The spiritual meaning of elephants in dreams is a positive sign. It signifies growth and perseverance. But many others believe that an elephant is a sign of imminent danger.

So, come on, let’s keep reading to find out more!

What Does Dreaming of Elephants Spiritually Signify?

According to spirituality, dreaming of elephants means that you will soon do something great at work or that you have a kind heart. Alternatively, it can also indicate your arrogant personality.

So, let’s know what else it implies here!

Performance at work

If you see a single elephant in your sleep, you will soon prove yourself in your workplace. In the beginning, nobody had faith in your capabilities.

However, you are prepared to prove them wrong. You will accomplish a difficult task and earn people’s respect.

Kind heart

It implies that, like elephants, you are also kind and friendly. People around you love to befriend you because you’re empathetic and funny. 

You like to help those in need, even if you don’t know them personally, and this makes you popular.


If you focused on the large size of the elephant, it can also be a metaphor for your large ego. Even though you’re capable of accomplishing many things in life, you refuse to take people’s help. 

You believe that your methods are always the best and that others will only hamper your progress.

Inferiority complex

If you feel scared or timid after seeing an elephant, it indicates that you suffer from an inferiority complex in your waking life. 

You often notice a lot of people around you achieving their goals and getting praised. However, you think that you’re not intelligent or brave enough to do the same.

Controlling life 

No matter what, it’s important to have a hold on your life and how it’s progressing. So if you see a herd of elephants, take it as a good omen. 

This means that you’re successfully able to control things in your life. You are aware of your need and will do everything to get it.

Inner sexual desires

You might be surprised to hear that elephants are known to be quite sexually active. According to dream books, seeing two elephants indicates that you have hidden sexual desires. 

You don’t fully know about this hidden desire. But part of you wants to explore these desires and see what happens.


Though the elephant might walk slowly, it represents a lot of spiritual power, according to dream books.

It is believed that your inner strength is to fight against your oppressors. You don’t believe in physical fights but you will conquer them through your intelligence.

Weight in your heart

The large size of the elephant has also been connected to a large weight in your heart. Moreover, seeing a dead elephant indicates that something is bothering you constantly. 

Even though you try to distract yourself by focusing on other things, you inevitably think about that problem again.


In the olden days, elephants were used as a means of transport. So having such sights in sleep signifies that you will also travel to faraway places soon. 

Your trips might be related to work or other purposes but you’ll finally accomplish your wish of visiting new people and learning their culture.

Protection from evil

In Eastern spirituality, elephants are said to protect people from evil energies. Therefore, it indicates that there is someone in your life who will protect you from negative influences. 

This person might not be very close to you but they will always keep your safety in mind.

Becoming wise

Native Asians also correlate elephants with wisdom and mental strength. Similarly, you are also walking toward a path of great spirituality and wisdom. 

Your spiritual guide has deemed you ready to start your journey. Even though you’ll encounter hardships, you shall also overcome them.


In the negative sense, it foretells that you will work very hard in the coming few weeks or months. But after that, you won’t receive the return that you had expected. 

This will cause you major disappointment and stress since you had dedicated a lot of time and effort.

Maternal instincts

Elephants are one of the most protective animals on the planet, so the vision symbolizes your maternal instincts. 

Even if you’re not a woman, it hints at protection and security. You will become a parent figure to someone in need and this person will forever be grateful to you.

Past experiences 

There is a popular belief that elephants have a very sharp memory.

If you see an elephant trying to attack you, it actually means that you are still traumatized by some past experiences in life. You try to escape from these memories but they keep haunting you.

Shifting your focus

If a herd of elephants was walking in your dreams, your spiritual guide asks you to shift your focus toward your marriage and partner instead of work.

Your partner has become depressed because you aren’t giving them enough love and warmth.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Elephant dreams carry different meanings as per different spiritual beliefs. Most of them believe that these majestic animals represent kindness, purity, good luck, or something positive. 

But it also has negative connotations. So pay attention to your dream details and your waking life to interpret them correctly!