It’s not common to dream about figs! But that is not to say they do not mean well. 

Figs have been interpreted in several different ways. While some pronounce it an exceptionally good sign, especially for lovers, others believe it implies jealousy and failing health. 

The following sections will help you understand your dream on a deeper level. 

Dream About Figs - Several Plots & Meanings
Dream About Figs – Several Plots & Meanings

What Does It Mean To Dream About Figs?

Figs symbolize growth, success, prosperity, and even fertility in the dream world. The fruit is also sometimes linked with health conditions, conflict, and jealousy. 

Additionally, they symbolize success, especially in matters of the heart. 

Besides, due to the shape, the fruit is also closely linked with eroticism, sexual desire, fertility, and even pregnancy. 

Nonetheless, there are other reasons why the fruit showed up in your dream, and some of those include –

  • A surprising news
  • Wish fulfillment
  • Denial of feelings
  • Jealousy
  • Potential conflict
  • Injustice, etc. 

In the following sections, we have included specific scenarios and their detailed meanings. You can go through them to understand your dream better. 

Psychological Dream Interpretation Of Figs

From a psychological perspective, figs are associated with success, abundance, libido, and fertility. 

Dream about Fig Dreams –Various Scenarios & Their Interpretations

Experts have different things to say about a vision featuring a fig. Some of the most widely accepted interpretations are –

A dream about figs

Figs are a sign of success and achievement. The fruit is an exceptionally auspicious symbol especially for love birds as it stands for overcoming obstacles. 

On the other hand, the fruit is also associated with sexual desire and fertility as well. 

To dream of a basket of figs

Often considered a sensual symbol, a basketful of the fruit could stand for fertility. So, if you have been trying for a child, you can expect good news soon. 

A dream of eating figs

This plot is one of the most common scenarios, and is a harbinger of growth, success, abundance, and good times. 

In other instances, it shows you have more potential than you or your near ones acknowledge. 

Eating unwashed/ washed figs 

The scenario hints at discontinuation in some areas of your life. Perhaps you will leave your present job to look for a better-paying one. 

On the contrary, if you eat the fruit after washing it means you will continue doing something that you are presently involved in for a long time – a job, a joint venture, etc. 

Eating ripe figs

According to the vision, you are literally shining. You are confident in your skills, and potential and feel at top of the world. 

Eating unripe fig

It shows you are going too fast. You need to be cautious and more patient else you may end up sabotaging the process you have built so far. 

Eating dried figs

As per the plot, you deeply regret saying something to someone. . 

Eating fig dessert

Likely, a close one will travel to a distant land if you dream of the above. 

Eating rotten figs 

The scenario is an ill omen symbolizing financial instability. You may soon need to rely on other people’s support for everyday needs too. 

A fig tree

The dream stands for the expansion of your family either through marriage or childbirth. 

Climbing a fig tree

The plot stands for your potential which you haven’t gotten a chance to exhibit yet.

Nevertheless, you should neither be impatient nor disheartened because the opportunity you have been waiting for will come when you least expect it. 

Falling from a fig tree

It implies potential problems at your workplace. However, don’t let them stress you because they will be resolved sooner than you expect. 

Someone climbing a fig tree

You feel that your superior at work is being unjust by promoting your colleague who is a lot inferior to you in terms of knowledge and skills.

Gathering figs

You will spend money on something that is tens or even hundreds of times worth the price. Picking or gathering figs also symbolizes blissful times in your waking life. 

Fig leaves

Fig leaves are a wish-fulfillment dream. You will soon be swept off your feet with delight as something you had wished for, for a long time comes to fruition. 

According to the dream, it even got kind of lost amidst your day-to-day activities. So, your delight would be much greater. 

Dried figs

In the foreseeable future, you might be asked to collaborate and brainstorm with colleagues you have always disliked. 

Giving figs to someone

You are possibly denying your feelings for someone if you dream of the above. You may have your reason for doing so.

But this plot wants you to take a chance. Let that person know how you feel about him or her and let fate take on from there. 

Buying dried figs 

Watch out for your actions and behaviors if you want to keep your integrity intact. 

Selling figs 

Just when you think things are finally going your way, situations will blow up and get out of hand. 

However, your subconscious encourages you not to despair and lose hope. Instead, work on a strategy to get over those obstacles and keep pushing. 


That brings us to the close of our article on a dream about figs. Overall, the fruit is a positive symbol. Even if it has a negative message for you, fret not! Instead, figure out what the dream is trying to tell you.