Considering your activities are trackable with your fingerprints alone, a fingerprint dream meaning can mean someone is watching you closely, keeping track of your deeds. 

Though it sounds creepy, it doesn’t have to be. At other times, it can be the subconscious mind alerting you of an issue that needs to be deciphered in great detail. 

Fingerprint Dream Meaning: A General Dream Interpretation

A fingerprint dream meaning shows you are no longer sure if you are walking down the correct life path. Fingerprints in dreams can also mean someone is monitoring you closely. 

Like any other dream, a fingerprint dream meaning can be interpreted in several different ways. 

Remember, these are just generalized interpretations and may or may not explain your particular plot.

  • The most common interpretation is that someone around you is closely monitoring you. It can be your mum, dad, partner, rival, or a spy, at worst. 
  • Police track down criminals using their fingerprints. Taking that into perspective, dreaming of a fingerprint can mean you have left impacts in the hearts and minds of people and places though you never intend to. On the other hand, the dream might stand for a problem or a matter that should be dug deep. 
  • That said, based on the context, it might even be a sign that something you have been investigating consciously or subconsciously for quite a while is gradually getting revealed. 
  • Negatively, fingerprints can symbolize guilt and fear – fear of the truth coming out, fear of consequences, etc. Chances are, you have done terrible deeds and are anxious about what might happen the next minute because you know nothing remains hidden forever. 
  • On a lighter note, dreaming of fingerprints symbolizes your fear of losing youthful charm and vigor. 
  • At times, fingerprints show you have chosen the wrong route to success. You might reach your destination, but the dream warns you early on that you will face the consequences of your actions someday. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Fingerprint Dreams

Spiritually, fingerprint shows you need to be clear and precise about what you want from and in life.

Psychological Meaning

On the psychological level, dreaming of a fingerprint represents your quest for life’s purpose. 

Also, it might reflect your wishes to uncover hidden truths or unknown and unexplored aspects of yourself. 

Different Scenarios Of Fingerprint In Dreams Explained

Some of the most commonly experienced fingerprint-related dreams are:

A dream about seeing accurate and legible fingerprints

Through the scenario, the subconscious tries to draw your attention to something you need to unravel – layer by layer.

From another perspective, it symbolizes your innocence, sincerity, and good intentions toward others. 

Dreaming of blurred fingerprints

In the dream world, blurred fingerprints often signify financial losses. 

A dream about someone taking your fingerprints

The dream scenario is a sign that someone is watching you like a hawk

This can be interpreted as a warning sign, especially if you have committed some crime or offenses in the past. Perhaps the truth has come out, and you will soon be investigated. 

It can also mean you might get involved in bad habits and unethical practices.  

Police taking your fingerprints

Sometime in the foreseeable future, one of your close friends or relatives will get into trouble with the authorities after getting involved in an illegal action. 

If the police take your fingerprint, it can also be a harbinger of upcoming hurdles, rejections, etc. 

In some instances, the dream symbolizes your indecisiveness. You might be at a standstill and unable to choose one option from the other for fear that the wrong choice will land you in trouble. 

Similarly, if you have committed something wrong and are afraid of the outcome, you might dream of the police taking your fingerprints. 

Erasing fingerprints 

In this context, the fingerprints stand for your past events and experiences. Therefore, erasing them shows opportunities will soon come knocking on your door.

If you have had a painful past and are still lingering on it, the dream is possibly the higher self encouraging you to let go of what has happened and start life on a clean slate. 

Erasing fingerprints is also associated with hiding something from others or someone in your close-knit circle doing the same. 

At other times, it can stand for your repressed feelings and emotions. 

Negatively, wiping off fingerprints in a dream indicates you have done something wrong.

But instead of being a responsible person and being accountable for it, the dream shows you are putting the blame on another person. 

Stranger’s fingerprints

Often, a stranger’s fingerprint in a dream is associated with a sense of insecurity in your waking life.

Fingerprints that belong to a stranger show you must be wary of others in your circle.

Each of them might act sweet and caring. But you need to understand that humans can be pretentious and put on a disguise for their benefit. 

In the worst case, the dream shows you have absolutely no idea about what is happening at your back. 

Missing fingers during fingerprint study

Without a doubt, if you dream that your fingers are missing before, during, or after a fingerprint study, the scenario portends trouble and misfortune in the foreseeable future. 

Fingerprints are too big

Seeing such a scenario is a good sign indicating you will be able to accomplish your goals pretty soon. 

Fingerprints are too small

Contrary to the above scenario, seeing that your own fingerprints are much smaller than your finger shows an event you had enthusiastically looked forward to will come along – laden with troubles you had not expected. 

Seeing your own fingerprints

This shows you feel guilty toward someone. Perhaps you have been telling nothing but lies to a close one. And seeing that person trust you so blindly weighs heavy on your conscience. 

Looking at the details of your fingerprint

One of your problems, which has been troubling you for a long time, will be solved if you dream of the above. 

Negatively, looking at your fingerprint and studying it with much detail shows you are blaming another person intentionally or unintentionally for the wrong deeds you committed. 

Seeing another person’s fingerprints

Likely you are terribly missing someone or something. It could even mean you longed for the times when you were free from all responsibilities. 

From a romantic point of view, seeing another person’s fingerprints shows you are unsure of your current partner’s feelings toward you. 

Yet another interpretation shows you are suspicious about someone’s actions and behaviors. 

Being fingerprinted for official purposes

You might receive unexpected help from a friend.

Biblical Interpretation

According to the Bible, fingerprints in dreams symbolize guilt and shame for your past deeds. 


Therefore, a fingerprint’s dream’s meaning can have various meanings based on your reality, past experiences, dream context, and how you reacted to the scenario. 

For some, it can symbolize the accomplishment of goals, and for others, financial losses. 

So, we recommend you approach the plot with an open mind, with no set expectations. 

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