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30 Examples, Interpretations and Ways To Deal With A Dream Of Being Attacked

30 Examples, Interpretations and Ways To Deal With A Dream Of Being Attacked

Updated on Jan 12, 2023 | Published on Jan 12, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dream of Being Attacked - 30 Scenarios and Detailed Interpretations

Dream of being attacked is an anxiety-inducing dream in most scenarios. These dreams lead to people waking up feeling threatened, unsafe or even very simply scared. 

Dream of being attacked is also a common dream. This is because there are multiple reasons and symbolic meanings behind such a dream.

Similarly, a dream of being attacked also has multiple different scenarios that play out in the dream. 

Lastly, the main reason behind dream of being attacked is rooted in your waking life, your fears and vulnerabilities, and your deep-rooted emotions. 

30 Examples, Interpretations and Ways To Deal With A Dream Of Being Attacked
30 Examples, Interpretations and Ways To Deal With A Dream Of Being Attacked

Dream Of Being Attacked – General Interpretation 

Dreams of being attacked symbolize our fears, what makes us feel exposed or vulnerable, what we feel threatened by, and our own subconscious control issues. These dreams also represent how our internal feelings influence our external behavior. 

The dream of being attacked leads to feelings of anxiety and fear. Dreamers may even wake up feeling scared and or unprepared for what they may have to face.

These resulting emotions make these dreams an unpleasant experience. 

However, it is important to note that dreams of being attacked, despite being unpleasant, offer an insightful explanation.

Dreamers may be able to understand certain emotions they feel in their waking life better after these dreams. 

Such dreams are also based on how a person feels before the dreams. We all have certain fears that we are not able to express out loud. Just like that, we may also feel more vulnerable on some days than others. 

Feeling vulnerable, exposed, or even threatened are higher-order emotions that cannot easily be pinpointed or explained.

For example, if we have insecurity about our voice and we have to perform on stage, we may feel extra exposed or vulnerable to criticism. 

These feelings, if not adequately expressed, lead to dreams such as a dream of being attacked. It does not mean we will be attacked, rather they portray how we feel in those real-life situations, through the subconscious medium of dreams. 

Dream of being attacked represents daily actions as well; especially if they have been traumatic.

For example, if you have experienced an attack in recent or earlier times, you may have dreams about it later on as well. 

People who have phobias or irrational fears of certain animals may even have dreams of that animal attacking them, especially if they have been in close contact.

Often, even watching movies about the object of your phobia can lead to such dreams.

Hence, dreams of being attacked symbolize the following. 

1. Symbol of vulnerability 

The dream of being attacked is closely linked to feeling vulnerable in real life. It means that you may feel like you are an easy target for something that could truly hurt you. 

Feeling vulnerable comes in many levels. It is related to our emotions, our physical strength and capability, our performing abilities, our relationships, and sometimes even our thoughts and opinions. 

Our vulnerability is not a sign that we will be attacked or hurt or fail; it is more our fear of these things. It is also indicative of a lack of faith in ourselves at times.

However, these are difficult feelings to convey; hence we express it through our dreams. 

When we have these dreams, it becomes important to understand the reason behind it. Sometimes, we may even be engaging in behaviors that are extremely critical of ourselves. This means that we may even be emotionally attacking ourselves. 

Feeling vulnerable is not necessarily always a bad sign.

Sometimes, these dreams bring to focus how we may be making our own life more difficult by exposing ourselves to too much negativity. This dream could be a sign to be aware of such behaviors. 

2. Symbol of control issues 

Control issues are a vaguely used term to define emotional issues related to feelings of control or lack thereof.

This means that someone with control issues may feel extreme emotions when they are not able to control what happens around them. 

Dreams of being attacked are a sign that you may be feeling at war with yourself or your beliefs.

This is such an internal war, that you cannot predict the outcome. This uncertainty and lack of control may make you feel threatened, leading to such dreams. 

Our internal struggles, our internal wars are often about control more than anything else. When change happens, we try to resist it, even though sometimes we have no choice. This leads to an emotionally difficult time, which we cannot skip. 

If we see dreams of being attacked, it means we are still struggling with accepting our lack of control in these situations.

We may feel like these changes or situations are being forced on us, and we just take it without a fight or retaliation. 

Often, we are even being manipulated by others. For example, if our boss asks us to do something that goes against our better judgments.

Our self-thought may tell us that we should fight, but in reality, we may be manipulated into doing it. 

This however is an uncomfortable situation. Later, it may even feel like we lost our own control over our actions, which is an upsetting realization to deal with. Hence, we may have dreams of being attacked. 

3. Symbol of self defensiveness 

Being defensive or self-defensive is when we think and act in ways to protect something we believe in.

Dreams of being attacked are a sign that we may be engaging in defensive behaviors to protect something that is important to us. 

Often, people react defensively to things that they are not even fully aware of. For example, if someone tells us we are being judgemental, we may immediately react defensively without thinking it through. 

It is possible that the person giving us constructive criticism is correct, but we may currently be too defensive of ourselves to listen.

When we are in this mental state, we may have dreams of being attacked, because someone is attacking our protective bubble. 

Often these dreams are also a good way for us to realize our own problematic behaviors that may need fixing. For example, we may need to take care of our habit of talking negatively about people. 

We may see a dream where someone who speaks very negatively of others is attacking us.

This does not mean that the person may actually attack; instead, it is a sign that we need to take care of our habit before it gets out of control. 

This type of dream is quite common in people who are very critical of themselves.

A dream like this is a sign that such an attitude has become too problematic and must be changed, but the dreamer is still being defensive about it. 

4. Symbol of trauma 

Dream of being attacked is usually common for people who have been attacked in real life. Very simply, if a dog attacked you in a dangerous way, you may be so influenced by the fear of that moment that you see it repeating in your dreams. 

However, this is also a very serious issue for people who have been sexually or physically attacked by someone in the past or more recent times. It is also sometimes known as trauma from that event. 

This means that you may still have to understand and go through the stages of acceptance of what happened to you before you can completely let it go. This does not mean that such an attack will happen again. 

In some cases, even if the person has moved on from the incident, they may occasionally have dreams about being attacked if something has triggered that memory.

For example, watching a movie with a similar instance or hearing someone else’s story of it. 

5. Symbol of threat 

Dreams about being attacked are also sometimes a reflection of the threats we may feel in daily life. This means that there may be some person or idea that you feel scared of, whether or not it makes sense to other people. 

This does not mean that the person may actually attack you; instead, it means that you are afraid of being attacked by them.

It is a threat to you in some way. Often, things that are out of our control or things we don’t fully understand feel threatening to us. 

For example, if we are really scared of a math teacher, it does not mean that the math teacher will physically attack us. This dream merely represents your fear of the teacher or how you feel threatened by their intellect or subject. 

We may even feel threatened by the actual people in our lives that we may have upset.

If there is someone in your life you have recently hurt, or someone that you know has a reason to be angry at you, you may have dreams about them attacking you. 

Dream of Being Attacked – 30 Scenarios and Detailed Interpretations 

The dream of being attacked is associated with various symbolic meanings. The dream interpretation however also depends on the scenario from the dream. Read on to understand further. 

1. Dream of being attacked 

Dreams of being attacked represent an unpleasant situation that you may soon find yourself in. This means that you may either be forced to choose sides or make a decision that you are not fully comfortable with. 

An important piece of interpretation here is that you may be forced into such a situation. For example, if two of your close friends are breaking up and you are dragged in the middle of the situation. 

2. Dream of watching someone being attacked 

Dreams, where you watch someone else being attacked, do not mean they are actually under threat. This dream means that you simply do not interfere in situations that don’t require your presence. 

Often, people get involved in other people’s matters because they either want to fix things or believe that they are required.

However, it is not necessary to do so all the time. This dream means that you have decided to stay on neutral ground. 

Dreams of watching people being attacked also represent your attitude towards responsibility. You may believe that each person should only be responsible for their own self, just like you are responsible for yourself.

If you dream of stopping the attack, it means you are willing to take risks to protect the people you care about.

3. Dream of being physically attacked

Dreams of being physically attacked represent the fear of being exposed. This is particularly true for situations where you have some secrets that you must keep hidden. 

It is also possible that you have been holding on to this secret for so long that you begin to feel scared of it ever coming out, and scared that people will soon force it out of you.

It is a stressful situation to deal with and may feel like you are being attacked from all sides.  

4. Being sexually attacked in a dream meaning

Dreams about being sexually assaulted are not uncommon in women, and they can easily trigger some bad memories, some of which may not even be related to a sexual assault from the past. 

These dreams can especially bother survivors of sexual assault and their close ones.

However, other than that, people who are experiencing feelings of guilt, shame, vulnerability, helplessness, or self-consciousness may even have such dreams. 

It is important to remember that dreaming about an incident does not mean it will happen in reality. However, often dreams are a good way to identify some of the difficult feelings you may be experiencing in new relationships. 

If some person around you makes you feel uncomfortable, and you have a dream of being sexually assaulted by them, that could be a sign from your subconscious about being careful.

Our intuitive senses can often be in the right direction. 

5. Dream of being attacked by an enemy 

Dreams of being attacked by someone we consider to be our enemy means that we may have reasons to worry.

This dream can be best interpreted by your reaction to the attack. If you successfully defend yourself, it means you trust your own capabilities.

However, if you see yourself just getting attacked, this means that there is a bigger threat in the competition.

You may have to be alert because your subconscious is giving you a warning that you may not be as secure as it seems on the surface. 

6. Dream of being attacked by a madman 

Dreams, where you are being attacked by a madman, have an interpretation similar to a previous dream. It means that you may be fooled or cornered into giving up a secret or accepting defeat. 

It is important to note who the madman in the dream is and how he is attacking you. This will help you understand if you are being manipulated by someone in real life.

It will also help you identify the people you trust and people you may not get a good vibe from. 

7. Dream of being attacked by a firearm 

Seeing yourself being attacked by a fireman can actually be a bizarre dream. We are used to thinking of firemen as our protectors; hence being attacked by them may seem scary as well as confusing. 

Such dreams are mainly indicative of a rival who is a threat because of how strong they are. If you know someone who is not your friend or well-wisher and is equipped with the power to hurt you, you may have such dreams. 

Here their main weapon is not really fire or firearm. It means that you are scared they can seriously hurt you through something they know about you.

It could also be something unknown that they have up their sleeve. 

That piece of information, or maybe even actual fire, is scary to you because you don’t know how to fight it. You may be doubting your ability to protect yourself from a rival like this. 

8. Dream of a military attack 

Dreams of a military attack or being at war represent extreme stress. This means that you may be so exhausted living your daily stressful life, that your dreams make you feel like you are at war. 

We often struggle with life issues like rent, health, relationships and so much more. When multiple areas of life simultaneously break down, it has an effect on our mind and body.

We may respond to it by fighting for ourselves and our happiness. 

However, no matter how hard we fight, sometimes it may feel like the attacks keep coming. In the dream world, such a stressful period can be expressed through dreams of being attacked by a military. 

9. Dream of being attacked by a terrorist 

Terror attacks in dreams signify a sudden attack or ambush that ruins all the things we have planned.

For example, if you have been dedicatedly working on a project and it is very important to you, you will likely be very scared of it going to waste. 

Within these fears, one of the biggest fears is something coming along the way that you absolutely cannot control. Terror attacks are one such thing that is completely out of our hands. 

Dreaming of being under a terror attack is common for people who need control and especially require it when they are working on something important in their lives. 

10. Dream of being attacked by a shadow 

Shadows in dreams symbolize our own dark feelings and thoughts. Hence, dreams of being attacked by our shadow or a shadow in general, means you are afraid of your own dark side coming out. 

We all have dreams and desires that we don’t speak about out loud. However, this dream means that our dark parts may be closer to the surface than we believe they are. 

It is also possible that we are being attacked by the mysterious behaviors of other people.

All humans experience emotions like jealousy, anger, envy; however, sometimes these negative emotions can cause harm to others. 

When we are being hurt by the darkness of others, or when we feel that the darkness and negativity within us is brimming closer to our reality, we may have such dreams. 

11. Dream of being attacked by an invisible force 

Just imagining a dream of being attacked is a stressful experience. However, actually dreaming about being attacked, when you cannot even see who is attacking you, can be scary and disorienting. 

The dream symbolism of the invisible force is our own inner conflict. We may have ongoing issues in our life, however, it is easier to blame others for these issues than to look inside our own behaviors and attitudes. 

This dream is a sign that we may be engaging in some behaviors that are causing issues in our life. Some even call this self-destructive behavior.

For example, eating food that we know causes us stomach problems. It is a self-destructive behavior that makes us suffer. 

Dreams of being attacked by an invisible force mean that we may need to pay more attention to our life and how we lead it.

Our subconscious may be trying to warn us through this dream to make some necessary changes in our life.  

12. Dream of being attacked by an intruder 

Dreaming of an intruder, or someone who has broken into your home, office or other property attacking you means that you may be scared of an aspect of your own personality. 

This means that you may have some negative quality or habit, and you are scared it is becoming a problem.

This could potentially happen to people who are either addicted to something or have a habit of lying, etc. 

Dreams Of Being Attacked WIth A Weapon  

Often, our dreams of being attacked include a weapon that is being used to harm us. These various weapons have different interpretations in the dream world. 

13. Dream of being attacked with a knife 

Dreams of being attacked are obviously unpleasant and considered to be a nightmare most often.

However, this is potentially one of the few dreams of being attacked which has a slightly positive interpretation. 

We have all heard of the phrase – stabbed in the back. This means that someone betrayed us and we finally saw their real colors, only after it was too late.

A dream where we are attacked with a knife can be understood as a rude awakening. 

This shows that we may have to go through unpleasant times or hurt to understand the changes we need to make in our life.

It means that we may be realizing our mistakes and while it hurts, we will know what to do in the future to avoid this sharp pain. 

According to some other interpretations, dreams of being attacked or stabbed with a knife also signify a toxic relationship that is doing us more harm than good.

It is on us to identify the good from the bad and make changes in our life accordingly. 

14. Dream of being attacked with scissors 

Dreams, where you see yourself being attacked by someone using a pair of scissors, mean that you may have made someone very angry or upset. Scissors are a household item and are rarely used by serious criminals. 

However, if you have been behaving badly towards others, it is possible that they may get angry enough to retaliate.

This could be a sign for you to pay close attention to your own aggressive behavior. 

15. Dream of being attacked by a sword 

Dreams of being attacked by a sword symbolize the childhood wounds you carry.

This means that you may still feel like you are doing something wrong that you would’ve once been punished for; it is in reality your own critical voice. 

It is possible that people with strict growing up years feel constantly on edge, and even though their ideas seem old fashioned, they believe that they may still be hurt by those ideals of the past. 

16. Dream of being attacked by a tank 

A tank, which is a large vehicular form of ammunition, is used in wars and large forms of attacks. Dreams of being attacked by a tank are thus more absurd than scary. 

They do have a significant meaning, as they represent a distant and cold attack. It is very impersonal and suggests that you may still be carrying the hurt from a distant childhood.

It also shows that though distant, the attack can have a severe impact on your life. 

17. Dream of being attacked by a bullet

Dreams of being attacked by a bullet signify the fear you feel in a relationship. This could be any relationship in your life or even a fear of a stranger who you think has the ability to hurt you. 

It means that you believe this person has power over you, and you may be scared that they may use this power to victimize you. 

Dream of being attacked by an animal 

Dreams of being attacked by animals have varied meanings based on which animal you see in your dream. Following are detailed examples based on the animals in the scenario. 

18. Dream of being attacked by a bear 

Dreams of being attacked by a bear are common, especially if we live in areas with bear sightings or hear news stories about these attacks. 

Such a dream means that you are worried about being able to protect your family from harm.

While it is easy to assume that harm means an external person coming and harming them, there could also be other deeper significance. 

For example, you may be worried about not being able to provide for your family in terms of food and welfare or security. This could lead to dreams where you see yourself being attacked by a bear. 

19. Dream of being attacked by a dog 

Dreams, where you see yourself being attacked by a dog, are puzzling because dogs are known as loyal and loving creatures that do not attack humans for no reason. 

Hence, to see such a dream means that you may actually be involved in a fight or argument with a member of your family. This symbolizes your attitude towards them or a particular situation.

We often fight with the ones we love for either silly or big reasons. One of the biggest reasons for these fights is when these people who are closest to you fail to see your point of view.

This makes you feel compelled to argue or defend yourself. 

Such situations, where you are trying to make your own opinions heard to justify your thoughts, may lead to dreams such as being attacked by a dog. 

20. Dream of being attacked by a cat 

Dreams of cats attacking you mean that someone in your life may not always have your best intentions at heart. Cats in this dream signify feelings of jealousy and envy.

This means that when you are succeeding, someone else in your life is not entirely happy. 

This dream can be a good warning sign to think of who in our life deserves to be in our inner circle.

If someone is jealous of us, it is on us to decide if we trust them with our friendship and secrets. They can easily turn against us as well. 

21. Dream of being attacked by a shark 

Sharks in attack dreams symbolize our emotions and emotional turmoil. Hence, if we dream of a shark attacking us, it means that we may soon be emotionally attacked by someone or something. 

In a simpler way, this indicates that you may either feel hurt, someone may say mean hurtful to you or people may behave in ways that are not considerate of your feelings.

It also could mean a breakup or an emotionally difficult time in your life. 

22. Dream of being attacked by a wolf 

Dreams of being attacked by wolves have diverse interpretations. Some dreams indicate that you may be sabotaged in some career move by a peer or colleague.

Wolves in this scenario represent the competitive nature of your work. 

In some other interpretations, dreams of being attacked by wolves signify emotional viciousness.

This means that instead of being kind, people may try to inflict hurt on you through words and difficult conversations. 

23. Dream of being attacked by a lion 

Dreams of being attacked by lions are not uncommon. They represent the threat you may be feeling in the company of someone a lot more powerful or influential than you.

This shows that in the competition, you feel like you are not the strongest one standing. 

Lions are known as mighty and strong animals. In the jungle, the lion is the animal that will most likely win in a fight.

Hence, if you dream about being attacked by a lion, you should also think about who you find unbeatable among your peers at work or in life. 

24. Dream of being attacked by a tiger

Dreams, where you see yourself being attacked by a tiger, represent the real threats that you are trying to avoid in real life.

Tigers can often sneak up on their prey and fatally attack them. Hence, these are really scary dreams. 

In reality, you may be feeling threatened by someone or something that could potentially cause you serious harm. This means that you may be feeling the urge to protect and defend yourself all the time. 

While it is good to be careful and cautious, this dream could also be a warning sign to be smart and take a look around us.

It could be a sign to try to identify who we think the tiger in our dream actually represents. 

25. Dream of being attacked by a cheetah

Dreams of being attacked by a cheetah represent your dependence on other people to keep you safe.

It shows that you may have an irrational fear that you may be attacked at any time and you won’t know what hit you. 

The reality is not always that scary and this dream could be a way for you to analyze your fears, understand whether they are rational, and believe in yourself that you don’t constantly need support to feel safe or secure. 

26. Dream of being attacked by a bull 

Dreams of being attacked by a bull represent some bad news that you may soon have to hear. 

Some interpretations even suggest that dreaming of a bull attacking you is an indication of having fake friends in your life.

This means that it may be time for you to pay more attention to people who may seem harmless in your life but in reality, are not. 

27. Dream of being attacked by bees 

Dreams of being attacked by bees signify the bad intentions of the people in your life.

It can be taken as a warning sign to be aware of the intentions of the people we surround ourselves with; it is possible they could be plotting against us in reality. 

28. Dream of being attacked by a butterfly 

A butterfly might seem harmless in most situations, however, it is possible to dream of being attacked by butterflies. 

Dreams of butterflies represent change or transformation generally. Dreams of a butterfly attacking you thus imply that you simply cannot resist change anymore, it is time to let it in.

No matter how much you may try to fight it, change is going to become part of your life. 

29. Dream of being attacked by a crow 

Dreams of being attacked by a crow signify some financial losses you may incur. This means that you may either make bad investments or go through a financially difficult time period.

It is a good sign to be careful of your monetary decisions in the near future. 

30. Dream of being attacked by an eagle 

Dreams where you see yourself being attacked by an eagle reflect your own emotional suffering.

It means that someone could be taking advantage of the affection you have for them and it is not coming back to hurt you. 

Dreams of being attacked by an eagle could even indicate a challenge you face by others; they could be trying to distract you from your goals, but you must keep your focus on yourself and away from your competitors.  

Biblical Meaning Of Being Attacked In A Dream 

Biblically, dreams of being attacked signify the threats we feel in our life, our need to protect ourselves from external hurt, and the hurt we may have experienced in the past affecting us in our present. 

Biblically, dreams of being attacked are considered common as well, since humans live in such strong numbers and groups.

There is bound to be conflict among people, leading to negative consequences such as hurting or attacking others. 

When we have a dream of being attacked, it is possible that we are merely remembering such an incident that did happen to us. We can only move on from such events when we can begin to think of them calmly, 

Dreams of being attacked also remind us of our need to protect ourselves from the threat and harm of others.

This means that people may always have either good or bad intentions, we must always be prepared to defend ourselves, 

These dreams also indicate that we may still be carrying around hurt from the past. This may make us defensive in situations where we don’t even need to be.

This dream is a sign to think more calmly before immediately reacting in defense. 

Having more control over your emotions, having faith, and following the right path will ensure that you always find a way out of attacks and out of harm’s way. 

How To Deal With Dreams Of Being Attacked 

As you may have seen so far, dreams of being attacked lead to various emotions.

One of the primary emotions is fear, however, there are also other emotions like anger, past issues, protection, threats, and lack of control-related stress. 

These negative emotions can even affect the rest of the day after waking up. Hence, the following are some ways you can deal with dreams of being attacked. 

  • Tell yourself that dreams and reality are two different things 
  • Remind yourself that a memory of an attack does not mean you will be attacked again 
  • Tell yourself that you are stronger today than before 
  • Remind yourself that competitions are a part of life, and you are capable of fighting 
  • Understand that you are capable of handling threats of others 
  • Tell yourself that it is okay if some things are out of your control
  • Give yourself a chance to understand what hurt you in the past
  • Give yourself a chance to understand what can still hurt you in the present
  • Make a list of things you feel powerless against, and try to make a plan B 


Dreams of being attacked signify our fears, the threats we face, the rivals we are scared of, and the memories of some traumatic events from our past. 

Dreams of being attacked are thus negative dreams, but they can also be a good way to introspect about what affects our sense of peace and security!