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Dreaming Of Hugging Someone: 68 Plots & Their Meanings

Dreaming Of Hugging Someone: 68 Plots & Their Meanings

Updated on Jun 10, 2022 | Published on Jan 03, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dreaming Of Hugging Someone - 68 Plots And Their Interpretations

You may be able to brush off dreaming of hugging someone as a reflection of your love. But a dream scenario of hugging a dead person or the sworn enemy will disturb you for quite a long time. 

However, your dream might have good news for you, contrary to your expectations! If you have had such a dream, this article will probably answer all of your questions. 

Dreaming of Hugging Someone - 68 Plots And Their Interpretations
Dreaming of Hugging Someone – 68 Plots And Their Interpretations

Hug Dream Meaning

Generally, a dream of hugging someone reflects your wish to be loved, appreciated, and cared for. Other scenarios denote forgiveness and the need to let go of negativity from your life.

According to Eve Adamson’s Dream Dictionary, dreaming of hugging someone implies you wish to support that person – mentally, emotionally, and psychologically. 

Hugging is also associated with love and affection for someone, both in reality and the dream world. 

A dream of hugging also suggests you crave human connection or even physical touch. You want others to understand your opinions, problems, and situations. 

Negatively, such scenarios may mean you wish others could sympathize with you despite being fully aware of your wrongdoings.

A Dream Of Hugging Someone: Various Symbols

1. Forthcoming Changes

According to various dream books, the image of hugging, regardless of who or what is a harbinger of changes in your personal life. 

The reason behind the changes can be anything under the sun. Your relationships with your partner or family may significantly improve making you feel content and blessed to have them in your life. 

2. A Connection

Many dream experts believe that any hugging dream regardless of who or what symbolizes a connection – emotional, or spiritual between the two people. 

3. You miss someone

Usually, when you miss someone, that person tends to occupy your mind. And such thoughts can see their way into your sleep state.

Therefore, one of the most probable reasons you dream of a hug with someone is because you miss that person and would be happy to see him or her again.

However, it depends on who you hugged in the dream. 

For example, you cannot possibly apply the same meaning to a dream of hugging your partner who is with you most times of the day. 

4. Forgiveness and Reconciliation

Hugging in a dream also symbolizes forgiveness. You have finally decided to forgo the hateful feelings you had for a particular person. 

The dream may further denote reconciliation in some instances. 

However, note that it may not be applicable to all hugging dreams that speak of forgiveness. 

For instance, you may have decided to forgive your ex-partner. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you want to reconcile. Instead, your wish may be to forgive, forget and move on. 

5. The need to release negative energy

Various situations and predicaments in the real world might have compelled you to develop ill feelings towards others – such as jealousy, hatred, etc. 

That being the case, a dream of hugging is a sign that you need to release negativity and make room for positive energy. 

If you think someone is good, you will begin to see him or her in a good light. Likewise, if you believe he or she is evil, everything that person does will bother you. 

6. The realization of how important someone was to you

Earlier you might have taken someone for granted. 

Perhaps you were too convinced that he or she will never leave your side whatever happens. Such beliefs might have led you to disrespect his or her opinions, matters, and feelings eventually leading to a separation. 

And now that he or she is no longer beside you, you realized how important he or she was to you. 

7. Threats

In the real world, a hug is a symbol of affection and the same goes in the dream world too. 

However, in certain instances, a hug can be an ill omen foretelling a misfortunate event. It may affect your personal or professional lives or even both. 

Perhaps you and your family will be driven to bankruptcy after your business fails miserably or maybe you will be cheated on by your partner. 

8. Acceptance

Is there anyone who has always been against you – your wishes, opinions, etc.?

If so, the scenario may mean well. Undoubtedly, you have been through a lot because of that person’s objections. 

But all those are almost over. Because the dream implies that the person has finally started seeing you in a different light. He or she can be a family, a friend, a colleague, or even a love interest. 

9. New acquaintances

A dream of hugging may be a harbinger of a chance encounter with someone new. 

There’s a possibility that he or she would be very different from you. Despite the differences, the dream foretells a pleasant relationship. 

The dream advises treasuring that person because he or she can guide you to the right paths of life. 

10. Dominance

Some scenarios of hugging dreams imply your enemy will dominate over you. 

Dreaming Of Hugging Someone – 68 Plots And Their Interpretations

1. A dream of hugging someone

Having a dream of hugging someone signifies the level of trust and affection for a particular person in the waking world. Nonetheless, it is also vital to remember how you felt during the dream and when you woke up. 

Were you happy, or did you find the feeling of closeness nauseating?

Additionally, it’s important to remember the identity of the person that appeared in your dream. If it was someone close to you, the dream shows you genuinely care and wish the best for that person. 

On the other hand, if it was someone you haven’t met in a long while, the dream could be foretelling a chance encounter.  

Another approach to the interpretation says you have matured. 

2. A dream about hugging Jesus

Generally, a dream wherein you hugged Jesus means you will make some sacrifices to protect your loved ones. 

Alternatively, the scenario may symbolize your acceptance of faith into your life. 

3. Dreaming about hugging a family member/ parent

If you had this dream, you need to ask yourself a question. Is everyone doing okay in your family? Are they in the best of health? 

If all of them are as fit as they can be, you need not worry!

However, the plot hints at one of them not doing well in terms of health. 

In the recent past, he or she might have talked about it lightly but not have visited the doctor. 

Having the dream could be your subconscious encouraging you to convince that person to make an appointment with the doctor. 

4. Hugging and kissing your parents in a dream

According to the dream, one or both of your parents may fall sick. 

5. Hugging a friend in a dream

A dream about hugging a friend symbolizes moments of happiness with your loved ones. 

The plot also stands for trust, loyalty, and friendship.

Alternatively, hugging a friend may also mean he or she is counting on you for help.

6. Dreaming of hugging someone you like

The plot is a projection of your infatuation. You desire to be close or even get into a serious relationship with that person. 

7. Dreaming of hugging someone you love

To dream of hugging someone you love is a negative sign. Shortly, you may have to go through several trials and tribulations. Your potential, patience, and perseverance will be challenged. 

But it will not turn out to be as bad as you had imagined. The person you love will selflessly support and be at your side during the hard times. 

After the storm is over, you may even look back at those days with gratitude. The hard times are an opportunity for you to deepen and strengthen your love for each other. 

8. A dream about hugging your partner

Hugging your partner in a dream has negative connotations. Differences and conflicts are likely to arise between the two of you. You will not be able to understand your partner and he/she will feel the same towards you. 

Additionally, you may feel your partner is behaving in such a way out of spite. 

The dream may be advising you not to accuse each other of this and that. Instead, try to figure out the problem that is causing a rift between the two of you.  

If you do not want to end your relationship and lose him or her for good, you must be cautious of your words and actions. 

9. Dreaming about hugging and kissing your partner

It is an ill omen to dream of the scenario. The scenario hints at conflicts that might lead to a separation. 

10. Hugging your lover and saying goodbye at the same time in a dream

According to the dream, your relationship may get an opportunity to strengthen. 

If the two of you have been drifting away from each other lately, the scenario probably hints at an opportunity for restoration of your relationship. 

11. Hugging an ex-partner in a dream

Since the person in your dream is someone you have shared bittersweet memories with, it’s natural to see him or her every once in a while.

The scenario does not necessarily mean he or she still has feelings for you or vice-versa. 

12. Hugging an ex-girlfriend in your dream

More often than not, hugging your ex-girlfriend in a dream is associated with negativity – anger, hatred, and vengeful feelings. 

The interpretation is especially true if you part ways on a bitter note. 

13. Feeling sad while you hug a relative in your dream

As per the plot, one of your relatives will get involved in a misfortune. The chances of him or her recovering from the events are slim.

Therefore, your subconscious may be advising you to support that person in whatever ways possible. 

As indicated in the plot, the person will soon find himself or herself in a phase wherein all sorts of assistance would be appreciated. 

14. A dream about hugging your boss in a friendly manner

According to the dream spectacle, you are super ambitious. But unfortunately, you will not be able to achieve your goals. 

15. Hugging a colleague in a dream

Based on the scenario, your relationship with that person will improve. Misunderstandings and conflicts between the two of you, if any, will resolve.

As you get to know him or her better, you may even realize that you have been unfair towards him or her. 

16. Dreaming about hugging your teacher

A dream about hugging your teacher signifies a transformation in your overall life. 

Possibly, you had the tendency of escaping responsibilities and blaming others for every unfortunate situation that befalls you. 

Having the dream denotes all those behaviors and immature actions will be a thing of the past. Going forward, you would learn to be accountable for your mistakes, decisions, and actions. 

17. A dream about hugging someone you haven’t seen in a while

According to the plot, you are prepared to accept various changes that will sooner or later happen in your life.

Alternatively, the plot indicates you are now able to embrace parts of you that you shunned earlier. 

18. Hugging a stranger in a dream

If you dream of hugging a stranger, you may meet someone you haven’t seen for a long time. 

Positively, the dream denotes you may get acquainted with a person who can help you achieve great things in life. 

19. A dream about hugs and kisses with an unknown person

Based on the plot, someone is spreading malicious rumors about you. 

Whatever has happened has happened, you cannot do anything about it. But going forward your subconscious warns you to be extremely careful about who you let into your inner circle. 

20. Dreaming about feeling trapped while a stranger hugs you

In a dream, if you feel uncomfortable or even trapped while being hugged by a stranger, the scenario warns you to avoid certain situations in your waking life. 

After analyzing your situations thoroughly, trust your intuition and stay away from the matters that have the potential to harm you. 

On the flip side, if you experience the same unpleasant feelings while hugging a stranger (not being hugged), the scenario denotes you must let go of bygone problems and issues to make room for newer experiences. 

21. Dreaming that both you and a stranger reach out for a hug

The scenario is a sign to learn to notice new opportunities and not let go of them. 

They may come as friends, acquaintances, partners, job changes, career shifts, etc. 

22. A dream about hugging a girl

Having a dream about hugging a girl foretells improvement in the professional sphere. You may be able to experience an impressive rise in your job or career. 

23. Hugging and kissing a girl in a dream

Having a dream about hugging and kissing a girl is a harbinger of complicated situations either at work or at home or both. 

According to the theories of Sigmund Freud, a dream about hugging and kissing a girl you like is a sign of mutual sympathy. 

24. Dreaming about hugging a girl you like

According to the dream books of Miller, dreaming about hugging a girl you like or care for is a sign that the relationship between the two of you will deepen. 

The above interpretation applies only if you felt happy and content in the dream. 

25. Dreaming about hugging a girl you haven’t seen for quite some time

According to the dream, you will get acquainted with a few interesting people soon. 

Nonetheless, you need to recall the identity of the girl. If she was a relative or someone you are familiar with, expect visits from relatives or friends. 

26. A dream about hugging an unfamiliar girl

Having such a dream may mean you will befriend a new person in the foreseeable future. 

27. Hugging a woman you are familiar with in a dream

In a dream, if you see yourself hugging a woman you are familiar within the real world, you may soon hear a piece of unpleasant news. 

28. Dreaming about hugging an unknown woman

To dream about hugging an unknown woman indicates the possibility of uninvited guests turning up at your doorstep unexpectedly. 

29. Hugging a beautiful woman in a dream

To see yourself hugging a beautiful woman in a dream means you are ready to make certain changes in your life. 

30. Hugging a beautiful unknown woman in a dream

Dreaming about hugging a drop-dead gorgeous girl reflects your excessive demands and expectations from your significant other. 

The dream advises you not to go overboard. Your demands may chase away potential partners from you. 

31. Hugging a pregnant woman in a dream

The dream is an ill omen. For whatsoever reason, you will intentionally or unintentionally commit a dishonest act. 

32. Dreaming about hugging an elderly woman

The scenario is a projection of your fear of losing your health, beauty, and charm to old age. 

33. Hugging your child in a dream

A dream about hugging your child implies you are constantly worried about your child’s health, welfare, and happiness. 

Furthermore, you often question yourself about your way of parenting – whether you are guiding them on the right path or not. 

34. Someone hugging your child in a dream

The dream is possibly warning you about an unpleasant event regarding your child. 

35. A dream about hugging someone else’s child

Having a dream about hugging someone else’s child means you do not let other people see your sensitive and vulnerable side, afraid that they will hurt you. 

36. A dream of hugging an enemy

Having a dream about hugging an enemy implies you must reconcile with someone in your waking life as soon as possible. 

Since other people in your dream may also be a representation of yourself, the enemy in your dream may symbolize yourself. 

Often, it is our fear and limiting beliefs that keep us away from exploring newer paths in life. If you believe you have been doing the same, the dream may be a sign from the higher self to embrace your fears.

What you have always dreamed of, what you have always aspired to be, maybe on the other side of your fears!!!

37. A dream about hugging an animal

A dream about hugging an animal depends on the type of animal that appeared in your dream. 

Usually, dogs are symbolic of loyalty and friendship. Therefore, to dream about hugging a dog is a warning that someone will likely betray your trust and loyalty. 

If the animal you hugged was a bear, it means you seek love, affection, and protection in your waking life. 

Likewise, to decipher dreams about hugging animals, you will first need to understand the symbolism of that particular animal to delve deeper into the meaning of the dream. 

From another perspective, the scenario indicates meeting an old friend soon. 

38. Dreaming that a person dissolves into thin air when you want to hug him or her

As per the plot, you are all talk and no action. Like the rest of the people, you dreamed for the highest. You fantasize about a wonderful life with nothing lacking – a flawless future. 

However, you never go more than that. You don’t make an effort to bring your dreams and goals into life.

Your subconscious advises you to start working on whatever you dream of, else they will disappear into thin air like how the person in your dream did. 

39. A dream of hugging someone who died

Hugging a dead person has several interpretations depending on who it was.

If it was someone you loved or cared for, while alive, the dream shows you are still mourning the loss.

Although you try your best to get over that person, you remember him or her the moment you try to forget him or her.

Alternatively, if the dead person that appeared in your dream is a stranger, the scenario signifies fear of the unknown – fear to step into the unexplored areas of life or a general fear to do something you haven’t done till the present moment. 

40. Hugging a dead child in a dream

To begin with, the scene showed up in your dream because you are undergoing some difficulties in the waking world.

The dream reflects your wish to get to the roots of your problems and find out what might have caused them. 

Additionally, the dream indicates you will soon find the answer to your queries. 

41. A dream about hugging a dead person after he or she said something to you

Have you ever had a dream of hugging a dead person after he or she tells you something in the dream?

Usually, such a dream carries a message. The dead person might have told you how he or she is now that he or she is in the place of the Lord.

Furthermore, that person wants you to let go of all the pain, loss and live comfortably. 

42. A dream of hugging an angry dead person

If you dream of hugging a furious dead person, the first thing you must recall is do you know that person while he or she was alive?

If he or she was someone who held an important part in your life, while alive, the dream shows you have done something recently he or she would have never approved of!

43. Dreaming about a dead person coming to life after you hug him or her

In this scenario, the dead person may represent your present worry-filled life. 

If you have been wondering how long your life will drag on miserably in that manner, the dream implies you do not have to wait very long. 

Soon, the sun will shine on you too!

44. Dreaming about hugging a tree

There’s a possibility that you are going through a hard time. 

The scenario indicates you long for peace and stability. 

45. A dream of hugging someone tightly

Hugging someone tightly in a dream implies you reminisce the precious moments you spend with that person.

If you recently broke up with a partner/ a friend, the scenario indicates you want to patch up with him or her. 

Undeniably, you miss that person a lot, even though you don’t admit or accept it. 

46. Dreaming about a goodbye hug

If you dream about hugging someone as you part ways, the plot stands for the end of a period and the beginning of a new life phase. 

The scenario may be showing how that person will play little or no role in the forthcoming stage of your life. 

Nonetheless, since other people in your dreams may symbolize various aspects of yourself, you can interpret the dream as leaving behind parts of your personality that will serve you no more in your future life. 

47. Hugging someone in bed in a dream

A dream about hugging someone in bed is your higher self warning you not to let prejudices affect your ideas and opinions about others. Do not let your assumptions affect your relationship and experiences. 

Give yourself some time to get acquainted – be it a person or a job. It might turn out to be completely different from what you had initially imagined. 

48. Dreaming about being hugged by someone

Receiving a hug in a dream is a warning. A close one will likely deceive you for his or her selfish interests. 

In the professional or financial sphere, do not be hasty and jump to conclusions without thinking through the pros and cons. 

In the personal sphere too, nothing will go right. You and your partner will fail to see eye to eye about almost every single thing. The trivial things that once gave you joy and contentment will get annoying. 

The scenario also hints at possible betrayal and infidelity. You might encounter someone who gives you the attention and love that has been missing in your life.

Eventually, feelings will develop for that person and you may wish to get into a serious relationship. 

Another interpretation of the scenario is that you long for love, affection, and support. 

Having said that, the type of hug also plays a crucial role in the interpretation. So, you need to have clarity about your dream vision. 

Check out the following heads for details. 

49. A dream about someone hugging you affectionately

First, try to recall the identity of the person in your dream. If he or she is someone you know well in the real world, the dream may be trying to tell you that he or she desperately needs you. 

If you recognize the person in your dream, do not hesitate to reach out. A simple helping hand can save a person’s life. 

50. Someone hugging you tightly in a dream

Having a dream about someone hugging you tightly and pressing you against him or her to suffocate implies someone is pressuring you about something in the waking world. 

The interpretation applies to any sphere of life – study, work, relationship, or domestic issues. 

Perhaps your partner is extremely possessive or you may be struggling under the supervision of a bossy superior at work. 

The appearance of the scenario in your dream does not symbolize hate or noncompliance. But it does reflect that you desire to spend some time alone to reevaluate your decisions. 

No relationships should be stifling. If the situation worsens, communicate your opinions to the concerned person. 

51. A dream of hugging someone from behind

If someone hugged you from behind in a dream, the scenario denotes that you will receive a pleasant surprise from that person. 

Furthermore, the dream encourages you to cheer up and not let your spirits down because very soon, everything is going to be alright. 

52. A dream about your father hugging you

In the dream world, a father figure is often associated with self-respect, pride, recognition, and reputation.

Having such a dream denotes you have achieved the recognition you’ve worked for. It may also mean you have accepted yourself for who you are. 

Note that the father in your dream can be your father in real-life or just a figure who appeared as your father in the scenario. 

53. Your friend hugging you in a dream

Chances are, you feel lonely and depressed in the real world. Likely, the scenario is a projection of your wishes to be loved, hugged, and appreciated. 

54. A married man hugging you from behind in a dream

Having a dream of a married man hints at several opportunities heading towards you. They may appear disguised as casual acquaintances. 

You are advised not to go by the cover and to be on your toes unless you want those opportunities to slip through. 

55. A dream about someone trying to strangle you during a hug

According to the scenario, someone is trying to control each of your actions and decisions. 

If there is anybody who fits into the picture, you must not let him or her have his or her way. Whether that person is a partner or a friend, let him or her know your decisions also matter. 

56. Rejecting a hug in a dream

It is a sign that you feel rejected and lonely in the waking world. 

Chances are, you think you are not loved and valued by your family, friends, and acquaintances. Because you believe people dislike you, you might also have developed hateful feelings towards your near and dear ones. 

If your real-life situations resonate with the above interpretation, your higher self wants you to reanalyze your thought process. 

Why do your own people not favor you? Think about how you have been behaving, talking, and acting! 

Also, your subconscious mind questions if they really do not dislike you. After all, your mind and imagination could be playing games with you. 

57. Seeing your partner hug someone else in a dream 

A dream scenario of your partner hugging and embracing another person hints at infidelity. 

But before you criticize your partner for cheating on you, you should ask yourself if you have given your best in that relationship. 

In case, you have ignored your partner and not given him or her the love and attention he or she deserves, you are not in a position to play the victim. 

Negatively, if the dream appeared after you have invested much of your time and love in the relationship, the dream shows your partner is not really the person you believe him or her to be. 

58. Seeing someone else hugging your girlfriend in a dream

If you see someone else hugging your girlfriend in a dream, it shows that your inattentiveness to her is causing her to drift away from you.

If you do not restore the relationship with her, you may end up losing her for good. 

59. A mother dreaming of hugging her child

The scenario is a sign of trust and protection.

60. Seeing two people hugging in a dream

It is a positive sign to have a dream about two people hugging each other. 

Success and prosperity await you at work. Even on the domestic front, the dream foretells a blissful period. 

61. Seeing two women hugging each other in a dream

Generally, the scenario speaks of hypocrisy. 

Having the dream emphasizes the need to analyze your circle. Is there anyone capable of weaving lies and spreading unfounded rumors in your social circle?

If you believe there are, your higher self advises you to stay away from them around the time you dreamt of the scenario. 

According to the plot, they have the ability to manipulate and play with your feelings.

62. Two men hugging each other in a dream

Seeing two men hugging in a dream implies you need to act as an intermediary between two people in the waking world. 

Whoever they are, remind yourself to be fair to both parties else you may fall into an abyss you will possibly never recover from. 

63. Seeing multiple people hugging each other in a dream 

If you see many people exchanging hugs in a dream scenario, there’s a possibility that you will be invited to a wedding ceremony. 

64. Dreaming about a sad hug

According to the plot, your family will face some problems soon. 

65. A dream about an unpleasant hug

Expect arguments and conflicts in the real world. An unpleasant hug in a dream can also reflect insecurity or the lack of sincerity in a relationship. 

66. A passionate hug in a dream

In the dream world, passionate hugs symbolize a strong emotional connection with someone you know in real life. 

Maybe you are suppressing genuine emotions and feelings for that person. Since you are not letting those emotions come out in the open they might have made their way into your dreams. 

67. A married woman dreaming of hugging a man other than her husband

A married woman, having a dream about hugging a man other than her foretells she may get involved in an extramarital affair that has the potential to wreak havoc on her marriage and life in general. 

However, if she was hugging her father, brother, or another close blood relation, the plot possibly has a different interpretation. 

68. A girl dreaming about a stranger hugging her

According to the plot, the dreamer or the girl is so immersed and lost in her own world and fantasy that she is blind to the wonderful people around her. 

In case you can put yourself into the shoes of the girl, your subconscious advises you to snap back to reality and get acquainted with those people. 

Hug Dream Meaning: Dream Examples

Though the scenarios below will most probably differ from yours, the interpretation will give you an insight into how to decipher your dream. 

1. A young woman dreamed of hugging a man. 

Turns out, she was attracted to a guy even though she has a boyfriend. During an event, the woman spent some time with the attractive guy she had feelings for. 

So, in her case, the hugging symbolizes her happiness of being around the guy even though it was for a short while. 

2. A woman dreamt of hugging her father.

In real life, it was the first death anniversary of her father and she was recalling the happy memories she shared with him. 

3. A man hugged his wife in a dream

In waking life, the wife was about to divorce the man after he cheated on her when her doctor compelled her to stay home for some psychological problems. 

The man was in some way happy with the turn of events as he believed she would never be able to leave him, given her state. 

4. A man dreamed of hugging his mother tightly in a hospital. 

In waking life, the man just overcame an ordeal. 

The scenario stands for the sense of relief he felt as he looks forward to a stress-free stable life. 

Here, his mother is a symbol of security, stability, and happiness. 

Hug Dream Meaning: Freud’s Interpretation

According to Sigmund Freud, a dream of hugging indicates a hidden desire and need. 

Maybe you are pretending or denying feelings for someone when in truth, you love and want that person to death. 

Psychological Interpretation Of Hugging Dreams

From the psychological perspective, a hug is symbolic of loneliness and rejection. 

Certain situations may have compelled you to distance yourself from your close ones.

Though it was your situation that pushed them away from you, you might be feeling lonely, rejected, and unwanted after they do not treat you as they did earlier. 

Chances are, the scenario surfaced in your dream to give you insights into the matter. Contrary to your perception, it can be you pushing them away and not the other way around!

Or it is also possible that they don’t think in the same way. Perhaps you are overthinking!

Biblical Meaning Of Hugging in Dreams 

From the Biblical perspective, a hug in a dream signifies someone is suffocating you with his or her presence and demands.

It may be anyone – from an obsessive or overprotective partner to just an admirer who wants you to reciprocate his or her feelings. 

If you find the situation relatable, you must try talking with the person in question because there’s a strong possibility that he or she is not aware of what he or she is actually doing to you. 

Communicate your opinions well. Make it known to that person that you find his or her token of love burdensome. 

Hugging Dream Meaning: Native American Interpretation

Several Native American tribes associate a dream of hugging with a person’s willingness to accept changes. 

Why Did You Dream Of Hugging?

Some of the most common reasons why you had a hugging dream are –

  1. You wish to be loved, valued, appreciated, and accepted by your loved ones. 
  2. Hugging can also mean you want to be understood after you committed a blunder. 
  3. Success awaits you in some aspects of your life. 
  4. You have a desire to cheat on your partner. Alternatively, some scenarios denote that your partner is straying away from you – due to your lack of attention. 
  5. You feel rejected and depressed. 
  6. Some scenarios are a sign that you wish to abandon a person or some of your personality traits.
  7. You have come to terms with yourself – your weaknesses and strengths.  
  8. Some scenarios stand for your fear of old age. 
  9. One of your relatives may seriously fall sick.
  10. Hugging dreams also mean you will fail to achieve your goals. 

How To Interpret Your Hugging Dream?

A dream about hugging may stand for either positive or negative meaning.   

The answers to the following questions will make the process simpler as they will give you more clarity.

  1. Who did you hug in your dream? Was it someone you know or are close to in the waking world? Or was it a stranger?
  2. How did he or she hug you – was the hug affectionate or did you feel suffocated? 
  3. Was it accompanied by kisses?
  4. How did you feel in the dream? Also, note the emotions you experience when you wake up.

We often tend to forget the events that happen in our dream. It would help if you keep a journal and note down every single detail before you forget them. 


That brings us to the end of dreaming of hugging someone. In general, a hug in dreams can have both positive and negative connotations.

The interpretation will vary from dreamer to dreamer according to your real-life circumstances and the dream details.