the amputation of a vagina

This dream suggests loss of warmth, fertility, and life.

37. Dream of vagina blocked

This dream is a sign of sexual abuse and your leftover desires. Additionally, this dream also symbolizes infertility.

38. Dream of disgust for a vagina

If you feel disgusted toward the vagina in the dream, it signifies sexual dysfunction.

39. Dream of a strangely shaped vagina

The dream interpretation of this dream is you will experience changes in your relationship. You will probably find someone else who can satisfy you sexually.

Your current partner cannot give you sufficient pleasure, so you are looking to satisfy your needs from someone else.

If you are married, you may end up cheating on them.

40. Dream of bright light coming from the vagina

A dream of bright light coming from your vagina means you are worried about rumors and gossip spreading about you.

These rumors can be related to your relationship or sex life. You do not know how to deal with such situations.

41. Dream of a bucket with vaginas

It means you will have a bucket full of ideas and get a chance to experience them. However, you may have to face criticism, so be strong, and you will definitely change the situation for good.

42. Dream of a locust inside the vagina

A locust in your vagina may imply that you’re listening to someone’s advice blindly. So, you need to be strong and hold on to your opinions.

43. Dream of a tiny baby falling out of the vagina

This dream means you feel overwhelmed. You have too much work and don’t know how to do all of them. 

The dream asks you to distribute your tasks and responsibilities with others as you cannot manage everything alone and give desired results.

44. Dream of seeing your wife’s vagina

It signifies a good mood.

45. Dream of seeing the vagina of an elderly lady

This dream says you will lose your reputation.

46. Dream of seeing acne on vagina

Dreaming of seeing acne on the vagina means you hesitate to take responsibility. You are unsure if you will be able to fulfill them.

47. Dream of vagina of ex-girlfriend

It symbolizes your longing for the past.

48. Dream of shaving vagina

Shaving a vagina in your dream means you will fail in your intimate life.

49. Dream of showing vagina in public

The dream of showing a vagina in public means you will soon be humiliated and shamed in front of people.

50. Dream of washing vagina

It means the woman cannot get pregnant.

51. Dream of a stone in the vagina

This dream symbolizes fertility.

52. Dream of the vagina with pubic hair

Dream of a vagina with pubic hair denotes that you need to gain confidence and talk to others freely. Moreover, it also suggests you are facing some challenges and looking for a solution.

53. Dream of the image of a vagina

This dream is linked with sex and intimacy. It often represents intimacy issues.

54. Dream of the vagina being too hairy

The dream says you will experience some wild sex which will take your relationship to a new level.

55. Dream of a snake biting the vagina

Dream of a snake biting the vagina means someone will betray you. So, you need to be very careful about who you allow in your intimate circle. It also predicts that you will fall sick.

Questions to ask to understand your vagina dreams correctly.

Before starting with the interpretation of the dream, it is important for you to ask these questions to yourself. The answers will prevent you from misinterpreting them.  

1. How is the smell of the vagina in your dream?

2. Is anything coming out of the vagina?

3. Was it your vagina or someone else’s?

4. Was there any vaginal intercourse in the dream?

5. How did you feel in the dream?

A word from ThePleasantDream

Vaginal dreams often come in different types and each type has a different meaning. Be free to discuss them with your friends.

Usually, they have positive interpretations, so you do not have to worry much. But sometimes they also predict some negative things like a friend betraying you. 

Understanding the accurate meanings of these dreams will help you figure out what you should focus on in your life ahead. 

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