You may be able to brush off dreaming of hugging someone as a reflection of your love.

But what would you say if you happen to hug a dead person or a sworn enemy in your dreams? 

If you are curious, we have some great insights to share with you through this article that will probably answer all of your questions. 

Dreaming of Hugging Someone - Various Plots And Their Interpretations
Dreaming of Hugging Someone – Various Plots And Their Interpretations

Dreaming of Hugging Someone – General Interpretation

Generally, a dream of hugging someone reflects your wish to be loved, appreciated, and cared for. Other scenarios denote forgiveness and the need to let go of negativity from your life.

Hugging is also associated with love and affection for someone, both in reality and the dream world. 

Besides, it also suggests you crave human connection or even physical touch. You want others to understand your opinions, problems, and situations. 

  • Forthcoming Changes

The image of hugging, regardless of who or what is a harbinger of changes in your personal life. 

The reason behind the changes can be anything under the sun.

Your relationships with your partner or family may significantly improve making you feel content and blessed to have them in your life. 

  • You miss someone

Usually, when you miss someone, that person tends to occupy your mind. And such thoughts can see their way into your sleep state.

  • Forgiveness and Reconciliation

It also symbolizes forgiveness. You have finally decided to forgo the hateful feelings you had for a particular person. The dream may further denote reconciliation in some instances. 

  • The need to release negative energy

It is a sign that you need to release negativity and make room for positive energy. Because the dream also symbolizes a connection – emotional, or spiritual between the two people.

  • Threats

In the real world, a hug is a symbol of affection and the same goes in the dream world too. 

However, in certain instances, a hug can be an ill omen foretelling a misfortunate event. It may affect your personal or professional lives or even both. 

  • New acquaintances

A dream of hugging may be a harbinger of a chance encounter with someone new.

There’s a possibility that he or she would be very different from you. Despite the differences, the dream foretells a pleasant relationship. 

Also, the dream advises treasuring that person because he or she can guide you to the right paths of life. 

Psychological Interpretation of Hugging Someone

From the psychological perspective, a hug is symbolic of loneliness and rejection. Certain situations may have compelled you to distance yourself from your close ones.

Chances are, the scenario surfaced in your dream to give you insights into the matter. Contrary to your perception, it can be you pushing them away and not the other way around!

Or it is also possible that they don’t think in the same way. Perhaps you are overthinking!

Various Plots & Interpretations Related to Dreaming Of Hugging Someone 

Dreaming about hugging a family member/ parent

If you had this dream, you need to ask yourself a question. Is everyone doing okay in your family? Are they in the best of health? 

If all of them are as fit as they can be, you need not worry! However, the plot hints at one of them not doing well in terms of health. 

Having the dream could be your subconscious encouraging you to convince that person to make an appointment with the doctor

Hugging a friend in a dream

It symbolizes moments of happiness with your loved ones. The plot also stands for trust, loyalty, and friendship.

Alternatively, it may also mean he or she is counting on you for help.

Dream about hugging someone

It signifies the level of trust and affection for a particular person in the waking world. If it was someone close to you, the dream shows you genuinely care and wish the best for that person. 

On the other hand, if it was someone you haven’t met in a long while, the dream could be foretelling a chance encounter.  

Another approach to the interpretation says you have matured.

Hugging someone you like

The plot is a projection of your infatuation. You desire to be close or even get into a serious relationship with that person. 

Hugging your partner

It has negative connotations. Differences and conflicts are likely to arise between the two of you. 

The dream may be advising you not to accuse each other & try to figure out the problem that is causing a rift between the two of you.  

Hugging and kissing an unknown person

Based on the plot, someone is spreading malicious rumors about you. But going forward your subconscious warns you to be extremely careful about who you let into your inner circle. 

Hugging a girl

It foretells improvement in the professional sphere. You may be able to experience an impressive rise in your job or career. 

Hugging your child

It implies you are constantly worried about your child’s health, welfare, and happiness. 

Furthermore, you often question yourself about your way of parenting – whether you are guiding them on the right path or not. 

Hugging an enemy

It implies you must reconcile with someone in your waking life as soon as possible. 

Hugging an animal

It depends on the type of animal that appeared in your dream. 

Usually, dogs are symbolic of loyalty and friendship. Therefore, to dream about hugging a dog is a warning that someone will likely betray your trust and loyalty. 

If the animal you hugged was a bear, it means you seek love, affection, and protection in your waking life. 

From another perspective, the scenario indicates meeting an old friend soon. 

Hugging someone who died

Hugging a dead person has several interpretations depending on who it was.

If it was someone you loved or cared for, while alive, the dream shows you are still mourning the loss.

Alternatively, if the dead person that appeared in your dream is a stranger, the scenario signifies fear of the unknown – fear to step into the unexplored areas of life or a general fear to do something you haven’t done till the present moment. 

Hugging someone tightly

The dream implies you reminisce about the precious moments you spent with that person. If you recently broke up with a partner/ a friend, the scenario indicates you want to patch up with him or her. 

Being hugged by someone

Receiving a hug in a dream is a warning. A close one will likely deceive you for his or her selfish interests. 

The scenario also hints at possible betrayal and infidelity. You might encounter someone who gives you the attention and love that has been missing in your life.

Another interpretation of the scenario is that you long for love, affection, and support. 

Hugging someone from behind

The scenario denotes that you will receive a pleasant surprise from that person.

Furthermore, the dream encourages you to cheer up and not let your spirits down because very soon, everything is going to be alright. 

Someone hugging you tightly

It implies someone is pressuring you about something in the waking world. 

The interpretation applies to any sphere of life – study, work, relationship, or domestic issues. 

However, the appearance of the scenario in your dream does not symbolize hate or noncompliance.

But it does reflect that you desire to spend some time alone to reevaluate your decisions. 

Your father hugging you

In the dream world, a father figure is often associated with self-respect, pride, recognition, and reputation.

Having such a dream denotes you have achieved the recognition you’ve worked for. It may also mean you have accepted yourself for who you are. 

Note that the father in your dream can be your father in real-life or just a figure who appeared as your father in the scenario. 

Hugging someone you love

The dream is a negative sign. Shortly, you may have to go through several trials and tribulations. Your potential, patience, and perseverance will be challenged. 

But the person you love will selflessly support and be at your side during the hard times. 

A sad hug

According to the plot, your family will face some problems soon. 

A goodbye hug

The plot stands for the end of a period and the beginning of a new life phase.

The scenario may be showing how that person will play little or no role in the forthcoming stage of your life. 

Hug Dream Meaning: Freud’s Interpretation

According to Sigmund Freud, a dream of hugging indicates a hidden desire and need. 

Maybe you are pretending or denying feelings for someone when in truth, you love and want that person to death. 


In general, a hug in dreams can have both positive and negative connotations. However, the interpretation will vary from dreamer to dreamer according to your real-life circumstances and the dream details.