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Dreaming of Exorcism – 30 Types & Their Interpretations

Dreaming of Exorcism – 30 Types & Their Interpretations

Updated on Jan 23, 2023 | Published on Jul 20, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dreaming of Exorcism - 30 Types & Their Interpretations

Dreaming about exorcism is normal if you binge-watched too many horror movies.

However, sometimes you may have exorcism dreams without watching The Exorcist or Paranormal Activity series. That’s when you can be sure that these dreams have a connection to your waking life.

So what’s the opinion of dream books? Let this think-piece show you the way…

Dreaming about an Exorcism – General Interpretations

Dreams about exorcism suggest that you should be more kind towards yourself, track your expenses, or need inner peace.

Exorcism in reality is a bad omen of heinous spirits around someone. It scares you of the unknown and you resort to God for help.

However, in dreams, does exorcism mean the same? Is it all about evil spirits and God’s power? Let’s take a look here…

1. It indicates a lack of kindness

The dream shows you are less kind to yourself. You must start addressing your problems and seek professional help if needed.

2. You are wasting money

If you do not keep good track of your expenses, exorcism dreams might haunt you. It’s time you tighten your fists before you lose your money.

If you lent money to someone, ask them to pay you back because emergencies can pop in anytime.

3. You are a serious worker

Dreams about exorcism reflect that you are very particular and serious about your work. Everyone is very happy with your efforts, but you’re not satisfied with your professional life.

4. You need inner peace

If you’re occupied with recent problems and have lost peace of mind, dreams of exorcism are common. So to get rid of these dreams, regain inner peace.

5. It indicates internal transformation

The dream suggests you need to look within and change yourself. You must identify the potential within you if you want to change your life. 

Dreaming of Exorcism – 30 Types & Their Interpretations

Dreaming of exorcism performed on you means someone will get benefits from you but hurt you later on, but a dream of you exorcising someone else asks you to stay away from people that hurt you or you’ll meet great misfortune.

Starting from the person being to the location and many other details affects your dream interpretation drastically. So, if you have something more to share about your dreams, let’s head right in…

1. Dreaming about an exorcism by casting out demons from children

The dream about an exorcism by casting out demons from a kid’s body signals the trauma you faced in childhood. It is time to move on in your adult life and free yourself from childhood trauma.

Furthermore, it cautions you to adjust and get rid of the evil buried inside you.

2. Dream about exercising your child

Dreaming about exercising your children can feel like a nightmare. But relax, because the dream interprets that you’ll lose your innocence and move on the path of maturity.

3. Dreaming about exorcism showing that you are possessed

If you dream of your own body being possessed and others trying to cast out the demon from your body, it indicates that someone with many problems will approach you. Though you’ll solve their problem, they’ll hurt you further.

4. Dreaming about an exorcism by casting out demons at home

A dream about an exorcism by casting out demons at home indicates you feel that negative energy surrounds you. The place of performing exorcism impacts the message of the dream.

Casting out demons in your home signifies that you carry your spouse or family member’s burden. It implies difficulties at home went out of control and you must pay attention to fix them.

5. Dreaming about exorcism, showing that your partner is possessed

Dreaming of your partner being possessed signals that they’re facing a major issue regarding you. It’s a sign that you must repair the damage.

Help your partner so that the issue doesn’t affect your relationship.

6. Dreaming about you exorcising someone

If you exorcise someone in dreams, it predicts negative upcoming changes in your life.

Evaluate and reconsider the way you treat people that hurt you intensely. Distance yourself from such people as they only wish you misfortune.

7. Dreaming of exorcism and the devil’s appearance

In this dreamscape, a devil with usual appearances reminds you to be careful before signing any documents.

If the demon looks cheerful, it warns against underestimating your enemies. If he looked familiar, focus on that person in reality.

Or, if he shapeshifts into an animal, you might gain wealth.

8. Dreaming about your friend resisting participation in an exorcism session

This dream symbolizes your loneliness due to others misunderstanding your goals in waking life.

9. Dreaming about a demon banished after the exorcism.

Dreaming about a demon banished after the completion of exorcism indicates any unexpected problem. However, it also ensures you that the situation isn’t as terrible as you think.

10. Dreaming about the rite of exorcism

A dream about a rite of exorcism symbolizes financial problems. If the exorcism ritual went as planned and the devil left the body it possessed successfully, it means you’ll soon get yourself out of this financial crisis.

11. Dream about seeing exorcism

If in the dream, you do nothing but witness the exorcism process, it reflects your endurance and wisdom. You believe that a new day brings new beginnings and you endure difficulties with your loving family’s support.

Alternatively, this dream says that you’ll be victorious. It also shows your feelings for your ex-partner still hurts you.

12. Dreaming about a devil leaving an inanimate object after exorcism

The dream reassures you that everything is alright and things aren’t as dire as you believe them to be.

13. Dream about being engaged in exorcism

Dreaming about engaging yourself in the process of exorcism is a warning sign of stagnant emotions. You are experiencing an emotional breakdown and allowing external forces to control your feelings.

14. Dreaming about seeing yourself as an exorcist

A dream about seeing yourself as an exorcist signifies that you’ll have incredible demand from the opposite gender and have great influence over others.

15. Dream about performing an exorcism

The dream about performing exorcism shows flexibility. It says that you aren’t truthful, but your emotions are pure. So, you possibly use lies to protect someone or something.

16. Dream about exorcism baby

Exorcism baby in dream signifies you can go with the flow of the situations and not try to mold them according to your wish. You frequently suppress your negative feelings.

Or, it means you release your rage on others around you and don’t know how to convey your emotions.

17. Dream about self-exorcism

Having a dream about self-exorcism is not a good omen. It, unfortunately, reflects your lack of self-confidence. Though you can influence others with your opinion, your thoughts offend people.

Alternatively, this dream indicates your cheerful attitude toward life. Be aware of the negative vibes around you.

18. Dream about being exorcism

Dreaming of being the exorcism ritual means you try to regain your control and move a step forward to achieve your goals. But, you are not ready to take charge of your actions.

19. Dreaming about doing exorcism

Dreaming about doing an exorcism is a warning sign of inflexible sentiments. You experience an emotional breakdown because a situation overwhelms you in real life. You allow other people or things to control your feelings.

20. Dream about having an exorcism

The dream of having an exorcism conveys that you engage in potentially risky situations and don’t want to step away.

Although you want to improve the situation, you hold on to the negative things and they drag you behind.

21. Dreaming about giving exorcism

The dream about giving an exorcism reflects elegance, perfection, splendor, dignity, wealth, and popularity.

It’s a message to handle some situations in your life with utter politeness. Only then will you evolve new skills and habits and take charge of new rules in life.

22. Dreaming about possession and exorcism

Dreams about possession and exorcism symbolize emotional bonds. Finally, you are ready to let go of things and move forward in life.

Alternatively, this dream also predicts that you will be a part of the entertainment field.

23. Dreaming about exorcising demons at the workplace

A dream of casting out demons at your workplace foretells the arrival of some issue in your professional life.

It suggests you distance yourself from such problems and focus on the important things. Only then can you protect your job and financial stability.

24. Dreaming about exorcism where close people are possessed

Dreaming about the exorcism of possessed close ones indicates that you’ll make impulsive decisions and it’ll harm your close circle.

Ask for their advice to double-check your choice and reevaluate your actions. Don’t do something that can burden your loved ones.

25. Dreaming about demonic possession and exorcism

This dream implies that someone you’ll help wholeheartedly will bring trouble to your life. So, before you trust someone, your subconscious asks you to know them well.

Only then can you avoid disappointments in your life. Practice this regularly to distinguish between friendly people and opportunists.

26. Dreaming about an exorcism in your house

A dream about an exorcism in your house can relate to cleaning your interior.

Another message the dream conveys is to let go of the uncomfortable feelings and emotions and prioritize the feeling that is actually important and positively impacts you.

27. Dream about you being exorcised of evil spirits

This dream may have two meanings. The first meaning that the dream books suggest is that you want to regain control of your life. With extreme dedication, you are set to work towards your goals.

Alternatively, the dream may mean you do not hold your actions accountable.

28. Dreaming about exorcism in the church

Dreaming about exorcism in the church shows that you fear death. The dream is a sign that you don’t show gratitude towards God, although you put your belief in Him.

Moreover, it shows your lack of understanding of important matters in life.

29. Dreaming about exorcism in a dark room

This dream foretells that you are scared of being lonely. You want others to think positively about you.

As you always want to be in the good books of society, you feel nervous while making decisions. It also shows that you have low self-esteem.

30. Dream of a priest in black doing exorcism

If you dream about a priest in black doing exorcism, it indicates that you need help to pass through challenging life situations.

Questions to ask to understand exorcism dreams correctly

Exorcism dreams can shake you to the core and you might overlook important parts of the dream out of fear. But you must remember all the details to find the correct dream interpretation otherwise you might land on the wrong message.

So, ask yourself these questions to make sure…

1. What is the location of exorcism?

2. Who performed the exorcism?

3. On whom was the exorcism performed?

4. How did you feel during the dream?

5. What type of exorcism did you see in the dream?

A word from ThePleasantDream

Exorcism dreams may scare you because of the negativity attached to them. But realize that these dreams don’t alert you about paranormal threats.

So, find the message behind it and deal with the actual threats. Only then can you reach the wonderful life waiting for you.