If you’re wondering what does flying in a dream means spiritually, it’s often a plea for help from your inner mind. They also signify breaking away from restrictions, feeling liberated, or even holding someone captive. 

Spiritual Meaning of Flying in Dreams

Even though the dreamer may feel joyful while flying in your dreams, many of the dream meanings also hold negative interpretations. 

Further, if dreamers are not careful enough, they might regret it later. After all, these are important messages through the spirit realm, so pay attention and dig right in! 

1. Freedom 

One of the most significant spiritual meanings of these dreams is your desire to break free from all kinds of restrictions. 

You’re tired of following others’ rules and now it’s finally time to follow your heart and do what you wish to do. 

However, you have also realized that setting your own rules will be a difficult task since many will oppose you. But you’re still determined to get out of the cage and fly freely. 

2. Liberation

It also shows you wish to feel liberated and independent already. Your mind has finally come out of its shell and is now exploring new places, people, and things.

You’ve started to gain a lot of experience, which is why you feel mentally and spiritually liberated.

Perhaps a lot of these experiences are completely new for you. You want to keep pursuing your dreams and find out the real meaning of freedom.

3. Holding someone captive 

In the negative sense, such dreams can be interpreted as your inability to let other people fly. This basically means that you’re holding someone captive, either mentally or emotionally. 

You’re not ready to accept the fact that this person has grown up and can make their own choices. 

You still wish to hold on to their innocence and make them do things according to your wishes. However, this has put a big strain on your relationship with them.

4. Coping with problems well

Since flying takes a lot of courage and practice, these dreams can mean that you’re good at handling both small and big problems.

No matter what life throws at you, you can make the most of it and come out with flying colors. 

No hurdle in life can bring you down because you always figure out a unique way of tackling it. 

5. Egoistic 

When people dream of flying, they feel unstoppable and powerful. These emotions can be manifested in real life and turn into arrogance and pride.

You constantly have the sense that you’re better than others and that they must follow your lead. 

Your psyche might get inflated with too much arrogance and this can ultimately start your downfall.

6. You can control your emotions

Dreaming of flying also represents the stronghold that you have on your emotional well-being. You know exactly which things make you happy and which ones trigger anger.

Even when someone says or does something that irritates you, you control yourself and tackle things well. You are always emotionally mature, which often makes people respect you.

7. You look at life holistically

Flying high in your dreams is also a representation of looking at other people and things from their perspectives.

It is also a symbol of never losing hope. Therefore, this means that you look at life from all angles.

Even when there is an unfortunate situation, you try to look at it from a positive perspective. You never judge anyone or anything without first gathering all the necessary details.

8. You are out of touch

When you see yourself flying high above the ground, you lose contact with the people or things below you.

In real life, this can indicate that you have lost touch with your loved ones. Maybe you had to move away for some reason and the connection between you and them slowly died, or you stopped communicating with them suddenly.

9. Major changes

One aspect of flying can be regarded as a harbinger of change and development. Something major is going to happen in your life, either in your personal or professional life.

10. Consider new approaches

If you regularly have such dreams, it signifies that you must look at a new approach to an already-existing problem.

You may have tried a lot of methods to solve the problem but none of them has worked out for you.

11. Not addressing your emotions

If you dream of specific details, such as flying over raging waters, it can indicate that you have shut yourself off emotionally.

There is some major emotional turbulence going on in your life and instead of addressing them, you believe that it’s better to stop confronting those emotions altogether.

Therefore, you’re constantly avoiding the main issue and trying to run away from it. However, this only causes you a lot of emotional pain.

12. Seeking pleasure

Since flying gives you a great feeling of freedom, in the spiritual realm, it stands for passion and pleasure.

You’re seeking out new ways to pleasure yourself, either through sexual partners or by experimenting with different ways of initiating sex with your current partner.

You want to try out something bold instead of doing the conventional things that most couples do in the bedroom. It’s time for you to shed all inhibitions and seek pleasure in the way that you want.

13. You are limiting yourself

Many birds and insects can easily fly and kiss the sky. But since humans are unable to do it, it can be symbolized as a sort of shortcoming on our part.

So, these dreams can mean that you are limiting yourself instead of figuring out your true potential.

You have the power to accomplish a lot of amazing things in life but your lack of self-confidence has made you believe that you’re not capable of anything. Figure out ways to overcome this shyness and reach the skies.

14. Anxiety

Many people believe that the spiritual meaning of flying in your dreams is related to anxiety and stress.

Current events in life have made you lose control over your calmness, and now you get easily irritated and frustrated.

You have lost the sense of how to make things right which further creates problems. You have to come up with a way to solve this.

15. Deadly risks

You constantly tend to take major risks in life, many of which can be considered deadly even.

You have the thrill of exploring new things but that often makes your close friends and family very concerned about your safety.

A word from ThePleasantDream

The spiritual significance of your flying dreams often showcases the qualities you must be confident about and those you need to change. Sometimes, they also show your deepest desires from life. 

So, to figure out what the spiritual realm wants to tell you, you must try to relate the message with your individual experience. Only then can you take feasible steps for a better life!

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