Dreaming about people from your past are very common. While some people bring joy, a few others leave us anxious. 

Besides, it depicts some unresolved disputes. Alternatively, it reflects that this person is your soulmate.

Let’s dig into this think piece and find out more about it…

Dreaming about People from Your Past – General Interpretations

Most often, these dreams have a negative meaning. But at times, they also carry positive meanings. It all depends on which situations you saw this dream.

So, let’s check out all the general interpretations of this dream and see what fits you.

  • This dream says you have some unresolved issues with this person. You may be going through rough times, or the person may have given you harsh memories. However, it asks you to heal yourself from the hurt. 
  • It indicates lessons learned from the past that you need to use in the present. These lessons will help you identify who you are and what you want to achieve.
  • It says you need to pay attention to things you have ignored for a while. It can be some emotions or situations you are trying to escape. But it’s time you face them instead of running away.
  • It reflects that you are soulmates. Hence, they keep appearing in your dreams.
  • This dream says you desire to achieve the qualities the person had in this dream. You are working hard to become like them.

Various Dreams of People from Your Past & Their Meanings

Here are a few types of this dream theme for you to explore…

Dream of a kid you studied with

Dream of a kid you studied with indicates the qualities of that person you wish to have.

Seeing a dream of an old friend from past

Dream of an old friend from the past reflects that this person has guided you or helped you in some part of your life. 

Alternatively, it signals a lack of confidence. Furthermore, it also hints that you wish to possess this person’s qualities.

Dream of your ex

It indicates you haven’t completely healed from your breakup trauma. Since you didn’t resolve all the issues, they keep appearing in your dreams.

However, it’s not a hint to get back with your ex. 

Your old crush

This dream highlights that you want to experience the same excitement you get while seeing your crush.

Although something is missing, you know your present partner is best for you.

Someone you are no longer friends with

This dream says some unresolved disputes between you two keep you anxious.

Dead person

It says you are trying to process difficult emotions. 

Alternatively, it also means the dead person told you something or did something to you that keeps bothering you.

Someone you don’t talk to anymore

This dream asks you to make an important decision. Your decision can either cause benefit or do more harm.

So, you need to analyze the situation well before making a decision.

Childhood friends

It helps you recall when you enjoyed your life because you had no pressure. You had the freedom, and you are longing for this life now.

Alternatively, it can also reflect a stressful childhood. Your old childhood friends only caused you stress.

Further, you may have met someone in your real life which is similar to your childhood friend in looks or behavior.

Family member you haven’t seen in years

Dream of a family member you haven’t seen in years hints that your subconscious is helping you with some issues.

Colleague you haven’t seen in years

It says your subconscious helps you deal with your life transformations and how they affect you at your job. 

Alternatively, if you haven’t seen them because they moved away, this dream asks you to contact them right away.

A word from ThePleasantDream

We love having pleasant dreams. But dreams about people from your past do not always have a pleasant meaning. Thus, it may not be easy to process them.

But if you clearly remember your dreams, you will be able to interpret them correctly and apply the lessons in your waking life.