Dream about Crabs symbolize your tenacity and your personality traits. Crab dreams may also indicate your situational factors.

If you are having a ‘crabby’ or irritable mood and if your behavior towards others is irritable and rude, this can be the reason behind your crab dreams.

Dream about Crabs - Various Scenarios and Their Meaning
Dream about Crabs – Various Scenarios and Their Meaning

Crab Dream Meaning – General Interpretations

There are some probable interpretations of crab dreams –

Personality pattern

Seeing a crab in your dream indicates that you can be an introverted kind of person. You do not like to share your thoughts or feelings with everyone. 

Need for protection

It symbolize that you are trying to hide and create a barrier around you. You may feel insecure due to several reasons, and you may feel a strong need to protect yourself from the world.


Sometimes crab dreams represent your strength. You have a strong determination and if you make a decision you always strongly stick to your words.


You have a strong desire to learn and explore the world. You enjoy learning new things and gathering more knowledge.

Unconscious emotional state

These dreams sometimes represent your unconscious emotions. You are trying to hide your true emotions and you are not comfortable expressing them.

Hidden desires or feelings

Such dreams may also indicate all your hidden desires and thoughts. Your unconscious feelings and complicated emotions can also create such dreams.

What is The Spiritual Meaning of Dreams about Crabs?

The spiritual meaning of dreams about crabs helps you to understand the current condition of your life and your surroundings. Certain dreams about crabs indicate if you are having some major problem in your life right now. 

Crab dreams also warn you about your future possibilities. If you are about to receive some good news or opportunities from someone, crab dreams can hint at that. 

Biblical Dream Interpretation

The biblical meaning of crab dreams can indicate the positivity you feel in your life. Certain dreams about crabs help you to understand yourself and get a better idea about who you are.

These dreams also help you to find out your true purpose in life and your path toward your goal. You may be very conscious about your life choices and make several choices that are harmful to you and others around you. 

Dream about Crabs – Various Scenarios and Their Meaning 

Seeing a crab in your dream

It indicates that you feel you need to hide something from others. You may be confused about your life or your issues and you want to avoid everything and run away from everyone.

You may be overwhelmed by everything in your life at this current moment and you need to hide from everything and everyone. 

Eating crabs in your dream

It indicates that good luck is coming to your life. If you have been trying for something for a long time, you may achieve that goal soon. It is a great time for new ideas and plannings.

If you are thinking of starting a business or planning a new career path, it is time that you take your first step. Your motivation and need to achieve something big may increase at this point in time.

Catching a crab in your dream

Such dreams indicate your hesitation or ignorance over something. Your subconscious may be trying to catch your attention that you need to give your attention to something important that you have been ignoring for a long time. 

It also symbolizes your instinct. If your instinct is telling you something and you are trying to hide or ignore it, you need to pay more attention.

Dream about spider crabs

Spider crabs also have eight legs like a spider, and seeing a spider crab in your dream indicates that your health will improve and will be at its best. If you are experiencing some complications in your health, this will get better soon.

Dream about a boiled crab

If you see a boiled crab in your dream, it symbolizes self-reflection. This dream indicates that you need to look into your inner self and try to understand yourself in a better way.

You feel there is a need for introspection in your life. You should spend more time with yourself and seek more self-knowledge to go forward in your life.

Get bitten by a crab

Getting bitten by a crab in your dreams indicates your hidden perception or thoughts about yourself. These subconscious thoughts are trying to create these dreams to get your attention.

Dead crabs 

Dreaming about a dead crab can indicate several situations in your life. Crabs shed their skin after every full moon; this can symbolize the resurrection after death.

Crabs attacking

Being attacked by the crabs in your dreams symbolizes that you are running from your problems. You are lost in your life and you are confused about everything.

You are too stressed and you avoid all your issues to be free from all the burdens.

Dreaming about many crabs 

Seeing many crabs in your dream can bring a bad sign to your life. This dream can symbolize your mistakes because of your irresponsibility or your stubborn nature. 

A crab on the shore

Such dreams can bring some good news in your real life but you have to be very careful and selective about everything. You may receive some new opportunities or some attractive offers to achieve your goal in life.

Cooking a crab

This dream indicates your stubbornness. You do not listen to others around you. You are not ready to compromise your life choices. If you make a decision in life you are too stubborn to change it in any way.

Killing a crab 

This dream indicates that you are facing some difficulties or barriers on your path toward your goal and you are trying to eliminate them.

You do not want to stop fighting at any cost. You are desperate to eliminate all the barriers to achieving your goal. 

Crabs in the water

If you see a crab in the water in your dream that symbolizes that you may have some issues in your relationship with your friends and family.

It also indicates the need for improvement in your relationship

Holding a crab

This symbolizes that you have so many fake people in your life who pretend to be your well-wishers but try to destroy you behind your back. 

Baby crabs

It indicates your tendency to follow in others’ footsteps without thinking about it on your own. You always tend to depend on others around you.

If you are facing some issues in life, you search for others’ help and do not try to find a solution by yourself. 

Crabs in your house

This symbolizes that you are facing some major issues and you are very stubborn about them. The part of the house you saw in your dream may represent the area of the problem in your real life. 

Pet crab

It signifies that you may hear some important news from someone you know. Someone least expected may ask for your help or your guidance regarding something. 

Crab tattoo

This dream symbolizes that you may make several mistakes due to your stubborn nature and irresponsible behavior.

Dream of Various Colours of Crabs

Black crab

It indicates your repressed feelings, thoughts, and emotions. You may have some unconscious emotions or feelings about something or someone that are reflected through such dreams. 

Red crabs

Seeing a red crab in your dream shows your anger and your aggression. If you are angry about something that can be reflected in your dream.

White crab

It symbolize that dangerous things like a crab can also be harmless. It means even if you have some negative traits in you, it is possible to control those and be good. 

Green crabs

This indicates nature and your bond with nature. You should spend some time in a natural setting surrounded by greens.

Blue crabs

Dreams about blue crabs indicate that you have major problems in different areas of your life. It is time to finally face your issues, find solutions, and move on.


Dreams about crabs reflect your emotions and your thoughts most of the time. Sometimes these dreams work as a warning for your future or bring some news about your good luck. 

Crab dreams can guide you through different complicated situations in your life and help you to grow and walk towards your goal.

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