Chances are, you are here because you had a dream about porridge recently or sometime in the past and are curious to know its deal. 

Well, this dream is associated with human relationships, success, prosperity, and abundance. Negatively, the dream points to gossip, trouble, and illnesses. 

What Does A Dream About Porridge Signify?

Generally, a dream about porridge stands for warmth, abundance, success, prosperity, and longevity. 

Sometimes, porridge can have a similar meaning as oatmeal i.e., the need to stay grounded. 

Porridge is also closely linked with human relationships. You could be trying to improve your relationship with your friends, family, or acquaintances. 

On the contrary, someone could be trying to deceive you by pretending to be close to you.

It all comes down to the situation you are going through and the exact scenario that appears in your dream. 

In some cases, porridge can also symbolize leaving something or someone behind for a new beginning. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Porridge Dreams

On a spiritual level, it symbolizes illnesses. Though it won’t be anything serious, the higher self advises you to take proper care of yourself. 

This arises from the fact that porridge is something doctors often recommend for sick people as it contains essential nutrients and is easy to digest.

Top Scenarios & Porridge Dream Meanings

In the following sections, we have covered several activities associated with porridge from cooking to throwing it away. 

A dream of cooking porridge

Cooking porridge represents problems and quarrels, especially on the domestic front. However, it can be a sign of a happy and harmonious family life. 

From another point of view, it shows you are trying to improve your relationship with someone. 

To dream about getting the porridge burnt

It is a harbinger of misfortune befalling a close one and his or her family as well. 

Cooking porridge for a child

The dream suggests your child or someone else’s child, who is close to you will soon fall ill. 

Eating porridge

If you dream of the above, either your loved ones will surprise you with a gift, or one of your wishes will come true. 

Serving porridge

If you are working hard to accomplish something in your waking life, your dream encourages you to keep going and not give up. 

Depending on your reality, this can also mean you are pretending to be someone you are not for personal gains. 

Also, it can hint at a mysterious person in your environment. 

Feeding porridge to your baby

It shows your close ones will assist you and stay by your side during your difficult times. 

Drinking porridge

Chances are, you are trying to break yourself free from societal norms. 

Eating milk porridge

It shows you have worn yourself out and would like to delegate some of your tasks to a trusted person. 

Eating pea porridge

Likely, your relatives will come to you bearing some news. 

Various Types/Flavors of Porridge

Hot porridge

According to the dream, your professional life will continue to flourish day by day if you stay determined and true to your goals. 

Chilled porridge

It is a sign that you want to and are trying to get closer to your romantic partner. However, your wishes will not be fulfilled, not this time. 

Rice porridge 

Often, rice porridge signifies a matter that had initially looked desolate will work out fine, way beyond your expectations. 

On the other hand, it might indicate the need to release your repressed emotions without hurting anyone. 

Also, you will likely hear a piece of news about yourself or someone else that will make you drop everything to tend to that situation. 

Salty pumpkin porridge

It is a harbinger of bad news. 

Buckwheat porridge 

It stands for minor troubles. 

Barley porridge

Chances are, you will acquire wealth soon, at the expense of others or through someone else’s hard work. 

In terms of love and relationship, it is a negative sign implying your feelings will not be reciprocated. 

Pearl barley porridge

It is a sign of stability. 

Semolina porridge

The dream foretells troubles. However, your friends and family will be of great help, and you will get through the challenging times without much difficulty. 

Oatmeal porridge

You will not be in the spotlight, and you will not shine like a star. But according to the dream, you will be an inspiration to many people, all while maintaining a low profile. 

Millet porridge

The dream is an auspicious sign symbolizing love and understanding between partners, peace, and harmony in the family. 

Psychological Meaning

From the psychological perspective, porridge declares the need to stand up for yourself, your ideas, and principles. 

If there’s something you wish to convey, don’t let the opinions of others or fear of criticism hold you back. 


The meaning of dream about porridge might have turned out good, and for others, the opposite. 

Regardless of which, note that the scene showed up in your sleep for a reason.

And it’s your responsibility as the dreamer to get to the bottom of it and follow through with what it is trying to tell you.

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