A dream about carnival can promise fun, adventure, love, peace, and happiness. Nonetheless, it can symbolize destruction, disappointment, and even failure in love and relationships depending on what exactly happened in the dream.

What Does A Dream About Carnival Signify?

A dream about carnival has different interpretations depending on the context and your real-life associations with the festivity.

Positively, it promises a good time, luck, love, peace, and happiness. You might fall deeper in love with a person who’s been in your life for quite a long time.

This can also reflect your desire for a fun-filled, worry-free life, just like the one you had in your childhood

On the contrary, the festivity shows some of your recreational activities have become a destructive force, straying you away from your goals, family life, and near ones. 

Dreams about Carnivals – Various Dream Scenarios Explained

Some carnivals can be a bundle of fun, and others can be lifeless and boring. Therefore, when it comes to dreams too, no two carnival-associated scenarios will give exactly similar meaning.

So, to understand your dream better, check out the scenarios listed below. 

A dream of seeing a dancing procession at a carnival

According to the scenario, you’ll be genuinely happy for someone else’s accomplishment. Furthermore, there’s a fair chance that you’ll celebrate the happy event with him or her. 

Dream of seeing grotesque figures and freaks at a carnival

If you see yourself amongst masked, grotesque figures, the scenario shows you feel detached from the people, relationships, and activities that should bring you pleasure. 

See people dressed in ugly costumes in a carnival

If you see guests clad in ridiculously ugly costumes, this is a bad omen symbolizing failures and disappointment in love. 

Someone chasing you in a carnival

The dream stands for someone’s obsessive need to control each and every aspect of your life.

Organizing a carnival

According to the vision, others find your company enjoyable. 

Getting an invitation to a carnival

Most likely, you suffer from an inferiority complex if you received an invitation to attend a carnival. 

That said, the subconscious encourages you to trust yourself and your abilities. Because if you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will. 

Preparing for a carnival

If you see yourself preparing for the festival, say making a costume or putting on makeup, it means you are pretty adaptable. 

Talking to strangers and joining in the conversation of unfamiliar people at social events is a piece of cake to you. 

Attending a carnival

Attending a carnival is a good sign. If you are in a bind regarding your professional life, attending the festival shows you will soon find your way out of it.

You will fight the odds and prove your abilities to those people who have been betting on your failure. 

Going to a carnival with your friends

Visiting a carnival with your friends symbolizes misunderstandings between you and a close one. 

Participating in a carnival

If you participate in a carnival, that shows others believe you are a strong person and hardly get hurt by what they do and say to you. But the truth is, you are as sensitive as they are. 

On the other hand, the plot may also portend being a part of some fun activities in the near future. 

A large carnival

Generally, a large carnival symbolizes the sea of opportunities before you. 

A small carnival

Most likely, a small carnival represents your limited social circle.

A carnival ride

If a carnival ride appears in your dream, it shows that you are blinded by momentary fun and pleasure to realize that you are straying off from your goals. 

Enjoying a carnival ride

If you enjoyed a carnival ride, that is a sign that you are physically, mentally, and emotionally ready for fun and adventures. 

Getting Lost at a carnival

Your hobbies and interests have likely been a reason for you to stray away from your near ones. 

Also, such a scenario reflects your fear of losing your friends and family

A fashion carnival

A fashion carnival shows you allow yourself to be easily influenced by others. It’s a good thing if people guide you on the right path in life.

But since not all of your friends and acquaintances may have good intentions towards you, the subconscious wants you to be careful. 

Spiritual Meaning Of A Carnival Dream

On a spiritual level, a carnival is a premonition of changes, which can be either positive or negative depending on your real-life experience. 


Therefore, a dream about carnival can have a positive or negative meaning based on what you experience and your emotional response to the overall adventure. 

Also, you need to remind yourself that your perception of a carnival, in reality, plays a crucial role in determining the dream interpretation. 

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