Dream about dragons is symbolic of inner demons, internal and external enemies, something that scares you, great prospects. It is also a sign of fiery temper or passion, prosperity, support from powerful people, and being influential and respected.

Dream About Dragon - 72 Intriguing Plots & Their Interpretations
Dream About Dragon – 72 Intriguing Plots & Their Interpretations

General Dream Interpretation of Dragon

Dream about dragons usually represents the interaction in one’s life. Now, we will delve into the basic and general meaning and interpretation of dreams about dragons.  

Inner demons – Your inner demons and fears must be faced to achieve various milestones in life and to grow as a person. 

Internal and external enemies that should be dealt with – Dreaming about dragons could mean that there are obstacles you need to overcome in order to find the good within you.

Something in your life that scares you It is a sign that there is something that deeply scares you. This thing you fear so deeply exists in your waking life. 

A fiery-tempered or passionate person – One could dream about dragons because you are near or close to a fiery-tempered or deeply passionate person. In contrast, this fiery-tempered or deeply passionate person could be you. 

Support from powerful people This could indicate that you will or are currently receiving support from some powerful people. You need to take advantage of the support you are receiving or will receive. 

Highly influential and respected – You will achieve great status in society if you dream of dragons. You will be highly respected and influential in society. This could also be a sign that you will achieve this respect in the future. 

Forthcoming wealth or fortune – This could be symbolic of wealth and fortune, essentially prosperity. You will come across great opportunities that might make you wealthy.

Spiritual Interpretation of Dream about the Dragon

One way to understand the spiritual symbolism of dragons is to know that they’re very similar to snakes. Snakes are often represented by change and transformation. 

In that way, dragons are related to the potential to fight through life, overcome the adversities one faces, and come out of them stronger and wiser. 

Spiritually, another way to think of the dragon is to think about the power at risk. In ancient mythology and folklore, dragons are usually guarding something. 

Dragon in Dream – Various Scenarios and Interpretation

Dream about Komodo Dragon

Dreaming about komodo dragons is a sign that you fear something or someone in your waking life. You should think hard about what this fear could be and face them essentially. 

You feel guilt and shame as to how people perceive you. In addition, you are putting the past behind you. 

Dream about Seeing a Dragon

Dreaming about seeing a dragon has multiple meanings and interpretations. The dragon in the dream may be a symbol of hard work and patience. 

It may also be related to the efforts required to achieve your goals in your waking life. 

Dreaming of a Dragon that Scares You

It is a sign that there are a lot of problems at home. In this case, you should try to resolve these problems by talking to your family members.  

This also means you need to overcome your fear of the unconscious mind and learn to trust others some more. 

Dreaming of Riding a Dragon

It is an indication that you need to gain control over your anger. You are ready to overcome your fears and obstacles on your way. 

Dream of Dragon Attacking You

You do not need to fear if you have such a dream. It means that you will face a powerful enemy soon. 

This dream is a sign that you will come out of this challenge victorious. Do not let arrogance get the best out of you. It will endanger your life. 

A Flying Dragon

It is a sign that you live in a time when you are put up to the task of showing your true self to your family and to yourself.

Often this dream is not perceived as good. However, it actually shows you that you need to work really hard to achieve what you want. Your efforts will be appreciated and recognized

Fire Breathing Dragon

If you dream of a dragon breathing fire, then it is a sign that you do not have a sense of control over your emotions. 

This dream could also indicate that a fire may destroy your life, and therefore, you need to be careful with electrical appliances and cables at home. 

Angry Dragon

It is a sign that you are an angry short-tempered person. It is advised you do something about this anger as you will lose all your friends in this manner.

A Friendly Small Dragon

A friendly small dragon in your dream indicates that you will adopt a new state of mind. 

A Dancing Dragon 

This is sexual symbolism. It is a sign of how one is perceived sexually. 

Dreaming of a dancing dragon can represent a new beginning of sorts or a change of perspective in your life. It is also symbolic of harmony. 

Killing a Dragon

A dream where you are killing the dragon is a sign you are having a difficult time managing or handling your own emotions. 

If the dragon was aggressive towards you during such times in the dream, it could be indicative of a period of worry. 

Baby Dragon

Dreaming of a baby dragon is associated with one’s own innocence. It is a representation of your inner child. 

In other words, it is an indication of yourself and your true nature. This could mean or refer to your own desires or be a representation of your inner strength.  

Fighting a Dragon  

This dream of fighting a dragon indicates that you feel imprisoned in life.  

Multiple Headed Dragon

This dream is symbolic of your big ego. You could be preferring ego caressing experiences. In addition, you could be unnecessarily turning simple conversions into debates. 

Therefore, this is a warning about your ego. Having the last word, proving you are right, and putting your best foot forward is not the most important thing always. 

A Sleeping Dragon  

It could be a sign of achieving the long-term goals and dreams that you have had for a long time now. 

You need to have more faith in your abilities and in yourself. Then make the things that you have and those who believe in you work in a positive manner for you. 

Taming the Dragon

Befriending a dragon in a dream is symbolic of the dreamer’s unconscious feelings related to the acceptance of their current issues and endeavors. 

It is a sign of change and it is the first step toward healing traumatic experiences. It can also refer to having a sense of confidence in your undertaking in waking life. 

Running Away from a Dragon 

You desire to run away from the problems you have been sweeping under the carpet for a while now.

Additionally, you do not wish to face the situation or confront it as it involves someone close to you. 

Talking to a Dragon

You are hiding your feelings from someone. You might be secretly in love with someone but not admit anything out of fear. 

In contrast, someone in that relationship is taken. This causes a moral dilemma. The challenge here is if you listen to your heart or reason. 

Dragon Dream Meaning – Different Colors 

White Dragon – It is a sign that you will be financially well off and not have any financial troubles. This dream means that better fortunes are headed your way. 

Golden Dragon – It is symbolic of wealth, prosperity, and fortune. It signifies the riches you will soon be acquiring. 

Bronze Dragon – This dream also carries a positive connotation. It indicates a life free of stress and that you will succeed in all of the challenges you are currently facing. 

Silver Dragon – Silver dragons are rumored to have powerful healing abilities. Dreaming of a silver dragon is a sign of undergoing transformation and healing. 

Gray Dragon – Gray is a color of wisdom and age. You may be someone who is wise and has experienced a lot of things in life. This dream of a gray dragon is symbolic of discovering oneself. 

Yellow Dragon – Yellow dragons in a dream are symbolic of power and prosperity. You will soon be facing good fortunes in your waking life. 

Black Dragon – It is considered to be a mysterious creature carrying multiple meanings.  

Red Dragon – It is a sign that you need to control yourself when dealing with other people. 

Blue Dragon – As per Sigmund Freud, a blue dragon symbolizes one’s mother. It is symbolic of protection, security, and comfort. 

Light Blue Dragon – A light blue dragon represents feelings of happiness and lightheartedness. You feel at peace at times and experience growth too. You are enjoying the things going on in your life. 

Dark Blue Dragon – It is a sign that you are about to encounter deep and heavy feelings. You may feel sorrowful and sad at times. 

Green Dragon – Such dreams are representative of the peace of mind, luck, and well-being of the dreamer. It also signifies the dreamer’s love for nature and balance.

Concluding Thoughts  

Positively, this dream is a reflection of great prospects in your life, prosperity, support from powerful people, and lastly, you are highly influential and respected.   

Negatively, this dream is a reflection of your inner demons, internal and external enemies, and something that scares you in your life.