Broken door lock dream meaning mostly hold negative connotations. It can mean that you feel stuck and depressed. Or, you are not in touch with your emotions. 

So, let’s explore the different messages here!

What are General Interpretations of a Broken Door Lock Dream?

These dreams can mean many things, from feeling stuck to depression. From your anger to the danger looming in the dark. Let’s find out what else it means. 


This symbolizes feelings of being blocked and restricted. Something or someone is stopping you from realizing your full potential.

You feel suffocated, and you want to get out. 

This might be due to a toxic relationship that does not serve you, or in a job that you don’t like. You can’t achieve your goals and your ambitions because of it.


You are easily influenced by other people. There’s a looming presence of someone else in your life. They are dictating your every move, every step that you take. It is hindering you from being true to yourself.

You feel like you lack autonomy and control over your own actions. 


This indicates that you have locked your emotions away and bottled them up. You’re numb. You’re not letting yourself feel anything. 

Your emotions are spilling out, they are oozing out and affecting your daily functioning. Remember that to live better, you must get in touch with your emotions.


This dream might also be a sign of the fact that you are in danger. Somebody or something in your environment is putting you in harm’s way.

The danger might be immediate or gradual, like an underlying health issue. 


You feel angry about something and can’t let it out for fear of being judged harshly. Suppressed anger is not good. No matter how much you try to control it, it will come out in one way or the other.

So, accept your feelings and get to the root of what is making you angry and address it. 


This dream can also mean that you feel stuck in your career or your relationships. You want to progress and get out of your current situation, but can’t.

Remind yourself that nothing is permanent in your life, and you can get out of things if you try. 


This can be a sign of depression. You’re participating in things that make you happy, but they are not doing you any good.

Activities that once used to make you happy have lost their meaning and significance. 

Comfort zone

This dream might also be a cue for you to get out of your comfort zone. You have been stalling your growth, stopping you from achieving your full potential. 

To grow as a fully-formed individual, break certain behavior patterns, take some measured risks, and challenge yourself in minute ways. 


This means that you will be sad, disappointed, and mournful about something. This might be your repentance for something you have done.

Or, you will regret the desires you have not fulfilled. 

Overcoming obstacles

It, often, represents your ability to face and overcome any challenges.

Life might throw different challenges at you, but you have the determination and skills to overcome these challenges.

Spiritual Significance of Broken Door Lock

A broken door lock in a dream can spiritually mean success and wealth. But, it can also be a sign of mental illness. 

Common Dream of Broken Door Lock & its Hidden Meanings

Dreams about a violently broken door lock can mean success, while dreams about a broken padlock can mean that you’re in need of protection and security.

Since each dream holds different meanings, let’s dive in!

Door lock that is violently broken

If you have been working relentlessly towards a goal, burning the night oil in order to put in that extra effort, this signifies that you will soon achieve success. 

Dreams about a broken padlock

A padlock on a door is a symbol of protection and security. So, this can be a sign of physical, mental, or emotional danger. Be sure to have your guard up at all times. 

Broken combination lock 

This means that you are showing signs of mental illness. This affects your mood and behavior. It hinders you from becoming a fully functional human being. 

Unchecked and undiagnosed mental illness can be dangerous. Take care of your mental health. Be sure to book an appointment with a therapist. 

Broken kitchen door lock

This means that all of your and your family’s financial needs will be met.

If your salary is meager, it means that you will soon get a raise or a promotion that will fulfill all your needs and wants.  

Broken main door lock

All your secrets will be out in the public soon. This can become a bad scenario if you have many skeletons in your closet which you don’t want out. 

It will be extremely difficult if you are a secretive person and if you value your privacy. You should be careful about not sharing your secrets with someone you don’t trust. 

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dreams about a broken door lock can often bring unsettling messages. So, to make your lives more meaningful, recollect every detail of your dream and try to understand what they convey to you.