The world of dreams is wild and magical. This means you can sing, dance and do whatever you like in your dreams. But every dream, even the dream of singing has a meaning – it has a connection with our real life.

A dream of singing could mean many things – good news from a family member to bad news to just stress busting.

Dream of Singing & it's Meanings
Dream of Singing & it’s Meanings

Dream of Singing & It’s Interpretations 

Dream of singing can mean a lot of things – from expressing your innermost desires to a possible problem in the family. Sometimes such dreams are also harbingers of death, illness and misfortune. 

Singing in your dreams broadly hints at two possibilities – either you are trying to bring out the suppressed emotions or you are trying to express your happiness. Like is the case every time, to find out what your dream means, you need to remember as much detail as possible. 

Here are some meanings of dreams about singing –

  1. Expressing inner most desires
  2. Seeking attention
  3. Feeling sad or hurt
  4. Revenge or the desire to punish
  5. Happiness
  6. Celebration or victory
  7. A big progress in life
  8. Emotional turmoil

Why does one dream of singing?

All our dreams are usually inspired by some situation in our real life. The singing dream is no exception to this rule. If you are dreaming of singing, it surely has something to do with the current situation in your life.

The interpretation of each dream will differ according to the situation in the dream. However, if you get singing dreams, it could be because of the reasons mentioned below: 

  • You are keen to express your innermost desires. 
  • Some major changes are expected in life.
  • You are having troubles to let go. 
  • You are looking for strength to face a certain situation in life. 
  • These dreams could be a reflection of your insecurities. 
  • You are considerate about how others feel. 

Various Types of Singing in a Dream & their interpretations

Here is a look at different types of singing dreams and their meanings: 

Dream of singing in the bathroom

The relaxed shower often brings out the best of singers in us. Most of us love to hum a tune when we are in the shower.

But, if you are dreaming about singing in the bathroom, it means that you are surrounded by ambiguous emotions and opinions. This could lead to challenges while making decisions. 

Dream about singing well

If it’s a good song and you are humming it in your dreams, it means positive news is on the way. It reflects your general happiness in life. This dream is an indication that it is time to put your worries aside and live life king size. You should count your blessings. 

Singing badly

Well not all of us are blessed with a melodious voice. But if you are singing badly in your dreams, it is an indication that the situation in real life is going to get challenging. Problems are headed your way.

However, you must not give up hope. If people are listening to you singing badly, it is a hint that you are headed for public embarrassment. 

Unable to sing in a dream

This is a scary dream, rather it is a nightmare. Imagine, you are struggling to sing but no voice comes out of your mouth. What does this mean? You could be headed for problems in your awake life.

These challenges may be making it difficult for you to align your thoughts, express your opinion or make a concrete decision. 

Joining others for singing

This may sound like a strange dream but it is very common. You may end up joining someone else who is singing. This means that you are headed for appreciation from your peers. 

Singing in public

Any performance in the public is a sign that you are extremely confident. Therefore, such dreams also mean that the individual is extremely capable of achieving the goals that he or she chooses. If the public performance receives an applause, it means that you will also be appreciated. 

Singing inaudible

If you dream of singing but can’t hear yourself, it indicates a certain resilience in your nature. The purpose of interpreting such dreams should be to open your mind to criticism and feedback from the people around you. 

Judged for singing

Were you judged for your singing in your dream? If the answer to this question is positive, it means that you will be showing off your skills and achievement to your friends. 

Dream of Singing based on Persons in a Dream 

Singing alone in a dream

This dream has a positive interpretation. It means that your confidence is at an all time high. You believe in yourself and the decisions that you make. Some people also believe that it means you will go on a vacation alone. 

Angels singing

Angels are close to God. If you hear them singing, it means you are going to get some good news soon. However, you need to pay attention to the way the angels are behaving in your dream. If they are fighting or arguing, it means negative news.

Wife singing a song

If a husband dreams of his wife singing, it foretells that he will experience a happy family life. 

Husband singing a song 

If a wife dreams of his husband singing, it means that she will get pregnant soon. 

Famous singer performing

If you see a famous singer performing in your dream, it means that your wishful thinking will come true. 

Dream of baby singing

If you dream of a baby singing, it means that you are looking at an extension on an important project. The baby singing in your dreams will guide you towards a possible solution. 

Child singing at a gathering 

Children singing in your dreams can mean many things. But if you see them in your dreams and that too singing in a gathering, it is a sign that you want to revisit your youth. 

Someone else singing 

You can dream of someone else singing a song in your dream. This could mean that you are willing to give this other person the chance to speak for you. However, pay attention to the other details in the dream to get an exact interpretation. 

Stranger singing 

If you dream of some stranger singing a song in your dream or hearing someone singing in your dream, it translates to mean that your loved ones are likely to face some challenges in their life. 

Duet in your 

Those who dream of partnering with someone and singing a duet are likely to end up reconciling with a close friend or family member. 

Others singing 

Sometimes you can also dream about others singing in your dreams. This generally indicates the freedom and independence of the dreamer. However, the specific meaning depends on the various other factors in your dream.  

Poor person singing on street in a dream

If a poor person dreams that he is singing on the streets, it indicates that he or she is suffering from poor mental health. 

Singing aloud alone

The dream of singing in a loud voice all alone means that the individual is craving for attention.

Dream of Singing based on Various Places

Singing on a stage in a dream

The dream of singing on stage means that you are likely to come across a patient listener in your life sometime soon. 

Singing in church

Dreaming of singing in a holy place is an indication that you are soon to get an opportunity to express your innermost desires. 

Singing at funeral

Funerals are emotionally draining. But if you have dreamt of singing at someone’s funeral, it is a hint that a new chapter is about to begin in your life. 

Singing at wedding 

Weddings are a joyous occasion. They bring joy and happiness. But, if you dream of singing at a wedding, it is a sign that you could experience health issues in the near future. 

Dream of singing in rain

Singing in the rain means that you are happy and feeling positive from within.

Singing Dreams based on Song Type

Melody songs

If you dream about someone singing in a melodious voice, it is an indication that you will get some happy news in real life. 

Happy singing

If you dream about singing happily, it is an indication that you need to pour your heart out to someone. Let them know what you are experiencing. 

Birthday song

We often dream about singing the birthday song. Such dreams are interpreted to mean that you are going to end up reconciling with family or old friends in the near future. It’s time to bury the hatchet. Birthday songs also mean that you will soon have a reason to celebrate a big success. 

Sad song

If you are dreaming of singing a sad song, it means you are depressed. It could also mean that you are the kind of person who does not like to express himself or herself in front of others. Such people often struggle with emotional turmoil. 

Prayer singing

Dreaming of singing a prayer or any religious mantra is an indicator of a major change in life. Something big is going to happen soon, you need to be ready. Dreaming of singing a religious song also hints at a similar event. 

Loud singing

Such a dream is an indication that the dreamer is trying hard to feel good. He or she is feeling let down by the regular set backs. 

Crass singing

Dreaming of vulgar singing hints at the dreamer wasting his or her time in real life by doing unproductive tasks. These meaningless tasks are draining the individual and affecting their mental peace as well. 

Dream of singing and dancing

The dream of singing while dancing away happily is a hint that the individual is happy. He or she experiences freedom, balance and has the knowledge to prove his place in the world.

Opera singing

Were you performing an opera in your dreams? If the answer to this question is yes, it means that you will soon get the good news that you have been waiting for.


The singing dream can have various interpretations. Our dreams are a way through which the energy of the universe communicates with us. Open your mind to these messages and you will be surprised at the benefits that you experience. So, keep dreaming!