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Dream of Heights – 35 Types & Their Interpretations

Dream of Heights – 35 Types & Their Interpretations

Updated on Jan 18, 2023 | Published on Jun 20, 2022

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dream of Heights – 35 Types & Their Interpretations

Did you wake up from a dream about heights? Were you sweating profusely or was your heart about to burst? Do you think your life is in mortal danger?

Well, these are one of the most common dreams, but they don’t always mean harm. However, if you have these dreams regularly, you better check them out. And my think-piece is here at your service!

So, let’s bust your fears here…

Dream about Heights – 35 Types & Their Interpretations
Dream about Heights – 35 Types & Their Interpretations

Dream about Heights – General Interpretations

Your dreams about heights may imply you’re an ambitious person or you must believe in yourself. It may also symbolize your successes, problems, or self-esteem issues.

Most people feel uncomfortable when they have dreams of falling from a height. You might suddenly jerk awake or break into a cold sweat after having such a dream.

So, do such dreams only bring ominous news? Not really, so, let’s know the truth over here…

1. You desire to accomplish your goals

This is often the most common interpretation for dreaming of heights. Maybe you desire to reach new heights in your personal or work life. You have your mind fixed on a particular goal and work hard to achieve it.

Most of the time, such dreams can be a positive sign about your significant accomplishments. You’ll reach a great milestone in waking life and feel proud and satisfied with yourself.

2. It symbolizes your problems or hurdles

The frequent dreams of heights can signify your life problems. This may imply that either you’ll overcome a hurdle and emerge successful or soon encounter a problem in life.

This problem might be related to your health, financial situation, or anything else, so remember to stay cautious. 

3. It represents your success

Dreaming of heights can also symbolize a sign of success. If you put in lots of effort on a project and your dream of heights, it may depict that you will succeed in your task.

No matter how big or complicated things might seem, you will stand tall till the end, face all adversities, and win.

4. You lack confidence and fear the future

One negative meaning of height dreams is that they symbolize a lack of confidence or fears about your future. Perhaps you’re afraid to accept a new task or step into a new relationship because you don’t have enough confidence.

Your feelings are manifested in your dreams in the form of great heights that you are afraid of. Maybe you have a desire to achieve great things but your low self-esteem stops you.

In this case, you must work on your self-esteem issues and face your fears. Conquer your problem and make the end result worth it.

5. You must believe in yourself

Such dreams may also hint at the importance of trusting yourself and being ambitious about your endeavors. If you constantly doubt yourself, you won’t complete your tasks well.

Maybe others think that your goals are too impossible to achieve. Well, you must prove them wrong and show them your power.

Ensure that negative people never influence your emotions or dreams and that you always remain focused.

Dream of Heights – 35 Types & Their Interpretations

But don’t worry, some dreams of falling or being at great heights can bring good luck or good news to you. There are many different types of dreams about heights. For example,

If someone is afraid of heights, this will manifest in the form of dreams of heights. For people who are not afraid of heights, jumping from a tall building or flying high can indicate overcoming obstacles.

So, depending on the elements, situations, and an individual’s life circumstances, these dreams hold different interpretations. If you remember yours, let’s plunge into it…

1. Dream about being afraid of heights (Dream about being scared of heights)

This is one of the most common forms of height dreams. If you are afraid of heights, this dream symbolizes your desire to achieve unattainable goals.

Despite knowing these goals are beyond your scope, you stubbornly try to accomplish them.

Sometimes, such dreams can also indicate that you want to improve your personal life. Perhaps, if you achieve a certain goal, you can mend a relationship with someone.

Or maybe another person needs your help to accomplish their goals. In this case, you must extend your helping hand.

2. Dream of being at a great height

Dreaming of standing at a high altitude indicates good news. This signifies that you will achieve your goals successfully. Maybe you’ll reach a personal milestone or be content with your past successes.

You will probably feel very happy and overwhelmed because it indicates the joy you’ll feel in real life. Such dreams may also depict that you consider yourself better or greater than others around you.

In other meanings, it’s a warning that you must be aware of others who can trouble or shame you.

3. Dream about someone falling from a height

Even though most people feel that a dream involving falling from a great height is something bad, not all interpretations are negative. It can be a good sign and mean that you will successfully overcome many obstacles in life.

But it can also indicate that you’ll face many problems before overcoming them. It might be an illness of a family member or close friend.

Alternatively, these dreams can symbolize failure in your current projects in your work life or your inability to solve a certain problem. If the height from which you fell was small, the interpretation is a negative one.

But, if your baby fell from a high altitude in dreams, it can mean that you will be blessed with fortunate news soon.

4. Dream of climbing to a great height

Dreaming of climbing up a great height is a good sign. It takes a lot of effort to climb up to great heights and it can be a reflection of how hard work is to reach your goals.

So the dream is a symbol of your efforts and dedication. If you struggle a lot initially, you’ll soon receive good results. So climbing a difficult height is a sign of success and satisfaction.

5. Dream of flying at great heights

Dreaming of flying at high altitudes or great heights reveal your high ambitions. You might achieve your goals and complete your tasks easily.

This dream also indicates that you have enough confidence and faith in yourself to accomplish your goals in life and you won’t be swayed by anyone else’s opinions.

But even then, don’t let others influence you negatively or bring you down. You use every opportunity wisely, so preserve your valuable traits.

6. Dreams about falling from heights

Falling from a great height can either feel amazing and refreshing or extremely nerve-wracking, depending on your mindset.

This dream is a sign that you might soon fall ill. Maybe you already have some symptoms but ignored them for too long.

If that is the case, then don’t delay booking an appointment with your doctor. It’s best to address any health issues as soon as possible.

Falling from heights can also signify that someone you love will fall ill soon. Thus, it will be a tough period for both you and the ill person. So take good care of them and tend to their needs.

7. Dream of standing on heights

If you’re dreaming of standing on heights, it is surely a sign of success. Everything that you do now will bear fruit and you will be awarded success and fame. Nothing will stop your progress and hard work.

This can either pertain to a new business venture or anything beneficial for you. This dream also means that your financial affairs will soon be in order and you will attain financial stability.

8. Dream of someone else scared of great heights

If you dream of someone else being afraid of great heights, this is a symbol that they will soon be in great danger and that you’re aware of this fact.

Maybe this is a dear person, like a family member or your partner. So always ensure that you’re ready to help them and cater to their needs to protect them from danger.

Let them feel your unconditional love and support during their tough times.

9. Dream of standing on great heights with someone

Dreaming about standing on great heights with someone is a very good sign. This means that you and the other person have mutual love and respect.

For example, if you dream that you both are in a high tower, it can represent the love and affection that you feel towards each other. Make sure this lovely bond lasts forever between you both.

10. Dream of falling of incredible heights with someone

If you’re dreaming of falling down from a great height with someone, it is a good sign. It means that the obstacles in your current life will soon go away. You will be able to overcome your problems and lead a smooth life.

11. Dream of flying from a height

This kind of dream represents your life’s goals and purposes. If you lack confidence and feel unsure of your actions, this dream tells you to let go of all your problems and embarrassment. You need confidence.

Alternatively, the dream says you’re already confident and self-aware. You know what you want and how to achieve it.

Usually, others are amazed by your dedication and ambition. So, act like a role model to them. If someone thinks you are too ambitious, don’t let that bother you.

12. Dream of falling from a small height

If you dream that you’re falling from a small height, such as a table or chair, this isn’t usually a good sign. It means that you will face some difficulties in the near future.

But the good part is that this tough time won’t last for long. You will soon figure out a solution to your problems and tackle any hardships that obstruct your path.

13. Dream about a baby falling from a great height

A dream where a baby falls from a great height and still manages to survive is a good indication. It represents the fact that you will receive some unexpected yet pleasant news in the future.

For example, you might get an unexpected promotion at work or get connected with a long-lost family member.

14. Dream of climbing at a great height with great effort

This dream has a lot to do with your real-life situation. Maybe in your real life, you want to accomplish some difficult tasks and put lots of effort into them.

Just like in the dream, you’ll overcome your difficulties and achieve the impossible.

Even if the climb seems daunting, your faith and confidence in yourself will take you forward. After overcoming a lot of problems, you will receive the taste of success.

15. Dream of flying and falling from great heights

If you dreamt that you were flying and then suddenly falling from a great height, this isn’t good. It might indicate your embarrassment or lack of confidence in yourself.

Such a dream usually indicates that you doubt yourself constantly. This stops you from completing your tasks properly. So, it’s time to let go of these fears and be more confident.

16. Dream of skywalking at great heights

Sky walking at great heights in a dream means that you are prepared to keep going forward despite the challenges that lay ahead in front of you.

Let’s be honest- everyone experiences failures and nobody knows when we might encounter problematic times.

But even then you mustn’t give up. Even if there are a hundred obstacles, you will find your solution soon.

Also, dreaming of skywalking can be a subconscious message to be more cautious about your health. You should always listen to your body and get regular check-ups.

17. Dream of bungee jumping from a great height

Bungee jumping from a great height in dreams urges you to take control of your life with confidence and courage. Otherwise, you won’t be able to achieve your dreams.

This dream also indicates that you’re not scared of things easily. You are usually calm and cool-headed even under pressure, which is a great thing.

For example, in your community, you might be an expert at handling baffling situations.

18. Dream of diving from a height

The dream sight of diving from a height symbolizes that you’re not meant to be trapped in a mediocre or mundane life. You mustn’t settle for anything that is beneath your standard, even if it means you must work extra hard.

Since you put in all your effort, enjoy the best in life and not accept anything and everything that the situation offers.

19. Dream of standing at great heights with a friend

The subconscious view of standing at great heights with a friend represents that you share a close bond with them. Maybe that person is a close friend or coworker who has become your friend.

Since you trust them with all your heart, you can tell them your secrets and plans for the future. This dream also draws attention to the positive things going on in your romantic relationship.

You mustn’t get too affected by your partner’s shortcomings and pay more attention to the love and respect that they show you.

20. Dream of hanging on a cliff of great height

Dreams of hanging on a cliff of great height can be either good or bad, depending on your perspective. Some news will surprise you in waking life. But it’s hard to say whether it’s good or bad news.

You might get surprised at a sudden rise in pay or some other work-related achievement.

Or maybe you’ll receive the grant to sponsor your educational goals. If you want to taste parenthood, this dream can indicate good news about that too.

All this depends on the perspective from where you’re standing in the dream.

21. Dream of parachuting from a great height

If you dream of parachuting from a great height, it strongly symbolizes that you’re scared of what lies ahead in life.

You allowed a great deal of negativity to occupy your thoughts, so you’re not confident. As such, you fear failure and experimenting with new ideas.

However, it’s a signal that you must believe in yourself and have confidence. Trust your abilities and soon all the negativity will go away.

22. Dream of hanging on pylons at a great height

If you have dreams about hanging from pylons or electric cables from a great height, don’t be afraid because it’s good symbolism.

Generally, this dream comes to people when they’re on the verge of giving up on something. The dream advises you to keep moving forward and not give up.

Have faith in yourself and nothing will stop your progress. You have all the resources to help you out, so just put them to good use.

23. Dream of your child scaling a building at a great height

To see your child scaling a building at a great height is another good dream. It indicates that your children and family will be loved and safe in the future.

But you must play your part to make sure your family is safe and secure even in the worst of situations.

Encourage your kids to do their best, live happily, and enjoy every moment in life. With this kind of dedicated effort, you’ll slowly see things falling into place.

24. Dream of skydiving from a great height

Dream of Skydiving from a great height can be terrifying for acrophobic people (those with a fear of heights). It symbolizes you may face some misfortunes or you might fall sick or get hospitalized.

If you feel unwell for the past few days or weeks, this dream is a sign to go to a doctor immediately. Usually, your body will give you warning signs before something major happens, so be alert.

25. Dream of being pushed off a great height

Just like being pushed from a great height indicates betrayal, this dream is a sign from the spiritual realm that some enemies are hidden in your social circle.

Your dedication, ambitions, and sincerity make people jittery or jealous and someone wants to harm you.

Therefore, tread very carefully and be cautious about who has your best interests at heart. Not everyone you regard as a friend will stay true to you.

26. Dream of slipping off a treacherous path at a great height

Dreams of slipping off a treacherous path at a great height expose your fear of the unknown. You’re probably afraid of taking a step outside your comfort zone because you’re unaware of the future.

But unless you step outside, you won’t be able to spread your wings or test your potential. So, be more confident and take a step in the right direction when you approach life.

Or else you’ll lose out on many great opportunities simply because you were too afraid of taking chances.

27. Dream of being carried to great heights by a mythical bird

Dreaming of being carried to great heights by a mythical bird or creature shows your ambitions towards life. You wish to reach only the highest levels of success and you won’t stop unless you get what you want.

The good part is that you have all the necessary skills required to achieve these heights.

Probably you didn’t use many of your talents for long, so this dream urges you to brush up your talents and spread your wings higher because your chances of succeeding are high.

28. Dream of being unable to come down a great height

If you dream that you’re unable to climb down from a great height, this isn’t a good sign. It indicates that you’re heavily influenced by negative forces like arrogance or vanity.

Since you’re too full of yourself, you ignore others and they feel alienated. So, your inner mind asks you to step down from this pedestal and be more humble.

Instead of bragging to others, let your achievements speak for themselves.

29. Dream of helping your partner come down from a great height

If you frequently dream of helping your partner come down from a great height, this is a sign that you truly love and care for your partner.

You are devoted to your relationship and are willing to do anything to sustain it. Also, this dream is a sort of affirmation that your efforts in your relationship will bear good results one day.

It flames the fire of passion and romance between you both and your relationship turns magical and stronger each day.

30. Dream of falling from a great height but not hitting the ground

The dream of falling from a great height but not hitting the ground shows that you’re usually very progressive. You aren’t afraid of failing and can go to great lengths to reach your target.

You are driven forward by the desire to make great progress in life. This dream also signals you to occupy your rightful position to maintain the order of things.

It reminds you that you weren’t born to fail and that you can achieve anything that you desire.

31. Dreams about heights and ledges

To see heights and ledges in your dream may imply that you want to hide away your faults and pretend to be pure. The dream asks you to reconsider your goals and ambitions and correct yourself before it’s too late.

You probably desire to be loved by others and gain their favor. But you might only attract chaos. Your small pretentious ideas might not mean much to you, but they possess much more power than you can imagine, so be cautious.

32. Dream about elevators and heights

The view of elevators and heights is a really good dream because it indicates the presence of a spiritual being in your life.

You’ll soon experience a boost in vitality or energy. You’ll know how to deal with complex feelings and navigate your way through life.

Your subconscious mind asks you to take special notice of that spiritual force and to address it. You can overcome any problems in your path with the help of such a powerful force.

33. Dream about heights and stairs

The sight of heights and stairs in your dream tells you to change or swap something in life. Maybe you must work on your social skills because others plan to take advantage of your lacking skills.

This dream is also a symbol of remembrance, grief, or repentance. If you committed any mistakes, it’s time for you to repent and rectify those errors.

You probably made significant progress in your personal life, so this dream is an indication of that too.

34. Dreams about heights and almost falling

Through your dreams of elevators and almost falling, your subconscious mind tells you to be careful about shutting yourself from the world.

Instead of isolating yourself, you must take proper steps to rectify things with frequent communications.

If you hesitate to approach others and assume they feel you’re unworthy of their time, you must address your self-doubt.

You may also feel that your problems are far more important than others’.

35. Dream of heights and water

By dreaming of heights, you find a commonality or a deeper ground to connect with others. But dreaming of heights and water together can indicate a minor problem in your life.

Water represents an authoritative figure in your life and your need for security. A dream where heights and water merge together indicates that you’re detached from others and can’t connect with them anymore.

It may also stand for your manipulative habits. In order to stop this, give other people a chance and rebuild your relationships in a healthy way.

Dreaming of heights and water can also mean new things will happen in your life. You fight with your repressed emotions and you want to escape from psychological bindings from the past.

Spiritual Meaning of dreaming about heights

Spiritually, your dream about heights may imply you’ll achieve great things in life if you pay attention to the spiritual messages and abide by them. Or, that you’re too selfish and might meet your doom. It also asks you to be optimistic about changes.

You can easily understand the spiritual meaning behind dreams about heights if you pay attention to them.

Your inner mind tells you that you’ll soon achieve many new milestones in life. The direct spiritual inference is that you mustn’t settle for anything less.

However, having dreams related to height can also be perceived negatively. Sometimes, they signal that you are being too self-centered and vain.

You must be cautious because this behavior can impact you negatively and cause your downfall.

Possibly, you don’t pay enough attention to the warning signs from your subconscious. The dream says that’s a big mistake. You must respond quickly and sort out your problems.

Many times, dreaming of heights has a spiritual significance to your or someone else’s health.                

Even though fear of heights is ingrained in our DNA, in the spiritual realm, height dreams can signify good things. But alternatively, it can also mean that you’re not ready for changes in your life.

Remember, nobody is always ready to face challenges. But your dream can tell you a lot about how to take control of your life and be more confident.

Questions to ask to interpret heights dreams correctly

If you can’t remember your dream incidents clearly, that’s nothing new… the human brain can’t retain dream memories well.

So, whether you want to interpret yourself or plan to seek a dream interpreter, make sure you remember everything clearly with these questions…

1. How did you feel after having the dream? Excited or anxious?

2. What height did you fall through?

3. Did you fall alone or were others falling too?

4. Did you fly after falling from a height or did you just keep falling?

5. Did you see any loved ones being scared of falling from a great height?

6. Who did you stand with at the top of a tall building or tower?

7. Was the fall associated with thrilling activities like bungee jumping or skywalking?

8. How frequently do you have such dreams?

9. Do you dream of only heights or heights mixed with water, air, or something else?

10. Was any bird carrying you?

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dreaming of heights obviously has a great significance on your personal and work life. Through these dreams, you can figure out how to lead a better and healthier life with your loved ones. 

If your life is chaotic and a lot of negative things are happening to you, your dreams might hold the key to the solution or a reassurance message that you’ll get through the tough times. So, listen properly to beat the hardships.

On the other hand, if your dreams send messages about blessings and fortunes. You must work hard and do your best.