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Dreaming about Spitting – 65 Types & Their Interpretations

Dreaming about Spitting – 65 Types & Their Interpretations

Updated on Jan 23, 2023 | Published on Jun 29, 2022

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

While dreams about skeletons can represent your achievements and prosperity, they can also suggest stress, humiliation, and low confidence.

Dreaming about spitting can make you feel disgusted. However, you mustn’t be as it’s a message from higher powers for your improvement!

So, what does it mean? I’ll let you in on the hush-hush talk in this think-piece. 

C’mon, let’s quickly quench your thirst instead of spitting here…

Dreaming about Spitting –  65 Types & Their Interpretations
Dreaming about Spitting – 65 Types & Their Interpretations

Dreaming about Spitting – General Interpretations

Dreams about spitting may refer to your need for affection, a message to stay alert or a sign to address your emotions.

Spitting is a disrespectful act if it’s directed towards a person, in no-spitting areas, or even in heritage places.

However, it’s important to spit if you put something indigestible in your mouth. Similar to how diverse reasons for spitting can be, the general reasons for the dream are also vast. So, let’s get on with it…

1. You need affection

To dream about spitting shows that you desire attention. You want people to appreciate your work and give you credit for your efforts.

Moreover, you love socializing and enjoying life. So, when someone appreciates you, you feel encouraged to work more.

2. Stay alert!

Spitting in dreams also indicates you stay alert. You are probably surrounded by people who talk behind your back or misinterpret your words.

Hence, check your words before speaking, otherwise, it’ll lead you to trouble. 

3. You’ve high ambitions

Such dreams may also highlight that you are a responsible person. You have high ambitions, and you do everything to accomplish them.

You are ready to work harder to reach your desired position. People appreciate your work and seek your help.

4. It’s time to address emotions

The dream asks you to address your emotions to others. You often feel overwhelmed but keep your emotions bottled up. Instead, talk about your feelings with others and feel better.

Suppressing your emotions will kill you from the inside and affect your productivity.

5. You need energy

The dream of spitting may suggest that you’ll lack energy in some life situations. You may find no control or energy in some situations.

Perhaps you may also opt for the spiritual road to rejuvenate yourself to deal with things better.

Spitting in Dream –  65 Types & Their Interpretations

In dreams, if you spit out rocks, it shows you’re admirable. But diamond spitting dreams show your quest for truth.

The smallest elements in your dream have a huge impact on the final dream interpretation. So, let’s try to know what yours mean here…

1. Dream of spitting at someone

This dream indicates that you will get into an argument with someone annoying. Later, you’ll realize that you must ignore such people in the first place rather than wasting your time on them.

2. Dreaming about someone spitting at you

Someone spitting at you in a dream symbolizes luck. It means you reached the desired position you longed for in your personal and professional lives. You compromised a lot and never gave up.

3. Dreaming about watching someone being spat at

Such a dream is a sign of cowardness. You want to stand for and support the innocent, weak people, but you stay away.

You feel guilty for it, but you did it to avoid disputes for yourself. However, later, you may regret your actions.

4. Dream of spitting in the distance

Dream of spitting in the distance reflects that you feel bored. So, you spend time in useless activities like sleeping, watching movies, wandering, and playing games excessively.

You don’t work towards finding opportunities but want them to find you.

5. Dream about spitting blood

This dream asks you to pay more attention to your health. It indicates going for a medical checkup. You do not exercise or eat healthy. Neither do you focus on your health during sick days. You always take your body for granted.

6. Dreaming about spitting at your mother

Spitting at your mother in a dream suggests that you feel guilty for behaving rudely with your mother. You probably argued with her on petty things and now feel bad about it.

Remember, your mother only wishes good for you, so there’s no harm in apologizing and making peace with yourself.

7. Dreaming about a mother spitting at you

If your mother spits at you in the dream, your conscience asks you to follow her advice.

You may be stuck in a personal, emotional, or financial issue in your waking life and need a helping hand. So, the dream asks you to follow your mother’s words without any hesitation.

8. Dream of spitting at your father

This dream shows you feel resentful towards your father. You probably repeatedly argued with him in childhood and ultimately succumbed to his demands.

However, today you feel you would be in a better position if you follow your heart. 

9. Dreaming about your father spitting at you

Such a dream is a sign that your father has high hopes for you. And you equally try hard to fulfill his expectations. But, it becomes difficult for you to deal with the pressure, and you often break down.

10. Dreaming about spitting at your sibling

It is a sign that you are in dispute with your sibling. Probably you want to prove who’s better than the other and are caught up in a rat race. Situations will come under control only when you support and cheer each other.

11. Dream of your sibling spitting at you

Dream of your sibling spitting at you indicates they’re unhappy with your life choices. Probably, they believe you chose the wrong life partner or a career path. You will have a challenging time making them happy.

12. Dreaming about spitting at your partner

Unfortunately, this dream has a negative interpretation. It means that your relationship or marriage may end soon. The rosy stage is now over, and you often argue with each other. 

13. Dreaming about your partner spitting at you

Dreaming of your partner spitting at you means you think they don’t respect you. They take your efforts and talents for granted. Try solving the issues with honest communication with them.

14. Dream of spitting at your friend

This dream indicates jealousy. You envy your friend because they have something you have always aspired for.

Probably they landed your dream job. But this emotion is useless; rather, work harder to fulfill your goals.

15. Dream of your friend spitting at you

Dream of your friend spitting at you predicts that they’ll gossip behind your back. They discuss your mistakes with others.

Probably they don’t want to say it to your face because they don’t want to hurt you or are not your true friend.

16. Dreaming about spitting at your colleague

Spitting at your colleague in your dream indicates that you feel bad about not achieving as much success as them. Forget about competing with them, and focus on your goals to move forward.

17. Dreaming about your colleague spitting at you

The colleague you saw in the dream will turn to you for help. They may seek your advice, mostly in professional life, when they get stuck. Don’t ignore them, as your duty is to help the needy.

18. Dreaming about spitting at your boss

Dream of spitting at your boss reflects that you are unhappy with your workplace. Your ambitions are unfulfilled, and you are underpaid for your efforts. You must look for a new job if you’re constantly dissatisfied.

19. Dream of your boss spitting at you

Boss spitting at you in the dream indicates that you may do something stupid if someone provokes you. Rather, be alert and respond to such people only with a smile. If you get angry, you’ll help them fulfill their goals.

20. Dream of spitting at a doctor

If you spit at a doctor in your dream, your conscience asks you to focus on your physical and mental well-being. You ignored the symptoms for a long time. But it’s time to opt for professional help.

21. Dream of a doctor spitting at you

This dream is an indication that you will cross paths with unprofessional people. You don’t understand their thoughts and find them extremely arrogant.

22. Dream of spitting at a stranger

Channelize your negative energy if you get this dream. It is not right to remove your frustration on your loved ones because they don’t deserve that treatment. You must deal with such emotions differently.

23. Dream of a stranger spitting on you

A stranger spitting on you in the dream shows that something unpleasant will happen around you. People you recently met may argue and will try to pull you into their issue.

24. Dream of spitting in a bowl

Dream of spitting in a bowl means that others want you to do something you dislike. However, you still obey them for their happiness.

25. Dreaming about spitting on a floor

Spitting on a floor in the dream signals a new beginning in your life. You will start a new chapter that will decide your future. While taking opportunities, be very careful as you’ll decide your destiny along with it.

26. Dreaming about spitting three times

Spitting three times in a dream shows that you force your luck.

27. Dream about not being able to spit

Dream books suggest you will witness an unambiguous event in your life if you cannot spit in your dream and are choking. The most difficult part will be to react to such events.

28. Dream about spitting out worms

Spitting worms in your dreams asks you to be careful with your words. You never know who misinterprets your words and lands you in trouble. If you see someone near you spitting worms, they gossip about you.

29. Dream of spitting sand

According to the majority of the dream books, spitting sand indicates you waste your time. You must utilize it by indulging yourself in fruitful activities.

30. Dreaming about spitting milk

This dream has a huge connection with your emotions. You want others to know that you reached your destination and won your battle. You want people to praise you for your victory.

31. Dreaming about spitting hair

Dream of spitting hair suggests luck, honor, and respect are not by your side. You feel overwhelmed and helpless. Your enemies try to ruin your good image.

32. Dream of spitting fire

Spitting fire in dream shows that you’ll get a prominent position in your life. Your work is appreciated. This dream stands as a symbol of harmony.

33. Dreaming about spitting bugs

Spitting bugs in your dream shows you are creative and passionate. But, you must be very straightforward while communicating your emotions. Adventures await you in your real life.

34. Dreaming about spitting dirt

The dream of spitting dirt is a symbol of balance in many dream books. You feel overwhelmed because of real-life situations. A few instances from your life laid a great impact on you.

35. Dreaming about spitting food

Spitting food in dream represents self-confidence. At present, you are worried about the result of a situation in your life and want to control everything happening in your surroundings. You need the energy to deal with life situations.

36. Dreaming about spitting rice

Spitting rice in dream signifies you as a cooperative person. You have your mind focused on your goals while fulfilling every responsibility. However, you must put forward your desires before others.

37. Dreams about spitting out teeth

Well, this dream doesn’t seem positive. It indicates that your relationship will end. You’ll need more support to deal with the circumstances. A good idea can be to move towards spirituality.

38. Dream of spitting nails

Spitting nails in dream shows that you want to maintain distance from your family. It is because you enjoy your newly-found freedom.

39. Dream of spitting mucus

This dream shows that you portray yourself as a different individual. You must be yourself to deal with every difficulty in the best form.

40. Dreaming about spitting feces

Spitting feces in a dream represents that you have a positive approach in your life. The dream is a symbol of peace. Alternatively, you must face problems in your life even if it pains you.

41. Dreaming about spitting black

Dream of spitting black symbolizes an end to something in your life. It indicates people push you around and you do nothing about it. You lack a self-image and sacrifice yourself. 

42. Dream of spitting seeds

Such a dream symbolizes a disbalance between your heart and mind. Something doesn’t let you pay close attention to the things in your life. It indicates a need for change in your life and to level up your awareness and feelings.

43. Dreaming about spitting metal

Dream of spitting metal is a sign of emotional instability. You are caught up in feelings and emotions you refuse to let go of. You think you are being deceived and act defensively. You seek protection from your subconsciousness. 

44. Dreaming about spitting cobra

Spitting cobra in a dream reflects new beginnings. You’ll experience growth and prosperity and realize your true potential. It’ll bring you wealth and good fortune. The current dramatic events in your life will soon change.

45. Dream of spitting coins

Dream of spitting coins indicates a misunderstanding in your life. You are being reckless around people, and that affects them.

It also shows you embrace your sensuality. It may eventually land you into an emotional turn of events.

46. Dreaming about spitting water

If you dream of spitting water, it symbolizes several things. It is a sign of unfinished goals and that you prioritize others’ goals instead of yours.

It also reflects that you are stressed, overwhelmed, and a passive person, and it lets others overpower you.

47. Dream about spitting out glass

Dream of spitting glass indicates you hold back something within you. It is like you contain something in your throat and won’t let it out, and that hurts you. You will face many hardships if you do not vent this out.

48. Dream about spitting out rocks

Dream of spitting rocks symbolizes you having an admirable personality. It means you shine everywhere, whether at work or in an academic environment.

People in your surroundings admire you to a great extent. This dream also indicates some people want to be on your side.

49. Dreaming about spitting phlegm

Dream of spitting phlegm reflects people passing comments on you. The comments need not necessarily be negative and might also indicate praise.

Depending on whether you feel positive or negative about the dream, analyze your actions in real life. 

50. Dreaming about spitting needles

Spitting needles in dream indicates you are playful, childish, and innocent. You use these as a cover for your anger to conceal it from people because you value them. It indicates you must be a little free and casual in your life.

51. Dreaming about spitting spiders

Spitting spiders in dream indicates you lack inner nourishment. You keep running away from responsibilities for your actions and demand independence and power.

You must let people into your life and share it with them. It’ll bring some positive changes to your life.

52. Dreaming about spitting insects

Dream of spitting insects is an indication of regression. You regress into your comfort zone and new emotional territory. You have regrets about something that festers inside you, like insects. 

53. Dreaming about spitting maggots

Spitting maggots in a dream reflects your unwillingness to evolve and change with time. It indicates you lack spiritual flow in your life and feel disillusioned. 

54. Dream of spitting diamonds

Dream of spitting diamonds is a symbolization of your hunt for the truth. It indicates that you want to find yourself.

You dig deeper into the core of the things in search of truth as you would search for a diamond in a treasure hunt. 

55. Dreaming about snakes spitting venom

Dream of snakes spitting venom symbolizes misconception. You might find something appealing and satisfying, but it might turn out to be the opposite.

Such misconceptions indicate a negative turn in your business, personal life, or health. 

56. Dream of stepping on spit

Such a dream is a sign that you lack empathy. It reflects bad consequences mainly because of judging someone. You judge people inappropriately based on their looks and personality traits, and it can get you into trouble. 

57. Dreaming about spitting anger

Dream of spitting anger indicates bad financial habits. It means you mishandle your money by lending it to inappropriate people and regret it later.

58. Dream of spitting in a holy place

Dream of spitting in a holy place is an indication of gratitude. It means you are good and kind to people and never back out from helping them. 

59. Dreaming about spitting on the wall

Dream of spitting on the wall is a sign of honesty. You are honest in your actions and believe in endeavors and money that is rooted in honesty.

Hence, you’ll be rewarded for your dignity and honesty in the form of adequate money.

60. Dreaming about spitting on the plate you ate

Dream of spitting on the plate you ate indicates you feel sick in your family environment. You are sick of people in your family judging your actions wrongly even though they are directed towards everyone’s betterment. 

61. Dreaming about brushing teeth and spitting

To dream of brushing and spitting shows that something had a lasting effect on you. You want to maintain distance and need time to rejuvenate yourself.

62. Dreaming about someone spitting in my mouth

This dream symbolizes your desire to be in a loyal and lasting relationship. You want a passionate bond with someone who you can call yours. You want to establish a deeper connection with someone.

63. Dream of spitting in your face

Dream of spitting in your face highlights that the past is being highlighted. Moreover, it shows the hardships you have dealt with all your life.

64. Dreaming about spitting a lot

Such a dream represents that people love to hear you. They get motivated by your speeches and you help them become the best version of theirs.

65. Dreaming about spitting in someone’s face

Spitting in someone’s face in your dream asks you to walk away from a toxic relationship.

Spiritual Meaning of Spitting Dreams

Spiritually, spitting on someone is a bad omen. Spitting out insects is a sign of freedom from negativity. Women dreaming of repeatedly spitting in dreams signify pregnancy or other good news.

From the spiritual viewpoint, if you spit at another person or a person or animal spits at you, it’s a bad symbolism of hatred, jealousy, disrespect, fights, rejection, infertility, or even illnesses.

However, if you spit out insects, it’s a sign of letting go of negativity or freeing yourself from the bad influences.

When a woman dreams of spitting out repeatedly in dreams, it’s a sign of pregnancy or God’s grace.

Questions to ask to interpret spitting dreams correctly.

Are you anxious about interpreting your dream wrong? Well, that’s impossible… unless you remember something wrong or completely ignore some facts. So, let’s make sure you consider everything with these questions here…

1. Where did you spit?

2. Who spits in your dream?

3. Who else was present in the dream?

4. What did you spit?

5. How did you feel while spitting?

A word from ThePleasantDream

Most dreams about spitting indicate you have too much on your plate to handle. So, you may feel overwhelmed. Remember that balance is an important aspect of your life.

Talk to people around you or seek professional help to regain your energy. 

However, if your dream says something positive. Be grateful but don’t be too proud. Work for the better of everyone else and yourself. Don’t forget that charity begins at home and YOU are your first home.

Take your time to enjoy every bite of life and do everything to love and feel loved.