Many of you must have seen your ex- boyfriend/girlfriend in dreams and tried to analyze the various reasons behind such freaky and confusing stuff. You may have asked yourself “Why do I keep dreaming about my ex?” Right?

Maybe you have failed to separate yourself from their thoughts and feelings and as such they keep coming back every now and then, beyond your wishes and whims.

Why Do I Keep Dreaming about My Ex
Why Do I Keep Dreaming about My Ex (Various Reasons to Look For)

Why Do I Keep Dreaming about My Ex?

Dreams about an ex symbolizes repressed wishes, unresolved conflicts, past memories that were hard to forget, guilt and regrets, and fear of failure in relationships.

You may have separated from your ex-partner long ago and are perfectly happy in your present relationship but still they haunt you in dreams. 

Symbolically, you may dream about your ex because you had shared a timeline of your life with them. The two of you were connected and intertwined with deep love and emotional attachment. 

Few likely reasons for dreaming about an ex could be:

Unfinished business between the two of you

As previously stated dreams are symbolic interpretations of your unsettled state of existence. It could mean you are looking for some warmth or emotional closeness with someone; maybe your present partner.

You were not happy about how things ended with your ex, there must be some unresolved issues that still hurts you within. 

So, you are still not out of the trauma and trying to work out the reasons for the breakup. There may be some repressed wish to do things differently and take a last chance to make it work.

The way the relationship ended with your ex was disturbing and left a deep scar that is difficult to let go.

Dissatisfaction with current relationship

Even if you seem to be happy and content in your present relationship, there may be certain things that are lacking in the relationship. Though this is pretty common as all relationships are different and cannot be compared with one another. 

Since, you are dreaming about an ex, it may symbolize that there are unmet needs in your present relationship.

Maybe your current partner is unable to give you that much love, emotional dependency, intimacy, sex that your ex had given you. In this way, dreaming about that old affair is just a symbolic manifestation of your wish fulfillment.

Worried about the success of the present relationship

We all want things to work out in the right way. When you dream about an ex; it could be a representation of your suppressed anxieties and worries related to your present relationship. 

You are concerned about having a new relationship; maybe you are comparing the two because you are more cautious this time not to make the same mistakes again. 

Your subconscious mind is trying to figure out the various issues of the current relationship, how to deal with it so as to ensure better adjustment and success this time.

You are mourning; in grief

You were not happy to end the relationship. The breakup was heartbreaking and you are unable to come out of it.

So you are mourning the loss and do not know how to overcome it. Maybe you are missing the person in your life and there is some secret wish to get them back in your life. 

Dreaming about an ex may just mean your inability to let go of things in a healthy way. You are still trying to hold on to some broken pieces that have fallen apart. It is futile and can never serve a good purpose.

It is about a part of you being lost in agony and despair

There is a chance that when you dream about an ex, it actually means a part of ‘you’ which is needy, inadequate and possesses a poor self validation.

It means that you have invested too much into the relationship; perhaps by neglecting your needs and self-interest. 

But you have not received what you have wished for. The best way is to take the lessons of your past relationships and make it work positively on your behalf. You will also grow and evolve as an individual.

You’re missing a particular timeline

If you are getting dreams about your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend too often, then it may also mean that you are missing a particular time in your life that was easy going, carefree, and happy.

You may not necessarily miss the person you were with but the relaxed lifestyle that you had. Every small moment that gave you immense joy is felt and missed now. 

It could also mean how you people lived together, small happiness shared, the places both of you visited quite often and many more. These vivid dreams are small pieces of happy relationship memories that you long still today.

You’re scared of being hurt again

Breakups are stressful and can elicit a lot of emotional agonies and suffering. It leaves you shattered and getting over becomes difficult as you carry a fear of being hurt in similar ways. A dream about an ex may indicate similar problems in a new relationship. 

It means that you can have similar feelings you felt with your ex-partner in your new relationship as well. The issues and things may turn bitter in due course of time.

You’re in an emotional rollercoaster; scared, confused, and absolutely clueless how to sort out things. Actually, your real life circumstances are getting manifested through dreams.

You still have feeling for your ex

Your ex is a person whom you have loved a lot. That person has left an imprint in your mind (both good and bad). All those memories may pop up in your subconscious state, however bizarre it might be. 

You may still have a lot of feelings about your ex, maybe you are not aware of it. There are residues of love and affection still fresh in your mind which you do not wish to let go or have never tried to do so in your wakeful and conscious state of being.

A lonely feeling

This is one of the usual causes of dreaming about an ex. When you feel lonely and empty from within, you wish there could be someone to share your deepest desires and wishes with.

There is no one to understand you and your subconscious wants to return to a happy timeline of your life; to relive those moments of love shared with your ex.

Thus, loneliness and solitude, coupled with no support system around can make you think about your ex-partner.

Irrelevant fears and anxiousness

In moments of stress, you may need somebody to lean on; but since you suffered a breakup, you will have to deal with all worries on your own. You are reminded of the sharing of mental space with your ex-partner.

There is a heightened sense of uncertainty in waking life leading to poor decision making. Thus, these anxieties are making their way in dreams.

Sexual dissatisfaction

If you are sexually dissatisfied with your current partner, it may lead to problems and broken bonds. The dreams about ex can signal this in many of the instances.

If you are unhappy about closure and physical intimacy, your brain will start evaluating the present relationship with the past one. Thus, dreaming about ex can indicate lost charm, inadequacy, and unmet needs in waking life.

Emotional dissatisfaction

If you are emotionally dissatisfied and your present partner appears cold and affectless. You may have a longing to revive the old bond and your ex-partner may surface in dreams. The various anxieties and agonies of waking life with your current partner may appear in dreams as well. 

If your present partner is less warm and more arrogant, they may not possess emotional traits that you are looking for. Thus, your needs are not met and are getting relayed through dreams.

Present partner cheating on you

If your present partner is abusive, cheats you, then it indicates distrust, lack of honesty and loyalty in the relationship. You are not happy in your real life.

It may remind you about your ex whom you may consider better now. You may have a secret wish to have them back in your life; as you are missing their integrity, loyalty, and faithfulness.

Frequent fights with current partner

Do you feel that you and your present partner are not on good terms at all? You people are fighting more than usual these days. Your current partner is fault-finding all the time that your ex never did. 

Your brain starts its evaluating process and you may think that grass is greener on the other side. This can bring back old memories on the surface and you may start dreaming about an ex.

Following ex over social media

If you frequently see your ex-partner in your Facebook feed or Instagram stories, you may start reliving old memories in waking life. This can even pass into the dream state, if too much priority is given. 

You are interested to know about their current life status, how do they look now? Or where do they live? And many more. Your too much interest can make you dream weird things about them.

Ex-recently contacted you

If your ex-partner recently tried to contact you and get in touch with your current status, you may become mentally disturbed. You are not ready for such a thing and anxiety starts building up. Suddenly, you may feel empty from within. 

Many questions may cross your mind regarding their intentions. These can make you emotionally restless and you may start dreaming about them; just out of the blue.

Stop past thoughts

Whenever you think too much about your past, you may get weird dreams. Sometimes, you dream because your subconscious loves to bring back old memories from the timeline, when things were easy going and less complicated. 

The person who you have loved so deeply may have left a deep imprint on your ‘psyche’. It is hard to forget them. Thus, they keep coming back to their dreams.

Working out again with ex

If you try to work things out between the two of you, you may get dreams about ex. Your subconscious mind is giving you a wakeup call to look into the pros and cons of everything going on in your waking life.

Ask yourself whether this decision is rational and worthy or it is just a matter of emotions. You are taking the decisions emotionally without thinking of the consequences. Won’t it be the same roller coaster ride again?

Summing Up from ‘ThePleasantdream’

From the above discussion, it becomes evident that dreams about an ex are common night visions that bring into action the myriad emotions that appear weird and crazy. But truly speaking these dreams are not as bad as portrayed in reality. 

Your past experiences are telling you to be more mindful about your present relationships. If you are trying to suppress or ignore some red flags in your relationships, stop doing it. Rather be proactive and resolve your relationship issues before things turn sour in real life.

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