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Have you been dreaming of mice lately? Here’s what it means [45+ Types & Interpretations]

Have you been dreaming of mice lately? Here’s what it means [45+ Types & Interpretations]

Updated on Nov 28, 2022 | Published on May 09, 2021

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dreaming of Mice - 48 Types of Dreams & its Meaning

Did you get up from your sleep and realized you were dreaming of mice all this while? Well, it seems like a bizarre dream to have but surprisingly such dreams are very common.

Mice are not something people want to dream about when they go to sleep reading a romantic novel but when they do dream about a mouse, it has some hidden meanings.

Wen you dream about mice, you have hit a jackpot that can give you answers to the curious questions of your waking life.

So, are you ready?

Dreaming of Mice - 48 Types of Dreams & its Meaning
Dreaming of Mice – 48 Types of Dreams & its Meaning

Dreaming of Mice – 8 General Interpretations

Mice Dreams are very common and hold great significance in your waking life. It can be a manifestation of your deep-seated guilt or anxiety. Spiritually, it also represents a warning for approaching danger.

Every person has their own different world of dreams. Dreams are affected by our surroundings, our conscience, and the daily events of our waking life. Each and every person is unique in their own way and so are their dreams and their dream meanings.

But all of the dreams about mice usually have one of these meanings. Here are the common interpretations of mice or mouse dreams to help you find the hidden meaning of your dream.

1. You feel guilty

The meaning of this dream depends upon the situations of your waking life. If you feel guilty in waking life, then it’s common to have a dream about mice.

It’s also possible that you are not consciously aware of your guilt at all. You have hurt someone or inflicted pain on a person with your words or actions. Your conscious mind tries to defend you by stating you did nothing wrong.

But your unconscious mind knows that deep down you are not feeling good about it.

2. It’s a warning!

The dream about mice is a warning that someone is going to betray you in waking life. Your higher self is already aware of the danger and tries to warn you with a mice dream.

The betrayal can be from someone you love and care for. It’s better to keep your eyes open and think practically instead of flowing away with your emotions.

Depending on your situation, the dream also means that you are trying to betray someone and planning to hurt them.

3. Someone close to you is ill

When we take a look at mice, the first thing that comes to our mind is a disease, unhygienic, and sickness. Having dreams of a mouse means someone close to you is ill.

This can be someone who is very important to you. You can have this dream in both when you are aware of their sickness in waking life and when you are not.

The person whose health is disturbed in your waking life can also be you. It’s advised to keep a check on your own and your close one’s health.

4. Success or good luck is on your way!

In some religions, mice are considered to be really lucky. They are considered as the symbol of positive beginnings and great news.

If you felt positive during the mice or mouse dream, then it’s sure that the meaning attached to your dream is positive.

In this case, wait for some good news. Something for which you were desperately waiting for is coming to reality soon. This dream also represents new dreams and hopes. It’s time you start working on your dream project.

5. Danger bell ringing

While mice are considered a symbol of blessing in some religions, they are considered to be dangerous in others.

If your dominant feeling during the mice’s dreams was inclined towards the negative side, then it means it’s a sign of danger. The dream can be ringing the danger bells in your personal and professional life.

This dream is a kind of message which is trying to prepare you for the upcoming hard times. The dream is also a reflection of a poor decision or behavior of yours.

6. You feel anxious or fearful

The common reaction of most people to mice is fear and anxiety. Just one sight of them is enough to make them restless. So if you experienced the same feelings in the dream, it means something is causing you to fear and anxiety in waking life.

Try to recall the feeling and relate it with the emotions of your waking life. What was the situation or who was the person who made you feel the same in your waking life?

The answer gives you the root cause of your anxiety in real life.

7.  You are clever and easily adaptable

Mice are clever animals with awesome adaptive tendencies. They master the tricks of hiding and capture food only when there is no chance of getting caught.

Having dreams about mice also means that you are someone who is very intelligent and clever. You have the qualities to adapt to any situation accordingly.

Such people are aware of their surroundings. They know when to react and what to avoid. If you are not like this in waking life at all, then the dream is giving you a message to expand your boundaries.

8. You are a survivor

Rats are resilient animals with strong perseverance. They refuse to give up even in extreme cases. They try their best to survive in any situation.

Our unconscious mind uses metaphors in weird ways. If you see a mouse in your dream, it means you are a person who gives everything their best and loves to conquer everything.

The dream determines that you are a strong person with laser-cut goals and intense focus.

48 Types of Mouse in Dream & its Meaning

These small mammals can appear in your dreams in many different ways. For some it’s a symbol of innocence, for some it’s a symbol of disease, for some it’s a symbol for vitality, and for some, it’s a symbol of magic. The hidden meaning of your mice dreams also depends on your dream types.

To help you find the exact meaning of your mice dreams, here are the different types of mice dreams and their meanings –

1. Dream of mouse running in your house

Who likes to have a mouse in their house? When it comes to dreams, we don’t want to witness a mouse either.

But it’s bad news if you already have witnessed a mouse in your dreams. If you dreamed about a mouse running in your house, it’s a warning of a conflict between you and your family members. 

2. Dreaming about Mice in the House

Dreaming about mice in the house suggests there are fake friends and other people in your waking life who don’t want to see you succeed.

These people are not your well-wishers. Instead, they want to hurt you in one or another way. The dream warns you to be careful of the motives of people around you.

3. Dreams of Mice destroying things

It’s not a good sign when you have a dream about mice destroying things. It suggests materialistic and financial loss.

You may face great financial loss in the future and your valuable resources can be destroyed. It’s better to prepare for the bad situation by keeping some savings to help you in the bad times.

4. Dreams of Mice eating

This particular dream about mice chewing or eating has two hidden meanings. The meanings depend on the daily events of your waking life. 

The first meaning is that you are going to receive lots of happiness and joy in the near future. The second meaning says someone will make you lose confidence in yourself.

5. Dream of mice eating your food

A mouse eating your food in a dream is a messenger of your deteriorating health. It means you are not paying attention to your health and you should be more cautious about your fitness.

If a mouse is eating your food in your dreams, it means weakness and sickness are attacking your body.

6. Dream about mice running away

Dreaming of a mouse who is running away is a sign of weakness and fragility. Mice are survivors who survive and deal with harsh situations.

If the mice in your dream are running away it means that you lack the strength to face your problems. Instead of solving the problems and finding a solution, you tend to run away and avoid them.

7. Dreaming of catching a mouse

If you were catching mice when you were asleep, then such a dream is a good sign. It brings happiness as it’s a sign that you are going to receive financial gain in the near future.

On the contrary, such dreams also mean that your attitude towards life and people is not good. You should change your mannerisms for the better.

8. Killing Mouse in Dream

Most of the time, dreams about killing are a good sign. It dictates the victory of a person over their problems, struggles, and enemies.

In this case, a dream about killing a mouse represents your victory over an enemy in your real life. Killing mice in your dream represents your rivals are purposely getting in your way in your waking life and you will defeat them all soon.

9. Dreams about mice escaping from you

When you dream about a mouse escaping from you, you are watching a visual representation of your own inner strength and demeanor in your waking life.

Instead of facing your problems, you try to escape them. The dream is a message that it’s time you bring change in the way you deal with situations in your day-to-day life.

10. Dreams of Letting the mice escape

Mice are considered to spread sickness and diseases. They can make you very uncomfortable. The best thing to do is to catch them and get rid of them.

But if you are letting the mice escape in your dreams, it means there is a situation, relationship, or issue that needs attention in your real life but you are just letting it go. This will result in personal fights within the family and huge financial losses.

11. Dreams of a lot of Mice Together

Dreaming of a lot of mice together is a bad omen. It suggests bad times are waiting for you. The dream is a sign that you should be prepared mentally and physically for all the hard times.

Secondly, the dream also means that your reputation is in danger. Someone is trying to malign your name in the society or workplace.

12. White Mouse Dream

Dreaming of a white mouse is the symbol of happiness in your love life. The dream is a sign that there are high chances of finding true love or committing to one forever.

It is also a good omen for a happy marriage that will last long. The marriage will be full of happiness and bliss.

13. Dreaming of Black Mice

Depending on your situation, there are two hidden meanings of this dream.

Firstly, when you dream about a black mouse it means that your health is degrading and you should visit a doctor to keep a check on your health. Secondly, it also means someone is going to betray you.

14. Dreaming of Pink Mice

Those who are awaiting a happy relationship should be really happy if they have this dream. This dream about a pink mouse means their true love is knocking on the door, they just need to open it.

You are going to enter into a happy relationship or marriage where you are respected and loved.

15. Dreaming of Gray mouse

Dreaming about a gray mouse means your life is full of problems. The problems are leaving you overwhelmed. You should look after each one of these problems one by one and solve them.

Also, the dream also means that you hold fear in your heart for a lot of things. Coming out of your comfort zone is going to be good for you.

16. Dreams of being afraid of Mice

Being embarrassed is one of the top situations that we try to avoid. But this particular dream is a sign that you are going to be in an awkward and uncomfortable situation in the near future.

That means you are going to be embarrassed in your waking life and it will not be very pleasant.

17. Dreams of feeding the mouse

Do you think you are the best? That’s a good thing. But do you think you are better than others and that has made you ill behave with them? That’s a bad sign.

The dream suggests you are egoistic. You think others are nothing in front of you. You should change your attitude towards other people and be more kind, compassionate, grateful, and respectful in your approach.

18. Dreams about mouse on your clothes

The dream interpretation of this one brings really bad news. If you see a dream about a mouse on your clothes, it means you are going to be a part of a scandal in the near future.

It can be from your own fault or because of the betrayal of the people you trust. If you already sense a betrayal in waking life, it’s better to analyze the situation properly.

19. Eating a mouse in your dream

Dreams about eating a mouse in your dream represent the need to avoid dangerous places and situations. It also suggests you should be very careful or totally avoid people who can inflict danger upon you.

The dream also means that you are in a difficult situation in your life. Something’s not right and discussing the situation with your friend is a good choice.

20. Dreams of Mouse Traps

The dream meaning related to mouse traps spreads positive vibes. It brings good luck for your career and success.  It states that you are going to get your dream job with your expected salary.

The dream also means that you will start your own business and earn huge financial gains.

21. Dreams of cat chasing a mouse

If you dream about a cat chasing a mouse, it means you are not living your life on your terms. Instead, you are allowing other people to make decisions for you.

The dream is a message that you should take your life into your own hands, make decisions for yourself and stop living life according to other people’s will and choices.

22. Dead mouse in dream

Here is another mouse dream with another negative hidden meaning. There are high chances that you will face financial issues in the near future. Your subconscious mind is already aware of it and trying to warn you of the hard days.

You are going to lose a lot of wealth which will affect your bank balance drastically.

23. Dreams of the mice talking

This dream is a great eye-opener and can give you great insights into your life if you recall what the mice said to you.

Try to remember the exact words and find their meaning. What the mice are talking about is relevant in your waking life and can help you deal with and solve a lot of problems.

24.  Dreams of you Chasing a Mouse

Were you chasing a mouse in your dream? Were you able to catch it at the end? Or, were you holding the mouse and looking at it as if you were suspecting something?

The dream means that finally, the moment has arrived when you have got a hold of your problems. You are analyzing your problems, suspecting them, and dealing with them.

25. Dreams about Mouse in Bed

The dream about a mouse in bed suggests you are spending too much time thinking that you are not enough. There are multiple fears engulfing you at the present moment.

Other than that, the dream also means that you are not becoming self-sufficient by spending way too much time in someone else’s presence. You are reliant on them instead of being self-sufficient.

26. Dreams of Mouse Droppings or Poop

There is no deep hidden meaning related to mouse droppings or poop. But the meanings attached to it are positive and can warm your heart.

It says that you are fearful. But even if you are fearful and you take the time to make the right decisions, you can be successful in making a financial gain.

27. Dreams of Mouse Urine

Dreaming of mouse urine suggests you are being bothered by something in your waking life. You don’t like it at all but still, it’s lingering in your presence. It’s as unwanted and disgusting as mouse urine.

The dream is a message that you should find ways to get rid of the situation, thing, or person instead of letting it affect you more.

28. Dreams of Eagle or Snake Eating Mouse

Dreaming about a snake or eagle eating a mouse represents that you are being weak in a world that is ready to harm you. The dream suggests that being weak and fearful of each and every situation is not going to benefit you in any way.

Thus, try to take control and stand up for yourself. Be strong and protect yourself.

29. Dreams of Mouse Hole

When you dream about a mouse hole you are getting a message from your higher self that you should look for the root of your problems instead of stressing over the obvious signs.

There can be hidden enemies and untouched issues that are triggering problems in your life. Try to reach the root to fully unroot your problem. 

30. Dreams of mouse biting

Are you letting trivial worries and issues trouble you? The dream about a mouse biting you means exactly the same.

If the biting of the mouse hurts in the dream, it means trivial matters are giving you stress and mental trauma in real life. It’s better to talk about your situation to people who are inflicting pain on you by doing petty things.

31. Dreams about mouse eating cheese

Have you ever had a boss or co-worker who tries to bring you down because of their rude behavior or jealousy? This dream about a mouse eating cheese means exactly the same.

There is someone in your waking life who is constantly trying to put you down. They don’t want to see you succeed or are irresponsible with your behavior which is causing harm to your productivity.

32. Dreams about mouse drowning

A mouse drowning in your dreams represents your mind drowning in sad emotions. Your inner conflicts are over-empowering your mind.

You are no longer troubled by trivial issues. Instead, you are diving deep into the issues that really matter and these thoughts are creating emotional turmoil.

33. Dreams about mouse jumping

Are you going through a phase where you are constantly questioning everything that you are doing? Or are you going through a phase where you are trying out every possible way but getting no results?

If you are, then it’s time to make a shift. This dream about a mouse jumping signifies that you need to have a look at your actions and change them for getting better results.

34. Dreams about Mice Infestation

It’s common to have this dream when you are dealing with lots of disagreement with your partners over your business dealings. If your team is currently going smoothly, there are chances that things are going to change along the way.

You have to be careful while taking important business decisions and dealing with your clients and partners.

35. Dreams about mice caught in trap

The world is a beautiful place but some people like to malign its image by exploiting innocent and helpless people.

Dreaming about mice caught in a trap suggests there is a person in your waking life who has been mentally or physically tortured. Someone is trying to exploit them in unimaginable ways.

36. Dreams about pet mouse

While mice are survivors, a pet mouse is often considered as an animal that is tamed and controlled. Having a dream where you see a pet mouse suggests you are being tamed and controlled by your fears.

If you really want to excel in life, you need to try hard and come out of your coat of fear.

37. Dreams of Small or Baby Mouse

What was the small or baby mouse doing in your dreams? Was it running, chewing or simply lying there alone? This dream about a small or baby mouse represents someone in your waking life who is weak and can’t help themselves.

It also represents the small and fragile ego of yours which troubles you for no reason at all.

38. Dreams of Large or Giant Mouse

While it’s advised to not stress over every little thing, it’s also advised to not let these things go unnoticed.

Some people just ignore little signs of annoyances thinking they don’t matter. Ultimately, these things go on to become stronger and hurt you in the future. Dreaming of a giant mouse is a message that the small problems of your life have just become bigger.

39. Dreams of Brown Mouse

Opposites attract. But sometimes, these opposites are too far away that it’s impossible to hold them together for long. Dreaming of a brown mouse suggests exactly the same.

It means you are having a relationship with a person who is from a different background. The differences are too many that the relationship has become confusing.

40. Dreams of Blue Mouse

The world is diverse in every aspect. If you try to look at the different aspects of life with the same binoculars, you may not find much luck.

Dreams of a blue mouse suggest you need to adopt a different approach to look at different things with different angles and an open mindset.

41. Dreams of Minnie and Mickey Mouse

It’s a wonderful experience to dream about Minnie and Mickey Mouse where you reminisce your memories from the last time you were on a Disney trip. It’s also possible that you like these characters and as a result, they are appearing in your dreams.

In case this is not the situation with you, then it means people do not take you seriously and vice versa.

42. Dreams of cat catching a mouse

Having a dream about a cat catching a mouse is not a positive omen. It means outsiders are trying to enter your life and break the walls of security.

It can be an outsider who is trying to put you down by inflicting allegations against you which you haven’t even committed. To save yourself from the blame, you have to justify yourself to the people who matter to you.

43. Dreams about mice making scratching noises

This dream is a warning to protect your wealth and family from danger. A dream about mice making scratching noises means there are high chances of burglary in your home.

This warning is to alert you of future consequences. Be extra careful with your and your family’s safety.

44. Dreams about being frightened by a mouse

Were you frightened by a mouse in your dream? Well, the dream means you have to deal with an awkward and embarrassing situation in your near future.

It’s good to remember that we are humans and everyone makes mistakes. The best way to look at such situations is to learn from them and move on with grace.

45. Dreams of Snake eating a mouse

Dreaming of a snake eating a mouse unravels the hidden message that you should fight for what you love.

You have to stand up for your beliefs even when others are against it. You need to have the strength to create the kind of future you want with confidence and self-belief.

46. Dreams of giving birth to a mouse

Dreaming about giving birth to a mouse obviously seems to be very strange. But believe me, it is more normal than you think.

Pregnant women who are expecting their child soon have dreams of giving birth to animals like puppies, kittens, mice, and other animals more than often. It is just their mind telling them that their child is soft and fragile. They are defenseless and need to be given extreme care.

47. Dreams of mouse without a tail

Tails are the balancing organs in mice. If the tail of the mouse was missing in your dreams, it means there is a lack of balance in your waking life.

You find it hard to manage and organize things. It’s high time that you make conscious efforts to bring life back to its track.

48. Dreams of cat eating a mouse

If you have a dream about a cat catching and eating a mouse, it means there is an unrepairable problem in your life that cannot be controlled now.

The situation will be different if the cat tries to catch the mouse but it escapes. In this case, things are still under your hands and you can change the course of the end results.

Spiritual Meaning of Mice in Dreams in different cultures

Depending upon which geographical region you are living in, the spiritual meaning of mice in dreams changes throughout the world. There is mention of mice in almost every mythology and every culture has its own mice symbol.


Mice are believed to be sacred in India. The Karni Mata Temple of India is full of mice and other animals where they are not harmed but worshipped. There are many temples devoted to mice India where they run freely or where their sculptures are kept intact.


The Chinese saying “shrewder than the rat” dictates mice are considered to be the symbol of vitality. They are considered to be intelligent beings who can interact directly with God. In ancient times, they were worshipped for bringing success.


The Blackfoot tribe considers mice to be the brothers of the human race. The Native American culture believes the size of the mouse doesn’t matter to emphasize that everyone has the capacity to achieve great things.

Biblical Meaning of Mice in Dreams

The biblical meaning of mice in dreams is anything but positive. It represents negative emotions like jealousy, dissatisfaction, loss, and poverty. It means growth is not possible in the near future at all.

The biblical meaning of mice in dreams suggests something terrible is going to happen in your near future. Mice dreams are already disturbing and make you uncomfortable. The situation worsens if you are already dealing with depression and stress. It works to make your darkest emotions more painful.

Having such a dream means you are going to lose many great opportunities. It suggests your success is going to be damaged.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret mouse dreams correctly

If you are having mice dreams and your mind is full of questions like – “Why am I having mice dreams and how can I find the hidden meaning?” Then you are at the right place. To find the exact meaning of your mice dreams in the best way possible, answer the following questions –

  • How were you feeling during the mice dream?
  • Was the mouse scaring you or was scared of you in the dream?
  • What was the background of the mice dream? Where were you when you saw the mouse?
  • Was there anyone else with you in your dreams?
  • How were you feeling after waking up from the dream? Were you feeling happy, stressed, confused, scared, or nothing at all?
  • Was the mouse hurting you or you were hurting the mouse?

Final Words!

Now that we have discussed all the possible scenarios of mice dreams along with its meaning, it will help you grasp a significant understanding behind your vision.

Mice in your dreams can convey a lot of things about your life, so consider this as your master guide to come back to for all your questions.

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