The spiritual meaning of mother in a dream symbolizes that you criticize yourself excessively, are dealing with someone else’s troubles, or are being controlled against your wishes. It may also mean that you miss your late mom.

However, there are many other meanings, so let’s dive in!

What do Dreams of Mother Spiritually Signify?

The spiritual significance of seeing your mother in dreams predicts lots of good news in the coming days. It also shows that you are frustrated especially if you’re pregnant. So, let’s see what else they imply here.


If your mother was scolding or judging you for your vision, it shows your lack of confidence. You doubt your decisions and feel you made poor choices. So, had your mother known it, she would have said the same.

You are being too harsh with yourself. If you constructively criticize yourself, that’s okay. Otherwise, it only worsens your spirit to deal with the aftermath. Stop judging yourself even before anything happens.

Others’ problem

It indicates that you are struggling with major problems. However, you aren’t the cause of these issues. Probably, a loved one or relative got into some trouble like debts and now you have to deal with it. This is especially true if your mother was sick in the dream.

Infinite joy

Such visions resemble happy times in your near future if you witness your mother’s pregnancy. You will also make everyone else happy by fulfilling their wishes.

If you are a woman, this also denotes that something new and great will happen. You will be thrilled to experience it.


Some of these visions imply that, in your conscious hours, you feel controlled by your mother or some similar motherly character.

You are not allowed to decide for yourself even if you are an adult. You feel suffocated by the lack of independence. You envy others who already have a say in their life.


You might have these dreams if you feel abandoned in reality. Perhaps, a relative, lover, or friend gave up on you and is about to walk out on you.

You feel that they aren’t serious and will again start talking with you. However, your subconscious mind tells you to accept reality and move on.

Poor intuition

The spiritual realm sometimes tells you that you are making bad choices if your mother looks evil in the scenario.  You feel pessimistic and often feel that the worst choice is the best one.

On the other hand, it also portrays that you made a few mistakes and worry that all of your decisions will be wrong. You are scared of deciding anything on your own.

Pregnancy frustration

If you’re a pregnant woman and see a vision of frustrating your mom, it symbolizes your own frustration. Perhaps, you are gaining weight too fast and growing bigger. You hate how none of your clothes fit. Or, you hate that you can’t lead a life like earlier.  

Dissatisfaction with mother

It may imply you are angry or disappointed with your mother if you see yourself beating her. You want her to understand your point of view. However, she refuses to acknowledge your ideas and feelings.

The higher powers suggest openly communicating with your mother. If she still doesn’t understand you, take a second opinion from another adult. If they also believe you’re wrong, try to understand your mother. But if they agree, you don’t need to sacrifice yourself.

Missing her

If your mom passed away in reality and you’re talking to her in the subconscious scene, it shows you miss her. Probably, you have lots of regrets about not treating her well. Or, you want to convey how you fulfilled all of her wishes but are too late.

Alternatively, it means something happened in reality that reminded you of her. Probably, you saw another mom taking care of her child.

Safety issues

This portends that you feel unsafe in your waking hours. Just as your mother protects you, you want someone to shield you from harm. Perhaps, a person or situation makes you feel that you might lose everything you cherish.

It’s a sign to express your emotions to a trustworthy person. Let them offer you a safe space and advice to deal with it.


It implies you need to be less selfish just as mothers put their children first. If you always prioritize your personal benefits and ignore others, nobody will stand by your side for too long. This is a warning against such self-serving behavior.

Alternatively, if you take on too much pressure to help others, it’s still a warning. In this case, you must sacrifice the urge to help others to the point of overwhelming yourself.

Struggling with adulthood

This may also imply that you want someone to treat you like a baby and help you with everything. You want to be a child forever that’s taken care of. You are tired of being a responsible adult.

You want to get rid of the stress of balancing finances, taking care of your responsibilities. However, that’s not possible and this is a sign to accept adulthood.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Seeing your mom in dreams usually holds negative spiritual signs. It either warns you of something or highlights your struggles and mistakes. So, make sure you focus deeply and meditate to figure out which interpretation(s) is meant for you.

Take the required steps to mitigate your issues and you will be blessed with relief!