You may not be a regular chess player and still dreaming about chess. It’s normal but let me tell you, it’s not for nothing. 

Dreams are either a reflection of our reality or a message from our subconscious. So, what is your message?

Let’s find out!

Dreaming about Chess – General Interpretations

The chess dreams are a sign of the upcoming troubles in your life. Alternatively, it suggests that you are a strong, dedicated, and focused individual working hard to achieve your goals.

In real life, you need to play chess carefully as it is a strategic game. One wrong move can allow the opponent to win. But apart from it, what do our dream books suggest about chess dreams?

1. It is a symbol of disaster

The chess dream signifies disaster and war. Things may turn negative in your life and you must think twice before making a move.

2. You want to live by your rules

The chess dream indicates that you do not accept the rules made by society; and instead, live by your rules no matter the circumstances.

3. You decide your future

You are a strong and dedicated person. Or, you are quick at learning life lessons and implementing them. Hence, you don’t give a chance to anyone else to decide your future.

4. Don’t try to control things

The chess dreams ask you to accept the fact that some things are beyond your control, and you must stop sticking to them. Instead, focus on your next move.

5. You observe progress

While talking professionally, chess dreams signify that you will either receive a monetary benefit or a promotion as a reward for your hard work.

Dream about Chess – 45 Types & Their Interpretations

You can find yourself or someone else playing chess in the dream. You may be winning or losing the game of chess.

Do all these dreams mean the same? No, various chess dreams come with different meanings. And before concluding any dream meaning, it is important to know what your particular dream means.

1. Dream about playing chess

Dreaming about playing chess symbolizes you being in a state of conflict. You will face difficulties in arriving at the right decision and drift towards complications.

2. Dream about playing chess if you aren’t a chess player

This kind of dream suggests the need for spiritual analysis. It indicates you are struggling with yourself; hence, self-interpretation is the need of the hour.

3. Dream about playing chess as an experienced chess player

As an experienced chess player, dreaming about playing chess reflects your real life. This dream has no other practical implication.

4. Dream about a dual chess game

Dreaming about a duel chess game is a positive omen. It indicates you will make a promising career. However, it would help if you focused on your actions.

5. Dream about buying chess

Dreaming about buying chess is a sign of resolution. You will soon be able to sort out a challenging task.

6. Dream about not knowing how to play chess

Dreaming about not knowing how to play chess indicates success in your professional life. You will soon experience unexpected growth in your career. 

7. Dream about winning the chess game

Dreaming about winning the chess game symbolizes winning in real life. You will find solutions to the challenges in your life.

8. Dream about losing the chess game

Dreaming about losing the chess game implies a doubtful situation as far as your success is concerned. You might not meet success anytime soon.

9. Dream about the wrong move in chess

Dreaming about the wrong move in chess reflects upon errors in your waking life. If you have started a new job, you will face challenges settling with it and choosing the wrong opinions.

10. Dream about a chess game ending in a draw

Dreaming about a chess game ending in a draw symbolizes a new beginning. You will soon meet a new person with whom your relationship as a friend or partner shall flourish.

11. Dream about playing chess with a stranger

Dreaming about playing chess with a stranger is a symbol of planning and plotting. It indicates someone around you is conspiring against you.

12. Dream about playing chess with a friend

Dreaming about playing chess with a friend shows a declining relationship with that friend. You will be in a state of disappointment with your friend.

13. Dream about playing chess with a deceased

Dreaming about playing chess with a deceased person indicates a state of emergency in your life. You will need to make a careful decision as many aspects of your life depend on it.

14. Dream about chessboard

Dreaming about the chessboard is a negative sign. It is an indication of upcoming difficulties in your life. Alternatively, if you dreamt of an empty chessboard, it symbolizes a tiff with your relative.

15. Dream about chess pieces

Dream about chess pieces indicates the need to put yourself together to tackle a difficult situation. You will be in need of great strength and mental ability in the upcoming days.

16. Dream about white chess pieces

Dreaming about white chess pieces is a positive sign. You will soon receive a profitable offer that will change your life.

17. Dream about black chess pieces

Dreaming about black chess pieces is a negative omen. You will have to incur great losses in your upcoming days.

18. Dream about chess knight

Dreaming about a chess knight is a symbol of fate.

19. Dream about chess king

Dreaming about a chess king is a reflection of a person who leads your life. You follow the footsteps and advice of the person in your waking life.

20. Dream about chess queen

Dream about chess queen symbolizes a strong woman. The woman is of great importance and has paved your life for good.

21. Dream about chess pawn

Dream about chess pawn indicates the need for you to get rid of insignificant people in your life. If you do not do so, you will end up wasting a lot of time on them.

22. Dream about chess rook

Dream about chess rook is a message for you to pay heed to the advice you have received in correspondence to your current life situation and try to follow it.

23. Dream about chess bishop

Dream about a chess bishop is a reflection of your home. It indicates your home harbors good and positive relationships.

24. Dream about checkmate in chess

Dreaming about checkmate in chess symbolizes your vulnerability. You might find yourself in a state of attack with limited options.

25. Dream about chess opening

Dream about chess opening hints towards changes in your life. You might be confident about certain changes, but a mentor’s help will prove fruitful.

26. Dream about a timed chess clock

Dreaming about a timed chess clock signifies that it is high time for you to make a big move. You must not ignore the warning; you will miss a great opportunity.

27. Dream about a chess tournament

Dreaming about chess tournaments implies real-life competitions that you will face. The competitions can be friendly. However, you will require all your skills and knowledge to stand out.

28. Dream about wrong chess pieces

Dreaming about wrong chess pieces signifies the need to make good moves in your life. You need to bring creativity in your actions in your waking life.

29. Dream about unknown chess rules

Dreaming about unknown chess rules depicts you as part of a new place in your waking life, which you do not know much about.

Things at this place are different from the place you belonged to earlier.

30. Dream about missing chess pieces

Dreaming about missing chess pieces indicates disagreement. You will soon fall into an argument with your family or friends due to an act of negligence towards them.

31. Dream about a chess puzzle

Dreaming about a chess puzzle signifies the paths you need to take in your life. It indicates you are well aware of your goals but lack a clear understanding of the way to achieve them.

32. Dream about talking to a chess player

Dreaming about talking to a chess player indicates the need for consultation in your waking life. You long to take advice from an experienced person.

33. Dream about watching a chess game

Dreaming about watching a chess game is a warning for you to not be intrusive in others’ lives. You must try to avoid putting your nose in other’s matters as it might create problems for you.

34. Dream about an empty chessboard

Dream about an empty chess board hint toward a confusing situation in your life. You will be unable to arrive at the right decision and stay messed up amid numerous possibilities.

35. Dream about chess pieces coming to life

Dream about chess pieces coming to life indicates a new beginning in your life.

36. Dream about your king is in danger of getting matted

Dreaming about your king being in danger of getting matted signifies problems in your life due to the opposite sex. Their annoying behavior and intrusions can affect your relationship.

37. Dream about learning to play chess

Dreaming about learning to play chess hints towards your urge to learn and grow. You will gain knowledge and explore new experiences to achieve more in your life.

38. Dream about teaching someone to play chess

Dreaming about teaching someone to play chess reflects upon your lack of sympathy for your loved ones. You need to take care of them and support their motives.

39. Dream about a risky move in chess

Dreaming about a risky move in chess is a symbol of an upcoming adventure in your life. You will soon experience something interesting and far apart from your normal life.

40. Dream about big chess pieces

Dreaming about big chess pieces symbolizes that it will be an important day for you. Either you will meet someone special or undergo a breakup. Something memorable will happen.

41. Dream about participating in a chess tournament

Dreaming about participating in a chess tournament signifies upcoming opportunities where you will be able to showcase your skills and abilities.

42. Dream about judging a chess tournament

Dreaming about judging a chess tournament hints that you will instead judge a person in real life which will hugely impact their destiny.

43. Dream about arguing with an opponent in chess

Dreaming about arguing with an opponent in chess hints toward wrong decisions that you may make. It will mainly be a result of your misinterpretations.

44. Dream about selling chess

Dreaming about selling chess indicates a lack of persistence in your life. It reflects on the fact that you often give up without trying your best.

45. Dream about receiving chess as a gift

Dreaming about receiving chess as a gift implies positive acquaintances. You will meet a person in your life who will prove fruitful for your career.

Psychological interpretation of chess dreams

The psychological interpretation of chess dreams suggests that you will land in a challenging situation soon. So, you should be prepared for it.

Spiritual interpretation of chess dreams

Spiritually, the chess dreams indicate the constant fight between light and darkness.

Questions to ask yourself to understand chess dreams correctly.

Chess games may be fun to watch in the dreams. If you win in the dream, you may think that you will win in life. But is this dream interpretation really true? What if the dream means something different?

Hence, to avoid any misinterpretations of the dream, always remember to ask these questions to yourself.

1. Who is playing chess?

2. Which elements of chess did you notice?

3. What was happening in the game of chess?

4. What were you doing with the chess?

5. How did you feel in the dream?

A word from ThePleasantDream

As we discussed, chess dreams have both positive and negative meanings. You need to focus on the dream details to know exactly what it means.

So, the next time you get a chess dream, don’t forget to note it down after waking up and come up here to check your dream’s meaning.