If you’re afraid of water or can’t swim, dreams about drowning may appear. However, they usually appear when you feel powerless in your waking life. They also warn you about upcoming challenges.

So, let’s know what your dreams mean!

Various Types of Dreams about Drowning & its Meanings
Various Types of Dreams about Drowning & its Meanings

Is Getting a Drowning Dream Good or Bad?

Dreaming about drowning may highlight your feelings of being hopeless, helpless, and overwhelmed. It implies many more such complex emotions, so let’s find them all here.

Overwhelmed feelings

The message of this dream is to take some time to relax and deal with one thing at a time.

Losing control

Sometimes, these dreams appear when life happens and people feel like they are losing control over their life and everything related.


It denote that no matter how hard you try to swim and come to the surface of the water, you still drown due to situations that are not under your control.

A warning to prepare

The dream signifies things will change at a fast rate in your waking life. If you are not prepared for the change, you’ll surely drown in due to the pressure.

Struggles to survive

If you were struggling to survive while drowning, you feel the same emotions and hardship in real life but due to different complications.

Spiritual Meaning of Drowning

The spiritual meaning of drowning represents death, helplessness, and overflow of emotions. If these areas of your life are affected, there’s no way you can achieve peace and spirituality in your waking life.

It warns that things are not going as planned. So, you need to take time out for yourself and meditate.

Various Dreams of Drowning & Their Meanings

In your drowning dreams, you may see a certain person drowning, someone else drowning them forcefully, someone getting drowned and dying, while some surviving. So, let’s see what they each mean.

Dream of Yourself drowning

It suggests you’re struggling with negative and draining emotions related to intense sadness, depression, and other related feelings. You feel like you are responsible for your own misery. 

Someone drowning but can’t help them

It means you are trying to control something you have zero control over.

Dream about Loved ones drowning 

It represents your fear of losing them due to health, financial, or mental issues in your waking life. Your subconscious mind reflects your concerns.

Your own child drowning

It signifies you’re overly cautious for your kids’ safety as a parent, especially if your child is engaged in water sports or similar activities. 

Dreaming of Baby drowning

The dream represents new beginnings, new ideas, new projects you are working on, a new life you are trying to create, or a new relationship is in danger.

Or, you may also lose your innocence along the way.

You drowning someone

It symbolizes your wish to repress your deeply involved emotions about someone or something. Thinking about them or being in contact with them is causing you pain. So, you want to avoid them.

Someone trying to drown you  

This dream means that some people (like your co-workers, your partner’s ex, jealous relatives, or neighbors) want to harm you and put you down. Pay attention to their actions to avoid any harm.

Drowning your ex-partner

This dream suggests you have finally allowed yourself to break free from your ex and move on with your life. But, if you’re trying to hurt them in real life, it’s a form of “wish fulfillment”.

A drowned person in dream

It warns you and your close ones to be safe and secure as something bad will happen to you and your loved ones like an accident or loss of loved ones due to accident or theft.

Drowned bodies in rivers

The hidden meaning of the dream predicts bad things on their way like difficulties, struggles, sadness, or loss of wealth in waking life.

Losing someone in a drowning accident 

It represents your concern for them and the chances of actually losing them in waking life. This also predicts monetary loss.

Yourself dying due to drowning

The dream means you’ll fail in your journey to accomplish your goals and aspirations. Motivate yourself to deal with the obstacles you face. 

Other Common Drowning Themes

There are many other drowning dreams based on what medium you drowned in, what was the reason, whether you were doing something and so on. So, let’s find them all here.

Animal drowning 

Sometimes, the dream may not show a human being drowning. Even an animal drowning has many significance like these…

  • Cat drowning: It is the symbol of your independent nature, feminine side, and creative energy that doesn’t want to get restricted or lose its existence. 
  • Dog drowning: It means you are having trouble with your friendship in waking life. You must already be aware of the situation. If not, check on your close friends and make sure everything is alright.
  • Horse drowning: It suggests you are having problems in living life to its fullest. Your excitement and happiness levels are going down. Possibly, you are experiencing the absence of sex drive or feeling trapped in a situation or a relationship.

Drowning in Various Medium

Notice what you drowned in the dream. So, if it was…

  • In the ocean: It means you have no one to seek support in your waking life. There was a person who was always there for you but you lost them. Their absence has made it hard for you to be stable.
  • In the river: You have difficulty coping with responsibilities. No matter how hard you try to deal with them, you feel helpless. 
  • In waves: This means there are problems and issues in your life which you can’t deal with. You feel overpowered by your worries. If you’re thrown on the rocks, people are hurting you in real life. 
  • In a pool: This means there is an ongoing issue in your life and you need to take the responsibility to change it. You can’t depend upon others for support. 
  • In a bathtub: It means you should work towards cleansing your mind and soul.
  • In mud: It implies the wrongdoings you commit in reality which are against your morals. Your inner self can’t accept that you can commit such a thing and tries to change your mind through this dream. 

Drowning during Various Activity and Reasons

Notice if the reason of the person drowned in your dreams as that shows many important facts about your life. So, if you dreamed of…

  • Drowning yourself while swimming: You are afraid of water and can’t swim. Otherwise, it says you are taking too many responsibilities which might harm your well-being and motivation.
  • Drowning while surfing: It represents your wish to compete with others even if it is dangerous for you and gain better materialistic wealth, social status, and position. But you lack the skills for it which makes the entire process extremely exhausting and depressing to you.
  • Getting drowned from tsunami: It means the trapped emotions are seeking a way out of your system. 
  • Getting drowned in a flood: It means your emotions are getting out of control and drowning you in the process.
  • Drowning due to misjudging of depth: It means the people, place, or situation you consider harmless are not so safe. Be extra cautious for a few days as any danger may ambush you. 

Being on what vehicle while drowning

If any mode of transportation was also used in this dream, that shares more about your life situations. For example, while drowning if you were…

  • In a boat: This means you are struggling to avoid stepping out of your comfort zone. It’s time to explore and do something amazing and adventurous.
  • In a car: It suggests your life is not going the way you planned it. The failed plans and unsuccessful attempts are extremely upsetting and affect your peace of mind. To save yourself from future complications, reflect on your plans and goals.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Remember, drowning dreams are often warnings. So, prepare yourself for the worst. However, if it shares awareness of your emotional behavior, make sure you work on it. Don’t ignore the message and you’ll protect yourself from the worst!

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