Dreaming of voodoo dolls meaning is not as scary as the dream might have been.

However, such a horrific vision can affect your sleep as well…. So, it’s natural to be curious about the message that it brings along.

So scroll down and keep reading the unique messages that foretells about your waking life…

Dreaming of Voodoo Dolls Meaning – Do You Wish To Escape From The Rut
Dreaming of Voodoo Dolls Meaning – Do You Wish To Escape From The Rut

Dreaming of Voodoo Dolls Meaning – General Interpretations

Dream of Voodoo Dolls reflects your desire to escape from a current problem in your life, your love life, or an approaching adventure.

A voodoo doll in your dream often surfaces your hidden emotions. You long for some adventure and spice.

Pay attention if you’re being blindsided by someone. Also, try to acknowledge some aspects of your life that you have been ignoring for a long time.

Continue reading to know what else it might symbolize – 

  • The dream represents your innocence and virginity.
  • Stop being overprotective. Face the world with courage.
  • Introspect and resolve your internal conflict.
  • You must use your intellect to find a solution to an existing problem.
  • Someone has evil intentions against you.
  • Distance yourself from manipulative people.
  • Don’t get over emotional. Be rational and logical.
  • Be aware of people trying to use you for their advantage.
  • Your love life will thrive well.
  • You will excel in your career.

Spiritual meaning of Dreaming of voodoo dolls

The spiritual interpretation of the dream of Voodoo dolls asks you to be aware of black magic and negative spirits. You might face a spiritual attack that can affect your body and soul.

Various Dreams of Voodoo Dolls & Interpretations

Not all dreams of voodoo dolls have the same interpretation.

The interpretations, in fact, vary with each type. If you wish to go further and explore all types of voodoo dolls dreams, keep reading…

Dream about seeing a voodoo doll

It is often a good omen. It denotes you’ll be promoted to a higher position and achieve success in the near future.

However, as a downside, your partner might become jealous of your success, and you’ll end up having a fight with them.

Seeing a voodoo doll with needles

It shows that you’ll have an argument with your neighbors. Try to avoid problems and maintain a good relationship.

Performing a ceremony with a voodoo doll

It means you’re a caring person, and you care a lot for your relatives. The dream also indicates you’re taking good care of your sick relative.

Talking with a voodoo doll

It is a sign that you’re having some serious problems with your loved one, and you need to discuss it with them.

Carrying a voodoo doll in your hands

It foretells your achievements in the near future. You’ll be very proud of your success.

Seeing a voodoo doll in a friend’s hand

It is an indication that you’re working on something futile and you should move on. You’re giving your hard work on something which will not give you any result.

Seeing a voodoo doll in a relative’s hand

It denotes that you’re going to receive some important information. So be prepared and don’t miss it.

Seeing a voodoo doll with a neighbor

It implies that you have a very strong relationship with your partner. You also trust and respect each other immensely.

Piercing a voodoo doll

It shows that he is very protective of his family. And presently, he wants to improve the condition of his household.

Sewing a voodoo doll

It is not a good sign because it shows that colleagues are jealous and want to put you down.

A voodoo doll representing your child

It shows that you’re a hardworking person. And with your dedication and hard work, you’ll be able to achieve great success in life.

A voodoo doll representing your boss

It denotes that you’re going to get a promotion in your office. You may also receive a hike in salary.

Voodoo doll representing your father

It shows that you will soon shift the place from where you are living presently.

Voodoo doll representing your wife

It shows that you’re recently into a difficult situation and you’re badly looking for a way out.

Trying to manipulate someone with a voodoo doll

It might seem wrong, but in reality, you’re trying to make a strong family. You’re trying to protect your family from all obstacles.

Burning a voodoo doll

It denotes that you’ll lose someone from your family. He/she is very close to you and one of the elderly members of your house.

Different Types of Voodoo Dolls

  • A porcelain voodoo doll – It is a sign that you’ve been working very hard for a very long time.   
  • A rag voodoo doll – It shows that a very old dream of yours that was never fulfilled is going to be fulfilled in the near future.
  • A black voodoo doll – It denotes that you won’t be getting back the same feelings you wanted and expected from your loved one.
  • A voodoo doll without a face – It is not a good sign as it represents temporary separation from your partner. 
  • Voodoo doll made from hair – Be prepared, as you’re going to receive some unexpected guests. The dream represents that you’ll feel happy to see your guests after a very long time.
  • A clay voodoo doll – Stay away from a bad routine and poor diet, as it might put your health at risk. Further, exercise regularly.

A word from ThePleasantDream

There you see, you were so scared of the dream, but it hardly has a bad message to convey!

Often dreams that initially make us feel uncomfortable have rather constructive messages to convey about our waking life.

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