Having dreams about letters is extremely common – be it sending, receiving, or seeing yourself writing a letter pouring out each of your thoughts and opinions. 

Most of the time, it is considered a good omen. But not always! In some cases, it can bring the worst of news!

Dreams About Letters - 54 Scenarios And Their Meanings
Dreams About Letters – 54 Scenarios And Their Meanings

What Do Dreams About Letters Signify?

Dreams about letters are often associated with communication, transformation, and news coming in, which can be either good or bad. They can also symbolize wish fulfillment, for some dreamers. 

Dreams about letters can have either a positive or negative omen depending on factors such as the type of letter, who it was from, what you did with it, etc. Also, it’s equally important to take into consideration your real-life circumstances. 

However, in a broad sense, a letter portends news coming in, wish fulfillment, transformation, communication, etc. 

In certain cases, letters show up to draw your attention to your talents and wisdom. But since letters also stand for the passage of time, the dream could be encouraging you to wait for the time when you can make good use of the skills and knowledge you have accumulated. 

Letter Dreams : 54 Scenarios And Their Meanings

Check out the following scenarios associated with letters for reference. 

1. Seeing a letter in a dream

Seeing a letter with no additional details shows you are stressed and anxious, probably due to your household issues. 

2. Dreaming about seeing many letters

The presence of more than one letter encourages you to take up challenges that cross your path. 

If someone entrusts you with tasks you’ve never done before, don’t disappoint that person by rejecting them flatly. Challenge yourself, have confidence, and give it a try. 

According to the dream, you have more potential than you are aware of. 

3. A dream about receiving a letter

Often, receiving a letter augurs receiving good news or even gifts. 

If you dream of receiving a letter while awaiting news regarding someone or something, the scenario symbolizes wish fulfillment. 

Alternatively, such a dream might also reflect your desire to hear from a particular person. 

Some dream books associate the scenario with the need to think deeply about your life and relationships. In this case, you need to recall what you did with the letter after receiving it.

If you left it unopened, that is a sign that you can’t come to a decision or are afraid to make a final call about something. 

On the contrary, if you read the letter, you must, at all costs, try to recall what was written inside. Because in all likelihood, it contains hints about what you must do to overcome the problems in your life. 

Receiving a letter in an envelope can also be a sign that someone has something to say to you. However, for some reason, he or she couldn’t gather the courage to break the news to you. 

4. Receiving an anonymous letter in a dream

Should you dream about receiving an anonymous letter, the subconscious warns you to be careful. Chances are, you will get seriously injured. 

A letter without the sender’s name could also be warning you of a possible betrayal by a close one. 

5. Dreaming about writing a letter

If you dream about writing a letter after making certain plans about what to do and what not to do in your waking life, the scenario shows it’s time you start putting them into action.

Alternatively, the dream portends meeting up with those people who are important to you. These can be relatives, friends, or even business partners. 

From the relationship point of view, the scenario symbolizes discontentment. But you aren’t sure how to bring it up to your partner and convey your genuine feelings without hurting him or her. 

The dream also projects your jealousy for someone who’s doing better than you in the real world. 

Writing a letter also means you are trying to convey your thoughts, opinions, and feelings about something to someone. 

6. Writing a letter to your partner in a dream

If you dream of the above while hiding something from your partner, the dream urges you to come clean, regardless of how big or trivial the matter is. 

7. To dream about writing a love letter to your former lover

The scenario symbolizes unfinished business between you and someone, not necessarily an ex-lover. 

8. Dreaming about writing a love letter to a stranger

The scenario is a clear sign that you feel lonely in the waking world. 

9. A dream about sending a letter to someone

Sending a letter is believed to mark the completion of an auspicious event. 

Alternatively, such a dream can also mean you want to or need to share some sort of information with someone. 

10. Dreaming of sending many letters

If you send out many letters, the scenario stands for growth, development, and success in your professional life. 

11. Receiving a letter from a friend in a dream

Either he or she will visit you one of these days or you’ll soon hear news about that person. 

12. A dream about receiving a love letter from your friend

There seem to be misunderstandings between you and a friend if you see the above in a  dream. 

Before it evolves into resentment for each other, you should consider talking to that friend and clearing the air between the two of you. 

13. Dreaming about receiving a letter from your partner

Receiving a letter from your partner symbolizes the strong emotional connection between the two of you. 

14. Receiving a letter from your ex-lover in a dream

If you received a letter from your former lover, it means he or she still sees you in a good light. 

He or she may no longer have romantic feelings for you. But the respect he or she once had for you remains unchanged. 

15. Receiving a love letter from an unknown person in a dream

Likely, you will receive some type of interesting offer or proposal if you dream of the above. 

16. Dreaming about receiving a letter from a dead person

The dream indicates you feel disturbed regarding the unresolved matters between you and someone. 

Alternatively, the dream warns you to be on your guard as you might get stabbed in the back by a trusted person. 

17. To dream of receiving many letters

You will earn the love, trust, and respect of many people if you dream of the above. 

18. Dreaming about receiving a letter but failing to read it

If you received a letter but were unable to read it for some reason such as illegible writing, it shows that you are aware of someone keeping you in the dark about something. 

19. To dream that you can’t read letters

According to the scenario, you tend to neglect your responsibilities at work and obligations to your loved ones. 

On the other hand, the dream shows you feel helpless and are almost losing hope that you will ever be able to resolve a particular problem. 

20. Dreaming about holding a letter with your right hand

Holding a letter with your right hand symbolizes prosperity.

On the flip side, if you see a letter on your left hand, that is considered to be a bad omen. 

21. To see someone opening your letter in a dream

You will soon be the target of gossipmongers. Whatever they say about your personal or professional life, do not blink an eye at their words. 

The truth will come out sooner or later! Do not stoop to their level to prove the truth. 

22. Dreaming about opening someone else’s letter

You are a curious individual if you see yourself opening someone else’s letter. You love learning more about others and sometimes go out of your way to get to know them better. 

However, understand that many around you misunderstand your intention and believe you are prying on them. 

23. Reading a letter in a dream

Expect a pleasant surprise if you read a letter. 

24. Dreaming of reading someone else’s letter

The dream is your inner consciousness conveying the brutal truth about a matter. 

For instance, reading a letter from your current partner addressed to another person and not you show that he or she is no longer emotionally invested in the relationship. 

Chances are, your so-called partner cannot bring the matter up himself or herself directly. Instead of letting you know the truth, he or she could be dragging the problem on while seeing another person at your back. 

25. Sealing a letter in a dream

Needless to say, sealing a letter symbolizes a huge secret. 

However, if the seal was black in color, expect to hear sad tidings shortly. 

26. A dream about finding a letter

You might bump into the love of your life soon if you dream of finding a letter. 

It can also mean someone you haven’t met or talked to for a long time reminisces about you. Maybe you’ll soon run into the person in question, unexpectedly, sometime in the near future. 

27. Dreaming of finding money in a letter

Expect unplanned expenses to empty your pockets if you find money inside a letter. 

28. Hiding a letter in a dream

Beware of friends, family members, and relatives who have stabbed you in the back before. 

They have done it once and may not hesitate to do it again if they can get some benefit out of it. 

The same meaning holds if you find letters hidden by someone else. 

29. A dream about losing a letter

It is considered an ill omen if you lost a letter. Likely, someone will come to you bearing bad news. 

30. Burning a letter in a dream

There’s a good chance that your carelessness about an extremely important matter will land you in deep trouble. 

Alternatively, setting a letter on fire shows you are finally prepared to leave the past and move on to a new chapter of your life. 

31. To dream of seeing another person setting a letter on fire

You will be able to help a close one overcome a crisis if you see another person setting a letter on fire. 

32. Dreaming about tearing letters

Tearing a letter implies your rejection. You aren’t mentally and emotionally prepared to face a situation. 

It can also symbolize your pain and discomfort about unpleasant happenings of the past. 

Tearing a letter also symbolizes abrupt and miserable endings. 

33. To dream of tearing a letter without reading it

According to the scenario, you are withdrawing yourself from society and going into self-seclusion. 

34. Someone giving you a letter in a dream

You will be asked to take responsibility for something if someone gave you a letter. 

35. Dreaming of the mailman giving you a letter

One of these days, you will receive unexpected news from someone if you experienced the above. 

36. Dreaming of someone trying to poison you with a letter

To begin with, it’s likely that your plans have been getting foiled one after the other for quite some time. 

But instead of trying to figure out what went wrong and how you should have done it, the dream indicates you put the blame on others and even the universe while defending yourself all the time. 

Your reluctance to accept your mistakes is stalling you from seeing where the real problem lies. And the dream says, your plans will never work out unless you change your mindset. 

37. A letter carrying good news in a dream

Contrary to a letter carrying bad news, the scenario portends happy times ahead. 

38. Dreaming about a letter bearing bad news

If the letter brings bad news, the scenario foretells troubles, misfortunes, and illnesses. 

39. Seeing a registered letter in a dream

The dream is a warning from the subconscious. Yours or someone’s greed for money and property will cost you a precious relationship. 

40. To dream of seeing an unopened letter

An unopened letter shows you are refusing to accept the truth about a particular matter. 

41. Seeing an opened letter in a dream

An opened letter shows you are afraid of revealing your genuine self to others for fear of judgment and criticism. 

It can also mean you are anxious about one of your secrets getting revealed. 

42. A torn letter in a dream

Most likely, you will commit a mistake that will tarnish your reputation. 

43. Dreaming about a love letter

A love letter symbolizes the accomplishment of goals or the completion of a cycle. 

Positively, a love letter implies you will soon get romantically involved with someone you adore. 

44. A proposal letter in a dream

The dream implies you have something you would like to offer to someone. It could be something related to your business or it can also be about asking your crush out on a date. 

45. Dreaming about an appointment letter

In case, you are awaiting a revert, say from a company, the appointment letter indicates you will receive an unexpected message soon.

46. A dream about a resignation letter

Likely, you have decided to put an end to something – a failing relationship, an underpaying job, a business that brings no profit – whichever fits your situation. 

47. Dreaming about a blackmail letter

Be careful about who you confide your secrets to. Possibly, there are people around waiting to take advantage of your weaknesses. 

48. An award letter in a dream

You will soon be recognized and acknowledged for your talents and hard work. 

49. Dreaming of a death letter

Death letters are associated with misfortune and sorrow. 

50. A letter written on a white paper in a dream 

You are content with your current life though others perceive it as mundane and monotonous. Furthermore, the dream adds you want things to remain as they are. 

51. To dream of a letter written on black paper

Unquestionably, a letter written on black paper shows you have been overlooking or ignoring the numerous messages the universe has been sending out to you about something. 

You are not aware of what’s happening! Despite being a part of it, you are blind to reality. And the dream indicates you need to snap out of the darkness. 

The same meaning holds if you see a letter written on red paper. 

52. A letter written on brown paper in a dream

However intelligent and wise you think you are, it’s impossible for you to know everything. 

So, for matters you lack knowledge and experience about, the dream urges you to listen to the advice of experienced people. 

53. Seeing a letter written on golden paper in a dream

A letter written on golden paper symbolizes luck, success, and prosperity. 

54. Dreaming about a letter written on pink paper

If there’s anyone around you who’s green with envy about your life and accomplishments, the dream indicates you need to watch that person like a hawk. 

Spiritual Meaning Of A Letter Dream

On a spiritual level, writing a letter is associated with conveying your thoughts and feelings while receiving one is a harbinger of news coming in. 

Biblical Meaning Of A Letter Dream

According to the Bible, it’s unwise to discard a dream about a letter, especially of receiving one, as an ordinary dream. Whether the letter carries good or bad messages depends on the sender. 

For instance, a letter from an enemy could mean someone is plotting a conspiracy against you. 

Contrarily, if you receive a letter from a close one, that shows you are in his or her thoughts. Perhaps that person needs your help. 

Psychological Meaning Of Dreams About Letters

Psychologically, a letter shows someone has something to tell you. But for some reason, he or she is unable to bring it up to you. 

Sometimes, a letter can be a message from your inner consciousness conveying a piece of information you ought to know.


Therefore, dreams about letters are generally about information, news, and communication.

However, depending on how you saw it, what you did with it and how you responded to the dream emotionally, it can have several other meanings, most of which are discussed above. 

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