Dreams about spitting may refer to your need for affection, a message to stay alert or a sign to address your emotions.

Dreaming about Spitting –  Various Types & Their Interpretations
Dreaming about Spitting – Various Types & Their Interpretations

Dreaming about Spitting – General Interpretations

Spitting is a disrespectful act if it’s directed towards a person, in no-spitting areas, or even in heritage places.

However, it’s important to spit if you put something indigestible in your mouth. Similar to how diverse reasons for spitting can be, the general reasons for the dream are also vast. So, let’s get on with it…

  • You need affection – To dream about spitting shows that you desire attention.
  • Stay alert! – Spitting in dreams also indicates you stay alert.
  • You’ve high ambitions – Such dreams may also highlight that you are a responsible person. You have high ambitions, and you do everything to accomplish them.
  • It’s time to address emotions – The dream asks you to address your emotions to others.
  • You need energy – The dream of spitting may suggest that you’ll lack energy in some life situations.

Spitting in Dream –  Various Types & Their Interpretations

In dreams, if you spit out rocks, it shows you’re admirable. But diamond spitting dreams show your quest for truth.

The smallest elements in your dream have a huge impact on the final dream interpretation. So, let’s try to know what yours mean here…

Dream of spitting at someone

This indicates that you will get into an argument with someone annoying. Later, you’ll realize that you must ignore such people in the first place rather than wasting your time on them.

Dreaming about someone spitting at you

Someone spitting at you in a dream symbolizes luck. It means you reached the desired position you longed for in your personal and professional lives.

Dream about spitting blood

This dream asks you to pay more attention to your health. It indicates going for a medical checkup. You do not exercise or eat healthy.

Neither do you focus on your health during sick days. You always take your body for granted.

Spitting at your mother

Spitting at your mother in a dream suggests that you feel guilty for behaving rudely with your mother. You probably argued with her on petty things and now feel bad about it.

Remember, your mother only wishes good for you, so there’s no harm in apologizing and making peace with yourself.

Spitting at your father

This shows you feel resentful towards your father. You probably repeatedly argued with him in childhood and ultimately succumbed to his demands.

However, today you feel you would be in a better position if you follow your heart. 

Spitting at your sibling

It is a sign that you are in dispute with your sibling. Probably you want to prove who’s better than the other and are caught up in a rat race.

Situations will come under control only when you support and cheer each other.

Spitting at your partner

Unfortunately, this dream has a negative interpretation. It means that your relationship or marriage may end soon. The rosy stage is now over, and you often argue with each other. 

Spitting at your friend

This indicates jealousy. You envy your friend because they have something you have always aspired for.

Probably they landed your dream job. But this emotion is useless; rather, work harder to fulfill your goals.

Spitting at your boss

Dream of spitting at your boss reflects that you are unhappy with your workplace.

Your ambitions are unfulfilled, and you are underpaid for your efforts. You must look for a new job if you’re constantly dissatisfied.

Spitting at a doctor

If you spit at a doctor in your dream, your conscience asks you to focus on your physical and mental well-being. You ignored the symptoms for a long time.

Spitting in a bowl

Dream of spitting in a bowl means that others want you to do something you dislike. However, you still obey them for their happiness.

Spitting on a floor

It signals a new beginning in your life. You will start a new chapter that will decide your future. While taking opportunities, be very careful as you’ll decide your destiny along with it.

Spitting hair

Dream of spitting hair suggests luck, honor, and respect are not by your side. You feel overwhelmed and helpless. Your enemies try to ruin your good image.

Spitting fire

Spitting fire in dream shows that you’ll get a prominent position in your life. Your work is appreciated. This dream stands as a symbol of harmony.

Spiritual Meaning of Spitting Dreams

Spiritually, spitting on someone is a bad omen. Spitting out insects is a sign of freedom from negativity. Women dreaming of repeatedly spitting in dreams signify pregnancy or other good news.

From the spiritual viewpoint, if you spit at another person or a person or animal spits at you, it’s a bad symbolism of hatred, jealousy, disrespect, fights, rejection, infertility, or even illnesses.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Most dreams about spitting indicate you have too much on your plate to handle. So, you may feel overwhelmed. Remember that balance is an important aspect of your life.

However, if your dream says something positive. Be grateful but don’t be too proud. Work for the better of everyone else and yourself. Don’t forget that charity begins at home and YOU are your first home.