The devil is usually an embodiment of all that is negative and loathsome. Nobody favors it, be it in dreams or waking life. But it often turns up in the dreams of individuals every once in a while.

They usually are a foreboding of imminent danger or ill intentions and feelings you harbor. As opposed to common perception, demon dream meaning may also bring forth positive consequences.

We have prepared a comprehensive article on everything that relates to devil dreams. Read on and find out why the dark energy turned up in your subconscious state.

Demon Dream Meaning & Dreaming of the Devil  60+ Common Scenarios & Its Meanings
Demon Dream Meaning & Dreaming of the Devil 60+ Common Scenarios & Its Meanings

Demon Dream Meaning: General Interpretation

People dread dreaming of the devil. But surprisingly, the hideous devil in your dream could also be a carrier of good news. 

Sometimes, you must have woken up in the middle of the night, drenched in sweat and frightened to your bones. A devil or any dark entity in dreams is a common scenario, and everyone encounters them at least a few times in their lives.

It has more to do with your fears and desires and little or nothing to do with your religious behavior, as the devil also turns up occasionally in the dreams of pastors as much as they do in the dreams of atheists.

Generally, when the devil surfaces in dreams, we assume that it signifies negativity and unpleasant events and incidents. But the truth is far from this. Often, the demon in our dreams reminds us of our strength to withstand hindrances and obstacles.

It could also indicate positive implications such as getting a better-paying job or a promotion. In short, devil dreams may suggest both positive and negative implications. According to Carl Jung, devil dreams signify a sense of guilt and fear of the consequences.

In waking life, the devil is an embodiment of everything evil. Nothing good comes out of associating with it. However, the case is different in dreams.

Occasionally, demons show up in dreams to let the dreamer be aware of something lacking in his life, which is especially true if you have recurring dreams that involve dark entities.

Dreaming of the Devil : Symbolism

People entertain the notion that some dark energy is after them in their waking life if the devil appears in dreams. Such ideas cannot be farther from the truth.

It surfaces in your subconscious state for a variety of reasons. And unexpectedly, demon dream meanings also have positive connotations. Find out your demon dream meaning and its symbolism.

1. Danger

The devil might turn up in your dreams to warn you of the forthcoming dark and difficult days. Note that it is not to scare or discourage you but to make you aware of what is likely to happen if anything goes haywire.

2. Pressure

You might be under a lot of stress in waking life if you dream of the devil.

3. Conflict

Our entire life is a conflict. It is a continuous battle between what we want and what our parents want for us, what we pretend to desire, and what our soul yearns. We often get encouraged to do something against our wishes.

Though many turn out well, a lot ends up ugly. The devil in a dream could also stand for a conflict you are currently facing or will soon encounter in life.

In case you had a devil dream and somehow connected it with a dispute or confrontation, in reality, look closely since a solution is likely to be hinted at in the dream plot. 

4. Temptations and Addictions

Devil dreams are also possible if you are inclined to unhealthy addictions and temptations towards negativity. The devil probably turned up to warn you of where your ill practices might lead you.

Take a closer look, and find out if you are addicted to something generally shunned by people. The dream may be implicating that it is high time you fix your habits.

5. Inner Strength

Sometimes the negative energy shows up in your subconscious state and brings positivity. Occasionally, the devil could be a reminder of your hidden strengths and potential to overcome challenges and obstacles.

Demon Dream Meaning: Biblical

God cast out Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden after they had the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. According to the Bible, seeing the devil or any evil entities in dreams symbolizes temptation.

An event, object, or even a person might have left you tempted to do something you don’t usually.

Let the dark visitor in your dream serve you as a reminder not to fall prey to your momentary feelings as they will not prove beneficial for you in any way.

What does it mean when you dream about the devil? : 60+ Common Dream Scenarios 

Dreaming of the devil generally stand for your fears and limitations. But surprisingly, the devil in dreams is also a carrier of positive energy and messages. Devil dreams vary depending on the dream plot and other entities present.

So, it is necessary to understand the specific dream context well before getting to the interpretation. We have gathered some of the most common dreams associated with the devil.

1. Demon dream meaning where the devil takes the form of a man

Somebody, probably a man, is trying to harm you. Be careful of who you associate with in waking life. It would be wise of you not to let just anyone into your circle without knowing who and what their intentions are.

According to dream analysts, this dream also implies that you have greatly wronged a person in some ways. You might have committed it intentionally or unintentionally.

Now that you know what exactly happened, you must make amends for the wrongs if you want to put an end to the devils visiting you. 

2. What is the demon dream meaning if the devil takes the form of a woman?

This dream plot carries the same interpretation as above. You must have hurt a woman physically or emotionally, or it could also mean that a lady with evil intentions is lurking around to sabotage your life and career.

You would know best which of the interpretations befits your present state of life. Try to figure out which relates more and act accordingly.

3. What is the demon dream meaning if the demon is you?

Dreams of being the devil denote your inability to resist temptations. Temptation happens to all. It is the will of God that every individual experiences temptation at various points of their lives to prove their loyalty to him.

Temptation is not a sin in itself. It is the evil playing with the souls of mortals. Evil entities tempt and induce mortal beings to sin and thereby usher them to their ruins.

In your dream, if you were the devil, it means your inner self is enticing you to commit wrong deeds. It could also be people around you encouraging you to be a part of such disgraceful activities.

It could be related to your love life or career. Perhaps, a third-person popped up and is encouraging you to cheat with them on your partner. Before you get involved with such people, remind yourself of the consequences and the mess you will be in afterward.

4. Flee from the devil in dreams

To flee from the devil in a dream stands for conflicts and confrontations. It could be with your superiors at work, friends, or family. It would be no complex matter, and you should be in control of your emotions.

Refrain from using harsh words and offending the other party involved. Because you are likely to be in a difficult spot if you let your temperament have the better of the situation.

5. Dream of chasing the demon

Dreams of chasing the devil could indicate that you are fighting for what you want. Life probably is getting monotonous for you, and you might have decided to stand up for your goals and desires.

It will be no easy path but, trying is always better than giving up without even trying.

6. Dream of being chased by the devil

If the evil chases you in your dream, there is a high possibility that you are ignoring some issues in your life, and the dream plot is a reminder that you need to tackle them as soon as possible.

7. What is the demon dream meaning if the demon you in your dreams?

The devil attacking you in your dreams represents your feelings. It is none but your shame and guilt after you in your dream scenario.

You might be regretting and repenting over some of your shameful deeds. It doesn’t necessarily need to be an overtly disgraceful incident because it could even be the guilt you feel for arriving late on your first date.

8. Dream of fighting with the devil

There are several interpretations of this dream. However, the most common one is that it symbolizes the battle between you and your inner voice, between your positive and negative sides.

The following days and months after this dream would be turbulent, and there would probably be clashes between you and your inner voice.

For example, Your logical mind could tell you to move on from your past relationship. Despite knowing that to be the right decision, you may hesitate to let go as you still have feelings for the past person. 

In some cases, the devil in your dreams also represents your rivals. Be cautious as the dream context suggests they are looking for ways to harm you.

If you were the victorious one in the dream, there is a high chance that you will defeat your opponent in waking life.

Sometimes, the devil is also associated with complicated situations, which crop up to hinder your progress.

In this context, fighting with the demon means to possess the strength to face the obstacles in your path. 

9. What does a fight with the demon in dreams indicate for married women?

If you are a married woman, you must be cautious if you dream of fighting with the devil. An ex-boyfriend may turn up at your doors out of the blue. However, matters may not end here. He would probably coax you to fall for him all over again.

The situation may even compel you to leave your family to renew your relationship with him. But according to the dream plot, he will ruthlessly betray you.

In some cases, it could be strangers and not exes. The best thing you can do would be to be wary of everyone other than your family and friends.

10. Defeated by the devil in dreams?

The devil defeating you in your dreams could mean someone meddling in your life. It doesn’t mean you will lose to others in reality. Losing to the devil also foreshadows going back to your old habits. 

11. Dream of a devil in combat with God or angels

A dream plot that portrays the devil in combat with God or the angels reflects your ambiguity. Most people adopt different personality traits to adjust to life.

For instance, you may be an easy-going person who likes to be on friendly and jolly terms with everyone around you.

However, in a meeting with your superiors, you need to showcase another personality that is far from your genuine self. While the devil represents one side of your personality, the angels and God stand for the opposing side.

12. Defeating the devil in dreams

If you managed to defeat the devil in your dreams, it could be an implication that you are trying to forgive the wrong deeds you have performed in the past. This dream also suggests that you have the temptation to perform or acquire something.

Your victory also indicates winning a complex battle in life. It might have seemed hopeless, but the dream implies that the tables may turn in your favor.

13. Killing the demon in a dream

The devil is always a representation of evil and negative energies. So, to dream of killing the devil or the embodiment of evil is a positive sign.

It is an indication that you have not let the negativity around you influence your actions. Most probably, you have a virtuous life and live up to moral values and principles. 

14. What does it mean to dream of being possessed?

You are likely to have such dreams if you have been entertaining ill thoughts regarding something.

It could also mean that you have lost control over a thing, situation, or a person and have been behaving recklessly. Occasionally, such dreams foretell that your problems and worries will soon be over.

Such a plot could also indicate success and fame.

15. What does it mean if someone else other than you was possessed by the devil in your dreams?

According to psychoanalysts, if someone else was possessed in your dream, it means you evaluate qualities without considering objective reality. Perhaps other people do not like this side of you.

16. What does it mean to cast out the evil spirit from a close person possessed by the devil in your dreams?

To have a dream plot of you casting out the evil spirit from a near one possessed by the devil means you will be able to save someone close to you from the grip of death.

17. Dream of hearing the evil voice

To hear the sinister voice of the devil in your dream and to go by his words means you are making rash decisions based on momentary feelings.

Do not let your emotions decide your actions. Remember the saying, ‘Don’t promise when you are happy, don’t reply when you are angry and don’t decide when you are sad’. It might be too late to undo your words.

18. Dream of talking to the demon

You will come across temptations soon, and you will not be able to resist them, however hard you try. It could refer to your career or love life. You will feel tempted to cheat on your partner with another person.

If you were exchanging ideas and opinions with the demon, it symbolizes your daring and fearless nature.

Your courageous side will help you gain victory in different walks of life. Talking with the devil also implies that you will gain wealth and will receive an unexpected inheritance.

19. Devil trying to amaze you in your dream

Such a dream is a foreboding of dark days and unfortunate events. You will face difficulties in your life. Your situations might have turned out this way because of your perspective on life.

According to dream interpreters, you care more about the outer appearance of life. You often prioritize how you look to others and society.

To look refined and polished to the public eyes, you have perhaps ignored the calling and purpose of your existence. And ultimately, this will have an impact on your life. Your love life, too, will not be spared. You are likely to be unhappy in every walk of life.

20. Deal with the devil in dreams

Signing a deal with the devil is not a positive sign, especially for those who run businesses. The dream warns you not to trust anyone.

A wrong choice may compel you to take the entire fall. You have to be extra cautious of those working with you as your failure means their success. 

There is another interpretation of this dream. Signing a deal with the demon stands for selling your soul to Satan and signing it with your blood.

You may lead a disreputable and corrupted life. There is a possibility that your life will revolve around lust, disgrace, and base desires. 

21. Serving the demon in the dream

To serve the devil in the dream indicates that you are easy to influence. You often fall prey to wicked temptations and illegal activities.

The dream scenario suggests that you give in to the promises others make despite being aware of their fakeness. 

22. Marrying the devil in dreams

This dream is an indication that you are having a tough time coping because of your love interest. You could be in love with someone who has rejected you wholeheartedly or is not reciprocating in the manner you wish.

Perhaps, failure to get into a relationship with the one you adore is jeopardizing your mental state.

However, don’t take it to heart because when things fall apart, they are falling into places. Perhaps destiny has something better awaiting you. If you feel that your efforts are taking you nowhere, it is time you move on.

It also indicates a lack of communication between you and your partner. Pay close attention to the dream plot. Dreams are often a reflection of reality.

Look for ways to see what you can do to improve the relationship between you and your partner.

23. Kissing the demon in dreams

Overall, any kind of close relationship with the devil is a negative sign. If you dream of the devil kissing you or vice-versa, someone very close to you will betray you.

24. Dream of being pregnant with the devil’s child

Very often, women tend to have this dream during their pregnancy. It indicates that you are anxious and worried about the child inside you.

As a to-be mother, you wish the best for your child, and the dream is an implication that you are anxious about his/her well-being. 

This dream is also common amongst women who are not pregnant. But in this case, it has a negative implication. You have been embracing sinister feelings, ideas, and thoughts which may cause harm to those around you.

25. Dream of making love to the devil

Be on your toes! That is what your subconscious state is trying to tell you. Someone you trust is cooking something vicious behind your back. It could be about your finances, relationship, career, or anything else. 

It could also mean that there are lots of people who want to have you. Not because they respect and adore you for who you are. They pursue you just for your outer appearance.

26. What does sacrificing to the devil in a dream stand for?

If you made a sacrifice to the devil in your dream, you would gain wealth. However, don’t get too excited yet because the dream plot suggests that this particular fortune came to you through deceit and immoral activities.

No lie stays hidden forever. While there still is time, try to undo the wrongs to avoid getting into trouble.

27. Dream of going to hell with the devil

Heading towards hell along with the devil has positive implications. There is a possibility that you will see a significant rise in your income.

You could get a promotion or another job that pays better than the present one. You might also see your relationship getting better.

28. Dream of the devil in hell with flames burning

This dream plot stands for your repressed sexual desires. You could be in a platonic relationship. According to dream analysts, it is your repressed instincts and urges surfacing in the form of the devil and flames.

29. Dream of surrounded by demons and burning fire

If this is the plot your subconscious state encountered, you have a dark secret that you are ashamed of exposing.

30. Dream of the demon in your bedroom

This dream is an indication that you are letting somebody get too close to you in your waking life.

31. Dream of the devil present in the room

The devil in your room is a warning. There might be people around trying to get into your circle to mingle with you. But your subconscious state says, “Take time to get to know them well, and don’t be in a hurry to accept their offer of friendship”.

It could even be a love interest trying to get close to you to fulfill their personal goals. Whichever it is, you know what to do.  

32. What does it mean to dream to be together with evil in an unknown place?

If you saw yourself with the devil in an unfamiliar place, it indicates a sickness. It could also suggest that you are now ready to explore various sides of your personality.

33. Dream of devil smiling at you

If you dream of the devil smiling at you in your dreams, luck will soon favor you. You might also stumble upon a fortune that you had not anticipated receiving.

34. Dream of a laughing devil

To have dreams of a laughing devil is an indication that someone is green with envy of you and your achievements. He/she acknowledges that you are superior and tries all in their means to imitate you. 

35. What does it mean to dream to be friends with the devil?

The devil is a tempter and tries to win over the souls of mortals with cunning temptations. If you dream of being friends with the devil, it means you are easy to manipulate.

You likely give in to people and ideas even if you don’t approve of them wholeheartedly. 

36. What does it mean if the devil attracted you in your dreams?

In your dreams, if the devil showed up as a well-dressed man and attracted you, you will heed to the voice of vice. You will end up taking the wrong path due to the influence of a person who pretends to wish for your welfare.

37. Ugly demon in dreams

To see an ugly demon in dreams means that there is a chance of you getting involved in dangerous situations.

38. Devil helps you in your dream

The devil helping you in your dream is a reflection of your personality. Perhaps you are a narcissist or suffer from a borderline personality disorder.

It can also be a combination of the two. The dream plot is evidence that you never acknowledge others and always think you are right.

Try looking at things and situations from various perspectives, and you would be able to see loopholes in your thinking too.

39. Dreaming of an angry devil

An angry devil in dreams represents difficulties and problems that you are likely to face soon. If you have been planning a trip somewhere, the best thing you can do would be to put off your plan for the time being.

40. What is the demon dream meaning if you were afraid of the devil in your dreams?

If you were afraid of the devil in your dreams, it means others have discovered the negative personality traits you possessed.

This dream might be an opportunity to repent for all the ill feelings you have harbored towards others. Take this chance to turn over a new leaf.

41. Dream of being unafraid of evil energy

This dream is an indication that you are fully aware of the negative personality traits you possessed. No man is a saint, and each person has at least one or two drawbacks capable of tarnishing their whole image.

What distinguishes good people from their counterparts is whether they can push back and ignore their negative traits. The dream is evidence that you have the capability of suppressing your dark side.

42. Dream of devil standing in your way

The devil standing on your way has different interpretations. In the first instance, it symbolizes obstacles and difficulties hindering your path to success.

It could be an object or an event, but it could also stand for a person doing everything they can in their power to pull you down.

On the flip side, dream interpreters have stated that it might also mean the complete opposite. You might have been worried about how a project would turn out to be.

You might have been very sure that it would be a failure. But unexpectedly, someone might come to you with amazing news concerning the project.

43. Dream of devil threatening your family?

To dream of the devil threatening your family is your subconscious state foreseeing your family in a difficult situation.

It could also symbolize the sympathetic feelings you have towards your people. Whatever the scenario is, communicate well with them and tell them to be careful.

44. Demon watched you in your dream

Usually, dreams of the devil watching you indicate someone manipulating you.

45. Dream of devil lookin at you from the darkness

If you dream of the devil looking at you from the darkness, someone close to you is scheming to hurt you. 

46. Devil in disguise in a dream

The devil disguised as someone and showing up is no good sign. You are probably lying to yourself and others about something. The devil in disguise could also mean somebody is pretending to be a person they are not.

47. What does it indicate if someone you know in waking life appears as the demon in your dream?

If someone you know appeared in your dream as the devil, that person would fall victim to fraudulent schemes. By some means, you could have managed to avoid falling prey to the injustice. 

Another interpretation of this scenario is that a person is showing you his/her fake personality. He/she might have flattered you with kind, forgiving words, but the dream is an indication that he/she is not his/her genuine self with you.

48. Dreaming of the devil on television

If you dream of seeing the devil on TV, it implies that you trust the media blindly. Keep in mind that not everything shown to the public is authentic. Learn to differentiate between which to trust and which to not. 

49. Dream about receiving presents from a devil

The devil giving you gifts in dreams symbolizes an illness.

50. Dream of celebrating something with the devil

Celebrating an event with the devil indicates that your life is guided by base instincts.

51. What is the demon dream meaning if the dreamer is a farmer?

If a farmer sees the devil in dreams, it is a foreboding of a terrible harvest. The demon brings a message that natural calamities like floods or droughts may occur.

52. What is the demon dream meaning if the dreamer is an athlete?

If you have been preparing hard to bring home a trophy, the devil in your dream will ensure that you fail.

Moreover, you are likely to get hurt very badly. It would be wise to be extra careful during practice and matches. 

53. What is the demon dream meaning if a girl sees the devil in the form of a human?

This is not a good sign. If the dark energy managed to lure you into its home, it indicates that a person who is not mentally sound has fallen for you.

Such types of people are often impulsive and do not care to think of the consequences. If you know any such person, you better keep your distance from him for your safety.

Such types of dreams may also indicate a lustful and seductive life, which would sabotage your reputation in the long run.

54. Dream of a red Satan

A red devil represents misunderstandings and problems in your relationships due to a lack of communication.

Red devil generally represents your fears, limitations, and difficulties. It appeared in your subconscious not to discourage but to encourage you to keep fighting for what you want to achieve in life.

55. What does a devil in blue indicate in the dream?

You are likely to face difficulties if you dream of a devil clad in blue.

56. What is the demon dream meaning if the demon was dressed in black?

To dream of the devil clad in black indicates difficulties. It could be those you are currently facing or those you will encounter very soon. To get out of the problems, seek help from a person you trust and heed their advice.

57. What do devils in dark clothing and sharp teeth stand for in a dream?

Such dream plots stand for problems in your life. It also symbolizes major changes that are coming into your life. If the demon harmed you in your dream, it indicates that you are still not ready to make changes.

58. Dream of black devils

The black devil has several interpretations. While societies usually relate it to Satan and cults, theology connects the black devil in dreams to your repressed feelings and secrets. According to ancient folklore, the black devil gives caution not to misuse your power.

According to dream interpreters, the appearance of black devils in dreams also stands for finance-related difficulties. A conversation with such a demon also suggests betrayal and deception.

59. Dream of hell

As you know, hell is where sinners are burned and tortured to death. Basically, it has a negative connotation. To dream of the dark place reflects your mental state in waking life.

You are probably going through challenging times. Try to recall the dream correctly because chances are, it hints at a solution on how to overcome your problems. 

If you dream of burning flames, it symbolizes purification and the burning of negativity. 

In some cases, hell also exposes how a particular person feels about you.

60.Dreaming of the devil horns

Usually, a devil horn in dreams represents ill luck. Have you been investing your time and effort in anything and looking forward to the reward it will reap? If so, the horn of the devil is an implication that there will be no benefits of any kind.

Your whole effort will go in vain as whatever you have been working on will fail. However, do not give up yet. Failures are the stepping stones to success, and your next shot may take you to your destination.

61. What does it mean to dream of the eyes of the devil?

The eyes of the devil in dreams are an embodiment of ill luck. Somebody is probably trying to harm either you or your near ones. 

62. What does dreaming of the devil surprising you mean?

If the devil surprised you in your dreams, it reflects your feelings towards your rivals in waking life. You might have had the same feeling when you encountered your adversaries out of the blue in real life.

A Few Things You Should Be Clear About Before You Delve into your Dreaming of the Devil!

The interpretation of your devil dreams will not be similar to that of someone else. Before you settle on a dream meaning, you need to be clear of various other factors that affect the dream. A few pointers and questions are:

  1. Devil dreams had by a married woman will differ from that of a young girl and so on.
  2. Was the devil alone, or was anyone else present in the dream? If yes, who and what were they? Take detailed note of this as it will impact the overall interpretation.
  3. What was the mood of the dream? Was the devil smiling at you, or was it furious?
  4. Were you afraid of the evil energy, or were you least affected by its presence?

Parting Words

Different cultures around the world interpret dreams of the devil differently according to their beliefs. However, we need to remember that any dream scenario associated with the demon carries a strong message.

It might represent an unfortunate incident you would encounter or your strengths and potential. Whatever it may be, recall your dream scenario with the details and find out the demon dream meaning.

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