Pickpocket dream meaning can indicate the need to be adaptable to the given circumstances. Also, depending on what you are presently going through, it might be the subconscious warning against indulging in immoral/unethical or dishonest activities.  

A General Dream Interpretation of Pickpocket

A pickpocket dream meaning has several interpretations – depending on what you saw, what you are currently experiencing, your emotional response to the plot, your perception of a pickpocket, cultural associations, etc. 

However, many times, such a dream is often a warning that you need to stop trusting people easily and confiding in them. 

On the contrary, it can also mean you are trying to make the most of a close one’s honesty, status, and power. 

Negatively, the presence of a pickpocket in your dream can also hint at a person who’s tormenting you mentally or emotionally for a while. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Pickpocket Dreams

On a spiritual level, dreaming of a pickpocket is the universe warning you not to be too trusting of others. 

It’s a sad truth that not everyone in your circle has the same good intentions toward you as you have for them. You need to understand this and consciously filter out who’s worth trusting and confiding in and who’s not. 

Alternatively, such a dream can also symbolize losing something or someone precious to you.

Pickpocket Dream Meaning – A Biblical Perspective

According to Bible teachings, dreaming of a pickpocket is the subconscious warning you not to be greedy and not indulge in unethical practices such as gambling or taking something that is rightfully not yours. 

Psychological Interpretation

Psychologically, a pickpocket in dreams symbolizes your trust issues. Chances are you have had a traumatic experience because of which you find it difficult to trust people. 

From another point of view, dreaming of a pickpocket can also mean you need to be more vigilant and cautious of others’ actions and behaviors towards you. 

Dreams about Pickpocket – Various Scenarios Explained

Some of the most common pickpocket dream scenarios are:

Dreaming about being a pickpocket

It symbolizes a positive twist that will happen, either shortly or sometime in the future. Initially, others will not take your ideas and opinions about a certain matter seriously. 

But in due time, they will realize that you were right all along and they were wrong. Once that happens, everyone around you will see you in a different light. 

Negatively, the dream indicates unfulfilled wishes and desires. You yearn for a lifestyle you cannot possibly afford at the moment. And that makes you restless.  

A dream about talking to a pickpocket

Talking to a pickpocket is the higher self warning you to be mindful of who you hang out with. Someone or even a few of them are not who you believe they are. 

There’s a good chance that they are lurking around and waiting for an opportunity to take advantage of your friendship. It’s also possible that they are looking for an ideal time to ruin you for their own good. 

Seeing yourself arguing with a pickpocket in a dream

Arguing with a pickpocket in a dream shows your efforts are in vain – be it regarding your personal or professional life.

Dreaming of a pickpocket stealing from you

Often, such a scenario foretells distancing from close ones to adapt to your life and circumstances. 

Perhaps you will leave your present circle and move to another circle because your priorities and purposes in life no longer align. 

To dream of a pickpocket snatching away your valuables

The scenario stands for minor problems and annoyances that will unexpectedly take a toll on your life. 

To make things worse, all this will happen at the most inopportune time when you least expect it. 

Catching a pickpocket

According to the scenario, you will win over your rivals. Not through the violence of any sort but intelligence and wit. 

Seeing other people chasing after a pickpocket

If you have been running away from your problems, seeing a vision of other people chasing after a pickpocket shows it’s high time you face your fears and tackle your problems by the horns. 

A pickpocket getting caught

If you see someone catching a pickpocket, it is an auspicious sign symbolizing marriage, pregnancy, or even the delivery of a baby

Fighting with a pickpocket

If you lack proper knowledge, experience, and resources regarding a particular problem, listen to the guidance of experts instead of trying to resolve it yourself. 

According to the dream, your one problem will become two and then three, and so on, if you persist in not seeking others’ help. 

Seeing a pickpocket exercising

The vision of a pickpocket working out in a dream isn’t a good sign. The higher self warns you to be cautious of third parties who are a threat to your romantic relationship

Stealing something from a pickpocket

You always use your intelligence, wits, physical strength, and sometimes even your ability to manipulate others to achieve your goals. 

However, at the back of your mind, you are aware that not all of your tactics are moral and secretly feel ashamed of your own actions. 

Killing a pickpocket

It’s a good sign to dream of killing a pickpocket. If your near and dear ones have not been as supportive as you’d have wanted them to be, with regard to your goals, the dream encourages you not to give up. 

Your hard work and resilience will soon pay off. It’s just a matter of time before you prove to your close ones that you were serious about your goals all along. 


Wrapping up, a pickpocket dream meaning is often the subconscious warning you to stay away from deceptive and manipulative people who are not worthy of your trust and loyalty. 

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