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Dreams about Bridges – 58 Types and Meanings

Dreams about Bridges – 58 Types and Meanings

Updated on Jan 18, 2023 | Published on Apr 28, 2022

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dreams about Bridges – 58 Types and Their Intriguing Meanings

Bridges refer to the structures that help connect two points either separated by land or a waterway. Dreams about bridges also carry a similar function. 

They create a link between two things or places, hence acting as the guide to removing hurdles. The dreams about bridges point towards crucial decisions or critical stages in your life. 

At the time of seeing this dream, it is necessary to consider the condition of the bridge. Take note of where it leads to, and from where the journey had begun.

Dreams about Bridges – 58 Types and Their Intriguing Meanings
Dreams about Bridges – 58 Types and Their Intriguing Meanings

Dreams about Bridges – Symbolic Interpretations

Dreams about bridges refer to the connections you have with people and the developments that will take place in your life. They appear as a guide to help you get through the obstacles.

Seeing bridges in your dreams has positive as well as negative interpretations. All these are based on the context you come across.

In the positive sense, dreams of bridges symbolize hope, evolution, continuity, and the start of a new journey.

The negative connotations of these dreams signify an indifferent kind of behavior towards your loved ones. They also point toward the need to bring significant changes in your style of living.

Let us now check out what do these dreams symbolize–

1. Sign of Determination

Bridges appear in your dreams to symbolize the determination and persistence of your personality. 

They denote that you are mentally strong. Plus, you can easily come out of hardships in your life by showcasing determination and the right kind of attitude.

You are not someone who would shake up when faced with troubles. Rather, you can be an example for others and make them learn how to stay strong during tough times.

2. Sign of Transition

We know that bridges act as connecting points between two places. 

Dreaming about a bridge suggests that you are on the verge of a transitional period in your life. You are making progress from one stage of life to another.

It might symbolize your transition from a teenager to attaining maturity. You have slowly begun to gain a lot of insight into the intricacies of life. 

3. Sign of Progress

Another possible reason for seeing this dream is because you are making steady progress and moving ahead in your life. It also symbolizes that you will see the proper execution of your business plans.

You would soon manage to conquer all the goals and objectives that you have decided for yourself in your life.

Your determined approach and resolve will help you move ahead steadily without making any further complications.

This dream is a positive sign suggesting that everything will eventually turn out to be good. You need to have belief in your abilities to change things around.

4. Sign of Forthcoming Troubles

Sometimes, bridges in dreams carry negative signs. They come up as a warning for the forthcoming struggles and hardships in life. 

You are taking things easy and delaying the fulfillment of your duties and obligations. It comes as a warning sign that you should first prioritize your responsibilities and commitments in life.

If you keep moving on the path you have adopted, you would end up creating numerous unwanted problems. You might even lose respect in front of your colleagues.

5. Sign of a Void Between Your Spiritual and Emotional Sides

A specific dream about bridges represents that you are not emotionally connected with yourself. 

You have given priority to materialistic gains and not paid attention to spiritual satisfaction. Due to this reason, you are unable to recognize your exact personality.

You do not often interact with your conscience. Still, you have somehow managed to close the gap between who you are and what you pretend yourself to be.

6. Sign to Bring Forth a Change in Life

You can even come across this dream as it reflects that you are getting tired from following the same routine over and over again. These repetitive tasks are making your life dull.

You wish to break yourself free from the shackles. All you want is some thrill, excitement, and adventure to get into your life. It will make you feel energetic and life will come back on track.

Bridge Dream Meaning – 58 Sequences and Interpretations

You can dream about bridges if you keep looking back into some specific memories of where you had crossed a bridge.

One can never explain such thoughts and they come up when you do not expect them. Experts positively interpret this dream. The dream also points towards your ambitions.

The dreams about bridges appear as symbols of unforeseen life changes that will become beneficial for you. 

Let us discuss the sequences and see how their interpretations would help you in your life-

1. Dream about a Narrow Bridge

When you see a narrow bridge in your dream, it portrays that the path you determine in your life is not always easy to tread on. You are bound to face hurdles over there as well.

In this situation, it is important to remember that you must not give up. 

If you keep yourself steady under tough circumstances and have the resolve and determination to go on, you will eventually reach your destination.

2. Dream about a Suspension Bridge

A suspension bridge in your dream symbolizes that you have some problems in life. You can get rid of problems if you are willing to confront them.

It is also important that you discuss your problems with someone you trust. Moreover, you must tell them about your feelings and what exactly you are looking to achieve.

For an outsider, it can become easier to see things from a different perspective. A change in perspective will enable them to give you the much-needed advice you are looking for.

3. Dream about a Footbridge

You can come across a footbridge in your dream, which is only suitable for pedestrians to move to and fro. This sequence refers to the fact that you will have a very slim chance to get success.

The subconscious mind is telling you to take one step at a time and move ahead in life. You are all alone and no one can come to any help. 

It is up to you to find a way out through which you can get what you deserve.

4. Dream about a Drawbridge

When you dream of a drawbridge open or closed, it refers to the time of success you have in your life. 

Your subconscious mind is telling you to take advantage of the chance to go ahead as long as the drawbridge stays down. 

There is a possibility that you might not get the chance once again if you happen to miss it.

5. Dream about a Golden Gate Bridge

Seeing the Golden Gate Bridge in your dream refers to the exact landmark and how you relate yourself to it. Do you always want to get the taste of the lifestyle that one experiences in a city?

Usually, dreams about a grand suspension bridge might well relate to the intense desire you have of moving over to the city.

6. Dream about a Beautiful Looking Bridge

If you see a bridge with a beautiful backdrop in your dream, it means you will achieve peace and success in love.

You are ready to move on with your partner and embark on a new phase of life. In case, you have not yet found your true love, look closely, he or she might be right beside you. 

You have shown the desired level of determination and courage, but now you have to take the much-needed step.

7. Dream about Several Bridges

You can dream of numerous bridges and that portrays your stubborn approach in life. Whatever you feel is either right or wrong for you. 

You do not feel any need to defend your points of view against others. This is where the dream comes as a wake-up call. It tells you to take a stand and assert yourself. 

8. Dream about a Bridge Over Water

When you see a bridge over water in your dream, it means your phase of transition will be an emotional one. 

You can come across a scenario wherein water below the bridge is rising higher and almost flooding the road. 

It means you are allowing your emotions to hold you back. Hence, you are not moving forward towards fulfilling your goals in life. 

9. Dream about a Bridge Close to a Dam

Dreaming of a bridge that is located close to a dam denotes that you would require to work extremely hard before you can think of fulfilling your long-term commitments.

Realize that there is no shortcut to success.

Hard work and persistence are the two things that can enable you to meet your goals in life. If you are not prepared for investing your time in these, then success will be tough to come by.

10. Dream about a Small Bridge

A small bridge appearing in your dream indicates that you will have to counter minor issues in your life. Hence, there is no need to lose sleep over them.

You simply need to have the confidence and conviction to overhaul those hurdles. Once you develop these in your personality, then you can move forward toward achieving your goals.

11. Dream about a Large Bridge

If your dream of a large bridge means that something in your life will soon change. This change can be either positive or negative and help you to develop a whole new outlook.

You should prepare yourself accordingly and greet the change that is about to come through. In some way or the other, it would not only make you a better person but also your overall life.

12. Dream about the Bridge Having an Arch

When you come across a bridge with an arch in your dream, it is a symbol of richness and energy. You might even see that you are walking on that bridge and it is leading you to a big structure or a palace.

This dream interpretation denotes pleasant situations in your near future. It tells that you will either have a lot of luck with respect to gambling or you would receive presents and gifts.

13. Dream about a Bridge with a Fence

If you notice a bridge with a fence in your dream, it is a sign of social inadequacy. It tells you to bring about necessary improvement in your communication skills. 

Moreover, the scenario harps on the importance of treating people with a lot of empathy.

You might seem to be quite rude and not bothered about others’ problems. This attitude of yours does not allow others to come close and become friends with you.

Dream Meaning of Bridges Made from Different Materials for Construction

Bridges are made of different materials depending on their purpose. The basic purpose of getting people from one place to another remains the same for all. 

Still, there are some bridges, which help serve specific purposes.

When you see them in your dream, they all carry particular reasons and help give out messages for your real life. 

14. Dream about an Iron Bridge

An iron bridge from your real-life point of view happens to be a safe and strong one. When you see it in your dream, it means that your path is ready and happiness will come to you.

Any path can have obstacles and various kinds of hurdles in them. Hence, you should keep a close watch and navigate them to reach your goals.

15. Dream about a Wooden Bridge

A wooden bridge is quite simple and not so strong. Still, it can easily serve the purpose of taking you over to the place of your choice. Even then, you need to stay careful.

Do not avoid looking closely into the pillars and structures. Notice the current condition of the bridge. Take sufficient time to analyze and watch out for every sign.

16. Dream about a Rope Bridge

Dreaming of a rope bridge denotes that you are unsure of all your recent decisions. When you are in a dilemma about what you should do next, try and follow these simple steps. 

Carry out a thorough analysis, chalk out the advantages and disadvantages, and behave ethically. They would enable you to differentiate between right and wrong. 

17. Dream about a Bamboo Bridge

When you see a bamboo bridge in your dream, it suggests that you should grow to tackle the void in the desired manner. You are still not quite ready to take care of the problem as yet.

There is every opportunity for you to grow into a mature individual. Henceforth, you can develop the necessary skills, and narrow or fill up the gap in the best possible manner.

18. Dream about a Stone Bridge

Have you ever dreamed of a bridge made from brick or stone? It predicts that you would require stability and take complete control of your life to attain the goals.

Try to forge a good relationship with your seniors before pushing through with any agenda. It would be of great help if you can resolve differences before moving forward in life.

19. Dream about an Ice Bridge

If you see an ice bridge in your dream, it denotes that you must keep your emotions in check to meet your goals. 

You are going through tough times. In these circumstances, you have to make your heart steady to go through till the end.

The path might not be firm and that results in you falling and failing. This dream is a reminder that you must move carefully in pursuing your ventures.

20. Dream about a Glass Bridge

When a glass bridge comes up in your dream, it refers to some type of relationship gap that exists between you and your family members.

As the glass is quite fragile, hence it denotes that you have to walk carefully to keep your connection intact. Sometimes, you might also face misunderstandings because of gaps in a generation.

Dream Meaning of Various Activities on the Bridge

You can see yourself indulging in different kinds of activities with the bridge. They include crossing a bridge, jumping, or falling from a bridge. 

Apart from these, you can even see yourself going under the bridge and a few more instances that might come up in your dream.

All these activities do not appear just like that. There is a specific hidden purpose behind each of those occurrences. 

21. Dream about Crossing the Bridge

It denotes success along with a tremendous level of excitement. You can dream that you are crossing a bridge irrespective of its disastrous condition. This means that you have attained victory.

When you cross the bridge in a dream, it tells a lot about how you approach your life. Irrespective of tough circumstances, you always manage to dodge them successfully and reach your destination.

22. Dream about Crossing a Bridge While Holding the Hands of a Girl

You can see someone cross a bridge while holding the hands of a girl in your dream. It is a sign that she will soon become a bride and would have her own family.

Perhaps, the talks of marriage are going on and dates would get finalized within a few days. She will enter her new phase of life.

23. Dream about Climbing Up a Bridge While Holding the Hand of Your Wife

If you notice that you are climbing up a bridge along with your wife, while holding her hand in a dream, you can soon expect her to become pregnant.

She is on the verge of enjoying motherhood. Becoming a mother is one of the most amazing feelings for any woman. You will have an enjoyable time raising your child.

24. Dream about Standing Under a Bridge

If you dream of standing under the arch of a bridge, it means that you are allowing life to pass by. In other words, you are not making the best use of your time.

We all know that life is short and unpredictable.

Your time is limited, so it is always desirable to use it wisely for meeting your goals. The dream appears to give you this advice.

It also denotes that you have very little idea about what is going on in your life.

25. Dream about Standing on the Bridge

You can even see that you are standing on a bridge in your dream. It shows that you are feeling extremely apprehensive about what the future holds. 

This thought is making you anxious and afraid thinking about how things might shape up. You are cultivating negative thoughts in your mind. 

26. Dream about Someone Standing on the Opposite Side of the Bridge

When you dream of someone standing on the opposite side of the bridge, it symbolizes the relationship you have with that person. 

Unfortunately, the relationship might soon end if the bridge is old and almost on the verge of collapse.

27. Dream about Looking Down from a Bridge

This dream of looking down from a bridge denotes that something might fast approach in your life, which would put you under a lot of stress. 

You must now allow your level of determination to shake up and must act in the desired manner to attain success.

If you feel discouraged, it would not only have an adverse impact on your life but also affect all those around you. Hence, keep this thing in mind and do what is the need of the hour.

28. Dream about Walking on a Bridge

If you see yourself walking on a bridge in your dream, it signifies that you are finding it tough to keep your promises.

Right now, you are in no position to fulfill the level of commitment you had made with someone earlier in your life.

Hence, you are feeling a bit ashamed of yourself. There is anxiousness and confusion about the thought of confronting your friend. 

29. Dream about Getting Tired Walking Along the Long Bridge

Have you ever wondered what it implies to see yourself getting tired while walking along the long bridge in your dream? It tends to indicate your fear of suffering from illness.

Thinking of the possible repercussions of your health condition makes you wary and feel tense all the time.

30. Dream about Making it Through a Bridge

When you see that you have somehow managed to make it through the bridge and get to the other side, it gives out a positive signal.

This scenario signifies that you would leave behind your problem and ensure to make your situation better than what it is now. 

It shows you will understand the importance of moving on with life.

31. Dream about a Car Accident on a Bridge

A car accident is never a desirable experience to come across, neither in waking life nor in your dreams. Luckily, this dream plot does not have anything to do with an accident.

It simply portrays that your path towards attaining your goals may not go as per expectation. You tend to have this sudden realization when you least expect it.

You can even see that your car is falling into the river after the accident. It suggests that you could get into depression after your failure. 

32. Dream about Jumping or Falling Off a Bridge

This is a dream that talks of your fear of failure in life. You are not at all sure whether you can ever become successful.

Whatever work you take up, you do not have the desired level of confidence to fight against adversities. Hence, you struggle to achieve your goals.

If you are jumping off the bridge intentionally, it means that you are surrendering your success. 

33. Dream about Falling from the Bridge and Into the Sea

In this scenario where you dream of falling off the bridge into the river or sea, it means that your passions will have a deep impact on your life. The impact can be positive or negative.

On the positive front, they can help guide you to make a career out of your passion. There is also a negative side to it. Your passions can hamper your lifestyle.

They can completely divert you from those things that need your attention. Hence, the purpose of your whole life goes out of focus.

34. Dream about Seeing a Terrific Panorama on the Bridge

You can gaze at a breathtaking panorama on the bridge in a dream. It would make your subconscious mind feel good. 

The interpretation of your real life is quite similar to how you would feel while seeing this dream.

It means that you will soon experience a lot of happiness in your life. All your actions will bear the desired results and enable you to fulfill your objectives.

35. Dream about Passing Over an Illuminated Bridge

If you see yourself passing over a bridge illuminated with lights in a dream, it is a positive sign. 

This scenario signifies that during the process of transition, you would come across something that will touch your heart. You will receive help from people who are not very close to you. 

36. Dream about Crossing the Bridge and Suddenly Stopping in the Middle

You can have a dream in which you see yourself stopping in the middle of the bridge while crossing it. It has a negative connotation for your real life.

The scenario signifies that your future will have loads of problems. Hence, you should prepare yourself accordingly and chalk out plans to deal with them properly.

37. Dream about Staring at the Bridge but Not Crossing It

When you keep staring at the bridge but do not cross it in your dream, it is a bad omen. The scenario suggests that your problems will keep growing every day.

This is because you are not able to find an appropriate solution. There is no initiative on your part to change things around and look for a way out of your issues. 

The dream makes you aware of how a situation can easily turn from bad to worse.

38. Dream about Not Being Able to Cross a Bridge

This dream of not managing to cross a bridge foretells that you will not achieve success in your romantic pursuits. 

Things may not work out for a number of reasons. Your partner might not be loyal to you.

He or she could struggle to put up with your attitudes or habits. It is a clear warning that you must never commit to a relationship with someone you do not know completely. 

39. Dream about Driving on Steep Bridges

If you dream of driving on steep bridges, it serves as a hint for inner knowledge, attaining spiritual enlightenment, and rejuvenation. 

There is an overwhelming feeling of uneasiness and panic. You always wish to indulge yourself in too much activity.

This scenario is a portent for fantasizing about something harmless. Probably, you need to keep a few things safe in your custody. 

40. Dream about Driving on a Broken Bridge

Driving on a broken bridge in your dream reflects your loved one. It denotes that a new idea is on the verge of formation. 

There might also be a brand-new project that is in the process of taking shape. This scenario also tells that you are withdrawing yourself from the responsibilities of daily life. 

41. Dream about Crossing a Broken Bridge

If you dream of crossing a broken bridge, it refers to your personality. The scenario signifies that you need to rectify certain aspects of how you deal with things in life.

This plot can sometimes turn out to be a nightmare. It signifies that bad news is around the corner. There is also a possibility that negative energies are all around you.

42. Dream about Sleeping on the Bridge

You can see yourself sleeping on the bridge in a dream. This sequence points towards your approachability and warmth. 

Unfortunately, you are showing some regret. This might have happened because of your negligence. You have been unable to make use of the golden opportunities that you had got in your life.

The dream acts as a metaphor for showcasing your raw energy and native impulse. You are not paying attention to these. Rather, you are holding back and taking a close look at the facts.

43. Dream about Running on the Bridge

When you dream of running across a bridge, it refers to some new knowledge that you are gaining about someone. 

You are gradually turning your negative situation into a positive one through a change in attitude.

Dream Meaning of Collapsing or Missing Bridge

The collapse of a bridge leads to accidents, resulting in chaos, injuries, and loss of lives. Similarly, when there is no bridge, traveling becomes a big hassle. 

The bridge allows the vehicles to move smoothly and let them stay free from traffic jams.

You can see dreams where either you do not see any bridge or an existing bridge on the verge of collapse. They denote certain interpretations of your waking life.

44. Dream of a Missing Bridge

A scenario can arise in which you are fully aware of the fact that a bridge exists. 

Surprisingly, when you reach the location, you can no longer see it over there. It indicates that you have lost connection with someone in your life.

You feel that you have got in touch with someone in your waking life. Unfortunately, the truth is something different. It might not have happened for real and simply took you by surprise.

45. Dream of a Bridge Collapsing

Did you dream about the collapse of a bridge? You see that the bridge is breaking or collapsing either at the time of crossing or just before crossing it.

This denotes that you are letting good opportunities go begging.

All these opportunities that this dream notifies you of might completely change your life. The crumbling of a bridge reflects the changes that are getting out of your grasp.

46. Dream of a Natural Force Leading to the Bridge Collapse

You can see that wind was the reason behind the collapse of a bridge in your dream. It means that something is about to happen related to your investment.

Perhaps, your investment might turn out to be a complete waste. Maybe your financial advisor would take undue advantage of your investment.

Unfortunately, close people would blame you for your negligence. Start behaving cautiously, especially on matters related to finance.

47. Dream of Destroying a Bridge

If you destroy a bridge with a bomb or burn it with fire in a dream, it is a sign of not getting rid of your previous connections. 

You may have already achieved your objectives. Now, you no longer wish to look back at your past. It can mean putting a stop to all kinds of connections with people from your past.

Dream Meaning of Different Conditions of the Bridge

A bridge can appear in your dream in different conditions. The bridge-related conditions can signify certain conditions in your life.

It can either make you look forward to some favorable future events with hope and optimism or make you apprehensive about things to come.

48. Dream about a Destroyed Bridge

The dream of a destroyed bridge means that emotional issues will make you feel sick. They might include trauma or anxiety that you have kept buried inside your mind for a long time.

Another perspective of this scenario suggests that your thought patterns are not allowing you to enjoy freedom in life. You always remain apprehensive about the future.

49. Dream about a Bridge Shaking

You can see a bridge shaking in your dream. It signifies that you have not managed to avoid someone who has been causing a lot of stress in your life.

The individual could be a colleague at your workplace. Hence, it is becoming impossible for you to avoid the person.

It might also be your supervisor or boss. They can make things even more complex for you to handle the situation. 

50. Dream about Partially Collapsed Bridges

Dreaming of bridges collapsed in a partial manner goes to show that your subconscious mind is trying to caution you. 

It tells you to become extremely careful while making decisions in the future. It will enable you to make concrete decisions at the right time.

If you make decisions without putting a good amount of thought into them, those would likely turn out to be wrong. 

51. Dream about an Under-Construction Bridge

If you see an under-construction bridge in your dream, it is a good omen. The sequence points towards a major shift that is about to happen in your life. 

Your mind is telling you to get ready. You are getting all set to move on to the new stage very soon.

52. Dream about Building a Bridge

When you see yourself constructing a bridge in your dream, it gives a positive indication. It tells that you are attempting to connect or bridge two things in your life.

You are probably looking to develop a connection with someone. There is a possibility that you are willing to get in touch with a mentor. 

He can act as a guide and propel you towards success in life.

53. Dream about Someone Building a Bridge

Dreaming of someone building a bridge portrays a phase of transition and slow transformation taking place in your life. 

Life can present you with a new stage of your career very soon. You could even enter into a new love life.

If you see a bridge under construction, it means that you will enter an agreement. You might purchase a new property or get rid of old things from your life.

54. Dream about a Poorly Maintained Bridge

If you come across a bridge in your dream that is poorly maintained, it indicates that you are going through some risky yet significant changes in your life. 

They are risky because you might not manage to cope with those changes. Probably, you have to get rid of some of your habits and change your lifestyle.

Moreover, you need to modify your overall personality. It can bring forth an amazing transformation in your life.

55. Dream about an Unstable Bridge

When you come across an unstable bridge in your dream, it predicts that you will face problems in a romantic relationship or friendship. 

It might happen due to misunderstanding or ego. Problems can also arise because of an outsider’s interference.

This sequence tries to warn you against letting any person from interfering in your relationships. 

56. Dream about a Broken Bridge

A broken bridge in your dream refers to all those things that you cannot undo in life. Once they have been done, you have to bear their consequences. 

This interpretation is applicable irrespective of whether you have just reached the bridge or already crossed it.

There were some things which you had done in the past and you still regret having done them. Apart from those, there are some duties that you need to fulfill.

57. Dream about a Fallen Bridge

If you notice a fallen bridge in your dream, it could well mean that some untoward incident is about to take place in your life. 

You will remain stuck and a helpless feeling would creep inside your mind when there is no bridge.

The sequence might represent a failure that you recently experienced in your life.

Perhaps, your mind is trying to give you the message that you should not let that failure stop you from leading your life.

58. Dream about a Tall and Big Bridge

Did you see a tall and big bridge in your dream? You can expect to face some tough times in your life, which would allow easy achievement of your goals.

There will be occasions that would make you feel as if the situation is extremely daunting and tough to come out of it. The scenario tells you to stay put on your path and not give up halfway through.

You would gradually develop the courage and confidence to tackle tricky situations. Hence, you should never surrender in any situation, no matter how tough things turn out to be.

Biblical Meaning of Dreams about Bridges

When we look to interpret this dream about bridges from a Biblical perspective, it tells you that God will make way for you to follow His path and reach your destination. 

The Bible mentions that seeing the Egyptians and their Pharaoh, the people of Israel along with their leader, had got trapped in the middle of the Red Sea and Army.

Then, God split up the Red Sea, hence creating a dry passage for them. You can look at it as if a bridge was put in place of the Red Sea.

Bridge Dream Meaning – Spiritual Perspective

If we take a look at the dreams about bridges from a spiritual perspective, they refer to some of the stages of your life. Those stages are where you have to make important decisions.

They have some connections with the Divine. You might see bridges in your dreams as God is telling you to make certain changes in your personality.

Are you currently facing challenging circumstances in your life? Then this dream theme comes up to encourage you. It gives the message that you need not fear this phase, as you will easily get through to the next stage of life.

Islamic Interpretation of Dreams about Bridges

The Islamic viewpoint of dreams about bridges symbolizes the connection between the materialistic world and the world existing beyond that.

As per Islam, the bridge or the link between the earth and the spiritual side is extremely narrow. It is just like the edge of a sword.

The belief is that only those people who do not commit any sin in their life can cross it. In other words, you can reach heaven after death, only if you have stayed pure, without any sort of misdeed, throughout your life.

The following video will help you gain better insight into these dreams about bridges and their interpretations for your waking life.

Wrap Up

Dreams about bridges reflect a phase of transition in your life. This can either be a spiritual or a physical one. In most of the scenarios, positive things are waiting to happen.

There are some instances, which tell you about the need to change your attitude. They come to warn you of the consequences that you might have to face if you do not reverse your attitude in life. 

Hence, you must pay heed to the warning signs and take the necessary steps. Then only you can avoid the occurrence of precarious situations and lead your life in peace.