The spiritual meaning of lightning in a dream is connected to power and spiritual awakening. Many people believe that seeing lightning in your dreams is related to complete calmness in real life.

But others say that it is associated with negative omens. So, let’s figure out the true meaning behind them!

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Lightning in a Dream?

According to spiritual dream books, seeing a bolt of lightning in your dreams suggests that you are going to change a major aspect of your life or that your mind will be filled with new ideas. 

C’mon, let’s look at some other interpretations more!

1. Change 

Often, it portends that you will change a major aspect of your life.

This might be something related to your job or your personal life but this change will affect you in a positive way. 

Even though you’ll feel apprehensive about taking the step, you will later realize that this was a wise decision.

2. New ideas 

Another positive interpretation is that your mind will suddenly be filled with new ideas.

Just like lightning strikes the earth out of the blue, you will also be filled with creativity and uniqueness. 

Your creative power will help you to look at life in a completely new way.

3. Inner power

Many people believe that living beings, including humans, are made of natural elements, and lightning symbolizes the inner power within us. 

So maybe your subconscious mind is urging you to channel that spiritual power from within and understand your true purpose in life. 

4. Complete calmness 

Even though a lightning bolt can be very bright and loud, it sometimes indicates the opposite about your life. 

So you might expect a phase of complete calmness and peace soon.

You will be blessed with happiness and prosperity and your family members will also be at peace.

5. Conflict

If the lightning bolt strikes you, it symbolizes that you will soon be dragged into a conflict.

But you won’t be able to choose sides since both parties will be your loved ones. 

Therefore, you need to stay out of the entire conflict and remain neutral throughout this phase.

6. Others’ troubles

On the other hand, if the lightning strikes someone else in your dreams, it indicates that this person’s life will be changed forever. 

They will approach you for help and you’ll do everything possible to ensure that they lead a better life.

And through a miracle, you will have a positive influence on them.

7. Controlling your emotions

If you controlled lightning and where it struck, it means that you’re able to control your emotions in your waking life. 

You’re not easily unnerved by any situation or incident and you know how to handle things calmly. Your emotional maturity often brings you great rewards.

8. Negative influence

Unfortunately, it may imply that you’ll soon fall under the influence of a negative person. They will try every trick to manipulate you to get their way. 

Your subconscious mind is warning you beforehand to not trust anyone you meet in the near future.

9. Unexpected circumstances

You will soon receive unexpected news. You must be careful because this news will not be a happy one. 

Most probably, this will be related to a small mistake that you made many years ago. And now, you must face the consequences.

10. Trapped at work

If you see lightning and storm together, it indicates that you feel trapped in your workplace. Despite what you do to feel better, you always end up feeling miserable. 

You want to get out of this profession and do something risky. However, you’re worried about your financial standing too.

11. Health concerns

If lightning strikes a tree in your dreams, it generally means that you feel concerned about your health and safety. 

Alternatively, it also means that someone in your social circle is showing symptoms of an illness, so you’re concerned for their well-being.

You want to make sure they lead a comfortable life.

12. Thrilling news

If lightning strikes just beside you in the vision, it portends that you will soon receive thrilling news from a coworker. 

Maybe you will be rewarded with a handsome salary raise or an important project at your workplace.

Everyone in your family will be overjoyed to hear this.

13. Relationship problems

If lightning strikes your partner in your sleep sight, it foretells problems between you both.

These problems always existed but you felt that your love for each other could overcome any hurdles. 

However, you have now realized that maybe you both aren’t as much in love as you had thought.

14. Moving somewhere 

Seeing both rain and lightning together in these visions is a good omen.

It means that you will soon shift somewhere, probably to a new city or country. 

You may not like the environment right after moving but gradually, you’ll make new friends there. You will experience a lot of diversity.

15. Temporary success

Seeing a lightning strike at a distance from you is again a negative indication. You will experience success and fame but it will be short-lived. 

Soon, your life will become a standstill. The people who had once congratulated you will now treat you like a common person.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Lightning dreams bring both positive and negative messages. So, it’s normal to feel confused. But you must meditate and focus on interpreting the hidden messages. Eventually, the truth will be out!