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Details You Need to Know About Your Dream of Watermelon

Details You Need to Know About Your Dream of Watermelon

Updated on Sep 01, 2022 | Published on Dec 17, 2021

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dream of Watermelon - 35 Scenarios and Their Interpretations

Dreams refer to the succession of ideas, images, and emotions that arise in your subconscious mind when you are in different stages of sleep. Have you thought of the implications that a dream of watermelon carries with it? 

You might feel curious and wonder what exactly is the big, round fruit with a hard outer skin of green color and bright red fleshy interior, trying to tell you by making an appearance when your mind is in its subconscious state. 

Read on to know what this dream is all about and uncover various facets connected to it.

Dream of Watermelon - 35 Scenarios and Their Interpretations
Dream of Watermelon – 35 Scenarios and Their Interpretations

What Does It Mean To Dream of Watermelon

Dream of a Watermelon is a good sign indicating luck, prosperity, and joy in your life. The implications vary with the kind of dream you see and who sees it. Different watermelon dreams serve as signs for things to come and help you prepare accordingly.

Usually, when anyone dreams of a big, round, and juicy Watermelon, it carries a sign of hope, love, money, and happiness. If you go by its appearance, then the hard outer skin of green color suggests the emergence of a new life, while the bright red fleshy interior suggests fertility and sexuality. 

One can dream of a Watermelon in several ways, from having the juicy fruit to collecting a Watermelon and rolling a watermelon down a hill. Depending on the dream of a Watermelon, the implications vary accordingly.

As we move forward in this article, we will explore the various kinds of watermelon dreams and understand their implications.

Watermelon Dream Meaning and its General Interpretations

It is common for people to see a Watermelon in their dreams. The dream tends to symbolize good fortune, hope, and money. Some people also feel that the watermelon dream indicates that you lead your life in high spirits.

Watermelon is a delicious fruit. It gives everyone the impression that it is harsh from the outside, but the inside is vulnerable. It showcases fear and weakness if others intend to take undue advantage of you. 

Dreaming of a Watermelon also warns you to remain careful while making friends. There is every possibility that the trust you will place on them would not get reciprocated. They will not respect your feelings and emotions but use them against you.

If you look at it from the angle of psychoanalysis, then the watermelon dream indicates experience and human relationships. As a Watermelon has numerous seeds, there is also a belief that if a pregnant woman dreams of a Watermelon, it predicts the birth of twins.

Let us look at some of the symbolic meanings of watermelon dreams –

1. Symbol of relaxation

Dreaming of a Watermelon suggests you are taking things easy in life. Despite going through a phase of tough challenges, which are not easy to deal with, you have taken your time out for relaxation. 

2. Break from your hectic life

When you dream of a Watermelon, it can also imply that your life has become very hectic. Therefore, you cannot find time to chill out, no matter how much you want.

3. You are wealthy

A watermelon dream is a sign that indicates you are rich and have sufficient money to relax in life. You have so much wealth that you need not worry about anything.

4. Spiritual nourishment

Seeing watermelons in your dreams can even suggest the occurrence of spiritual nourishment within you. It means that you would do what you love, surround yourself with all those who support you, and you will listen to your body’s signals on taking proper rest.

5. Tenderness

Dreams of a Watermelon also signify immense feminine strength, tenderness, and pregnancy. It tells us that a woman feels good, sensual, and is ready to explore her sexuality. 

6. Symbolizes inner passion

When a Watermelon comes up in your dream, it becomes a symbol of passion in you. It means that you lead your life passionately, carry a deep desire along with lust, not only for those close to you but also for life as a whole.

7. Sign of intellect

Watermelon coming up in your dream is a sign of work, welfare, and intellect. It means that you use your intelligence to work hard and also look for the welfare of others.

Dream of Watermelon – 35 Scenarios and Their Interpretations 

It is common for people to dream of watermelons. On the one hand, a Watermelon carries indications of hope, wealth, and happiness. On the other hand, it can act as a caution to help you avoid suffering from illness or spend more time focusing on work, leisure, family, and children.

The delicious fruit Watermelon belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family. Dreaming of watermelons usually carries good signs for the dreamers. There are different aspects of a Watermelon and the dreams associated with it.

Watermelons are creepers that grow on the ground. They creep and curl sensuously, thereby acting as the symbol of love, passion, lust, and fertility. You can see watermelons cropping up in your dreams in different forms, with each carrying its interpretations.

It is now time to have a detailed discussion and see what each dream means in real life –

1. Dream meaning of seeing Watermelons

When you come across watermelons in your dreams, it signifies that there will be occurrences of robust emotions in your life. Your dream of going to your favorite destination might come true. 

Seeing watermelons in your dreams means that you are about to go through a period of discovery and good news. Apart from these, it also means that you are about to experience several sensations with other experiences that will transform your life.

2. Eating Watermelon in dream

The dream of eating Watermelons is a sign of something good. It means you will get pleasure from the fulfillment of your desire. You might undergo sexual experiences that turn out to be memorable, as well as exciting.

Now, if you eat a Watermelon and share this fruit with someone, then that dream has a different interpretation altogether. That would mean you have no problem making new friends. 

3. Dream about other individuals eating a Watermelon.

If you dream of other people eating Watermelons, it indicates that you will prioritize others’ needs and wishes before yours. Someone will need your help, and you will devote all your free time to serving that person and neglect your needs.

You have to develop the habit of saying no at times, or else this attitude will soon create problems for you in your personal life.

4. Dream about holding a watermelon

You might also see that you are holding a watermelon in your dream. It is a sign of you making decisions that are unwise and imprudent. You must take care of the finer details while you go for signing a contract, buying or selling something, or engaging in any business deal. 

This particular dream suggests that you can decide even without having complete information or the facts that you require.

5. Dream of buying a watermelon

When you dream of buying a watermelon, it portrays the ones you can trust. The dream also means that good people are around you. You have this circle at this particular stage of your family, life, and social level.

You should grab the opportunities that could crop up from this association. It will help resolve issues, which are troubling you for some time. Life has different phases, and the good and bad stages often depend on how we connect with the people we come across in our lives. Therefore, seeing this dream means that you are respected.

6. Dream of planting watermelon seeds

If you dream of planting a watermelon seed on fertile ground, it signifies that you are investing in your future. Another interpretation of this dream is that it allows you to remain prepared for adventures and joy.

When we look into this dream from sexual life’s point of view, it forecasts unforgettable pleasures for the concerned person. 

7. Dream of a rotten Watermelon

Rotten Watermelons coming up in your dream is a symbol of sickness. It tells you to boost your immunity so that no virus can cause trouble to your health. You should start having healthy food and spend most of your time indulging in physical activity. 

One must make sure to go for walks, run around, do exercises and not sit back at home. These physical activities will help you to stay fit and keep you healthy. A rotten watermelon is a sign of recovery for sick people.

8. Dream about cutting a watermelon

When you see the dream of cutting a watermelon, it means that it’s time for you to learn how to do rational thinking. Currently, you analyze everyone and everything you come across, taking precious time out of your life.

Realize the need to narrow your decision-making process when you deal with things daily. Keep making crucial decisions like before, but do not let trivial matters in your life stress you out. This dream also suggests that your sex life does not satisfy you.

9. Dream about cutting a ripe watermelon

The dream about a ripe watermelon suggests that you are ready to follow your passion. It also means you will go for a sexual liaison. 

You are simply cutting through the heart of things to disclose whatever is stored inside and reveal the true potential.

10. Dream about destroying a watermelon

When you dream of destroying a watermelon, it indicates a negative approach towards sexuality. There lies a fear of intimacy that could go wrong. That fear makes you suffer from adverse effects.

The dream could also suggest that you are obsessed with an explosive lust that is presently clouding your thinking capabilities.

11. Dream of someone else cutting a watermelon

You can see the dream of another individual cutting a watermelon. When that happens, it means that you will cut-off relations with some people and get them out of your life, as they influence your life negatively.

You will perceive that their negative energy causes a lot of stress. Therefore, you no longer want to hang out with those individuals. Once you get rid of them from your life, you will feel much better and help you stay relaxed.

12. Dream about picking up watermelons

The dream of picking up watermelons has two meanings. First, you will attract an individual who is different from you. When that happens, you will realize the saying, ‘opposites attract, is true.

The second interpretation of this dream where you are picking up watermelons is that you should discontinue time-consuming work, which is not yielding the right results, and focus on something productive in your life.

13. Dream of other individuals picking up watermelons

You can also come across a dream where you see other people picking up watermelons. When you view this dream, it means that you will allow someone else to make an important decision on your behalf.

There is a possibility of your partner making decisions on your life’s changes. Therefore, you may buy a house or move somewhere else without your will.

14. Dream about dropping a watermelon

The dream of dropping a watermelon signifies that you have negative emotions in your life. Some bad things have been happening to you lately, so either you become anxious or depressed. 

It is important to remember the saying what you radiate, you attract. Hence, you start leading your life from a positive perspective. You just need a different outlook to change and make things better.

15. Dream about someone else dropping a watermelon

When you see a dream of some other person dropping a watermelon, it suggests that you should be more kind to people. Even though it is a fact that you criticize to navigate them on the right path, at times you are very harsh.

This kind of behavior does cause more harm than any good. It just contributes to those individuals staying away from you.

16. Dream about throwing away a watermelon

You can see a dream where you are throwing a watermelon away. Unfortunately, this dream does not carry a good omen. It is often a symbol of worry, tension, loss, and suffering. 

There is a possibility that your worst fear will come true, and you cannot do anything to prevent it. It is something that you have been feeling afraid of for quite some time. You need strength to deal with this phase.

17. Dream about other individuals throwing away a watermelon

When you dream of an individual throwing away a watermelon, it means that you will offer comfort to a loved one very soon. A family member of yours will go through a bad phase, and you will stay by their side as and when they need it.

Your advice will encourage that individual. As a result, they will try to divert their thoughts on positive aspects with the help of your casual interactions and jokes.

18. Dream about an unripe watermelon

No one likes an unripe fruit. The same is applicable for watermelons. Therefore, when you dream of an unripe watermelon, it means that either someone or something will not meet your expectations.

You have been eagerly waiting for it for a very long time, but once you get it, it will result in disappointment. It might also happen that you might purchase something that is not worth the price. 

19. Dream about a watermelon fall

If you see a watermelon falling in your dreams, it signifies that you are rigid. There is a lack of flexibility in your life. No one likes to commit any wrong, but there is a fine line between mistakes that you enjoy and those that are wrong.

You make your job fragile if you never accept that you are wrong. Acceptance will positively impact your life and help fulfill all your expectations.

20. Dream about a big Watermelon

When a big watermelon comes up in your dreams, it signifies emotional outbursts and instances of extreme happiness. 

This dream indicates that there is some good news coming your way. You can also make a profit in your business.

21. Dream about slices of a Watermelon

Watermelon slices in your dream suggest that you have a concealed desire. It is not always a bad thing. The reason is that, if people always do as per their wishes, the world will not be an ideal place to live.

However, it is necessary to carefully understand if these desires can harm you, your faith, or endanger others in any way.

22. Dream about the peel of a Watermelon

The dream of watermelon peel indicates that something is draining you emotionally. Relationships with your near and dear ones have been a cause for your distress of late. 

You have no idea how to face them. Every step you take makes you feel as if it is wrong. You are not getting cooperation from the other end. If this lasts for some time, it can permanently damage your relationship.

23. Dream about having eaten a sweet and juicy watermelon

This dream implies that you will achieve success in all your future endeavors. Your luck will be directly proportional to the size of a Watermelon. The larger the fruit’s size, the greater your fortune.

Any dream where you ate a watermelon with a loaf of bread as a snack, assured life changes are on their way. It also suggests putting in remarkable efforts for navigating your destiny in the right direction.

24. Dream about giving a piece of a ripe Watermelon to an individual

It anticipates a new connection. It is going to be exciting and enjoyable. If you keep communicating with this individual, it will help you spend quality time.

Moreover, it will also help you learn several significant aspects. In the long run, it can prove to be quite beneficial.

25. Dream about the cork of a Watermelon in pieces

If you dream of a cork of watermelon cut in pieces, it indicates misunderstandings and scandals within close people. 

There is a threat of quarrels that looms large on your family. The source of this threat is someone with a knife. It is necessary to try and change everything into light-hearted moments before it turns into serious problems.

26. A man dreaming about a watermelon

When a watermelon is present in a man’s dream, it serves as a prophecy to the unfavorable response from the woman with whom he is in love.

The negative response comes up when there is a question of making a transition from one level to another. It will invite a lot of trouble.

27. Dream about breaking a watermelon

You can dream of breaking a watermelon. Then it calls for paying attention to your children. It is applicable for those who are born and ones in the womb.

Watermelon’s seeds symbolize the inner world’s development. As the inner world develops, it will result in spiritual contentment, and the greater will be your moral strength in life.

28. Dream about growing watermelons

When you see watermelons grow in your dream, it is a sign of success. It suggests that you will become successful in a venture. 

The dream also means that you have plans to grab new opportunities, and you are investing your time for the future.

Dream of Watermelons Based on Different Colors

Let us see how the dream symbolism of watermelons changes when there is a change in the Watermelon color –

29. Dream of a Green Watermelon

When a green watermelon comes up in your dream, it means you have something going on in your mind. It can be any plan that you are trying hard to execute. 

The dream acts as a caution and reminds you not to rush, remain focused, and plan. Then, you will carry out the responsibilities and overcome those challenges to pursue your goals.

30. Dream of a Red Watermelon

Dreaming of a red watermelon indicates a need for your spiritual enlightenment. You should come out of your vulnerable areas. 

You might require to get rid of your old habits and thinking patterns. Sometimes, this dream relates to emotions remaining stagnant. You are getting rid of the burdens from your life.

31. Dream of a Black Watermelon

Dreaming of a black watermelon suggests the significance of cooperation and teamwork to meet your life’s goals. You have to stand up for your needs at some time or the other. 

It also means that you need to put in extra effort to achieve something. Sometimes, the dream comes as a fruit of your hard work and your experiences in life. You are using your talents to the fullest extent.

32. Dream of a Blue Watermelon

The dream of a blue watermelon hints at your willingness to have complete control over the result of a situation. You are not ready to accept the recent changes in your life. 

You might worry about the weather and hope it does not spoil your plans. It indicates the extent of responsibility and pressure you are feeling. 

Now, the time has come to get rid of earlier issues and focus on building relationships for the future. There lies yet another interpretation related to dreaming about a blue watermelon. 

It is your requirement for spiritual and emotional healing. Life might pass by you in no time if you do not take part in it. The dream acts as a metaphor for your objectives and purpose.

Blue watermelon dream serves as an indication of the work and attempt, which you have put into fulfilling a project. You require a better picture in a scenario. You stand firm on what you want to do. 

33. Dream of a Yellow Watermelon

When you see a yellow watermelon in your dream, it is indicative of your humble nature. A close person is not revealing something to you. You just need to focus on the more significant aspects and life’s necessities.

This dream is a sign of your extremely outrageous personality. Yellow watermelon dream hints at the sense of direction you have and your path of life. It enables you to fulfill a wish. This dream directs to power, luxury and wealth.

It suggests that you are getting back your power and independence. A Yellow Watermelon directs to an increase in your extent of self-confidence. You wish to connect to a relationship with whom you had lost touch. 

Dreaming about a yellow Watermelon is also a symbol of exploring new opportunities, gaining insight, and discovering oneself. It allows you to nurture and understand a specific emotional problem.

34. Dream of a White Watermelon

The dream of a white watermelon is indicative of changes and transformation. It tells you to find alternate ways for expressing your opinion so that others listen to you. 

You must stand up for your needs and express your opinions. A White Watermelon’s dream hints at patience, endurance, and longevity.

35. Dream of a Pink Watermelon

When you see an unripe watermelon of pink color in your dream, it tends to suggest that it will take a long time if you are looking to get something back.

This interpretation comes from the fact that it can take close to 70 days for a watermelon to harvest and then become ripe for consumption.

Cultural interpretations of dreaming about watermelons

Dreams of a Watermelon carry symbolic meaning in different cultures across the world –


 a) Dreaming about a green watermelon is a symbol of livelihood. 

b) Dreaming about the consumption of the yellow one indicates illness.

c) Dreaming about a big watermelon is a sign of a gift from God. You would either take care of an orphan or expect to get pregnant.

2. European Community

 a ) If you are eating a Watermelon in your dream, it indicates wealth.

 b ) If you see a watermelon in your dream, it indicates that you will meet true friends.

 c ) If you see that you are growing a Watermelon in your dream, it indicates love.

 d )  If you plant a Watermelon in your dream, it means investment for your future.

 e ) If you are planting a Watermelon on dry ground in your dream, it serves as a warning for misuse of resources.

3. Hinduism

 a ) Dreaming about eating a watermelon means satisfying life and good prospects for the future.

 b ) The dream of giving or sharing a Watermelon denotes your openness to make new connections.

 c ) The dream about breaking a watermelon is a sign to stay attentive. You should avoid rushing things because you can make errors that can prove costly in the future.

Spiritual Interpretations  about watermelon dream

Every dream you see carries some hidden divine message in it. It may not always be evident to the dreamer straightaway, but careful analysis can help you realize and uncover the spiritual secrets while leading your lives. They can even help you to find your life’s purpose.

Let us briefly discuss the spiritual interpretations connected with each type of watermelon dream and get a better picture –

1. Dream of Watermelon

If we talk of watermelon metaphorically, it seems that the fruit has a very close correlation with the root chakra. 

The Root Chakra, referred to as Muladhara, is the fundamental center of energy, located at the base of our spine. 

The bright red color resembles power, strength, determination, and passion growing within you. It helps regulate the energy linked with survival, safety, and instinct. You must be wondering, what relation does all this have with this juicy fruit, right?

Interestingly, there lie some parallels between a watermelon and the root chakra:

a ) Both are bright red when activated.

b ) They need warm energy that helps connect you to the prime source (Sun).

c )  Watermelon and Root Chakra remain rooted close to the ground.

2. Dream of Eating Watermelon

When there is a dream of eating a Watermelon, and one tries to interpret it from the spiritual side, it can reveal something different. It signifies that the appropriate time has come for expressing the emotions to someone. 

A Watermelon tends to imply prosperity, success, and happiness when we look at it in spiritual terms. 

If someone dreams of eating a Watermelon, sitting on the beach, it can mean that you are trying your best to achieve something in life.

There is another angle to it. You might have eaten a Watermelon in your dream, and it did not taste good. Then that dream indicates you are not happy with a particular aspect of your life.

3. Dream of Watermelon Seeds

Watermelon its seeds carry separate meanings from the spiritual point of view. One sees a Watermelon as a symbol of spiritual growth. 

On the other hand, the seeds might represent spirituality that can slowly evolve in your soul. Once that happens, it can lead you to achieve spiritual enlightenment.

Implications of a pregnant woman dreaming about a Watermelon

Dreaming about a Watermelon during pregnancy brings forth a flurry of emotions having an impact. It can also have a destabilizing effect on the mindset of a woman. 

We will now look into some of the main interpretations of this watermelon dream during pregnancy. Let us discuss these interpretations in brief –

1. Spiritual Evolution

Dreaming of a Watermelon during pregnancy implies that you are in the midst of spiritual evolution. You clearly understand that you are solely responsible for your choices and behaviors.

2. Attained Maturity

When you dream of a Watermelon at the time of pregnancy, it shows that you have attained maturity. 

You are carefully making decisions only after carrying out a proper analysis of the benefits and drawbacks. You also consider the kind of impact they could have on others around you.

3. Need to Make Right Decisions

As a pregnant woman, when you dream of a Watermelon, it implies that you have the urge to make the right decisions. 

You have confidence in your future and know that everything will be fine. 

4. Successful Project

Another implication of dreaming about a Watermelon during pregnancy is that you are giving yourself all kinds of means for attaining success in your project. 

The symbolism of attaining success in a project pertains to the birth of a child. Once that happens, it will be considered a successful project.

5. Want to Prosper

During pregnancy, a watermelon dream signifies that a woman has an innate desire to flourish. You seek praise and acknowledgment. 

You’ve already gone through difficult phases in your life when you had doubted your abilities. Now, you will only look forward to appreciation.

6. Meant for Big Things

When a woman dreams of a Watermelon during pregnancy, it suggests that she is all set for big things in life. She wants to prove that she can achieve what she wants.

The dream also goes to show that her will to succeed is instinctive. She is ready to receive recognition from all quarters.

7. Aim for the Top

Dream of a Watermelon in pregnancy reiterates your wish to move up the ladder of success and attain a top-notch position. She is also aware that it will happen by doing hard work. 

You want to build a great career to climb the ladder and reach the topmost position. Your vision is to become the boss. 

When you have a watermelon dream during pregnancy, it suggests that you can attain this transformation from marriage. 

8. Meet a Richer Individual

In the quest to achieve something great in life, dreaming of a Watermelon during pregnancy means a woman might meet an individual richer than her. 

He can help her fulfill her ambitions of becoming powerful and famous.

Significance of Dreaming about Watermelon Juice

Apart from dreaming of a Watermelon in various forms, you can also dream about watermelon juice. Its significance stems from the fact that there are different ways to interpret this dream. 

Let us discuss the hidden messages which this dream contains –

1. Pleasant Moments

When watermelon juice comes up in your dream, it tries to tell you that you are in for pleasant moments and joyful gatherings. 

You can make continuous improvement if you are patient and ready to give sufficient time. As of now, something is stopping you from expressing yourself wholeheartedly.

The dream indicates numerous tough times that you will go through in your life. You wish to see growth and progress.

2. Communication

Watermelon juice symbolizes a need to communicate. You could feel as if you are devoting more time than what life is giving back to you. You are steadily moving toward becoming a better individual. 

The dream of watermelon juice is a signal for upcoming versatility and unpredictability. Now, you are learning to accept and deal with some of your feelings.

3. End of a Situation, Relationship, or Project

Dreaming about watermelon juice also means that you have the freedom to go ahead.  It marks the end of any situation, project, or relationship. You have a fresh understanding of life and will make a new start.

The dream is a sign that’s offering you a chance to discuss your suggestions and viewpoints with others. There is a lack of balance between work and fun.

4. Reaffirms Your Commitments

In your dream about Watermelon juice, a Watermelon has a special significance. It is a sign that suggests reaffirmation of all your commitments. The results of your action do not bother you. 

Your goals will take time to materialize. You must put your complete focus on the details of an issue, which you have been ignoring for some time.

5. Vital Change

Juice has its importance in the dream about watermelon juice. Juice dreams symbolize some crucial change. 

It tries telling you that you must learn how to say no. Then, others will no longer take advantage of you.

Juice dreams also signify a specific individual in your life who portrays certain qualities that you like. It also gives a signal that you are not free to be yourself.

The following video talks about different kinds of watermelon dreams and their revelations.

Closing Thoughts

We have had a comprehensive discussion concerning the various interpretations and meanings of dreams about a Watermelon. 

The meanings differ according to the form of a Watermelon and the activities linked with them. They all have repercussions in people’s lives and overall personality setup.

Experts suggest that dreams of watermelon help make people aware of the good and bad things to come. The good aspects serve as reasons for people to look forward and rejoice. 

The negatives let them tread carefully on their life’s path, adopt a cautious approach and bring forth personality changes to sail through difficult times.

Therefore, it is evident that your watermelon dreams carry some purpose. No matter what the watermelon dream is, you need to accept it and act accordingly. 

The secret to leading a happy life would be that neither you should get excited nor perturbed but adopt a rational approach while making decisions.

If you get dreams about melon then check its meaning here.