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Dream of Haunted House: A Complete Guide with Symbolic Meanings & Examples

Dream of Haunted House: A Complete Guide with Symbolic Meanings & Examples

Updated on Oct 20, 2022 | Published on Sep 13, 2021

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dream of Haunted House - A Complete Guide with Meanings & Examples

Dream of Haunted House is related to possible past trauma, that may possibly still be ‘haunting’ or affecting you. You may be scared or fearful of how your past or current choices will affect your future. 

Haunted house dream meaning is mostly associated with our emotions and our pasts and their influence on our current life. 

While the exact interpretation depends on what you are going through in your waking life, even the presence of a dream of haunted house is an indication of emotional trouble and turmoil. 

Dream of Haunted House - A Complete Guide with Meanings & Examples
Dream of Haunted House – A Complete Guide with Meanings & Examples

Haunted House Dream Meaning – General Interpretation

Haunted house dream interpretations are centered around our unresolved issues from past and present life, repressed feelings and the effect on our present life. The details of the dream are as important as the symbolic feelings attached to them.

The dreams can be interpreted based on what is in focus, what the feelings symbolise and what they mean for our present life.

Focus of the dream

Dream of Haunted House is a broad category of dreams representing inner feelings. It includes various types of dreams, where the focus of the dream depends on what the dreamer is going through in real life. 

Haunted house dreams where the focus is the people, the dreamer may have unresolved issues with a person from their past, a relative who may have passed away or someone from their present life which makes them feel negative emotions. 

If the focus of the dream is a room of the house, then the room is a representation of which area of their life is currently bothering them. Kitchen, bedroom, living room, basements- all rooms symbolise a particular aspect of our life. 

Similarly, if the focus of the dream is a familiar house, like a childhood home or our parents’ old house, the dream is a representation of something we may have repressed from that time in our life and we need to pay attention to now.

Symbolic Feelings 

Haunted house dream meaning is very much related to our current emotional state. Our unresolved issues from the present, or from our past, come up in our dream of a haunted house. We tend to feel scared or not at peace in our waking life. 

A dream of a haunted house also signifies the presence of fear. Fear is one of the most primary emotions humans feel that is manifested through dreams. Dreams of a haunted house are a symbol to resolve what you are fearing. 

You may even be fearful or hesitant to enter a conflict. But the longer it remains unresolved, the heavier it weighs on your mind. In such instances, you may see dreams of haunted houses, which nudge you to resolve the emotional turmoil. 

Present life meaning  

Simply put, dreaming of a haunted house means it is time to understand what it is from your past or present life that is negatively affecting you. Emotions from life changing events often stay with us for a long time after, sometimes even causing problems. 

Dreams of haunted houses can be considered a push for you to look closer at what is bothering you in your current life. It could be a relationship, both romantic or otherwise, or it could be an emotion that you repressed. 

Dream of Haunted House – 26 Scenarios and Their Meanings

Here we discuss possible scenarios you may see in your dream of a haunted house and what they represent in our waking life. 

1. You are a ghost in a haunted house dream meaning 

This dream means a need to reflect on the past. You may need to look within yourself to understand any emotions or guilt you may have repressed. 

This dream suggests that you are still being haunted by an act of the past. Even in your present waking life, it is bothering you. 

2. You are scared in a haunted house dream meaning

This is a dream that signifies upcoming bad news. If you are very scared, almost terrified to be in a haunted house in your dream, then it may represent the fears of your waking life. 

Haunted houses are scary for most people, hence, this interpretation depends on whether the focus of the dream is your fear of being there. In such dreams, the fear signifies that even in your waking life, you are expecting some bad news that has scared you. 

Tip- This could be a way of preparation for the bad news.

3. You are not scared of haunted house dream 

On the other hand, a dream where you are not scared to be in a haunted house, has a positive interpretation. 

It means you are expecting good news or a happy occasion is coming up. This excitement is reflected in your dream of a haunted house. It could even mean you are looking forward to how you will feel. 

4. Dream of many ghosts in haunted house 

Sometimes dreamers have dreams of a haunted house where there are not one, but many ghosts. It is important to remember, the past has a significant meaning in haunted house dreams. 

This dream is a reminder of people from your unresolved past. It could also be a reminder of a thing from your past. If you were deeply attached to someone/something, such a dream can mean that you are having a hard time moving on from that past. 

5. Ghost attacking you in haunted house dream meaning

This dream signifies the emotional state of frustration. If in your dream, the ghosts in the haunted house are attacking you, you may be running out of patience with something in your life. 

This frustration and the buildup of negative emotions leaves you in an emotional state where you feel like you have had enough. You may burst with emotions if it doesn’t resolve. 

Additionally, it could also be frustration because of a feeling of neglect or someone ignoring you. For example, at work or in your dating/love life. Not getting a response from someone in both these settings can be incredibly frustrating. 

6. Meaning of familiar haunted house in dream 

This dream is a way of understanding what is bothering you. The house being familiar to you is an indication of what area of your life is so internally unresolved that you are having trouble letting go. 

This is a positive dream, mainly because it allows you to analyse what part of your life relates to the haunted space in your dreams. For example, your childhood home or the home of an ex lover. 

The focus here is the house, and how you relate with that house. This will guide you to understand the interpersonal relationship or time of your life that still needs your help and attention. 

7. Dreams of walking into a haunted house 

This dream is associated with persons from the dreamer’s past/present life. This includes childhood family, dead relatives or loved ones or even memories regarding those. 

The memories or events may have been repressed by the dreamer when they occurred, but the dreamer is now confronting them or is about to. Events from the past are often remembered in current life so that they can be re-processed. 

8. Tidy haunted house dream meaning 

The interpretation of this dream is short and sweet- things in your life are about to improve. You may be expecting some good news or some happy moments may be on their way. It can be interpreted as a motivator to stay on your path. 

9. Dreams of being inside a haunted house 

Dreams like this are a reflection of hidden insecurities in your life.  Insecurities are generally for a particular area of your life, for example – insecurities about your health, or how you look, or your relationships. 

The insecurity can be identified by which room of the haunted house is the focus of your dream. 

  • Living room – insecurities related to communication 
  • Kitchen – insecurities related to health and diet 
  • Bedroom – insecurities related to relationships 

10. Looking at a haunted house dream meaning 

This dream has a negative interpretation, as it focuses on the act of deception. Looking at a haunted house in your dream suggests friends or someone in your life is about to betray you. 

The emotion you feel in your dream could be that of unease or looking at something scary, which in this case is a haunted house. 

Tip – This can be a warning sign to be alert, to find out who this person could be. 

11. Being surrounded by monsters in haunted house dream meaning 

The monsters are the key to understanding this dream. These monsters symbolise emotions from your past, or hurtful memories that you may have repressed. 

Childhood trauma and difficult incidents often leave behind these emotions. As adults, we may not consciously think about them, but our dreams of haunted houses push us to realise that those memories can still affect us. 

12. Dreams about being haunted by a girl in a haunted house 

Similarly, if there is a secret from the past that is lingering around, you may even realise that a friend or someone you trusted is hiding it from you. 

Thus, this dream is not a good sign, because it shows that someone you considered close was not being honest with you. This is represented by the spirit of a dead girl in your dream of a haunted house. 

13. Dreams about being haunted by an evil spirit in a haunted house 

This is another dream that represents frustration. However, being haunted by an evil spirit in a haunted house dream shows frustration, as well as resentment and pent up anger. 

These negative emotions are difficult to live with on a daily basis and hence may even cause obstruction at work and in life. It becomes difficult to achieve your goals if you are spending your time and energy being angry at someone from your past or present. 

14. Dying in a haunted house dream meaning 

This dream represents a side of your personality rather than an emotion. It reflects an attitude of not wanting to work towards a goal, rather expecting things to automatically come your way.

This dream is also a reminder that an attitude like that reflects negatively on your personality and that you may actually have to make efforts to achieve your goals. 

15. Living in a haunted cottage or house dream meaning 

Interestingly, this dream can be interpreted based on attitude as well. Dreams of living in a haunted house or cottage implies reckless or careless attitude. It shows that you may have adopted a more care-free lifestyle. 

However, the haunted nature of the house reminds us that this may not be necessarily a good sign. It can in fact be a bad sign because a carefree lifestyle and not paying attention to work can lead to greater problems later on. 

16. Dream of talking to a ghost in haunted house 

This dream means we are missing our loved one or friend who may have passed away. It is expected to have this dream because when we lose someone, we miss talking to them or being around them. 

Talking to a ghost in a haunted house is a dream representation of our feelings. This may even be an indication that we are trying to establish a connection with them, or get their passing advice on something. 

17. Killing someone in a haunted house dream meaning 

Some dreamers have dreams where they are killing someone in a haunted house. One interpretation of this dream is being in denial of your own flaws. If we don’t work on our weaknesses, they may give us more trouble in the future. 

Haunted House Dream Meaning Based on Rooms of the House

18. Living Room 

This signifies the loss of personal space. Living room is where most members of the family or house spend time together. This is one of the most social rooms of any house. 

In your dream of haunted house, the living room focus suggests that your own mental health or peace has been sacrificed due to the loss of your personal space. 

19. Kitchen 

If in your dream of a haunted house, you are in the kitchen, it is a representation of your creative or feminine side needing attention. The haunted aspect shows that you may not be getting the nourishment you require. 

20. Bedroom 

Haunted bedrooms in your dream of haunted house are associated with your sex life, including your relationships and intimacy. 

Bedrooms are the most intimate space in a home. Dreams of a haunted house focusing on bedrooms points to hidden aspects or yourself you are not ready to accept. You may feel exposed by what is happening in your present life, which leaves you feeling vulnerable. 

The bedroom in your haunted house dream could also be a previous bedroom you have occupied, like a childhood bedroom. Such a dream indicates the need to pay attention to what a childhood version of you wanted. 

21. Bathroom 

The haunted house in your dream could even focus on the bathroom. Interestingly, if the bedroom is the most intimate space, the bathroom is where your inner self comes out in dreams. 

The haunted house bathroom suggests letting go of things from your past that are not useful for you in your current life. It also suggests cleansing yourself of past emotions and memories that are not helping you presently or are unpleasant to deal with. 

It is important to remember that cleansing oneself of something does not mean to merely repress it. To truly process something, you have to first identify it, give it attention and then let it go. 

22. Closet

This dream has a simple interpretation- hiding something. Borrowing from the old proverb ‘You have skeletons in your closet’, this dream too means hiding something. 

Dreamers often store away their memories, feelings or desires that they cannot freely keep in the open. It is a reflection of repressed feelings and desires, or anxieties and fears. 

23. Basement

The interpretation of this dream depends on the details of the dream. They often point to the instincts or urges you have repressed, and are now coming to the surface. 

The past is a long span of time in real life. It has many feelings that we ignore over the years and hence we may not even understand what our subconscious is trying to bring to our attention with this dream. 

The details are a clue to information from our past life that is still negatively impacting us, even if we ignored or avoided it before. 

24. Attic 

Dreaming of a haunted house attic has a simple interpretation. It is reminding us of past or forgotten memories not getting attention from our awake life. The details of what we find in the attic are a clue to understand what from our past requires our attention. 

25. Recurring dreams of haunted house

This is a strong indication of unresolved past issues still negatively affecting your life. Childhood trauma, repressed memories, feelings of guilt over a decision, not processing an important life event like death of a loved one are all valid examples. 

The past event or issue needs to be processed in your present life, so that you can truly move on. Following are some of the reasons you may have recurring dreams of a haunted house.

  • Childhood trauma not emotionally resolved 
  • Fear of something that was never explained 
  • Feeling of resentment towards someone 
  • Fear of bad news 
  • Feelings of anger and frustration that are not timely dealt with 
  • Repressed feelings like shame or disappointment coming up 
  • Guilt over an action from the past 

These reasons are more important to understand with the context of your current life. A recurring dream is an indication that the event from your past, whether it was trauma or something like guilt, is becoming an ongoing issue for you. 

Our current life being influenced by our past life is an issue in itself, requires attention. Hence, the recurring dreams become an active reminder to think deep and resolve what is bothering us. 

26. Bad dreams haunted house 

Recurring and bad dreams about a haunted house are generally a way to bring something to our attention. Feeling scared or terrified of the ghosts in the haunted house is natural and is a clue to process something from your waking life. 

A dream about the ghosts in the dream cutting you open or using a knife on you is an indication that the unresolved feelings you must deal with are extremely unpleasant. They can be interpreted as being destructive. 

The death of a loved one often leaves unresolved feelings. Bad dreams which centre around that person are a representation of the unfinished nature of your relationship with them or non fulfilment of something they desired from you. 

When Do You Get Dream of Haunted House 

1. When you are upset about the loss of someone 

Essentially, losing someone leads to a lot of grief. Dreams of haunted houses, especially being chased by a ghost in the house, are a representation of our internal sadness. 

The dream is trying to tell us we still have unresolved feelings and we may try to run away from them, but they still haunt us. 

2. When you have unresolved feelings from the past 

We all have past experiences, some of which may have been unpleasant. Dreams of haunted houses where you are a ghost in the house, or see many ghosts in the house are an indication of unresolved past issues. 

3. When you are being too carefree 

Dreams such as dying in a haunted house or living in a haunted cottage or house are also a bad sign. A dreamer may have such dreams when they are being too relaxed about important aspects of their life. 

4. When you may be expecting bad news 

One of the most prominent emotions of dreams of haunted houses is fear. Dreams of haunted houses are even considered a bad omen because they may be an indication of someone in your life passing away. 

5. When you are feeling insecure 

Insecurities, and feeling exposed are uncomfortable situations that are manifested through dreams. Dreams of being inside a haunted house or seeing a bedroom in a haunted house dream meaning both point to insecurities. 

6. Feelings of anger, resentment and frustration 

Unresolved issues from the past or current life stressor can all lead to pent up anger and frustration. Feeling ignored by a loved one, feeling like your work is not being recognised are also examples of frustration. 

Haunted house dreams where a ghost is attacking you or you are surrounded by monsters in a haunted house are a symbol of your frustration. 

Spiritual Meaning of Dream of Haunted House 

Our spiritual self wants to move beyond the unresolved issues, but it can only happen if the unresolved issues or feelings are brought to our attention in our awake life and given our thought and care.

Our spiritual journey is often inspired by our innermost fears and challenges, things we must work on internally so that our present life can become better. 

Dreams about haunted houses are strongly suggestive of past unresolved issues, events, fears or trauma. Something negative happened that we couldn’t properly process at the time, and hence we may have suppressed it.

This leads to the same feelings obstructing our current life, because a part of our mind is still stuck there. It could be someone dying that left us helpless, or it could be bad news about someone we care about. 

These feelings lead to a lot of emotions that need to pass through our inner self, issues that need to be resolved, before we can move on. Dreams about haunted houses are a sign that it is time to deal with those issues. 

We can now bring them to light in our waking life, and resolve them. If it is a feeling of guilt that is bothering you (as you can interpret from the dream), then your spiritual self needs you to forgive yourself and move forward. 

Similarly, all such feelings, whether it is fear, anger, missing someone from the past or resenting someone from our present, all these emotions require our urgent attention, so that our spiritual self can heal and move on. 

Biblical Meaning of Dream of Haunted House 

While there may not be a direct biblical association with haunted house dream meaning, there are some take-aways from these dreams. 

The haunted house in your dream is not just a symbol for our past, it is also a reminder of negative feelings we may hold in our minds. If we forgive ourselves and others, or even just let go of our anger, we may finally be able to leave the past behind. 

Cultural Understanding of Dream of Haunted House 

While halloween and scary movies have often used images of haunted houses to create feelings of fear, they are in fact culturally correct. 

Dreams of haunted houses point to the people or the spirits in the dream as having unfinished business which leads them to do things they normally wouldn’t in their awake life. 

Culturally, this idea has been passed down through generations and artforms, that our past needs to be resolved peacefully, or it will come back to haunt us. This image is perfectly represented through dreams of haunted houses. 

Psychological Perspective of a Haunted House Dream

The psychological perspective suggests that more than the areas of facets of the house, the important thing to analyse is what some detail in the dream represents. For example, constantly dreaming of a closed door means something is inaccessible. 

Secondly, dreaming of spirits in the house is a way of providing an outlet for some behavior we don’t want to take responsibility for. As humans, we may not want to accept some negative or ‘bad’ desires, but through the medium of a ghost in our house, we can. 

Lastly, sometimes people have a hard time accepting violence, whether it was an act we committed or something that was done to us. Dreaming of the house or the site where the violence occurred, we are returning to that time and place in our minds. 

What to ask yourself when you have a dream of haunted house 

It is clear that haunted house dream meaning points to an emotional turmoil within you. Thus, a dreamer must now recognise the questions they need to ask so that they can start resolving their past or present issues. 

  • How do I feel in the dream? 
  • What do I see in the dream? 
  • What do I recognise in the dream? 
  • Am I talking to someone in the dream? 
  • Where is the house? 
  • What room of the house am I in? 
  • Is the house my childhood house? 
  • What is the state of the house? 
  • What is a prominent memory from the house? 
  • How am I feeling in my present life? 
  • Is there something from my past that I tried to ignore? 
  • Am I missing someone/something? 
  • What is bothering me most in my present waking life? 


Dreamers see haunted houses in their dream when their unresolved issues from the past are still bothering them. The dream is a representation of feelings that may have been repressed and now must be dealt with. 

The dream is a reminder to resolve all issues, both past and present, that lead to negative emotions and feelings of fear, anger, betrayal, resentment and frustration. Only by resolving them can the dreamer move forward.

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