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A Dream About Carnival – 54 Dream Types & Their Meanings

A Dream About Carnival – 54 Dream Types & Their Meanings

Updated on Jan 09, 2023 | Published on Sep 30, 2022

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dream About Carnival - 54 Dream Types & Their Meanings

A dream about carnival can be amusing with fun rides, activities, food booths, colors, and variety. But what if you saw a masked, grotesque figure following you around? 

What appears to be fun can turn out to be a nightmare depending on what exactly you go through in the scenario. 

In the sections below, we will go much deeper into dream interpretations associated with the festivity. So, if you have been seeking an answer to such a dream, tag along. 

What Does A Dream About Carnival Signify?

Generally, a dream about carnival can promise fun, adventure, love, peace, and happiness. Nonetheless, it can symbolize destruction, disappointment, and even failure in love and relationships depending on what exactly happened in the dream. 

A dream about carnival has different interpretations depending on the context and your real-life associations with the festivity.

Positively, it promises a good time, luck, love, peace, and happiness. You might fall deeper in love with a person who’s been in your life for quite a long time. This can also reflect your desire for a fun-filled, worry-free life, just like the one you had in your childhood

On the contrary, the festivity shows some of your recreational activities have become a destructive force, straying you away from your goals, family life, and near ones. 

Not to forget deceit or sadness striking you at a time you thought everything was perfect.

A carnival might also stand for fears lurking around in the nooks and crannies of life. This holds especially if you see grotesque figures wearing masks, strange and scary ones at that, popping out from various corners of the carnival, frightening you to the bones. 

Dreams about Carnivals – 54 Dream Scenarios Explained

Some carnivals can be a bundle of fun, and others can be lifeless and boring. Therefore, when it comes to dreams too, no two carnival-associated scenarios will give exactly similar meaning. So, to understand your dream better, check out the scenarios listed below. 

1. A dream of seeing a dancing procession at a carnival

According to the scenario, you’ll be genuinely happy for someone else’s accomplishment. Furthermore, there’s a fair chance that you’ll celebrate the happy event with him or her. 

2. To dream of seeing grotesque figures and freaks at a carnival

If you see yourself amongst masked, grotesque figures, the scenario shows you feel detached from the people, relationships, and activities that should bring you pleasure. 

3. To see people dressed in ugly costumes in a carnival

If you see guests clad in ridiculously ugly costumes, this is a bad omen symbolizing failures and disappointment in love. 

4. Dreaming about someone chasing you in a carnival

The dream stands for someone’s obsessive need to control each and every aspect of your life.

5. Dreaming about organizing a carnival

According to the vision, others find your company enjoyable. 

6. Dreaming about getting an invitation to a carnival

Most likely, you suffer from an inferiority complex if you received an invitation to attend a carnival. 

That said, the subconscious encourages you to trust yourself and your abilities. Because if you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will. 

7. Dreaming about preparing for a carnival

If you see yourself preparing for the festival, say making a costume or putting on makeup, it means you are pretty adaptable. 

Talking to strangers and joining in the conversation of unfamiliar people at social events is a piece of cake to you. 

8. Dreaming of attending a carnival

Attending a carnival is a good sign. If you are in a bind regarding your professional life, attending the festival shows you will soon find your way out of it.

You will fight the odds and prove your abilities to those people who have been betting on your failure. 

9. Dreaming about going to a carnival with your friends

Visiting a carnival with your friends symbolizes misunderstandings between you and a close one. 

10. To dream about seeing others getting ready for a carnival

According to the plot, other people see you as a friendly and easy-going person who’s extremely fun to hang out with. 

11. Dreaming that you were the only one without a mask in a carnival

Chances are, you will fall victim to a strange situation without being aware of what’s happening. 

From the finance and business point of view, the scenario signifies an unexpected reversal from hope and success to failure.

12. To dream of participating in a carnival

If you participate in a carnival, that shows others believe you are a strong person and hardly get hurt by what they do and say to you. But the truth is, you are as sensitive as they are. 

From another approach, the vision represents sorrow in your waking life. 

On the other hand, the plot may also portend being a part of some fun activities in the near future. 

13. Dreaming about dancing at a carnival

Most likely, you will attend an event reluctantly only to realize how much fun it was. 

14. To dream about having fun at a carnival

The scenario promises a period of fun and bliss in the near future. Not only will you bounce back fresher, but you’ll also be rich with experience and meaningful human connections you build during your time off. 

15. Getting bored at a carnival in a dream

With numerous activities to occupy your attention, it’s hard to get bored at a carnival. But if that’s how you felt in the dream, the scenario is a harbinger of problems in your personal as well as professional lives.  

16. Looking for someone at a carnival in a dream

If you dream of losing someone you came to the carnival with and looking for him or her, you could be at a crossroads in your waking life. 

Chances are you are afraid to take the first step towards something though you genuinely want to. 

17. Dreaming about watching a carnival without participating in it

Expect unforeseen problems to arise in several aspects of your life. Also, don’t be surprised if you discover a loved one getting involved in some lowly activities, disappointing you. 

18. Dreaming that you were scared of a carnival

If you were scared of a carnival, the plot represents your real-life problems. You might have a hard time coping with a broken friendship or a nasty dispute with your family members.

19. Dreaming about a colorful and lively carnival

According to Miller, a colorful and lively carnival portends an unplanned journey to a distant place or fun days ahead.  

20. A large carnival in a dream

Generally, a large carnival symbolizes the sea of opportunities before you. 

21. Dreaming of a small carnival

Most likely, a small carnival represents your limited social circle.

22. To dream of a carnival ride

If a carnival ride appears in your dream, it shows that you are blinded by momentary fun and pleasure to realize that you are straying off from your goals. 

23. To dream of enjoying a carnival ride

If you enjoyed a carnival ride, that is a sign that you are physically, mentally, and emotionally ready for fun and adventures. 

24. To dream about an unpleasant carnival ride

An unpleasant carnival ride denotes you feel trapped and helpless in the waking world. 

25. A scary carnival ride in a dream

A scary carnival ride implies the need to find an answer to an ongoing problem. Also, this can be the subconscious letting you know of a huge blunder you committed in the past.

From the relationship point of view, a scary carnival ride symbolizes uncertainty. 

26. Dreaming about being trapped on a broken carnival ride

Chances are, you feel entrapped in an activity/ venture that once gave you immense fun. Despite your efforts, you can’t find your way out of it and instead find yourself going round and round. 

27. Dreaming about playing carnival games

To dream about playing carnival games implies you like taking financial risks.

28. A dream about winning a prize at a carnival game

According to the plot, you have impressive social and interactive skills, and these qualities will help you get ahead in life. 

From another perspective, the scenario indicates now is a good time to take a chance. If promotion at your workplace or a raise has been on your mind, take a risk and try bringing it up. 

29. To dream of being cheated at a carnival game

If you were cheated at a carnival game, that is a clear sign that other people see you as easy prey and take advantage of you and your gullibility whenever they can. 

30. To dream of watching freak shows at a carnival

The dream symbolizes a lack of peace and discord in your domestic sphere. Also, expect unforeseen misfortune to befall you in areas that were once too good to be true. 

31. Getting Lost at a carnival in a dream

Your hobbies and interests have likely been a reason for you to stray away from your near ones. 

Also, such a scenario reflects your fear of losing your friends and family

32. Dreaming about joining the carnival

The dream reflects your desire to run off from your duties, roles, and responsibilities. 

33. Running away with a carnival in a dream

Here, the dream foretells you will pursue a profession that is directly or indirectly associated with the entertainment industry. 

34. To dream of joining a carnival and enjoying yourself

Most likely, you will get involved in or be treated to unconventional entertainment if you dream of the above. 

35. Seeing an empty carnival in a dream

Either you have missed a wonderful opportunity for a better future or you lack the resources for further growth in your life. 

36. Dreaming of a fashion carnival

A fashion carnival shows you allow yourself to be easily influenced by others. It’s a good thing if people guide you on the right path in life.

But since not all of your friends and acquaintances may have good intentions towards you, the subconscious wants you to be careful. 

37. Dreaming about carnival horses

Carnival horses emphasize the need to be adaptable and blend in with your surroundings, friends, and family. 

Alternatively, the animals can also stand for your fear of death. 

38. A woman dreaming about a carnival 

In general, carnivals are a good sign for women dreamers indicating walking towards the right path in life. 

39. A woman dreaming of a big carnival

For a woman, a big carnival implies differences that are too huge to be compromised. 

40. A woman dreaming of a scary carnival ride

For a woman, a scary carnival ride suggests reconciliation. 

41. A woman dreaming of an empty carnival

The dream says you will always be the victor if you adhere to fair play in anything you get involved in, especially regarding work and career. 

Alternatively, expect disastrous endings if you are letting greed and unfair methods get in your way. 

42. A woman dreaming about visiting a carnival with her friends and acquaintances

According to the dream, you fear losing what belongs to you. This can refer to a person, material possessions, or abstracts like someone’s feelings towards you. 

Also, this can be the subconscious warning you to take better care of your finances. 

43. A woman dreaming about carnival horses

Through the dream, the subconscious warns you to take proper care of your health as an illness is on the cards. 

44. A man dreaming about a big carnival

For a man, a big carnival is a sign of ill luck and unfortunate events. 

45. A girl dreaming of a carnival

For a girl, a carnival is a bad sign. Most likely she will get involved with despicable people to satisfy her needs for momentary fun and pleasure.

46. A girl dreaming of a big carnival

According to the scenario, the girl needs to be more self-reliant. 

47. A girl dreaming of an empty carnival

An empty carnival stands for an emotional rollercoaster ride for a girl. 

48. A girl dreaming of a carnival horses

Carnival horses for a girl symbolize relaxation. 

49. A girl dreaming of visiting a carnival with a friend 

The dreamer’s desire to advance in life might be affecting her in a negative way. 

50. A boy dreaming of a carnival

For a boy, a vision featuring the festivity signifies ill health. 

51. A boy dreaming of a big carnival

If a boy dreams of a big carnival, it means he closely resembles his mother or is getting to. 

52. A boy dreaming of an empty carnival

For a boy, the plot symbolizes optimism, happiness, and a high-spirited attitude. 

53. A boy dreaming of carnival horses

Carnival horses for a boy promise unpleasant situations in the waking world. 

54. A boy dreaming about going to a carnival with his peers

For a boy, the plot symbolizes success and prosperity. 

Spiritual Meaning Of A Carnival Dream

On a spiritual level, a carnival is a premonition of changes, which can be either positive or negative depending on your real-life experience. 

Biblical Meaning Of A Dream About Carnival

The Bible does not look favorably on the carnival. From the Biblical perspective, a dream about a carnival signifies distractions that promise you immense momentary fun but little to no benefit in the long run. 

In the worst instances, a carnival may even represent a destructive force that’s leading you off from your goals and loved ones towards a path to doom. 

Psychological Meaning Of Carnival In Dreams

You might be torn between two or more options in real life. Despite knowing that one will take you to a much better future, you might be reluctant to take the first step. 


Therefore, a dream about carnival can have a positive or negative meaning based on what you experience and your emotional response to the overall adventure. 

Also, you need to remind yourself that your perception of a carnival, in reality, plays a crucial role in determining the dream interpretation. 

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