Dreaming about exorcism suggest that you should be more kind towards yourself, track your expenses, or need inner peace.

Dreaming about an Exorcism – General Interpretations

Exorcism in reality is a bad omen of heinous spirits around someone. It scares you of the unknown and you resort to God for help.

However, in dreams, does exorcism mean the same? Is it all about evil spirits and God’s power? Let’s take a look here…

  • It indicates a lack of kindness
  • You are wasting money
  • You are a serious worker
  • You need inner peace
  • It indicates internal transformation

Dreaming of Exorcism – Various Types & Their Interpretations

Starting from the person being to the location and many other details affects your dream interpretation drastically.

So, if you have something more to share about your dreams, let’s head right in…

An exorcism by casting out demons from children

The dream about an exorcism by casting out demons from a kid’s body signals the trauma you faced in childhood.

It is time to move on in your adult life and free yourself from childhood trauma.

Dream about exercising your child

Dreaming about exercising your children can feel like a nightmare. But relax, because the dream interprets that you’ll lose your innocence and move on the path of maturity.

Exorcism showing that you are possessed

It indicates that someone with many problems will approach you. Though you’ll solve their problem, they’ll hurt you further.

An exorcism by casting out demons at home

A dream about an exorcism by casting out demons at home indicates you feel that negative energy surrounds you.

Casting out demons in your home signifies that you carry your spouse or family member’s burden.

Exorcism, showing that your partner is possessed

It signals that they’re facing a major issue regarding you. It’s a sign that you must repair the damage.

Dreaming about you exorcising someone

If you exorcise someone in dreams, it predicts negative upcoming changes in your life.

Exorcism and the devil’s appearance

In this dreamscape, a devil with usual appearances reminds you to be careful before signing any documents.

Your friend resisting participation in an exorcism session

This symbolizes your loneliness due to others misunderstanding your goals in waking life.

A demon banished after the exorcism.

Dreaming about a demon banished after the completion of exorcism indicates any unexpected problem. However, it also ensures you that the situation isn’t as terrible as you think.

Dream about seeing exorcism

It reflects your endurance and wisdom. You believe that a new day brings new beginnings and you endure difficulties with your loving family’s support.

A devil leaving an inanimate object after exorcism

It reassures you that everything is alright and things aren’t as dire as you believe them to be.

Being engaged in exorcism

It is a warning sign of stagnant emotions. You are experiencing an emotional breakdown and allowing external forces to control your feelings.


It reflects your lack of self-confidence. Though you can influence others with your opinion, your thoughts offend people. Alternatively, this dream indicates your cheerful attitude toward life.

Exorcising demons at the workplace

A dream of casting out demons at your workplace foretells the arrival of some issue in your professional life.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Exorcism dreams may scare you because of the negativity attached to them. But realize that these dreams don’t alert you about paranormal threats.

So, find the message behind it and deal with the actual threats. Only then can you reach the wonderful life waiting for you.