Dreaming of abuse suggests your desire to be accepted in society, or that you are being attacked in your waking life.

It can also mean that your mind is currently trapped in a certain place or something in your life has been disorganized.

Dreaming of Abuse – General Interpretations

Let’s first explore some general interpretations to understand abuse dreams better.

  • You want to be accepted in society
  • You are being attacked
  • Your mind is trapped
  • Your life is messy right now
  • You need to take more control of your life

Dreams about Abuse – Various Types and Interpretations

Even the slightest changes in your dream types can have completely different meanings. Let’s explore a few to find out what your dream means.

Dream of child getting abused

If you see someone’s child being abused by someone, it indicates that you feel extremely insecure in your real life.

If you have experienced emotions like anger or defiance recently, this can be a strong indication as to why you are dreaming of child abuse.

Dreaming of physical abuse

It shows your desire to get justice or revenge on someone. Maybe somebody close to you has mistreated you constantly, so you’re tired of their behavior. Now you want them to pay.

Your own child getting abused

If your own son or daughter gets abused in your dreams, that can be horrific for you. But don’t worry because it’s just a dream.

It symbolizes your wish to protect your family and to keep them away from any harm.

Dreaming of sexual abuse

If you see yourself being sexually abused by someone, it can be a reflection of your strained relationship with your family members, most notably your parents.

In other words, the intensity of these nightmares can reflect your waking life.

Abuse repeatedly

It indicates that you are currently undergoing some behavioral, cognitive, or emotional problem.

Domestic violence

It means that you seek comfort in something. You might experience a roller coaster of emotions during this dream, which is your mind’s way of telling you to resolve issues.

Cunning abuser

It is very sly or cunning, it reflects positive things. This dream means that you will welcome new friendships in life.

Alternatively, it can also mean that you will use your own methods to succeed in life.

Being abused

If you are being bullied by someone in your dreams, it is actually a good sign. It means that you will succeed in life and do well.

Being abused with weapon

Any dream involving a weapon of some sort is a sign to approach things with a lot of caution.

If your abuser holds a weapon against you, no matter how small, it is a sign from your mind to rethink how others are treating you.

Being abused at work

It denotes that new opportunities are ahead. Alternatively, it can also mean that no matter how much someone tries to change you, they won’t be able to do so.

Emotional abuse

Emotional abuse can often be very tough to detect. In the dream realm, it indicates that something is haunting you emotionally in real life.

Running away from abuser

Even though running away from your abuser can be good in your waking life, in the dream realm, it shows that you tend to literally run away from all your problems. You avoid taking responsibilities at all costs.

Family being abused

If an evil person is trying to abuse your family members in your dreams, it indicates that you will be under the submission of someone very bad in your real life.

Perhaps you’ll be forced to do it or you won’t realize how horrible that person is until it’s too late.

Being verbally abused

It is a symbol that you are being victimized in a complicated situation. Someone is purposely trying to frame you for something you haven’t done.

Spiritual Interpretation of Dreaming of Abuse

Spiritually, dreaming of abuse is a wake-up call from your spirit guide. It is telling you to open up and forgive yourself for your past mistakes.

All of us can learn to become a better person if we move on from the past.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dreaming of abuse is nothing short of a horrible nightmare. But the important thing to remember is that these are just dreams.

Your brain is trying to tell you important messages about your current life so that you can wake up and take action.

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