Dreaming of revenge means that you have a weak and forgiving nature. People do you wrong, but you forgive them too quickly. Alternatively, it means that you have a fear of enemies and do not want to upset anyone. 

Sometimes, it depicts that you have some repressed jealousy and negativity that is not getting a proper outlet. C’mon, let’s know more here!

Dreaming of Revenge – General Interpretations

Dreaming of revenge signifies that you regret not accepting something in your life that was offered to you. You think that making those choices would have made your life simpler and more straightforward. Other than that, it also implies the following…

  • It indicates that someone will repay you back a debt they were not paying for a long time.
  • You will be pushed into a negative situation that does not concern you and has no connections with it.
  • People around you are trying to force their choices on you, so you need to be very careful.
  • You feel guilty for wronging someone and using them for your benefit.
  • You are in an extremely stressful situation that is slowly leaving your hands.
  • You will clear some allegations on you, and this will mostly be a legal battle you have been fighting for a long time.
  • It indicates that you will find yourself struggling to choose between two parties and their battles.
  • You are planning a trip, but that will not be possible due to financial limitations.
  • One of your family members will face a big problem, which will completely affect your mental health.
  • You will finish your mission no matter what, which will help you build a new stance for yourself.

Psychological Meaning Of Dreaming About Revenge

From a psychological perspective, the dream means you will not get a positive resolution for your life problems. You have a lot of anger, guilt, and anxiety about your health. 

You envy others who are in a better position than you. Although you aspire to get it, you do not work hard enough.

Common Dreams About Revenge- Types and their Interpretations

Dream of revenge means that you suspect there is someone around you who can cause you a lot of trouble which could be financial and emotional. It means that you can try out new things in life, and it will positively impact your work.

But it varies with every little detail in the subconscious vision. So, let’s get to the details here!

Persuading Someone To Take a Revenge

It means that although you act rough and tough from the outside, you are a big coward from the inside.

You want other people to fight your battles from them, and this often hurts you more than you can think.

Stopping Someone’s Revenge Plan

You are extremely receptive, and you understand the true nature and intentions that a person brings with them.

You have quite an experience in life that helps you understand what people have to offer in reality.

Someone Obstructing Your Revenge Plan

This dream means that all your secrets will come out to the surface very soon. You have a lot of things to hide, and soon people will get to know about it very easily.

It can also change their perception of you.

Dreams About Revenge Plan Going Wrong

It indicates that you are unsure if you have made the right decisions at the right time in your life.

It comes from a deep-rooted insecurity that makes you feel you are not doing enough.

Helping Someone With Their Plan Of Revenge

It means you like to get involved in other people’s lives, like your family members and friends, and advise them about what they should do or not do.

You also want them to give you attention. 

Getting Help To Plan A Revenge

You should not take any kind of favor from other people. This is because people often try to manipulate you; instead of helping, they will cause you more damage than you think.

Taking Revenge on An Enemy

It indicates that you will end up completely changing your life. There are a lot of positive turns of events that are awaiting you. It will completely change the course of your life.

Enemy Taking Revenge On You

You are extremely paranoid as a person, and you often end up thinking more than you should. You worry about things that are not in your control, and this causes you a lot of trouble.

Revenge on Ex-Partner

It means that you have still not moved on from your ex-partner, who might have caused troubles in the relationship.

You are stuck upon them and want to be back with them.

Dreaming of Swearing To Take A Revenge 

This means you must stop giving empty promises. You already have promised many people, which is ruining your image in society.  

A word from ThePleasantDream

The dream of revenge may mean that you love someone, but already another person is with your love. Or, your life is not going as smoothly as it should have. This is causing you a lot of problems. 

However, the meaning differs from one person to the other depending on what you want in life or what you see exactly in the message. So, jot down all the details, introspect, and improve your life with the interpretations!