If you dream about miscarriage, even if you’re not pregnant it can be nerve-racking and emotionally overwhelming. This type of dream is usually fearful, traumatic, unsettling, and disturbing as well.

It is important to note that such dreams are symbolic and just denotes some hidden fears and anxieties of your waking life. You are probably upset about some life change and it’s showing up in the subconscious mind.

Read on to know more about such intense dreams that take you on an emotional rollercoaster for days, weeks, or even months.

24 Dreams About Miscarriage – The Complete Guide with Illustrations
24 Dreams About Miscarriage – The Complete Guide with Illustrations

Dream about miscarriage – General symbolic meaning

When you dream about miscarriage, it symbolizes wild emotions, failure, and loss of something significant in your real experiences. It denotes anxiety, nervousness, shock, setback, and crisis.

When you dream about losing a baby or an unborn fetus, it represents a severe loss beyond recovery. It carries a gamut of negative emotional responses such as disappointment, resentment, anger, fear, and worries. A miscarriage in dreams also means failed relationships, setbacks in career, failure in job, poor personal growth, and loss of opportunity.

Dreams about miscarriage is a common dream theme for women of child-bearing age. In most circumstances, these dreams denote intense emotions. It signifies some challenging life events that you are unable to deal with. Often, these dreams symbolize loss of something or even death of some loved ones in real life. It represents roadblocks that induces uncertainty and insecurity.

As it is a fear inducing dream, it is essential to note that dreaming of a miscarriage is not related to the fact that you might also suffer from one in your waking life; rather it is a symbolic representation of the issues you are facing here and now.

Symbolically, dreams about miscarriage mean that your plans are not moving smoothly, there are hindrances that is blocking its progress. The loss of a baby in dream symbolizes failure in successful endeavors.

1. The fall of a mission

A miscarriage in dreams represents a situation in your waking life that led to abort your goals. You are unable to accomplish your goals due to obstacles and hindrances. It can be due to personal deficiencies such as lack of passion or hard work or it is due to some issue that has never fallen in line.

The dream symbolizes delay, failure, setback, and defeats. Your mission has fallen to a point from where comeback seems to be a farfetched affair.

2. Symbol of breakdown and collapse

Dreams about miscarriage symbolizes collapse of a system. As in real miscarriage, the pregnant body of a female breaks down and shuts a process of nurturance; in dreams this symbol represents disintegration of a process or an endeavor that you have been doing. 

Your waking life may be under threat and breakdown; the real life pressures led to failure of your goals. Examples can be breakdown of a relationship (breakup), loss of a job due to issues with the boss etc. Looking into the current life events is crucial for dream interpretation and to find answers to the dream theme.

3. Life errors or mistakes

Whenever a real life miscarriage occurs, it represents that something is not working in the right way. There is some malfunction in the body that led to the death of the fetus. Likewise, in dreams, having a miscarriage denotes some mistakes that you are doing in your waking life that may result in failure or loss of a life goal.

The errors can be your inadequacy, lack of self-confidence, poor effort and inadequate commitment etc. you are trying to create something with many loose ends and as such you are experiencing a failure.

4. Emotional highs

A miscarriage denotes a severe emotional upsurge in waking life. You may have to prepare yourself for some unforeseen circumstances that can bring a lot of negative emotions on the surface. It seems to be a catastrophe that is hard to bear.

5. Interruption or a mid-way trouble

Symbolically, when you see a dream of miscarrying a baby, it denotes you are having a mid-way trouble and thereby cannot realize your goal. In real life situation, miscarriage denotes troubles that are interrupting the progress of your efforts till the end of a goal. There is something in your waking life that is posing a threat and prevents you from going further.

6. Misfortune or bad luck

A miscarriage symbolizes a misfortune beyond recovery. It is extremely painful and emotionally draining that no parent wishes to experience in real life. In dreams, miscarriage represent waking life issues that can cause bad luck. The multiple problems are like obstacles that are holding you back to move ahead in life.

7. Worries for the unborn baby

If you are pregnant and dream about miscarriage, it means you are worried about the well-being of the child. These apprehensions are instinctual and natural. It is an intentional fear that has nothing to do with the experience of a real miscarriage.

But, if you are one who have experienced a miscarriage before, you might have fears of losing the baby again. The constant worries can get reflected in your subconscious mind. If this goes on for a long time, seek professional advice to address your fears and insecurities and feel better.

8. A failed plan

Dreams about miscarriage can mean a failed plan that you have formulated in your waking life. This dream symbolizes your failure and inability to make things happen in the long run. Your plan didn’t go well and you are feeling dejected and disappointed.

9. A major life change or transition

A miscarriage in dreams suggests a major life change for something good or bad. The dream reminds you to look for changes coming your way and to accept it as it is.

The miscarriage symbolizes a transition that may cause immense emotional suffering and pain that you need to accept and embrace for fulfilled living.

Dreaming of having a miscarriage (24 types and illustrations)

Dream experts believe that you can still get a miscarriage dream even if you are not pregnant in real life. There is no doubt that you wake up startled and fearful of what you just saw. Isn’t it so? It signifies a great loss or failure of a project that you have been working on. In this section, we are going to discuss some common dreams about miscarriage and their symbolic meaning in real life situations.

1. Dream about having a miscarriage but not pregnant

When you dream about having an abortion or miscarriage, but you’re not pregnant, it represents some troublesome issues of your waking life that you wish to end. Lauri Loewenberg, an expert dream analyst noted that such weird dreams represent fear of experiencing something that you do not wish to realize in reality. 

A nightmare of this type represents your innate desire to put an end on something that appears threatening and worrisome. This dream brings an emotional ride that is upsetting and unsettling. In certain cases, for a non-pregnant woman, dreams about miscarriage also means getting rid of life troubles. You have successfully resolved the issue that is bothering you for some time now.

2. Dreaming about someone else having a miscarriage

If you see someone else’s miscarriage, it means impending troubles coming to someone else in your close community. Your near and dear ones may face some problematic situation in real life.

Since, you have fears associated with it and you are concerned about their well-being, you may see such weird dreams. Sometimes, this dream is a bad sign indicating failure to accomplish tasks successfully. It signifies blocked opportunities for your self-growth. You are not getting what you have wished for.

3. Dreams about having a miscarriage while pregnant

Being pregnant can bring a wave of emotions that is hard to deal with. It triggers anxiety and worry like never before. More so, if you dream about a miscarriage, when your baby is onboard and is soon arriving. This dream imagery is quite disturbing. Due to several hormonal changes in the body, pregnant women suffer from anxiety about her unborn child. 

These fears get manifested in the subconscious mind. The uncertainty of future happenings causes the worry and the woman fears losing the child in dreams. This fear can aggravate if the woman had past history of miscarriage and abortion.

4. Dream of miscarriage and blood

To see a miscarriage with lot of blood in the scene is actually very unsettling and traumatic. It is a scene that evokes fear, worry, and extreme anxiety. If you are pregnant and dreaming of blood, it means fear of whether the pregnancy can move towards a full term completion. 

Even this can cause strain in waking life, as you will be unable to focus on anything positive in life. In this, dreams of blood symbolizes a negative sign of fear and depression. This dream symbolism hints towards loss of something in waking life. 

Your personal energy and ability to achieve things are fast depleting. The mental resources are perishing in sadness and worries. This dream also denotes real life troubles that are emotionally overwhelming and stressful.

5. Dream about miscarriage in a car

When you are dreaming of miscarriage in a car, it means your desire to move forward in waking life despite obstacles. Maybe, you are feeling helpless and hopeless that nothing is falling in place and your worth trying is all going in vain. The moving car denotes the flow of life, a journey that you need to take in order to be successful. 

A miscarriage in a car denotes an interruption or breakdown in the progress of the goal. It also reminds you to alter your old habits and patterns of thinking. You should try out new ways of dealing with things. The approach to achieve goals needs to be altered and changed.

6. Dream about miscarriage in your house

A miscarriage in your home denotes troubles in family life. It implies you are not comfortable with the current state of things going on in the house. The emotional air inside the house seems to be on a high end. Relationships are falling apart and not finely tuned. 

Symbolically, miscarriage denotes collapse of a system. Thus, in waking life this dream reveals the fall of a family system and breaking of family ties and bonds.

7. Dream about miscarriage on the street

When you dream about miscarriage on the streets, you may feel devastated. It may leave you down for the rest of the day or even for days. A Street denotes a never ending unknown journey; thus symbolizing uncertainty about future happenings.

A dream symbol of this type denotes your fear of the unknown. You may have some hidden worry related to the future of the project. The fear of failure in future is haunting you at the present moment. 

It may also represent your innate insecurity of being judged, criticized, or evaluated by family members or colleagues. You are worried that in no time, you may become a center of attention and a mere scapegoat in the hands of others.

8. Dream of having several miscarriages

If you dream of several miscarriages or repeated abortions, it represents multiple failures in your waking life. You must have suffered several setbacks and disappointments in your career, relationship, or family life and all are getting manifested in dreams. 

Your inability to succeed leads to such heart-breaking dreams. It indicates your lack of self-confidence and broken self-esteem as well. Seeing multiple miscarriages also indicates loss of faith on hard work and effort that you are putting in. You have started thinking negatively and the hidden fears are getting manifested in dreams.

9. Dreams about miscarriage (For men)

If a man dreams about miscarriage, it carries a negative meaning. It represents worries and concern that needs to be looked at deeply. This dream symbolizes obstacles and indicates that things won’t go according to a fixed plan. You may suffer a loss or unexpected setback in your career or relationship. 

Failure may come to you in its worst form and you may not find it easy to accept. The dream could be a warning sign to revisit your goals and its progression closely. You should attend to the minute details of whatever you are working on and save it from further collapse.

10. Dream about miscarriage in a hospital

When you dream about miscarriage in the hospital, it indicates loss of your physical well-being as at stake. The dream reminds you to take good care of yourself. You need to stop stressing over things that are not going smooth. 

This dream occurs because you are mentally taxed and overburdened with problems. It represents your failure to cope with waking life issues. In this dream, miscarriage denotes failure to take care of your physical and mental well-being and thus it’s shutting down slowly. The dream symbol tells you to slow down and take things easily; never rush with anything at the cost of your physical and mental health.

11. Dreams about miscarriage and nobody is there to help

If you dream about a miscarriage where nobody comes for help or rescue, then this dream symbolizes seclusion, loneliness, or solitude in waking life. The dream tells you that you are to walk in your life’s path alone, without expecting help from others.

You do not have anyone to lend their support and helping hand. On a flip side, this dream represents the fear of being cheated or betrayed in real life by your near and dear ones. The dream theme also suggests manipulation, lack of care and support by others in your waking life.

12. Dreams about having a painless miscarriage

If you ever dream of having a painless miscarriage, it means that you will have romantic problems and relationship issues coming your way. Maybe, you and your partner are at crossroads and disagreements are prominent in the relationship. 

It is breaking down slowly. A painless miscarriage symbolizes hidden problems in a relationship that is making a slow and nasty appearance in your life. It can make you feel emotionally drained and overwhelmed.

13. Dreams about sister having a miscarriage

When you are dreaming that your sister had a pregnancy miscarriage, it may denote your concern for her health and well-being in waking life. You are worried about her and her unborn baby’s health and this fear is getting relayed in the subconscious mind. 

This dream represents major life changes as well. It denotes your reckless and easy going attitude to put your health at risk.

14. Dreams of a violent miscarriage with pain

This dream symbolizes worries and stress of waking life. If you see yourself been beaten, tortured, forced, or murdered leading to a miscarriage, it simply means fear and anxiety related to the failure of an idea or project that you are working on in your life. 

The violence represents your real life threats that are stopping you from realizing your aims. An area of your life is not moving smoothly as expected. You are in an emotional rollercoaster ride signifying stress and violence. The real life events are getting painful day by day to handle.

15. Dreams of emotional pain during a miscarriage

After a traumatic event, if you see yourself crying a lot or lamenting the loss, it could imply anxiety, fear, and worries related to some failed project of your waking life. The dream represents flashbacks of the past hurts that have left deep scars in you. 

You are unable to cope with it, as you may feel extremely down and broken, beyond healing. This dream symbolizes your inability to prepare yourself for the upcoming hardships in life. It reminds you to have faith in yourself and gain inner strength and never give up on suffering and mental agonies.

16. Dream of your spouse’s miscarriage

If you are a man and dream about a pregnancy dream where your wife has suffered a miscarriage then it simply means you are worried about the changes that’s going to come in your life with the arrival of a baby. It’s a warning about their health status that you need to pay attention to. 

Moreover, this dream denotes your concern for your wife’s and unborn baby’s health. In another way, this dream theme suggests a great loss in business, or loss of job, failure in relationship etc. in waking life. It’s just the fear of failure and fear of losing that’s showing up in the subconscious mind.

17.  Dreams of having a baby after a miscarriage

When you dream of having a baby after a miscarriage, it means your repressed wishes of having a baby. You are lamenting your deep loss and long to get pregnant again. This dream symbolizes sadness and setback for not being able to get what you had wished for. 

Your subconscious mind is trying to tell you to heal from within and let go of past hurts. Seeing a baby again means to focus on new beginnings. You are reminded to be positive and things afresh. This dream symbolizes a lot of emotional work on your part.

18. Dream of miscarriage before it happens

A miscarriage in a dream is a wake-up call for you to resolve the ongoing troubles of your waking life. This dream symbolizes fear and worry of the unknown. You are uncertain of what is going to come in your life next. The unsettled mindset tuned with emotional highs can bring such night fantasies quite often.

19. Dream of an early miscarriage

A dream of an early miscarriage can be like seeing the death of the fetus in the first trimester. The dream symbolizes breakdown of your goals, or fresh ideas that you might have formulated in your life.

If you had a real miscarriage in your waking life, this dream represents hidden worries and fears. An early miscarriage also symbolizes lack of initiative and breakdown of a plan in its beginning stage.

20. Dream of miscarriage with twins

When you dream about abortion of twins in dreams, it means two conflicting situations in life are moving towards a proper conclusion. It means you are getting rid of unnecessary worries in waking life. This dream symbolism holds a good sign of renewal, growth, and prosperity. The twins represent an unbearable burden form which you would be saved in coming days.

21. Dream of a stillbirth

A still birth is a sign of extreme sadness, mourning, and mental agony. It is hard to live with this dreadful feeling in your waking hours. When you dream of a stillbirth, it means collapse or sudden breakdown of a project that you were working on. 

You might feel helpless and hopeless to a point of no return. This dream represents a bad omen because of negative emotions and a broken mindset from which healing and comeback seem to be impossible.

22. Dream about mother having a miscarriage

When you dream about your mother’s miscarriage, it is a bad sign. This dream represents her ill health, physical problems in waking life. Maybe, her health is not in a desired condition and as such you are having uncanny feelings about her well-being.

In certain cases, this dream symbolizes conflict with a dominant female figure leading to breakdown of the relationship. The mother usually represents an authority figure who poses threat to your mental well-being.

23. Dream of having a nightmare about miscarriage

This dream symbolizes extreme fear and you may wake up scared and worried. The symbolic meaning of such dreams means that you are going to face extreme troubles in your waking life. You will be overburdened with negative thoughts and feelings and thus it’s playing in the subconscious mind. 

These weird and scary nightmares are common during early pregnancy and giving birth to a baby. Dreaming about pregnancy and losing the baby also means a situation where your creative process has undergone massive changes and has failed for no fault of yours.

24. Seeing miscarriage of justice in a dream

When you see such a weird dream, it means that you have ignored a problem in waking life and as such, it is not going well now; rather has become quite worse now. If you dream of something that you have not done, it means you will fall prey to blame and misjudgment. People may judge you for wrong reasons and you can turn out to be a scapegoat unjustly.

Biblical meaning of dreams about miscarriage

In the Bible, dreams about miscarriage symbolize in-depth grief and tragedy. You are burdened with negativity and your heart sank in despair and confusion. 

Dream of miscarriage holds a negative meaning in the Bible. It signifies hell lot of real life troubles, one after the other and escape may seem impossible. It also tells you to have faith in the Sovereign Lord who will wipe away your tears and heal you from within.

The Bible says that a baby represents a gift from the Lord. Seeing the baby dead in dreams means failure to keep intact what God has given you. You have lost something very important that cannot be recovered again; but faith and trust can move mountains and you can sail through adversities.

The Bible also reminds you that suffering, sadness, and grief are part of your existence. It makes you a human. Any loss in waking life can bring intense emotions but it is up to you to handle it correctly with gratitude and kindness. The dream symbolizes your patience and perseverance to accept the wildest sorrows of life. It questions your faith upon the Lord. 

You are to trust the Almighty for what he has decided for you. Miscarriages that are meant to happen; no matter for whatsoever reasons are predestined and the mother cannot do much to avoid it. Thus, the dreams are symbolic of some troubles that are unavoidable and are meant to happen, beyond your wish and control.

Spiritual meaning of dreams about miscarriage

Spiritually, miscarriage refers to losing a live soul through spontaneous abortion. It means you gave up something without knowing how and why it happened. It symbolizes deep sorrow, shock, grief, and a silence that is hard to reconcile.

Spiritually, when you suffer a pregnancy loss, it symbolizes a taboo that is harsh and hard to accept. In your waking life, miscarriage represents setbacks where things do not go according to a definite plan. You are confused about your next step and ride on a journey of intense emotions and trauma. In such a situation, the dreams about miscarriage tells you to accept the grief, vent it out through crying and outbursts and heal from within.

The pain need not be kept with you rather should come to the surface through a process of cathartic healing. Spiritualists believe that dreams are a getaway to the unconscious realm. The repressed conflicts of your unconscious mind get relayed in dreams. You should stop blaming yourself and develop more self-compassion to come out of intense grief.

The power to change and transform lies in you. It is you who can create a life out of nothing. It’s truly amazing that these weird dreams give you an opportunity to let go of past hurts and pains. You are better prepared to accept what happened and move ahead in life.

Instead of lamenting over a loss that was beyond control, it’s time to start things afresh. You should have trust and faith in your abilities and embark on a journey of spiritual growth and evolution.

What to ask yourself when you dream about miscarriage?

Dreams about miscarriage, whether it’s your own or somebody else’s represent your conscious understanding of something that is not moving according to the plan. It suggests delay or failure in plans. It also means that there is something wrong with the pregnancy. 

The dream suggests loss of a project or work that you were creating and the associated negative emotions attached with it. You may feel that nothing more is left for you. However, whatever it is, the dream interpretation of such fantasies depend upon the context of the dream and the emotions that you may feel after waking up.

You can ask yourself some questions to delve deeper into the agonies you were suffering right at this moment.

  • How often do you see that you suffered a miscarriage?
  • Was the miscarriage spontaneous or deliberate?
  • Can you connect your waking life project with the dream theme?
  • Was it scary and left you confused?
  • What was the miscarriage felt like? Was it painful or painless?
  • Are you too anxious or grief-stricken in your daily life?
  • Do you think that this miscarriage dream is a warning sign for something you have not realized?
  • Are you pregnant right now? Were you worried about your baby’s health?
  • Can you comprehend the dream meaning with your real life issues?

The video link shared below gives you an idea of what dreams about miscarriages really mean in your waking life.

Wrap Up

The lessons learnt from a miscarriage dream is worth remembering forever. These emotionally intense dreams are unpleasant nocturnal fantasies that sign towards a turmoil and unrest in the subconscious mind.

It denotes a deep personal failure that may go beyond recovery. Your feeling of grief, uneasiness, and solitude may leave you in a horrific state of mind that is hard to deal with. 

The best way to deal with such nightmares is to resolve real-life conflicts and leave the rest on time to decide its next course of action. You are to stay positive and remain open to embarking on new beginnings in life.

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