The dream about the iguana serves as a sign from your subconscious mind to suggest that a change is on its way. With this, you must protect yourself, so that you can go through this period of change without any hiccup. 

In the following article, we will discuss the interpretations of various scenarios, but first, let’s see why do they appear –

Dream about Iguana - Various Scenarios & Interesting Meanings
Dream about Iguana – Various Scenarios & Interesting Meanings

Dream about Iguana – Reasons Behind Its Occurrence

Iguana comes up in your dream to signify that you are leaving behind your past that had hurt you. However, following are the symbolic reasons behind seeing this dream –

  • Using Fear to Let Someone Stay Close

It is possible that you have instilled fear in this person’s mind and thus, they have got no other choice but to keep you in their life.

You must understand that any relationship based on fear is an unhealthy one. It is because a day will come when this individual would no longer feel afraid and get rid of you.

  • Ignoring Hidden Emotions

You are not ready to face the emotions that lie hidden inside. Perhaps it is so because all these emotions hurt you a lot.

They might even disclose a reality, which happens to be so harsh that you cannot face up to it. It is also possible that you are not ready to face the same.

  • A Significant Change in Your Living Condition

You might have gotten used to your current living situation, but now it is going through a change. It can come from moving to a new house or a new neighborhood. 

Whatever be the change, one thing is for sure that it has brought forth betterment in your living conditions.

  • Warning Related to Your Enemies

It can appear to give a warning about enemies hatching a plan against you. They might lay down traps for you and await your downfall.

These enemies could be your fake friends, business competitors, or colleagues in the journey of life. You might make these enemies due to your unprecedented success.

  • Increase in Your Income

When you look at it from the perspective of money, it might well be an indication of an increase in your level of income.

Alternatively, you could start enjoying more profits in your business, receive a promotion or get a good commission after selling something significant.

  • Development in the Love Life

It signifies that the relationship with your lover might go through tough times and there is also a possibility of undergoing some rough patches. 

The relationship could be filled with all kinds of negativities like mistrust, unfaithfulness, jealousy, etc.

Spiritual Interpretation of Iguana in a Dream

This perspective states that you are gentle and always stay relaxed. You are someone who would always stand by your friends right to the end.

Also, your highly sensitive nature of personality means that you are quite aware of what is happening in your surroundings.

In addition, a high level of intuition and wisdom allows you to easily judge others’ intentions. Even though you are not the most hard-working individual, others can trust you to get any work done.

Scenarios of Iguana Dream and Their Interpretations

The dream provides vital insights that can help you get a little closer to happiness. So, let us now open up the dream dictionary and talk about various scenarios and their interpretations.

Dream about Seeing an Iguana

The scenario refers to the possible attack you could face from enemies or those who do not like you a lot.

Besides, they are ready to do almost anything to drag you down and take advantage of the situation. 

The dream reflects that you are a responsible individual, who carries out all the duties on time.

Furthermore, making you focus on taking necessary precautions before signing important documents, as you could easily fall into their trap. 

Big Iguana

It warns you of something that is about to come up in your life. The plot tells you to take necessary precautions so that the plot does not turn out to be too uncomfortable.

Alternatively, it also refers to threatening individuals. Hence, you must stay cautious and avoid getting in touch with all these individuals.

Pet Iguana

This sequence denotes that you are inclined to manipulate others, particularly the ones who are close to you. It also states that you always make sure to keep someone by your side. 

Perhaps, you even tend to make an individual feel unpleasant as they depend on your advice. 

Being an Iguana

The plot refers to your strength of character and invincibility. Perhaps you have to face a lot of difficulties in your life, but you are not willing to surrender your dreams. 

It also points toward your fear of losing all your emotions as you are going through tough times.

Dead Iguana

It appears to give you a warning. There is a possibility that you might undergo difficulties for some reason or the other in the future.

This sequence refers to fake friends and individuals from your surroundings, who are looking to play with your trust and emotions.

White Iguana

The scenario refers to you finding a solution to a scenario that seemed quite impossible to solve. You will experience relief from doing the same. 

Alternatively, it also means you will experience monetary benefits or might face some level of financial loss.

Black Iguana

It symbolizes current and potential issues that might be affecting your personal as well as professional lives.

You feel you could find a proper solution for getting rid of them. Even though this plot might seem to be a bit grim, it can be a good sign showing that you will be able to solve your problems.

Green Iguana

When this sequence appears in your subconscious mind, it does not augur well for your future. It is a sign of major trouble and distress. 

Thankfully you would receive help from unexpected sources, while others would turn their backs on you.

Yellow Iguana

This plot points toward problems you have to face in trying to tackle the perceptions that people have of you. There is a chance that people think of you as someone who you are not.

You can see iguana indulging in different kinds of actions in your dreams. All of these carry some hidden meanings for your waking life. The plots and their interpretations are as follows –

Iguana Chasing You

It refers to your open mindset and the inability to defend your point of view. You practice caution while choosing your words.

This plot also means that you are looking forward to adding more excitement to how you lead your life. It points toward aspects like warmth, fertility, and softness.

Playing with an Iguana

This signifies that you would experience successful moments in life. You will taste success across spheres. Hence, your personal and professional lives will be sound.

Eating Iguana

The sequence reflects your intuition and insight. You are developing an intimate connection with someone, but you are afraid to accept this fact.

It also acts as a metaphor for leading a life of ease, comfort, affection, and financial benefits.

Iguana Biting You

It helps to develop a connection between your heart and mind because people are questioning your integrity.

You must embrace your creative side and express them uninhibitedly because the dream scenario signifies a helpless feeling.

Iguana Changing Its Colors

This sequence indicates your need to adapt to some situations or circumstances for making this life much better. It might well indicate a person’s willingness to deceive you. 

It also warns you of possible deceits or betrayals, which you might experience in your lifetime.

Iguana Running Away

The plot means that your relationship will soon find itself in the middle of conflicts. They would arise from disagreements related to money and its expenses.

This sequence tells you to save your relationship if it is making you happy. It asks you to try and resolve the issues regarding the proper use of funds. 

Iguana Shedding Its Skin

This sequence refers to changes and transformations that are about to come up in your life and tells you to prepare yourself for them.

It also indicates allowing the old to make way for new things to enter your life. You could leave your previous job and look for employment somewhere else. 

Killing an Iguana

This plot denotes that there are tough times ahead in your life because your lifestyle has caused a lot of problems. It tells you to find out ways through which you can come out of this mess.

It also predicts that you must prepare yourself to face the results of your actions by making amends.

Iguana in Different Places

Let us discuss these instances in detail and understand the implications of their interpretations for your waking life.

Iguana Inside The House

This dream scenario does not augur well for your family. There is every chance that something wrong will happen soon and their health might deteriorate. Thus, it tells you to take good care of them and get everything back under control. 

Iguana On a Rock

The plot refers to good luck and becoming successful as you will achieve something big and turn things in your favor. Furthermore, providing sufficient time for you to relax, enjoy and rejuvenate for fulfilling bigger goals. 


The dream about the iguana refers to indecision. You do not know how to differentiate between right and wrong. This confusion is due to the various offers that are on the table

It also states that due to your shy and reserved nature, you suffer from a great amount of fear, while you are in a public place.

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