A dream about playing tennis implies a dilemma and going to and fro about a matter. It is also associated with a desire to get out of your comfort zone and communicate with others on a deeper level. 

What Does It Mean To Dream About Playing Tennis?

Generally, the act of playing tennis in a dream is translated as a dilemma about a particular matter in your waking world.

Having said that, you need to analyze your dream further before coming to a conclusion as the meaning of you playing and seeing someone else doing the same is quite different. 

Sometimes, the scenario may mean you are being too hard on yourself.

If the score was more or less the same, the dream says you are giving as much as you are receiving when it comes to your real-life relationships

In other instances, playing tennis may symbolize difficulty in communicating your feelings and emotions. 

Dream about Playing Tennis – Various Scenarios and Their Meanings

If you want to dig deeper into your dream of playing tennis you can check out the following scenarios. 

Dreaming of playing tennis

Playing tennis can be interpreted as getting into a negotiation with another person/ party.

The dream is also likely to show up in your sleep if you are in a dilemma about a matter. You are going to and fro considering the issue and are unable to come to a decision.

Playing tennis with someone

Someone will step forward to help you get out of a complicated situation if you dream of playing tennis with another person.

Playing tennis with your partner

It means either of you lacks the commitment to the relationship

If you are keen to make the relationship work, it’s high you talk about it and come to a resolution. Else, time will gradually pull you apart from each other.

Playing tennis alone

Despite being a two-player game, playing tennis with yourself in a dream is a good sign implying you are much loved and supported by those around you. 

Playing tennis and winning

Winning a tennis match in a dream symbolizes happiness and wish-fulfillment. 

Playing tennis and losing the match to someone

According to the dream, you are likely to surrender to a problem or give in to an idea you believe is wrong.

Alternatively, it may be trying to let you know that you are a tad below your competitors and so, you would need to work smarter and fight harder to achieve your goals. 

Getting exhausted while playing tennis

It’s time you take a break because you have literally burned your soul out in the process. Even if you carry on further, you wouldn’t be able to achieve success as you have worn yourself out. 

Playing tennis aggressively

Playing tennis aggressively shows you are struggling to work with someone else. Could be that someone is testing your patience at your workplace!

On the other hand, if the match went well, and both sides fared equally well, then the dream indicates harmony with colleagues.

A married woman dreaming of playing tennis by herself

For a married woman, a dream scenario of playing tennis by herself is a reflection of a happy and fulfilling family life

A man dreaming of playing tennis by himself

For a man, playing tennis by himself signifies an increase in his expenses. 

A single man playing tennis

For a single man, playing tennis underlines his flirtatious nature which will ultimately hurt not just his reputation but also those of others who hang out with him. 

A married person playing tennis

If a married person sees himself or herself playing tennis, it is an ill omen. 

Likely, a third-party situation will happen and another man or a woman may come in between the dreamer and his or her partner.

In some worse cases, the dream could be trying to draw the dreamer’s attention to his or her partner’s flirtatious behavior. 

An elderly person dreaming of playing tennis

If an elderly person dreams of playing tennis, the scenario foretells a change of environment, most probably a residential area, and spending the remainder of his or her days among loved ones. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Playing Tennis In Dreams

Playing tennis represents an awakening of your spirituality and pursuit of success, love, peace, and spiritual enlightenment. 

Also, the dream may denote a lack of emotional fulfillment in your waking life. 

Wrapping Up

A dream about playing tennis can mean a plethora of things, as you have read above. That’s because each of us and our life experiences is unique. 

Take hints from the meanings of the scenarios listed above and figure out which aspects of your life fits best into the picture. As we always say, you are the best interpreter of your dreams because you know your life, experiences, and your emotions the best. 

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