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15 Dream about Security Cameras – What Do They Mean?

15 Dream about Security Cameras – What Do They Mean?

Updated on Jan 16, 2023 | Published on May 27, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dream about Security Cameras - 15 Scenarios Along With Interpretations

Dream about security cameras is a weird experience. Once you see such a dream, you are confused and puzzled. You would like to know why you have seen such an absurd and crazy vision.

This dream is an indication that your daily life is under surveillance. There are eyes around you, watching and scrutinizing your each and every move.

As far as dream symbolism is concerned, the security camera in the dream means you are feeling watched in waking life. You are not free to make your own decisions in life.

Let us understand the varied meanings of security camera dreams in the sections below.

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Dream about Security Cameras - 15 Scenarios Along With Interpretations
Dream about Security Cameras – 15 Scenarios Along With Interpretations

Dream about security cameras – a general meaning

When you dream about security cameras, it means you are worried about being monitored, watched, or evaluated in some way in waking life. You feel like under a scanner in real life. Security cameras represent feelings of worry and anxiety as well.

Dreams about security cameras are not common. If you find yourself in an unfavorable situation in waking life where chances of getting judged are higher, you may start seeing security cameras in dreams.

Security cameras symbolize the innate fear of being monitored or checked by some higher authority in waking life. This dream represents fear and anxiety of being rebuked or evaluated for your work.

Maybe you have committed some errors in your work in real life and the dream is just communicating your unconscious fear.

This dream also symbolizes a sign of caution and warning. It gives you an alert sign that you are being watched and scrutinized by others for all that you do in your daily life.

It’s a premonition of some bad news as well. Maybe things are not smooth in your workplace and you’re feeling threatened by your superiors.

Sometimes, this dream symbolizes a lack of trust that people have in you. Maybe, you had some previous history of wrongdoing and thus others are apprehensive about you.

On the flip side, this dream connotes your fear of being perceived as wrong. Maybe you are trying to prove your worth in real life and the dream just wants you to remind that you should keep trying unless done.

Symbolic meanings of dreams about security cameras

In real life, security cameras work by capturing events and incidents that people do not wish to reveal publicly. This dream means you have fears of being caught. You are guilty of some wrong actions.

Now you are scared that others will get an opportunity to overpower you emotionally. You will be under some vigilance and scrutiny. Thus, it means that your personal space is a threat.

If you are watched and evaluated, it means that some other person or any external force is trying to control your life and living.

It also represents a lack of proper decision-making ability. You are in a confused state of mind because of the lack of faith in yourself and others. 

You are doubtful about other people’s intentions and whether you will be able to resolve issues with them.

Symbolically, the dream tells you to keep your eyes open and understand the intentions of others. It also refers to your deepest intuitions. 

When you know from deep within that someone is generating a negative vibe toward you, these dreams become apparent.

15 specific dream scenarios about security cameras

There is very limited literature about the dream of security cameras. In this section, we will try to analyze only a few of the dream scenarios related to this dream theme.

The exact interpretation of a dream depends upon the context of the dream and its relevance to the waking life situations of the dreamer. 

Although you can have free dream interpretation from various websites, it is better to get it done by a consultant dream analyst.

1. Seeing security cameras in the dream while you are in a store

This dream symbolizes your fear and concern of being observed or evaluated in waking life. Maybe you are in some awkward situation and people are trying to judge you. 

The fear and uncanny feelings are getting manifested through this dream.

2. Dreaming about a CCTV camera

A CCTV is a security camera that is meant to capture theft and malicious activities in various public places where many footfalls occur every day. 

If you dream about such a situation, it may imply that someone in your waking life is observing you closely. It refers to control in your matters that you do not like in waking life.

Your moves are monitored and watched. Maybe the person knows you and is chalking harm against you.

This dream carries a negative meaning. You will wake up frightened and may try to look for the person in your waking life.

3. Dreams about hidden security camera

When you dream about a hidden security camera it symbolizes the presence of secret conspiracies in waking life. Someone is watching you secretly without your knowledge.

You are observed and your personal space is at stake. Maybe the person doesn’t trust you and thus keeps an eye on your whereabouts closely.

This dream symbol refers to being embarrassed in real life. Maybe your nosy relatives or neighbors are interested to keep an eye on what you do, where you move around, etc.

4. Dream of setting up security cameras

If you dream of setting up security cameras, it means you lack trust in others. You’re hypervigilant and cannot trust others blindly.

This dream also symbolizes your doubts and apprehensions about others in waking life.

This dream represents jealousy of someone in waking life. You have genuine trust issues and the dream is just showing you what you are trying to ignore in reality.

5. Dreams about high-end security cameras

This dream theme symbolizes your fears and insecurities of waking life. The dream reminds you of your lack of self-confidence and self-protection.

As you are feeling insecure, the dream shows you that someone is watching you. 

You may find yourself in a helpless state in waking life. It could be that you’re seeking the protection of someone.

The high-end security cameras in a dream show you that you are secure and sound. There is nothing to worry about in reality.

Actually, the dream is trying to lay off your feelings of fear and anxiousness.

6. Dream of security cameras at home

If you dream about security cameras being installed at home, it could represent that you are being sidelined in relationships with your partner in waking life. 

Your partner is watching you, trying to control your choices and decisions. You are not in a position to stand up for yourself.

This dream represents vigilance at home. You are under a constant watch which is all-consuming. Your emotional upsurge is getting reflected through this absurd vision.

7. Dream about an airport security camera

When you dream about an airport security camera, it represents your fear of being caught for some wrongdoing in waking life. You are guilty and are regretting your misdeeds.

Since you have realized your fault, you wish to change your bad actions and replace them with good ones. Thus, this dream symbolizes conscience. 

For some people, the dream represents that you’re trying to conceal and hide your true feelings. 

It could be that you are trying to isolate yourself from the public eye in waking life because you have fears of being caught and punished in reality.

8. Dreaming of security camera recordings

When you dream about security camera recordings, it symbolizes that you’re trying to analyze the good and bad things about yourself. 

The dream also refers to your trials of improving your skills and abilities so that others around you consider you a worthy being.

9. Dream about security cameras in office buildings

Dreaming about security cameras in the workplace or office building manifests fear of being observed by your colleagues and co-workers. 

This dream symbolizes insecurity. You are feeling judged by your fellow workers in waking life. They are probably keeping a close look at you, and you are feeling less confident about your abilities. 

Probably an internal workplace battle or nitpicky tendencies are at work and you’re feeling controlled by others.

10. Dream about a security camera inside a shopping mall

A security camera is installed in shopping centers to capture theft, or any other illegal actions taking place in the store complex. Likewise, in dreams also, it symbolizes watchfulness and observation.

You are being watched and monitored in all possible ways by others so that you cannot commit any wrong actions. At times, this dream theme also refers to your guilty feelings. 

You’re unhappy because you know you have done the wrong thing. Thus, you are afraid that others will come to know of it and you’ll be evaluated for your actions.

11. Dream about a missing security camera

When you dream about missing cameras, it means you are missing protection and security in waking life. 

It could be that you have lost someone recently in real life who used to be your support and protective shield. The person used to safeguard you from all evils in reality.

12. Dream of buying a security camera

This dream represents your need for protection and security. You want someone in your waking life who can guide you through life’s path in a better way. You need safety and security from an authority figure in waking life.

13. Dream about many security cameras

If you dream about many security cameras together, it symbolizes your fear of being watched, observed, or monitored by many people in your waking life.

This dream may come to you when you’re passing through hard times in real life. There are enemies in your real life who are watching you, and keep an eye on your actions. 

14. Dream about holding a security camera

If you dream about holding a security camera in your hands, it refers to your sense of security and self-confidence. It means you are sure about your abilities. You know that you can resolve life issues successfully.

15. Dream about breaking a security camera

This dream theme means you are unlawful in certain ways in waking life. This dream represents the fear of being caught and punished for your wrong actions. 

Breaking the security camera symbolizes escaping from trouble after you have committed a wrongful act.

Dream about security cameras – The good and the ugly

As we know that dream meanings carry a symbolic relationship with the real-life incidents of the dreamer, the meaning varies according to the context of the dream as well. 

From the discussion of the various dream scenarios about security cameras, we can infer that the dream carries both positive and negative meanings.

Some of the positive sides of these dreams mean the following:

  • Need for security and protection
  • You may feel helpless and seek guidance from others
  • Imbibing good values
  • Self-confidence
  • Sign of caution to refrain from doing any wrong deeds

Some of the downsides of dreaming about security cameras mean:

  • Fear of being watched
  • Insecurity
  • Anxiety that someone may harm you
  • The feeling of being observed
  • Fear of judgments
  • Presence of watchfulness in waking life
  • Feelings of confusion

Questions to ask yourself when you dream about security camera

Dreaming about security cameras may mean someone is trying to control your life events. It could be a person at the home, or office, or anybody close to you who are trying to keep n eye on your daily life.

If you are worried about all these malicious things going on in your waking life, you would be more inclined to dream about security cameras.

Thus, you can ask yourself some questions to get an idea of the various reasons that could have given rise to such a confusing dream.

  • Is there anyone in your waking life who is jealous of you?
  • Are they trying to keep an eye on you?
  • Do you think that there is some impending danger coming soon in reality?
  • Are you scared of people noticing you in public life?
  • How often do you see dreams about security cameras?
  • Are you scared of someone in the workplace who might be harmful to your well-being?
  • What emotions are associated with your dreams?
  • Can you relate the dream scenarios with the waking life situations?

Wrap Up

Dreams are subconscious mind musings that may not carry any symbolic meaning. The ideal dream interpretation depends upon the waking life situations of the dreamer. 

Thus, the same dream theme can have varied meanings in the dream dictionary. The dreams about security cameras are a warning, a sign of caution for you.

 It reminds you to understand the different people in your waking life so that you can easily identify those who harbor resentments against you and are observing each and every move in your waking life.

Furthermore, the dream tells you to become self-confident and self-reliant, to trust your own abilities, and let go of your fear of being watched and scrutinized in waking life.

The more self-reliant you become, the more you will be able to get back the control of your life. You will no longer have fears of being evaluated in real-life.