The dream about saying goodbye says a new life phase will start soon. It also asks you to move ahead toward your goals fearlessly.

Dream about Saying Goodbye – General Interpretations

Like in real life, we are happy to say goodbye to a few people and sad saying it to a few others, it is the same in our dreams as well.

What the dream means depends a lot on these emotions you experience in it. So, before we dive deep into the types, let’s begin with a few general interpretations.  

  • It predicts problems in life
  • You will be separated from your friends
  • You will start a new journey
  • It suggests success
  • You need to focus on yourself

Dream of Saying Goodbye – Various Types & Their Interpretations

If you remember the details of your dream, it will help you understand your dream and find out its accurate interpretation.

However, if you don’t, I have a solution for you too at the end of this think-piece. But before that, read through these types first.

Dream of saying goodbye to many people

Dream of saying goodbye to many people suggests you need a break from your real life. You realize you have made a wrong decision.

Now you want to quit everything and start afresh. But there’s no use in it as people already know what you did.

Dream of saying goodbye to your spouse

This dream says you will face a setback in the relationship. It will not be as per your desires. Hence, you will feel jealous of other couples.

But remember, every relationship is different so you should not let such things affect you.

Dream of saying goodbye to someone

If you are saying goodbye to someone you’ve never seen in a long time in your dream, it indicates a reunion. You kept away from such people because of the differences.

But it’s time to be mature and realize every person is important in your life. Be patient with relationships.

Saying goodbye to someone who dies

If you are a person surviving with the help of memories, this dream is common for you. It foretells you wish to settle a dispute or heal from past wounds.

Saying goodbye to a famous person

The dream of saying goodbye to a famous person denotes your desire to become famous.

However, now you have realized that being famous is not synonymous to prosperity. You have gained this wisdom and are now focusing on being your true self.

Saying goodbye to a person who doesn’t like you

This says your situation will improve and problems will end soon. You will live a comfortable life fearlessly. Stay positive and keep up to live a satisfying life.

Saying goodbye and crying

Crying while saying goodbye in your dream means things did not go as you planned. Moreover, you are nervous about dealing with life situations.

The dream also predicts that people, particularly friends, will take advantage of you.

Saying goodbye to a friend

It predicts sickness. Alternatively, it indicates problems in your family life. If you feel calm in the dream, it predicts someone will leave your life but keep in touch with you.

Saying goodbye to your family

The dream of saying goodbye to your family depicts your urge for independence. You wish to explore the world alone.

Alternatively, the dream denotes your step towards a new life.

Saying goodbye to your ex

This predicts your need to have to change in life. You want to get rid of toxic people and focus more on your life. You also want to work more on your financial and social status. 

Saying goodbye happily

It means you will soon begin a new life. It’s time to close all the old chapters, heal the past wounds, apologize for past mistakes and accept an apology from people who do not wish to apologize to you. 

Saying goodbye to pets

The dream of saying goodbye to pets has a positive interpretation in our dream books. It predicts you will again bond with someone special from the past.

Saying goodbye through a letter

Saying goodbye through a letter in the dream says you will receive bad news about someone.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dreams about saying goodbye often say that someone is trying to pull you down in life. Even though there is a different interpretation for each dream, you should still be careful while choosing your company.

Do not take the dreams lightly, as they are the message from your subconscious. These messages can change your life if taken seriously. 

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